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CarieScan PRO[TM] and RemoteView Software.

Cariescan Ltd. announces CarieScan PRO[TM] and RemoteView Software, "the world's only integrated Caries Management Support System." CarieScan PRO[TM] is a handheld device for the early detection and monitoring of tooth decay; the RemoteView software captures the data gathered. The handpiece incorporates a disposable sensor that is held against the tooth being examined in a process that takes seconds per tooth, with results displayed on the device. According to the manufacturer, CarieScan Pro[TM] measures the presence of tooth decay earlier than any other device on the market and is more than 94.8 percent accurate in detecting both sound and carious teeth. It detects "hidden" decay, providing practitioners the opportunity to arrest or even reverse I decay. The system also allows easy I monitoring of the effect of treatment, thus enabling patient-centered care. For more information, visit


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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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