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Careful how you vote; You Say

IN regard to the recent revelations of the police covering up their actions and corruption during the Hillsborough tragedy investigations. Not only should the request for Sir Norman Bettison to resign and his knighthood be taken from him be taken seriously, the public also have ask themselves this: Why did the Merseyside Police Authority employ Bettison as chief constable against the wishes of the Merseyside people? Take this as a wake-up call if you have not looked into the up and coming Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November.

The reason police authorities are being abolished is because they have been a complete failure in holding the chief constables responsible for their Force''s actions.

The role of PCC is vital to ensure cover ups are challenged in the future.

Take note of who is standing for election this November and if they are truly independent from the force and politics.

Personally, I will not vote anyone standing for election as PCC who has served on the Merseyside Police Authority due to the fact they have proven they are reluctant to the point of refusing to act to hold forces answerable to the public.

Again, that is why they are being abolished.

Sindona Taglioni, L25
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 14, 2012
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