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Careful, Ahlam, you and your ego can't both fit in your latest Instagram video!

Oh, Ahlam, you never seize to amaze us!

Oozing with confidence - as usual - the UAE controversial singer posted yet another vain Instagram video , of herself of course! The post got Ahlam a lot of attention, but not the kind she was hoping for perhaps?

With a big pout at the ready and a hat adorned with feathers, Ahlam told her fans, "They say I have a feather over my head, of course there's a feather over my head... feathers, not just one feather!"

You may be wondering why a feather would cause such commotion, but it's because in Arab culture, when referring to someone as having a "feather over their head," you're implying that they're full of themselves and believe that they're above others; something that "Queen" Ahlam is often accused of.

Unfortunately, this video may have only made her haters all the more sure that this "Queen" is arrogant and thinks that she really is above the crowd!

We suggest that you post a charitable video next, Ahlam... that's our PR tip of the day!

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Date:Jun 4, 2015
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