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Career choices: community support worker.

The decision to go back to school after being away for many years is never easy.

There are children and family to consider, there are the potential risks of giving up a steady job, the possibility of the (misad)venture going pear-shaped and then there are, of course, one's own doubts ...

But for every 'student of life' who has taken this risk and gone back to school for training at Sprott Shaw College, the rewards turn out to far outweigh the risks.

For Patty P., from Nanaimo, the decision to return to school was delayed by over a decade.

"I had been procrastinating about this huge step for the ten years when finally I thought, my kids are older, I'm in a dead end job with no room for advancement, and I'm not getting any younger."

So as Patty says, she 'bit the bullet' and signed up for the Community Support Worker/Social Services Program at the college's Nanaimo campus.

"My journey began last November and a year later I'm in a job that I love, with more prospects on the horizon. I feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride within myself today and for that I am very grateful."

"It was a long hard road of self-discovery and acceptance for who I am. I truly feel that this was my time to discover that, and I don't think I would have found out who 'Patty really was' had I not made the decision to go back to school."

With thirteen campuses across BC and the Lower Mainland, and with numerous career courses, Sprott Shaw offers much flexibility for students, whether just out of high school or mature and with families.

Whether you are looking for Surrey nursing courses or an Abbotsford accounting program, Sprott Shaw has options for you.

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Author:P., Patty
Publication:Asian Pacific Post
Date:Feb 7, 2013
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