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Family's pain after flight bans stop them seeing sick relative. reem ahmed Reporter May 13, 2021 1202
Tetra Bio-Pharma speeds up PLENITUDE clinical trial using its cannabis medicine QIXLEEF to treat cancer pain. May 12, 2021 492 ease back pain with lifestyle changes; DM1ST TUESDAY 11.05.2021 DAILY MIRROR 31 DR MIRIAM STOPPARD HELP SELF. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD May 11, 2021 190 ease back pain with lifestyle changes; DMUULS 30 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 11.05.2021 DR MIRIAM STOPPARD HELP SELF. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD May 11, 2021 190
The stress and chronic pain cycle; Healthy y YOU HOW IT STARTS AND HOW YOU CAN END IT. With AMY PACKER May 9, 2021 984
The stress and chronic pain cycle; Healthy y YOU With AMY PACKER HOW IT STARTS AND HOW YOU CAN END IT. AMY PACKER May 9, 2021 983
Chronic pain sufferers' plea for Scots jags. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER May 9, 2021 320
Tetra Bio-Pharma announces start of REBORN1 clinical trial using QIXLEEF to treat cancer pain. May 7, 2021 411
The development and efficacy of an interdisciplinary chronic pelvic pain program. Katz, Laura; Fransson, Adria; Patterson, Lisa Report May 4, 2021 4471
Scots researchers needed to test curcumin and Covid; Chronic pain affects one in five people in Scotland but help may be at hand. May 3, 2021 715
Effect of pre-cooling agent on intensity of pricking pain at intraoral injection site in adults: An experimental study. Aziz, Munazza; Ahmed, Shahbaz; Qazi, Fazal-ur-Rehman; Naz, Farah; Shah, Marina; Moorpani, Prena Report May 2, 2021 2391
The Effect of Finger Puppets on Postoperative Pain in Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Kurt, Aylin; Seval, Muge May 1, 2021 3997
Effectiveness of Balance Exercises on Postural Control and Quality of Life in Patients with Lumbar Discopathy. Karpuz, Sahin; Bahcaci, Umut; Kutluturk, Seval; Colak, Tugba Kuru May 1, 2021 3619
Effect of Pressure biofeedback training on deep cervical flexors endurance in patients with mechanical neck pain: A randomized controlled trial. Rabia Ashfaq and Huma Riaz Apr 30, 2021 2964
OKYO Pharma unveils promising pre-clinical data for neuropathic ocular pain drug. Apr 29, 2021 270
OKYO Pharma unveils promising pre-clinical data for neuropathic ocular pain drug. Apr 29, 2021 270
Steroid Drugs: Good for Pain and Inflammation, but Not Without Risks: Potentially harmful side effects are concerning, especially for postmenopausal women. Apr 28, 2021 704
Help for Hemorrhoids: Consuming more fiber and fluids and being physically active can help relieve the pain and itch of "piles.". Apr 28, 2021 709
Tetra Bio-Pharma ships inhaled cannabis drug QIKLEEF to US ahead of opioid comparision study in patients with breakthrough cancer pain. Apr 24, 2021 285
The chicken or the egg: Longitudinal changes in pain and catastrophizing in women with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome. Crawford, Alison; Muere, Abi; Tripp, Dean A.; Nickel, J. Curtis; Doiron, Christopher; Moldwin, Rober Report Apr 20, 2021 4957
How to manage your pain efficiently. Apr 19, 2021 880
Putin critic Alexei Navalny 'won't be allowed' to die in prison, says Ambassador; Mr Navalny has been on hunger strike for 19 days to demand proper treatment for acute back pain and leg numbness. By, Ben Glaze Apr 18, 2021 378
Mum left bed-bound for two years after brain leak takes away all feeling on side of body; EXCLUSIVE: Gaby Brandon, 49, from Crookham Village, Hampshire, must lie permanently flat on her back or suffer excruciating pain due to a CSF leak she believes she first suffered almost a decade ago. By, Ryan Merrifield Apr 15, 2021 1219
Ensuring a successful joint replacement surgery. Advertiser generated content Submitted by Fox Valley Orthopedics -CLMN- Apr 10, 2021 644
Neuropathy pain treatment is life's work for Horn family. Advertiser generated content Submitted by Advanced Medical Apr 10, 2021 548
Cooled (4[degrees]C) lidocaine during office cystoscopy improves patient satisfaction and comfort: A prospective, randomized, double-blind, controlled study. Razdan, Sanjay; Bajpai, Rajesh; Razdan, Shirin; Sanchez-Gonzale, Marcos Report Apr 9, 2021 3862
Viewpoint: Psychedelic Drugs to Treat Pain in Workers' Compensation Cases? Cliff Goldstein Reprint Apr 6, 2021 1954
TV presenter battles with chronic pain. Apr 3, 2021 164
Illinois Bone & Joint Institute Welcomes Pain Management Physician. Bone, Illinois; Institute, Joint Apr 2, 2021 409
The association between the supply of select nonpharmacologic providers for pain and use of nonpharmacologic pain management services and initial opioid prescribing patterns for Medicare beneficiaries with persistent musculoskeletal pain. Karmali, Ruchir N.; Skinner, Asheley C.; Trogdon, Justin G.; Weinberger, Morris; George, Steven Z.; Report Apr 1, 2021 9045
Opioid use in older adults and Medicare Part D. Sabety, Adrienne H.; Sherry, Tisamarie B.; Maestas, Nicole Report Apr 1, 2021 6007
The complex relationships among race/ethnicity, social determinants, and opioid utilization. Moriya, Asako S.; Xu, Lanlan Report Apr 1, 2021 9249
Optimize your treatment of endometriosis by using an FDA-approved hormonal medication. Barbieri, Robert L. Apr 1, 2021 3176
Gabapentin. Fatcheric, Eileen Mar 31, 2021 1795
Comparison of Intravenous Lignocaine and Dexmedetomidine for Prevention of Propofol Injection Pain. Singh, Akoijam Nikhil; Singam, Amol P. Clinical report Mar 29, 2021 4619
Attributes Underlying Non-surgical Treatment Choice for People With Low Back Pain: A Systematic Mixed Studies Review. Poder, Thomas G.; Beffarat, Marion Mar 25, 2021 7699
City student struggles to get dental treatment; 19-YEAR-OLD ENDURES LONG DRIVE IN PAIN TO DORSET FOR TOOTH EXTRACTION. ED OLDFIELD Local Democracy Reporter @ed_oldfield Mar 24, 2021 671
Three home exercises to relieve plantar fasciitis foot pain. CM Guest Columnist Mar 21, 2021 201
Relieving That Which Pains You With CBD Oil. Mar 21, 2021 963
How to soothe wrist pain while boosting joint mobility. CM Guest Columnist Mar 19, 2021 257
ABCDEF Bundle: An Undiscovered Golden Approach for Acute Care Patients in Turkey. Elay, Gulseren; Akbudak, Ismail Hakki; Bahar, Ilhan Report Mar 18, 2021 2989
New Drug Uses Monoclonal Antibodies: Initial research shows frunevetmab may treat arthritis pain. Mar 17, 2021 204
Minimally invasive treatment provides fast pain relief for cancer patients. Daily News Egypt Mar 17, 2021 429
Q BioMed has a winner in cancer bone pain drug Strontium89 and a deep pipeline of biomedical assets. Mar 13, 2021 1119
'I'm in so much pain my body reacts and it shuts off.... I just collapse and have a fit' The agony of endometriosis has left one woman virtually housebound. Laura Clements reports. Mar 4, 2021 1565
Single Injection Of Stem Cell Drug Reduces Low Back Pain. Mar 1, 2021 730
Pediatric Pain Management Knowledge Scale for Nursing Students: Assessment of the Psychometric Properties. Aydin, Bahise; Bektas, Murat Report Mar 1, 2021 6311
Martindale aiming to find instant pain relief. GORDON PARKS Mar 1, 2021 323
Osteoarthritis Pain: A promising new treatment. Mar 1, 2021 343
Coexistence of fibromyalgia and metabolic syndrome in females: The effects on fatigue, clinical features, pain sensitivity, urinary cortisol and norepinephrine levels: A cross-sectional study. Cakit, Onat; Gumustepe, Alper; Cakit, Burcu Duyur; Vural, Secil Pervane; Ozgun, Tuba; Genc, Hakan Report Mar 1, 2021 7087
The role of sacroiliac joint steroid injections in the treatment of axial spondyloarthritis. Kokar, Serdar; Kayhan, Onder; Sencan, Savas; Gunduz, Osman Hakan Mar 1, 2021 4143
Women increasingly turn to CBD, with or without docs' OK. Scherer, Liz Mar 1, 2021 1330
Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Sleep Quality in Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction/Temporomandibular Eklem Disfonksiyonu Olan Hastalarda Kronik Agri ve Uyku Kalitesi Iliskisi. Ekici, Omer Mar 1, 2021 4754
Pediatric Group Decries Outdated Double Standard on Fetal Pain. O'Bannon, Randall K. Mar 1, 2021 687
Systematic review and meta-analysis of ropivacaine use in laparoscopic hysterectomy /Laparoskopik histerektomide ropivakain kullaniminin sistematik derlemesi ve meta analizi. Marchand, Greg J.; Azadi, Ali; Sainz, Katelyn; Anderson, Sienna; Ruther, Stacy; Ware, Kelly; Hopewel Mar 1, 2021 4717
Multivariate Analysis of Factors that Influence the Clinical Outcome Oswestry Disability Index in Patients with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Post Percutaneous Stenoscopic Lumbar Decompression. Fauzi, Ahmad; Gatam, Asrafi Rizki; Mahadipta, Harmantya; Phedy; Ajiantoro; Aprizal, Riza; Gatam, Lut Mar 1, 2021 4178
Pilot Study of Wobble Seat on Trunk Muscles Activity and Kinematics. Aleknaite-Dambrauskiene, Ieva; Domeika, Aurelijus; Gudziunas, Vaidotas; Zaveckas, Vidmantas Report Mar 1, 2021 2158
MUM'S IN SO MUCH PAIN SHE'S HAVING SEIZURES; Agony from endometriosis leaves Juliette virtually housebound. LAURA CLEMENTS Reporter Feb 28, 2021 1504
EFFICACY OF TAP BLOCK AND PLACEBO FOR PAIN IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING C-SECTION SURGERY. Usman Khalid, Kaukab Majeed, Maihmoona Yasmeen, Khalid Mehmood, Muhammad Ali Muazzam and Jawad Rehma Feb 28, 2021 2234
EFFECT OF PRE-COOLING THE INJECTION SITE ON PAIN PERCEPTION IN PAEDIATRIC DENTISTRY. Shahid Islam, Saqib Rashid, Abu-Bakr Shaikh, Muhammad Ali, Tasleem Hosein and Syed Hussain Askary Feb 28, 2021 2672
ASSESSMENT OF CLINICAL EFFICACY OF COOLING GEL PATCH. Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Asim, Muhammad Atif and Naveed Anjum Feb 28, 2021 2442
Comparison of blood pressure and pain rating index used for depth regulation of sevoflurane anaesthesia. Zhang Jianwen; Lv Zhigan; Bai Lipin; Wang Baoguo Report Feb 28, 2021 3439
Home and Natural Remedies for Toothache Pain. Feb 25, 2021 986
OKYO Pharma receives US patent covering 'secret sauce' of a potential new class of pain relief drug. Feb 24, 2021 280
OKYO Pharma receives US patent covering 'secret sauce' of a potential new class of pain relief drug. Feb 24, 2021 278
Can you help us fight pain? Feb 24, 2021 235
Oral versus Intravenous Paracetamol for Perioperative Analgesia in Patients Undergoing Total Abdominal Hysterectomy--A Randomised Double-Blind Controlled Trial. Khokar, Archana; Mohta, Medha; Bhasin, Himanshu; Sonowal, Swaraj Jyoti Feb 22, 2021 3408
THE ED CHEF; Balls cooks up a storm inspired by pain over mum's care home plight. MATT ROPER Feb 18, 2021 237
ILLINOIS PAIN AND SPINE REDUCES NEED FOR OPIOIDS At IPSI we emphasize diagnosing the source of pain. Pain, Illinois; Institute, Spine Feb 15, 2021 388
Salonpas catalyzes growth of topical pain relievers. Feb 15, 2021 557
Arthritis drives demand for topical pain relievers. Feb 15, 2021 1142
CBD topicals offer relief for wide-ranging symptoms. Feb 15, 2021 651
Neuropathy pain treatment is life's work for Horn family. Advertiser generated content Submitted by Advanced Medical Feb 13, 2021 550
Are you experiencing hip pain? Spire Manchester and the OrthTeam Centre can help; ADVERTISING FEATURE Join Spire MancheSter HOSPITAL and the ORTHTEAM centre'S free online event, where SpecialiSt hip CONSULTANTS will be giving expert advice on hip and groin PROBLEMS. Feb 12, 2021 186
Tetra Bio-Pharma CEO details plans to advance coronavirus and cancer pain treatments through to commercialization. Feb 10, 2021 763
Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals' additional data on ZilosulA patients under the TGA SAS shows very consistent reduction in pain of nearly 50%. Feb 4, 2021 703
Q BioMed metastatic bone pain drug Strontium89 made available to 3,000-plus urologists in contract with group purchasing organization UroGPO. Feb 2, 2021 403
How to foam-roll your back to relieve pain, stiffness. CM Guest Columnist Feb 2, 2021 184
Jackson puts trust in stem-cell therapy to relieve his knee pain. KATIE SANDS Reporter Feb 1, 2021 605
Is this pain normal? How to manage knee and hip pain during lockdown; Consultants at Spire Cardiff Hospital share advice on what to do if you are experiencing knee or hip pain. By, Lucinda Reid Feb 1, 2021 822
Effects of Low-Dose Ketamine Infusion on Alleviating the Opioid Burden for Patients Undergoing Myomectomy Surgery. Wahdan, Amr Samir; Mohamed, Mennattah Magdi; Helmy, Nadia Youssef; Shehata, Gehan Helmy; Salama, Ate Report Feb 1, 2021 3691
Ultrasonography-Guided Oblique Subcostal Transversus Abdominis Plane Block in Combination with Ultrasonography-Guided Rectus Sheath Block for Anaesthesia in Abdominal Wall Surgery. Gurbuz, Hande Clinical report Feb 1, 2021 1815
Multiple Erector Spinae Plane Injections as a Component of Multimodal Perioperative Analgesia in Polytrauma Patient Undergoing Spine Surgery. Gupta, Anju; Pangtey, Dimple; Gupta, Nishkarsh Clinical report Feb 1, 2021 911
A study to observe the effects of physiotherapy with and without manual therapy in the management postural neck pain: A randomized control trial. Nasir, Muhammad Fareed; Jawed, Rubab; Baig, Nabeel Naeem; Younus, Maryam; Arshad, Ayesha; Tahir, Ais Report Jan 31, 2021 2518
Status of the palliative care education in surgical postgraduate curriculum - implications for Pakistan. Riaz, Qamar; Khan, Muhammad Rizwan Report Jan 31, 2021 4480
Intraoral Botulinum Toxin Injection in Mental Foramen Site in the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Nvabazam, Alireza; Judi, Reza Jan 25, 2021 2724
Exercises for heel pain. Jan 20, 2021 774
Comparison Effect of Local Subcutaneous Tramadol and Methadone in Post-laparotomy Pain Control. Montazer, Majid; Hojjati, Mostafa; Toomatari, Seyed Ehsan Mousavi Report Jan 19, 2021 2813
Consumers seek more mess-free applications. Jan 18, 2021 353
Pandemic stress can manifest as increased pain. Jan 18, 2021 1110
Breastfeeding Can Make Injection Painless For Babies. Jan 9, 2021 863
Remedies for neck pain. Jan 7, 2021 1123
Efficacy of manual therapy on psychological status and pain in patients with neck pain: A randomized clinical trial. Alansari, Samar M.; Youssef, Enas F.; Shanb, Alsayed A. Report Jan 1, 2021 5376
LISTEN: HEAL YOUR PAIN: Your body is sending you a message--in the unfortunate language of pain. JULIE PETERS helps you with the translation. Peters, Julie Jan 1, 2021 1544
PEMF for Pain and Healing: This easy at-home treatment can acclerate recovery. Jan 1, 2021 538
Turmeric Can Help Relieve Knee Pain. Jan 1, 2021 153
Medications Used for Prevention and Treatment of Postoperative Endodontic Pain: A Systematic Review. Santini, Manuela Favarin; Rosa, Ricardo Abreu Da; Ferreira, Maria Beatriz Cardoso; Barletta, Fernand Jan 1, 2021 6680
Boston Scientific Releases WaveWriter Alpha Spinal Cord Stimulators in U.S. Jan 1, 2021 518
CT-guided [.sup.125]I brachytherapy combined with chemotherapy for the treatment of unresectable or locally advanced pancreatic carcinoma. Luo, Ma; Chen, Jiawen; Zhong, Zhihui; Zhang, Fujun Report Jan 1, 2021 5688
Piriformis syndrome: pain response outcomes following CT-guided injection and incremental value of botulinum toxin injection. Yan, Kevin; Xi, Yin; Hlis, Rocco; Chhabra, Avneesh Report Jan 1, 2021 4277
Breaking the cycle of medication overuse headache: Care of this disorder can be complex--from ruling out another secondary cause of headache to supervising detox from abortives, providing preventives, and educating often-fearful patients. Crain, Allison Report Jan 1, 2021 4858
Social Participation in College Students with Chronic Pain. McCarthy, Karen; Chamberlain, Megan; Chinn, Megan; Pineda, Jennifer; Santiago, Camille Jan 1, 2021 7430
Corticosteroid Injections in Posterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome: A Survey of Professional and Elite Student Ballet Dancers. Opdam, Kim Theresia Maria; van Loon, Justin; Zwiers, Ruben; Kuijer, Petrus Paulus Franciscus Maria; Survey Jan 1, 2021 3681
COMPARISON OF PAIN PERCEIVED BY PATIENTS UNDERGOING INTRA ORAL LOCAL ANESTHESIA USING DIFFERENT NEEDLE GAUGES. Noor Ul Sabah Hussain, Shoaib Younus, Uzair Bin Akhtar, Malik Ali Hassan Sajid, Muhammad Salman Chis Dec 31, 2020 3050
Efficacy of intra-articular autologous platelet rich plasma injection in primary knee osteoarthritis: A quasi-experimental study. Akhlaque, Uzma; Ayaz, Saeed Bin; Akhtar, Noreen Report Dec 31, 2020 2710
WHEN THE DRUGS DON'T WORK.... four in 10 of us live in chronic pain, yet research suggests painkillers may not relieve it. MICHELE O'CONNOR looks at alternatives. MICHELE O'CONNOR Dec 30, 2020 1025
WHEN THE DRUGS DON'T WORK; four in 10 of us live in chronic pain, yet research suggests painkillers may not relieve it. MICHELE O'CONNOR looks at alternatives. MICHELE O'CONNOR Dec 30, 2020 1019
WHEN THE DRUGS DON'T WORK... four in 10 of us live in chronic pain, yet research suggests painkillers may not relieve it. MICHELE O'CONNOR looks at alternatives. MICHELE O'CONNOR Dec 29, 2020 1024
WHEN THE DRUGS DON'T WORK... four in 10 of us live in chronic pain, yet research suggests painkillers may not relieve it. MICHELE O'CONNOR looks at alternatives. MICHELE O'CONNOR Dec 29, 2020 1025
WHEN THE DRUGS DON'T WORK... four in 10 of us live in chronic pain, yet research suggests painkillers may not relieve it. MICHELE O'CONNOR looks at alternatives. Dec 29, 2020 1017
Outcome of Hind Foot Arthrodesis by Expert Hind Foot Arthrodesis Nail. Mukharjee, Debojyoti; Mukharjee, Parasambit; Mondal, Soham Dec 28, 2020 2213
Can a smile reduce the pain of an injection? Dec 27, 2020 409
Hospice eases Kenneth's chronic back pain. Dec 23, 2020 296
Katherine: Stop pain in the arts; Talent 'being lost to delivery jobs'. EXCLUSIVE BY TOM BRYANT Head of Showbiz Dec 22, 2020 248
Katherine: Stop pain in the arts; Talent 'being lost to delivery jobs'. EXCLUSIVE BY TOM BRYANT Head of Showbiz Dec 22, 2020 248
They finally let me see my husband ... but it was too late; widow's pain over alex's care home death. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Dec 22, 2020 537
solve: Research to stop disease progression, restore lost function and end MS forever. Dec 22, 2020 164
This does nothing to relieve the pain. Dec 15, 2020 400
Ultra Pain Products Inc to market NanoVibronix Inc's pain management devices to DME Market in US. Dec 14, 2020 281
Ultra Pain Products Inc to market NanoVibronix Inc's pain management devices to DME Market in US. Dec 14, 2020 285
Tetra Bio-Pharma's CBD-based cancer pain relief drug QIXLEEF can chalk up potential net sales of $675M by 2027. Dec 8, 2020 560
Membrane Lipid Replacement with NTFactor Lipids[R] Reduces Pain, Fatigue, Gastrointestinal and Other Symptoms in Patients with Peripheral Pain. Nicolson, Garth L.; Breeding, Paul C. Dec 1, 2020 2310
'I just wanted the pain I was feeling to stop'. Dec 1, 2020 259
'I just wanted the pain I was feeling to stop'. Dec 1, 2020 259
'I just wanted the pain I was feeling to stop'. Dec 1, 2020 259
'I just wanted the pain I was feeling to stop'. Dec 1, 2020 256
Speaking Up About Cancer Pain: Communicating your specific experience of pain will help health-care providers better treat and manage it. Dec 1, 2020 1411
The In Vivo Antinociceptive and Antiinflammatory Effects of Verbascum exuberans Hub.-Mor./Verbascum exuberans Hub.-Mor.'in In Vivo Antinosiseptif ve Antiinflamatuvar Etkileri. Eyiis, Esra; Kaygisiz, Bilgin; Kilic, Fatma Sultan; Ayhanci, Adnan Report Dec 1, 2020 4985
The Effect of Low Dose Ketamine on the Need for Morphine in Patients with Multiple Trauma in Emergency Department. Heydari, Farhad; Azarian, Reza; Masoumi, Babak; Ghahnavieh, Alireza Abootalebi Dec 1, 2020 4777
Randomised Comparison of the Effect of 0.2% Glyceryl Trinitrate and 0.5% Topical Nifedipine in Acute Anal Fissure Treatment/Akut Anal Fissur Tedavisinde %0,2 Gliseril Trinitrat ile %0,5 Topikal Nifedipinin Etkilerinin Randomize Karsilastirilmasi. Akinci, Ozan; Abdulrahman, Sangar M. Faroq; Gungor, Ozlem; Yuceyar, Necip Serdar; Perek, Asiye; Ertu Report Dec 1, 2020 4158
A randomized pilot study of electro-acupuncture treatment for hysterosalpingography pain relief and related anxiety/Histerosalpingografi iliskili agri ve anksiyetede elektro-akupunktur tedavisi: Randomize pilot calisma. Bakacak, Zeyneb; Demirel, Adnan; Bakacak, Murat; Urfalioglu, Aykut; Yaylali, Asli; Boran, Omer Faruk Report Dec 1, 2020 3966
At-home exercises for 4 common musculoskeletal complaints: This pictorial review can help you advise patients on how to reduce pain and increase ROM, strength, and balance following acute injury or in chronic impairment. Jaworski, Carrie A. Dec 1, 2020 3984
Comparative Evalaution of the Effects of Short-Wave Diathermy, Ultrasound, and TENS on Pain and Physical Functions in Knee Osteoarthritis/Diz Osteoartritinde Kisa Dalga Diatermi, Ultrason ve TENS'nin Agri ve Fiziksel Fonksiyon Uzerindeki Etkilerinin Karsilastirilmasi. Basar, Betul; Erhan, Belgin Report Dec 1, 2020 4228
The Comparison of the Effects of Two Botulinum Toxin A Injection Methods, Follow the Pain and Fixed-site Fixed-dose, on Improving the Quality of Life and Headaches in Patients with Chronic Migraine: A Preliminary Randomized Clinical Trial/Iki Botulinum Toksin A Enjeksiyon Yonteminin, "Agriyi Takip Etme" ve "Sabit Yer Sabit Doz", Kronik Migrenli Hastalarda Yasam Kalitesinin ve Bas Agrisinin Iyilestirilmesi Uzerine Etkilerinin Karsilastirilmasi: Bir Randomize Klinik On Calisma. Salehi, Hossein; Fekri, Mohaddaseh; Vakilian, Alireza; Rezaeaian, Mohsen; Ahmadinia, Hassan Report Dec 1, 2020 4850
Knowledge, Attitude and Clinical Decision-Making Abilities of Pediatric Nurses Regarding Pain Management. Celasin, Nesrin Sen; Dur, Sadiye; Ergin, Dilek; Karaarslan, Duygu Dec 1, 2020 5766
Outcomes of pain management in chronic pancreatitis: experience from a tertiary care hospital in India. Sugumar, Kavin; Deshpande, Aparna Report Dec 1, 2020 5093
New acute pain guideline has some limitations. Girgis, Linda Dec 1, 2020 758
Construction of a Valid Tool to Assess the Knowledge and Perception of Physiotherapy Students about the Role of Physiotherapy in Depression and Anxiety due to Chronic Pain Syndrome. Sureshbabu, M. Anbupriya; Abishek, J.R. Dec 1, 2020 2654
The Effectiveness of Curcuma Longa Drink in Decreasing the Intensity of Dysmenorrhea. Utami, Rahayu Budi; Damayanti, Dini Firti; Rodiah, Dina Report Dec 1, 2020 3106
Dupuytren's contracture treated with botulinum toxin A injection. Davis, Shane Michael; Chang, Eric Yao Dec 1, 2020 2083
The effect of pain intensity levels and clinical symptoms on the treatment preferences of patients with endodontically involved teeth: A preliminary cross-sectional study. Eyuboglu, Tan Firat; Gonenc, Fulya Ilcin Dec 1, 2020 4391
Appraisal and summary of patellofemoral pain clinical practice guideline. Connell, Gaelan; To, Daphne; Ashraf, Mariam; Verville, Leslie Report Dec 1, 2020 2702
The effect of the sound of the ney(reed flute) on women in labour in Bursa, Turkey. Amanak, Keziban Report Nov 30, 2020 2356
Risks of common pain relievers. Lisa Iannucci CTW Features Nov 30, 2020 643
Here are a few things to know about anti-inflammatories. Lisa Iannucci CTW Features Nov 30, 2020 643
Aspiring nurse died 'self-medicating with painkillers after weight loss surgery'; Alison Marie Young had gastric bypass surgery that left her with abdominal pain and went from being teetotal to drinking up to six bottles of wine a night along with her husband's painkillers. By, Kristin Tait & Emma Robertson Nov 28, 2020 368
The blast waltz; JJ will dance through the pain as shrapnel wound in leg is infected. TOM BRYANT Nov 27, 2020 395
FRIDAY 27.11.2020 The blast waltz; JJ ready to dance through the pain as shrapnel wound in leg is infected. exclusive BY TOM BRYANT Head of Showbiz Nov 27, 2020 390
The blast waltz; JJ will dance through the pain as shrapnel wound in leg is infected. EXCLUSIVE BY TOM BRYANT Head of Showbiz Nov 27, 2020 390
Phase 2a Study of Vibegron for the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Pain Did Not Meet Primary Endpoint. Nov 24, 2020 496
Pain busters; Four in 10 Brits live with chronic pain, yet research suggests that taking painkillers won't help. Michele O'Connor looks at the alternatives. Michele O'Connor Nov 24, 2020 989
Pain busters; HEALTH be your best; Four in 10 Brits live with chronic pain, yet research suggests that taking painkillers won't help. Michele O'Connor looks at the alternatives. AMY PACKER Nov 24, 2020 1336
Pain n busters; Four in 10 of us live with chronic pain, yet research suggests that taking painkillers won't help. Michele O'Connorlooks at the alternatives. Edited by AMY PACKER Nov 24, 2020 1370
Evaluation of Transdermal Fentanyl Patch as Pre-Emptive Analgesia for Improvement of Postoperative Pain Relief in Patients Undergoing Major Abdominal Surgeries under General Anaesthesia. Rallabhandi, Saranya; Chakole, Vivek; Singam, Amol; Verma, Neeta; Modak, Anjali; Taksande, Karuna; M Nov 23, 2020 2676
Q BioMed receives recognition for its Strontium89 bone cancer pain relief advertisement. Nov 21, 2020 447
Nawaz couldn't attend PDM meeting due to 'severe kidney pain': Maryam. Nov 18, 2020 218
Nawaz missed PDM meeting due to kidney pains: Maryam. Nov 17, 2020 250
Nawaz couldn't attend PDM meeting due to 'severe kidney pain': Maryam. Nov 17, 2020 323
Biden urges new economic relief package to ease pain. Anne Gearan and Jeff Stein The Washington Post Nov 17, 2020 608
Chronic pain and acceptance Pain: Listen and learn. Lisa Iannucci CTW Features Nov 16, 2020 739
Chronic pain and acceptance Acknowledging your body and diagnosis is one of the first steps in healing. Lisa Iannucci CTW Features Nov 16, 2020 748
Pain didn't stop Amanda being 'lifeline' for dad. SIAN BURKITT Reporter Nov 14, 2020 556
Heron Therapeutics Resubmits New Drug Application to FDA for HTX-011 for the Treatment of Postoperative Pain. Nov 13, 2020 549
Aspetar introduces cooled radiofrequency for pain treatment. Nov 9, 2020 472
Wahl offers general wellness advice. Nov 9, 2020 532
Dad fighting for life after agonising ear pain which turned out to be meningitis; Reece Ciani had been complaining of the problem for a week, he went to the doctors several times and called six ambulances before he was diagnosed and placed in a coma. By, Emma Robertson Nov 8, 2020 629
Aspetar introduces new technology to treat pain. Nov 8, 2020 495
My Frequent Waist Pain. Nov 7, 2020 225
A breakthrough treatment to help relieve chronic pain; HF10 THERAPY uses spinal cord STIMULATION For pain RELIEF. Nov 5, 2020 1203
A breakthrough treatment to help relieve chronic pain; ADVERTISING FEATURE HF10 THERAPY uses spinal cord STIMULATION For pain RELIEF. Nov 3, 2020 1203
A breakthrough treatment to help relieve chronic pain; HF10 THERAPY uses spinal cord STIMULATION For pain RELIEF. Nov 3, 2020 1183
Effect of Muscle Energy Technique on Piriformis Tightness in Chronic Low Back Pain with Radiation. Deshmukh, Mitushi Kishor; Phansopkar, Pratik Arun; Kumar, Kiran Nov 2, 2020 3220
Effectiveness of Foot Reflex Therapy in Post-Operative Pain among Patients Subjected to Major Abdominal Surgery. Ramalingam, Poongodi; Ramakrishnan, Ramya; Singaravelu, Rajeswari; Subramaniam, Aruna Clinical report Nov 2, 2020 3482
Sadiya Umar Farouq:The guile and pains of disaster management. Nov 1, 2020 1205
An Approach to Managing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. McDaniel, Alan B. Nov 1, 2020 4137
Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in the Treatment of Chronic Pain. Pawluk, William Nov 1, 2020 4263
Polymethylmetacrylate Cement Augmentation of the Coccyx (Coccygeoplasty) for Fracture: A Case Report. Akar, Ezgi; Koban, Orkun; Ogrenci, Ahmet; Yilmaz, Mesut; Dalbayrak, Sedat Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 1890
Bye-Bye Back Pain. Gray, Grace Walker Nov 1, 2020 334
Pressure Algometry Validation and Determination of Efficacy of Articaine Hydrochloride Ring Block in Antler Removal in Red Deer (Cervus elaphus). Sahebjam, Farzin; Kongara, Kavitha; Chambers, John Paul; Walker, Ruth Ellen; Naffa, Rafea; Lopez-Vil Nov 1, 2020 7056
Gabapentin Premedication for Pediatric Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Feasibility Study. Gettis, Margaret; Nusz, David; Roberts, Jodi; Chen, Jane; Musick, Allison; Wetzel, Martha; McCracken Nov 1, 2020 5959
The Gold Standard. Ivey, Jean Report Nov 1, 2020 580
Effectively Treating Knee Pain: Self-care can help mitigate knee pain. But when warranted, knee replacement may preserve function longer and eliminate pain. Nov 1, 2020 773
Effectiveness of Transverse Abdominis Plane Block as a Method of Regional Anaesthesia in Unilateral Inguinal Hernia Repair. Verma, Neeta; S., Krishnendu; Chandak, Aruna V.; Singam, Amol; Chandak, Vijay C.; Chakole, Vivek Oct 19, 2020 3043
Facet Joint Injections in Patients with Low Back Pains and Facet Arthropathies--Our Experience. Sharahili, Hussain Hadi; Waheed, Khawaja Bilal; Alaliwi, Hawraa Ali Oct 19, 2020 2597
Comparison of Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Dexamethasone and Triamcinolone for Lumbar Radiculopathy. Madavi, Sheetal K.; Chakole, Vivek; Sen, Jayashree; Singam, Amol; Rallabhandi, Saranya; Verma, Neeta Oct 19, 2020 3912
PainBloc24 offers relief with no-mess pain tape. Oct 19, 2020 336
Biofreeze puts pain on ice in many ways. Oct 19, 2020 493
How banks laced Covid-19 loans relief with hidden interest pain. Oct 19, 2020 1200
FDA revises pregnancy warning for pain relievers. MATTHEW PERRONE Associated Press Health Writer Oct 19, 2020 288
FDA extends pregnancy warning for common pain relievers. MATTHEW PERRONE Associated Press Health Writer Oct 19, 2020 315
Al Wakra Hospital introduces acute pain control service for surgical, burn patients. Oct 15, 2020 575
Gang members jailed for theft; pain relief stolen from hospitals. DAVID HUNTLEY Reporter Oct 15, 2020 523
Al Wakra Hospital introduces Acute Pain Management Service for surgical and burns patients. Oct 14, 2020 591
Antibe's breakthrough osteoarthritis pain relief drug in the spotlight on World Arthritis Day. Oct 13, 2020 946
HIV: Group backs govt's efforts to reduce patients' pain. Oct 13, 2020 904
Experts: Women must get much more information about pain relief. Tracey Bryce Oct 11, 2020 516
Willow Biosciences partners with Lethbridge and Calgary universities to study the effects of non-psychoactive cannabinoids on intestinal inflammation, abdominal pain and depression. Oct 9, 2020 375
Eli Lilly Reyvow demonstrated superior pain freedom at two hours versus placebo. Oct 6, 2020 654
Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals data shows Zilosul reduces pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Oct 2, 2020 630
Little 'daredevil' up for national award; Pain hasn't stopped brave Brodie being a top fundraiser. CARLA TALBOT Oct 1, 2020 661
PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Devices in the Care and Management of Neurological Disorders. Pawluk, William Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2020 3922
Outcomes of multidisciplinary team interventions in the management of sickle cell disease patients with opioid use disorders: A retrospective cohort study. Zahrani, Omar Al; Hanafy, Ehab; Mukhtar, Osama; Sanad, Ashraf; Yassin, Wael Report Oct 1, 2020 4186
Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong for Back Pain. Oct 1, 2020 156
Reducing the prevalence of low-back pain by reducing the prevalence of psychological distress: Evidence from a natural experiment and implications for health care providers. Brown, Timothy T.; Ahn, Christie; Huang, Haoyue; Ibrahim, Zaidat Report Oct 1, 2020 8391
Receipt of opioids and patient care experiences among nonsurgical hospitalized adults. Mazurenko, Olena; Blackburn, Justin; Bair, Matthew J.; Kara, Areeba Y.; Harle, Christopher A. Report Oct 1, 2020 5861
Efficacy of Dexmedetomidine as an Adjuvant to Bupivacaine in Ultrasound-Guided Transverse Abdominis plane Block for Laparoscopic appendicectomy: A Randomised Controlled Study. Neethirajan, Soma Ganesh Raja; Kurada, Santoshi; Parameswari, Aruna Report Oct 1, 2020 4219
Constipation and Aroma Massage in Elderly Individuals /Yasli Bireylerde Konstipasyon ve Aroma Masaji. Lafci, Digdem Report Oct 1, 2020 4339
Barriers to adequate analgesia in paediatric burns patients. Wall, S.L.; Clarke, D.L.; Nauhaus, H.; Allorto, N.L. Report Oct 1, 2020 3168
Dietary Supplementation with Palmitoyl-Glucosamine Co-Micronized with Curcumin Relieves Osteoarthritis Pain and Benefits Joint Mobility. Gugliandolo, Enrico; Peritore, Alessio Filippo; Impellizzeri, Daniela; Cordaro, Marika; Siracusa, Ro Oct 1, 2020 8277
Welfare Benefits of Intradermal Vaccination of Piglets. Temple, Deborah; Jimenez, Marta; Escribano, Damian; Martin-Valls, Gerard; Diaz, Ivan; Manteca, Xavie Oct 1, 2020 6816
Putting an end to chronic opioid prescriptions. Perez, Matt Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2020 841
The Influence of Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine on Postoperative Pain in Necrotic Teeth: A Systematic Review. Sarmento, Estefano Borgo; da Silva Guimaraes, Ludmila; de Oliveiratavares, Sandro Junio; Thuller, Ka Oct 1, 2020 6093
Needle Gauge Influences Pain Perception During Intrapulpal Anaesthesia - A Randomized Clinical Trial. Suresh, Nandini; Koteeswaran, Vishnupriya; Natanasabapathy, Velmurugan; Kasabwala, Kinnari; Kowsky, Oct 1, 2020 5257
Factors Influencing Pain and Anxiety Before Endodontic Treatment: A Cross-Sectional Study Amongst American Individuals. Alroomy, Riyadh; Kim, Dana; Hochberg, Robert; Chubak, Joshua; Rosenberg, Paul A.; Malek, Mathew Oct 1, 2020 3823
Barnsley second highest spending on pain relief prescriptions. Sep 30, 2020 175
Heron Therapeutics receives EU authorization for Zynrelef for post-op pain. Sep 28, 2020 206
Our daughter is exhausted with pain.. but docs won't do vital op to fix her spine. JILLY BEATTIE EXCLUSIVE Sep 26, 2020 850
Comparative Evaluation of Clinical Anaesthetic Efficacy of 15 % Lidocaine Spray and 20 % Benzocaine Gel during Removal of Arch Bars. Gouthaman, Sudarssan Subramaniam; Kandamani, Janani; Ramakrishnan, Divya Sanjeevi; Wahab P.U., Abdul Sep 21, 2020 3196
Single Shot Paravertebral Block-A Novel Approach for Post-Operative Analgesia in Breast Surgeries. Jain, Khushboo; Manhas, Ranika; Pankaj, Neel Clinical report Sep 21, 2020 3381
How to... Stop migraine pain; They affect one in seven people worldwide - and three times as many women as men. So what can be done to prevent them? Sep 20, 2020 698
Genetic and emotional links to migraines and the best ways of treating problem; Migraines affect one in seven people worldwide -- and three times as many women suffer as men. Here's what you can do to try to prevent them, and to reduce any pain. By, Gillian Crawley Sep 20, 2020 771
He survived, his parents didn't: PGH spokesperson transcends COVID pain. Sep 20, 2020 1890
Plant produces natural warmth, relieves pain. Alexander McCowan Sep 17, 2020 376
Athena Bioscience's NDA for QDOLO approved by FDA for the management of pain. Sep 9, 2020 156
Athena Bioscience's NDA for QDOLO approved by FDA for the management of pain. Sep 9, 2020 160
PreveCeutical pleased with rodent model of opioid substitute pain-reliever. Sep 9, 2020 375
Perception of Pain during Orthodontic Treatment among the General Public Undergoing and Not Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment. Ganesan, Bhavani; Ramamurthy, Jaiganesh Sep 7, 2020 3677
How to relieve gum pain fast. Sep 3, 2020 906
Avanos' Coolief shows superior efficacy over injections for chronic knee pain. Sep 3, 2020 182
PreveCeutical hits milestone in opioid substitute pain-reliever. Sep 3, 2020 399
Tetra Bio-Pharma trumpets launch of cancer pain relief trial for CBD-based QIXLEEF. Sep 3, 2020 426
Non-Surgical Management and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: An Algorithmic Approach and Practical Guideline. Nazarieh, Mahshid; Hakakzadeh, Azadeh; Ghannadi, Shima; Maleklou, Faezeh; Tavakol, Zahra; Alizadeh, Sep 1, 2020 7198
Perioperative Management of Patients on Buprenorphine and Methadone: A Narrative Review. Sritapan, Yasmin; Clifford, Sean; Bautista, Alexander Sep 1, 2020 4945
Hypnosis: Mainstream not Alternative. Callan, June Sep 1, 2020 1658
Neuropathic Pain: Unexplored and Significant Relationship With Psoriatic Arthritis and Functional Parameters. Ulutatar, Cagri Unal; Ulutatar, Firat; Duruoz, Mehmet Tuncay Sep 1, 2020 3633
A practical approach to knee OA: This review of the latest evidence on existing and emerging treatment options can help to inform your decision-making process as you endeavor to provide patients with pain relief. Sprouse, Ryan A.; Harris, George D.; Sprouse, Gretchen D.E. Sep 1, 2020 4963
Efficacy and Safety of Naproxen for Acute Pain. Weisman, Steven M.; Brunton, Stephen Sep 1, 2020 5436
Optimal Methods of Documenting Analgesic Efficacy in Neonatal Piglets Undergoing Castration. Sheil, Meredith; Polkinghorne, Adam Report Sep 1, 2020 21759
Oral Transmucosal Cannabidiol Oil Formulation as Part of a Multimodal Analgesic Regimen: Effects on Pain Relief and Quality of Life Improvement in Dogs Affected by Spontaneous Osteoarthritis. Brioschi, Federica Alessandra; Cesare, Federica Di; Gioeni, Daniela; Rabbogliatti, Vanessa; Ferrari, Report Sep 1, 2020 8745
Objective Assessment of Acute Pain in Foals Using a Facial Expression-Based Pain Scale. Loon, Johannes van; Verhaar, Nicole; Berg, Els van den; Ross, Sarah; Grauw, Janny de Report Sep 1, 2020 4215
Tail Docking of Piglets 2: Effects of Meloxicam on the Stress Response to Tail Docking. Morrison, Rebecca; Hemsworth, Paul Report Sep 1, 2020 5274
Tail Docking of Piglets 1: Stress Response of Piglets to Tail Docking. Morrison, Rebecca; Hemsworth, Paul Report Sep 1, 2020 5656
Comparison and Short Term Effect of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and Kinesiotaping in Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis. Sultanoglu, Tuba Erdem; Sultanoglu, Hasan Sep 1, 2020 4872
The Effect of Computer-Based Training on Postural Control in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Tomruk, Melda Soysal; Kara, Bilge; Erbayraktar, R. Serhat Sep 1, 2020 4697
Comparison of Vacuum-assisted Closure and Conventional Dressing Treatment Modalities for Fournier's Gangrene. Vuruskan, Ediz; Gurlen, Guclu; Alma, Ergun; Ercil, Hakan; Unal, Umut; Altunkol, Adem; Bozkurt, Osman Sep 1, 2020 4223
Prevalence of Chronic Low Back Pain Due to Cesarean Section Under Spinal Anesthesia among the Housewives in Faisalabad District. Tariq, Saira; Afzal, Amna; Abid, Shumaila; Ans, Muhammad; Jabbar, Saima; Azam, Shehryar; Subazwari, Sep 1, 2020 2464
Comment on "Pain Perception of the First Eye versus the Second Eye during Phacoemulsification under Local Anesthesia for Patients Going through Cataract Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis". Sun, Liang; An, Haiyan; Feng, Yi Letter to the editor Aug 31, 2020 934
Effect of Music on Patient Experience during Intravitreal Injection. Chan, Jonathan Cheuk-hung; Chan, Lok Pong; Yeung, Chi Pong; Tang, Tin Wai; Yip, Mang O.; Lam, Wai Ch Aug 31, 2020 4191
Effects of Wuqinxi in the Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Yao, Chongjie; Li, Zhenrui; Zhang, Shuaipan; Wu, Zhiwei; Zhu, Qingguang; Fang, Lei Aug 31, 2020 7055
Manual Therapy (Postisometric Relaxation and Joint Mobilization) in Knee Pain and Function Experienced by Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Randomized Clinical Pilot Study. Romanowski, Mateusz Wojciech; Spiritovic, Maja; Romanowski, Wojciech; Straburzynska-Lupa, Anna Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 5107
Applying Complex Network and Cell-Cell Communication Network Diagram Methods to Explore the Key Cytokines and Immune Cells in Local Acupoint Involved in Acupuncture Treating Inflammatory Pain. Zhang, Kuo; Zhao, Xue; Ding, Shasha; Liu, Yangyang; Xu, Yuan; Yan, Yawen; Hong, Shouhai; Yang, Fumin Aug 31, 2020 7208
Effect of Foot Reflexology on Pain, Fatigue, and Quality of Sleep after Kidney Transplantation Surgery: A Parallel Randomized Controlled Trial. Samarehfekri, Atena; Dehghan, Mahlagha; Arab, Mansoor; Ebadzadeh, Mohammad Reza Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 7085
Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Yellow Oil Formulations 3 and 4 versus Indomethacin Solution in Patients with Symptomatic Osteoarthritis of the Knee: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Koonrungsesomboon, Nut; Teekachunhatean, Supanimit; Chansakaow, Sunee; Hanprasertpong, Nutthiya Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 7171
Efficacy of Piroxicam Mesotherapy in Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Farpour, Hamid Reza; Estakhri, Fahime; Zakeri, Mohadese; Parvin, Reyhaneh Aug 31, 2020 4949
The Effect of Art Therapy and Music Therapy on Breast Cancer Patients: What We Know and What We Need to Find Out--A Systematic Review. Kievisiene, Justina; Jautakyte, Rasa; Rauckiene-Michaelsson, Alona; Fatkulina, Natalja; Agostinis-So Report Aug 31, 2020 8155
Potential Pharmacokinetic Drug-Drug Interactions between Cannabinoids and Drugs Used for Chronic Pain. Vazquez, Marta; Guevara, Natalia; Maldonado, Cecilia; Guido, Paulo Caceres; Schaiquevich, Paula Report Aug 31, 2020 7516
An Atypical Case of a Common Pregnancy Issue: Appendicitis-Like Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Chung, Janice; Berryman, Ryan P. Aug 31, 2020 1907
Balanced Suspension versus Pillow on Preoperative Pain for Proximal Femur Fractures: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Yuenyongviwat, Varah; Jiarasrisatien, Chonthawat; Iamthanaporn, Khanin; Hongnaparak, Theerawit; Tang Aug 31, 2020 2777
Instrumentation Removal following Minimally Invasive Posterior Percutaneous Pedicle Screw-Rod Stabilization (PercStab) of Thoracolumbar Fractures Is Not Always Required. Manson, Neil; El-Mughayyar, Dana; Bigney, Erin; Richardson, Eden; Abraham, Edward Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 4391
Postoperative Pain Management among Registered Nurses in a Vietnamese Hospital. Vu, Phuong Hoang; Tran, Duc Viet; Le, Yen Thi; Do, Ha Thi Thu; Vu, Sao Thi; Dinh, Huong Thanh; Nguye Aug 31, 2020 3469
Nurses' Knowledge and Attitude towards Postoperative Pain Management in Ghana. Adams, Shamsu-Deen Mahama; Varaei, Shokoh; Jalalinia, Fatemeh Aug 31, 2020 5259
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty and Facet Blocking for Treating Back Pain Caused by Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fracture. Cheng, Yongquan; Wu, Xiaoliang; Shi, Jiawei; Jiang, Hui Aug 31, 2020 4128
EXPAREL[R] (Long-Acting Liposomal Bupivacaine) Use for Popliteal Nerve Block in Postoperative Pain Control after Ankle Fracture Fixation. Discepola, Patrick; Bouhara, Mohamed; Kwon, Minho; Siddiqui, Bilal A.; Whitwell, Trevor A.; Sanghvi, Aug 31, 2020 3976
Retrospective Study on Ganglionic and Nerve Block Series as Therapeutic Option for Chronic Pain Patients with Refractory Neuropathic Pain. Gerken, J.D.; Fritzsche, T.; Denke, C.; Schafer, M.; Tafelski, S. Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 7464
The Use of Oral Analgesics and Pain Self-Efficacy Are Independent Predictors of the Quality of Life of Individuals with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Hashimoto, Akira; Sonohata, Motoki; Mawatari, Masaaki Aug 31, 2020 6568
Effect of Preoperative Zoledronic Acid Administration on Pain Intensity after Percutaneous Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures. Hu, Weiran; Wang, Hongqiang; Shi, Xinge; Song, Yuepeng; Zhang, Guangquan; Xing, Shuai; Zhang, Kai; G Aug 31, 2020 5879
Cyst between Femoral Attachments of Cruciate Ligaments: Unusual Cause of Knee Pain and Review of Literature. Gupta, Ravi; Singhal, Akash; Mehta, Rohil Aug 31, 2020 1825
Pulmonary Recruitment Maneuver for Reducing Shoulder Pain after Laparoscopic Gynecologic Surgery: A Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Kietpeerakool, Chumnan; Rattanakanokchai, Siwanon; Yantapant, Aranya; Roekyindee, Ratchadaporn; Putt Aug 31, 2020 5295
Osteoid Osteoma of the Maxilla Presenting as Dental Implant Pain. Sadhan, R. Al; Alosaimi, A.; Shagroud, R. Al; Zaman, M.U.; Allahyani, M.S. Aug 31, 2020 4179
Impact of Experimental Tonic Pain on Corrective Motor Responses to Mechanical Perturbations. Traverse, Elodie; Brun, Clementine; Harnois, Emilie; Mercier, Catherine Aug 31, 2020 8554
Comparison of Greater Palatine Nerve Block with Intravenous Fentanyl for Postoperative Analgesia Following Palatoplasty in Children. Singam, Amol; Rallabhandi, Saranya; Dhumey, Tapan Aug 31, 2020 3780
COVID-19 PANDEMIC AND CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT: IMPACT AND SUGGESTIONS. Muhammad Aasam Masoom Maan, Amjad Siddique, Rashid Iqbal and Khaleel Ahmad Aug 31, 2020 3077
Bone Therapeutics to complete recruitment for knee pain trial by year-end. Aug 27, 2020 389
UCLA Researcher Studies Cannabis Chemicals for Pain Relief. Aug 26, 2020 227
Referred tooth pain can be indication of a deeper problem. Aug 17, 2020 1296
A Comparison of the Postoperative Analgesic Efficacy of Two Different Doses of Caudal Clonidine as Adjunct to Caudal Bupivacaine in Infraumbilical Surgeries in Younger Children. Chhaule, Subinay; Sutradhar, Manotosh; Trigunait, Puja; Qamar, Tanweer; Lahari, Sayani; Das, Rina; T Aug 17, 2020 2950
John Regala receiving pain management treatment at home. Aug 15, 2020 291
No pain, big gain; Rare condition means OAP feels no discomfort... could she help chronic pain sufferers? Channel 4, 8pm HOtoday's tv W TO BEAT - PAIN. Aug 11, 2020 296
No pain, big gain; Rare condition means OAP feels no discomfort... could she help chronic pain sufferers? HOW TO BEAT - PAIN PICK OF THE DAY. Aug 11, 2020 295
The pain was hell .. cannabis has changed my life. JAMES MONCUR Aug 10, 2020 485
Mother's pain over extra PPE bills at dentist's; practice claims family told of additional payments in advance. LEE GRIMSDITCH ECHO Reporter @LeeGrimsditch Aug 7, 2020 574
Mum furious after dentist adds [pounds sterling]40 'PPE surcharge' to bill for daughter's braces; Alison Metcalfe was annoyed at the additional charges for daughter Molly Williams, from west Derby, who had had new braces to relieve pain in her jaw. By, Lee Grimsditch & Kelly-Ann Mills Aug 6, 2020 656
Pain patients have to travel to England for treatment; Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has said it is up to individual health boards whether they reimburse chronic pain patients who travelled to England for treatment. Tom Eden Aug 4, 2020 390
Karuna Therapeutics will not move forward with KarXT in pain treatment. Aug 3, 2020 159
'More harm than good' Health chiefs tell doctors not to prescribe painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen; 'Little or no evidence' the commonly used drugs for chronic primary pain made any difference to people's quality of life. By, Daniel Smith Aug 3, 2020 537
Dad-of-three living with rare condition that causes his bones to 'die'; 'It's the same pain as an end-of-life bone cancer sufferer. I'm on very, very high pain medication and even that doesn't really stop the pain'. By, Mark Smith Aug 1, 2020 681
Hyaluronic acid versus dexamethasone for the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis in children: efficacy and safety analysis. Yang, Zheng; Li, Miaojuan; Xiao, Lin; Yi, Zhiming; Zhao, Min; Ma, Shengjie Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 2605
Should Discectomy Performed Without Replacement be the First Choice in Patients with Pain and Reduced Mouth Opening/Yerine Bir Sey Konulmaksizin Yapilan Diskektomi Ameliyati Agri ve Limitli Agiz Acikligi Olan Hastalarda Ilk Tercih Olmali midir? Gursoytrak, Burcu; Demetoglu, Umut Aug 1, 2020 4069
Impact of a Topical Anaesthesia Wound Management Formulation on Pain, Inflammation and Reduction of Secondary Infections after Tail Docking in Lambs. Ferrer, Luis Miguel; Lacasta, Delia; Ortin, Aurora; Ramos, Juan Jose; Tejedor, Maria Teresa; Borobia Aug 1, 2020 8268
Are Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy and Zoledronic Acid Combination Additive or Synergistic in Bone Metastasis?/SBRT ve Zoledronik Asid Kombinasyonu Kemik Metastaz Tedavisinde Aditif veya Sinerjistik Etki Mi Yapar? Cihan, Yasemin Benderli Aug 1, 2020 1309
The Actions and Mechanisms of P2X7R and p38 MAPK Activation in Mediating Bortezomib-Induced Neuropathic Pain. Guo, Yan; Xu, Xiaobo; Huang, Jingyi; Wang, Zhen; Li, Zhenzhong; Liu, Zhen Report Jul 31, 2020 7129
Suprascapular Nerve Pulsed Radiofrequency for Chronic Shoulder Pain in a Pediatric Patient. Cristiani, Federico; Hernandez, Maria A. Report Jul 31, 2020 1992

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