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Rehabilitation Professional and Patient Satisfaction with Telerehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Systematic Review. Amin, Junaid; Ahmad, Basaruddin; Amin, Salman; Siddiqui, Ammar Ahmed; Alam, Mohammad Khursheed Report Aug 2, 2022 5634
Multi-disciplinary rehabilitation for management of diabetes mellitus related neurological and musculoskeletal complications. Ullah, Sami; Al Arabia, Dilshad Hunain; Rathore, Farooq Azam Report Feb 28, 2022 1734
Effects of motivational interviewing with conventional physical therapy on rehabilitation of chronic musculoskeletal disorders: A quasi-experimental study. Jamil, Ayesha; Javed, Ahsan; Iqbal, Muhammad Awais Report Apr 30, 2021 2098
Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization- an emerging trend for soft tissue dysfunction. Mahmood, Tahir; Hafeez, Muhammad Report Mar 31, 2021 2794
At-home exercises for 4 common musculoskeletal complaints: This pictorial review can help you advise patients on how to reduce pain and increase ROM, strength, and balance following acute injury or in chronic impairment. Jaworski, Carrie A. Dec 1, 2020 3984
Integrated Role of Nonpharmacological Interventions for Rehabilitation of Individuals with Musculoskeletal Disorders. Bernardo-Filho, Mario; Sanudo, Borja; Seixas, Aderito; Sa-Caputo, Danubia; Taiar, Redha Editorial Jul 31, 2020 956
MSK injury? Make splinting choices based on the evidence. Leggit, Jeffrey C.; McLeod, Geoff Report Nov 1, 2018 2678
Treatment of Graf Type IIa Hip Dysplasia: A Cut-off Value for Decision Making. Bilgili, Fuat; Saglam, Yavuz; Goksan, Suleyman Bora; Hurmeydan, Onder Murat; Birisik, Fevzi; Demirel Report Nov 1, 2018 2337
Medical marijuana program up to 34,000 patients. Saulsbery, Gabrielle Oct 22, 2018 331
MEDICARE PART B STATUS AMONG ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY PROVIDERS IN THE UNITED STATES. Hung, Man; Bounsanga, Jerry; Voss, Maren W.; Franklin, Jeremy D. Report Sep 22, 2018 5780
The Novel and Minimally Invasive Treatment Modalities for Female Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction; Beyond the Traditional. Akyn, Yigit; Young, Matthew; Elmussareh, Muhammad; Charalampogiannis, Nickolaus; Gozen, Ali Serdar Report Sep 1, 2018 6582
4 pearls for treating musculoskeletal pain. Hickner, John Editorial Sep 1, 2018 586
Impacting public health by affecting individual health: A focus group study with chiropractic students after an international clinical experience. Boysen, James; Salsbury, Stacie A.; Lawrence, Dana J. Report May 1, 2018 3772
A comparison of the clinical manifestation and pathophysiology of myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia: implications for differential diagnosis and management. Bourgaize, Sheryl; Newton, Genevieve; Kumbhare, Dinesh; Srbely, John Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2018 9658
Survey of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Indian Dancers in Mumbai and Mangalore. Nair, Shruti Prabhakaran; Kotian, Shruti; Hiller, Claire; Mullerpatan, Rajani Report Apr 1, 2018 5499
Frequency therapy: clinical application of a new form of instrumental treatment/TERAPIA FREQUENZIALE: APPLICAZIONE CLINICA DI UNA NUOVA FORMA DI "TRATTAMENTO STRUMENTALE". Gili, F.M.; Cabianca, L.; Taverniti, G.; Carta, E. Report Feb 1, 2018 2930
Patterns and trends in coal mining orthopedic injuries admitted to a level one trauma center in Southern West Virginia over ten years. Pollock, Frederic H.; Pollock, Frederic J.; Messmer, Mark; Maurer, JP; Sop, Aaron Report Jul 1, 2017 168
Finger and wrist pain in children using game consoles and laptops: younger children and longer time are associated with increased pain. Ince, Deniz C.; Swearingen, Christopher J.; Yazici, Yusuf Report Apr 1, 2017 1856
Bone grafts, substitutes, and augments in benign orthopaedic conditions: current concepts. Blank, Alan T.; Riesgo, Aldo M.; Gitelis, Steven; Rapp, Timothy B. Report Apr 1, 2017 5850
Traditional Chinese Medicine Bionic Tiger Bone Powder for the Treatment of AI-Associated Musculoskeletal Symptoms. Li, Yifan; Zhang, Zhenhua; Cui, Feifei; Liu, Jialing; Wang, Yitong; Jiang, Juling; Ma, Wenxin; Lu, W Report Jan 1, 2017 4718
Evaluating Swine Injection Technologies as a Workplace Musculoskeletal Injury Intervention: A Study Protocol. Trask, Catherine; Bath, Brenna; Milosavljevic, Stephan; Kociolek, Aaron M.; Predicala, Bernardo; Pen Jan 1, 2017 6636
A Unique Case of Muscle-Invasive Metastatic Breast Cancer Mimicking Myositis. Gyorffy, Janelle; Philbrick, Samuel M.; Bersabe, Adrian R.; Upton, Richard J.; Mathis, Derek A.; Pet Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2625
Malignant Lymphoma in the Psoas Major Muscle. Akuzawa, Nobuhiro; Hatori, Takashi; Takase, Aya; Aoki, Jun; Sakurai, Shinji; Kurabayashi, Masahiko Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2664
Quadriceps Tendon Rupture in an Adolescent Athlete. Zuke, William A.; Go, Beatrice; Weber, Alexander E.; Forsythe, Brian Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2002
Reverse Fosbury Flop Tear of the Rotator Cuff. Tirefort, Jerome; Cunningham, Gregory; Ladermann, Alexandre Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1491
Fibroma of Tendon Sheath Presenting Limited Flexion of the Fingers. Maeda, Kazuhiro; Setsu, Nokitaka; Kato, Yoshiharu; Kawai, Akira; Kobayashi, Eisuke Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1790
Neuromuscular Coordination Deficit Persists 12 Months after ACL Reconstruction But Can Be Modulated by 6 Weeks of Kettlebell Training: A Case Study in Women's Elite Soccer. Zebis, Mette K.; Andersen, Christoffer H.; Bencke, Jesper; Orntoft, Christina; Linnebjerg, Connie; H Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 5031
A unique musculocutaneous axillary arch muscle compressing intercostobrachial nerve: a possible remnant of panniculus carnosus?--A case report. Chaudhary, Shweta; Bharti, Rishi Kumar; Desphande, Hemali Clinical report Sep 8, 2016 1437
Culturally based remedies for initial home treatment of acute musculoskeletal injuries. Xu, Yiping; Rich, Ellen; Connor, Joanne Report Sep 1, 2016 3783
Prevalence and associated risk factors of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among road construction workers in a Nigerian community. Egwuonwu, A.V.; Mbaoma, C.P.; Abdullahi, A. Report Aug 1, 2016 4645
Vitamin D and 'growing pains'. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 243
Effect of two consecutive spinal manipulations in a single session on myofascial pain pressure sensitivity: a randomized controlled trial. Laframboise, Michelle A.; Vernon, Howard; Srbely, John Report Jun 1, 2016 4680
Musculoskeletal training in rheumatology--what the trainees think. Nadesalingam, Kavitha; Ntatsaki, Eleana; Hull, Dobrina; Hughes, Rod Report Jun 1, 2016 1519
Ozone-oxygen therapies in musculoskeletal diseases/Kas iskelet hastaliklarinda ozon-oksijen tedavileri. Diracoglu, Demirhan Report Jun 1, 2016 4760
Evidence-based use of proloterapy in treating musculoskeletal pain/Kas iskelet agrisi tedavisinde proloterapinin kanita dayali kullanimi. Ozcan, Emel; Sert, Alketa Toska Report Jun 1, 2016 3818
Muscle energy technique (MET). Lintonbon, David May 1, 2016 2363
Eagle's syndrome: our current experience of the disease and literature review. Shakeel, Mohammad; Khan, Iram; Kumar, Gaurav; Sharma, Ritu Report Mar 28, 2016 3118
The prevalence and the determinants of musculoskeletal diseases in Emiratis attending primary health care clinics in Dubai. Saleh, Jamal Al; Sayed, Manal EL; Monsef, Nahed; Darwish, Ebtihal Report Mar 1, 2016 4190
Double-Layered Lateral Meniscus in an 8-Year-Old Child: Report of a Rare Case. Araki, Susumu; Kubo, Mitsuhiko; Kumagai, Kosuke; Imai, Shinji Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 1580
Skeletal Muscle Metastases to the Flexor Digitorum Superficialis and Profundus from Urothelial Cell Carcinoma and Review of the Literature. Guidi, Marco; Fusetti, Cesare; Lucchina, Stefano Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 2186
Musculoskeletal disorders--disease burden and challenges in the developing world. Gcelu, Ayanda; Kalla, Asgar Ali Report Dec 1, 2015 1381
What matters: Standing with our patients. Ebbert, Jon O. Report Dec 1, 2015 480
Effect of routine diagnostic imaging for patients with musculoskeletal disorders: a meta-analysis. Gambugini, Riccardo; Casagrande, Carolina; Lazzari, Valentina; Monesi, Mauro Report Oct 1, 2015 1828
MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS AMONG DENTISTS AND DENTAL STUDENTS. Abbas, Syeda Batool; Qazi, Samir Riaz; Iftikhar, Sundus; Iqbal, Muhammad Usman Report Sep 30, 2015 2852
Examination of the effectiveness of predictors for musculoskeletal injuries in female soldiers. Kodesh, Einat; Shargal, Eyal; Kislev-Cohen, Rotem; Funk, Shany; Dorfman, Lev; Samuelly, Gil; Hoffman Sep 1, 2015 5988
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy provided within a community health centre improves access. Perry, Meredith; Featherston, Sarah; McSherry, Tom; Milne, Georgia; Ruhen, Tara; Wright, Karen Report Jul 1, 2015 5815
Leg length discrepancy and osteoarthritis in the knee, hip and lumbar spine. Murray, Kelvin J.; Azari, Michael F. Report Jul 1, 2015 8212
Upper crossed syndrome. Muscolino, Joe Cover story Jun 1, 2015 2604
The use of ENAR therapy in Australia--a Phase IV post-market surveillance study. Bonello, Rod Report Jun 1, 2015 2681
Effect of adding clonidine versus fentanyl to intrathecal bupivacaine on spinal block characteristics in orthopedic procedures: A double blind controlled study. Tikar, Yogesh; Bansal, Sangeeta Agarwal; Agnihotri, Gauri Shankar Report Apr 1, 2015 4437
Physical fitness and injury reporting among active duty and national guard/ reserve women: associations with risk and lifestyle factors. Kazman, Josh B.; de la Motte, Sarah; Bramhall, Elizabeth M.S.; Purvis, Dianna L.; Deuster, Patricia Report Apr 1, 2015 6426
Effect of tendon and bulk vibration of the soleus muscle on the threshold and positive slope of the H-reflex recruitment curve/Soleus kasinin tendon ve kitle vibrasyonunun H-refleks guclendirme egrisinin esigi ve pozitif egimi uzerine etkisi. Yoosefinejad, Amin Kordi; Torkaman, Giti; Firoozabadi, Seyed Mohammad Report Mar 1, 2015 3256
Role of exercises in fasciculation anxiety syndrome. Docu, Any Axelerad; Docu, Daniel Axelerad Report Jan 1, 2015 1982
An interesting case of diabetic muscle infarction. Srichandhanreddy, N.; Jagadish; Suresh; Venkata, Rathnamma P.N. Clinical report Aug 11, 2014 1143
Primary pyomyositis and disseminated septic pulmonary emboli: a reactivated staphylococcal infection? Savvidou, Savvoula; Kalogiannis, Emmanouil; Tsakiri, Kalliopi; Gavra, Maria; Tsona, Afroditi Clinical report Jul 1, 2014 2671
A case of unilateral tibial hemimelia with unilateral radial club hand and constrictive band. Prashanth, M.; Srinivasan, V.; Kumar, J. Satish; Kamakshi, D. Report Jun 16, 2014 1439
Process evaluation of workplace interventions with physical exercise to reduce musculoskeletal disorders. Andersen, Lars L.; Zebis, Mette K. Report Jan 1, 2014 6920
Evaluation of contrast extravasation as a diagnostic criterion in the evaluation of arthroscopically proven HAGL/pHAGL lesions. Maldjian, Catherine; Khanna, Vineet; Bradley, James; Adam, Richard Report Jan 1, 2014 4564
Development and evaluation of prefabricated antipronation foot orthosis. Majumdar, Rachel; Laxton, Philip; Thuesen, Anna; Richards, Barry; Liu, Anmin; Aran-Ais, Francisca; P Report Oct 1, 2013 6504
Musculoskeletal disorders in an automotive manufacturing plant and the outcomes of ergonomics and exercise training in workers who used sick leave/Bir otomotiv fabrikasinda kas-iskelet sorunlari ve istirahat raporu alanlara verilen ergonomi ve egzersiz egitimi sonuclari. Report Sep 1, 2013 5164
Evaluation of patient satisfaction from the short term outcomes of balneotherapy and physical therapy in muscoloskeletal disorders/Kaplica ve fizik tedavi uygulanan kas iskelet sistemi hastaliklarinda erken donem tedavi memnuniyetinin degerlendirilmesi. Report Sep 1, 2013 5437
Understanding chiropractic natural alternative care. Davis, Jeffrey M. Aug 1, 2013 2023
Prevalence of swimming puppy syndrome in 2,443 puppies during the years 2006-2012 in Thailand. Nganvongpanit, Korakot; Yano, Terdsak Jan 1, 2013 4465
The relationships between musculoskeletal disorders and anthropometric indices in public vehicle drivers. Sadeghi, Nasrin; Habibi, Ehsanollah; Sajjadi, Seyed Ali Report Jun 1, 2012 2925
Assessment of functional disorders of the lower limb after surgery. Gabriel, Tanase Ionut; Narcisa, Tanase Report Jun 1, 2012 1088
Walking on egg shells. Jan 1, 2012 1829
The kinesiologic taping technique and its applications/ Kinezyolojik bantloma teknigi ve uygulama alanlari. Celiker, Reyhan; Guven, Zeynep; Aydog, Tolga; Bagis, Selda; Atalay, Ayce; Yagci, Hanife Caglar; Kork Report Dec 1, 2011 9485
Musculoskeletal infections of the extremities: a tour from superficial to deep. Stalcup, Seth T.; Pathria, Mini N.; Hughes, Tudor H. Report Nov 1, 2011 3325
Transcendence of musculoskeletal injury in athletes with disability during major competition. Derman, Wayne; Ferreira, Suzanne; Subban, Kevin; Villiers, Richard de Report Oct 1, 2011 1362
Speakers discuss treatment of muscle metabolic defect, muscular dystrophies, exercise therapy in muscle disease and gene therapy at ENS conference. Conference news Aug 31, 2011 1626
Medically unexplained physical symptoms: evidence-based interventions: an integrated, collabrative approach can overcome treatment barriers. McCarron, Robert M.; Huang, Heather Report Jul 1, 2011 3093
Comparative survey of work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMDs) prevalence and related factors in Iranian welders. Hossein, Ebrahimi; Reza, Kazemi; Abolfazl, Mohammadbeigi Report Jun 30, 2011 3137
Stem cells in orthopaedics and fracture healing. Alwattar, Basil J.; Schwarzkopf, Ran; Kirsch, Thorsten Jan 1, 2011 3595
The use of musculoskeletal ultrasound by rheumatologists in the United States. Samuels, Jonathan; Abramson, Steven B.; Kaeley, Gurjit S. Report Oct 1, 2010 4139
Musculoskeletal diagnosis. Misser, S.K. Report Sep 1, 2010 604
The use and treatment efficacy of kinaesthetic taping for musculoskeletal conditions: a systematic review. Bassett, Kelly T.; Lingman, Stacey A.; Ellis, Richard F. Report Jul 1, 2010 5282
Acute pain management. Sims, Kevin Report Jun 1, 2010 381
Chiropractic care primarily involves manual manipulation, which restores joint mobility. Jun 1, 2010 1654
Hip arthroscopy in adults. Nord, Russell M.; Meislin, Robert J. Report Apr 1, 2010 4939
Ultrasound-guided injection helps hit the spot. Jancin, Bruce Report Apr 1, 2010 770
Potential for non-contact ACL injury between step-close-jump and hop-jump tasks. Wang, Li-I.; Gu, Chin-Yi; Chen, Wei-Ling; Chang, Mu-San Report Mar 1, 2010 4651
Occupational aspects of upper limb disorders. Brauer, Sandra Report Mar 1, 2010 332
Management of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans in a Veterans Health Administration chiropractic clinic: a case series. Lisi, Anthony J. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 124
Management of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans in a Veterans Health Administration chiropractic clinic: a case series. Lisi, Anthony J. Report Jan 1, 2010 3401
Prevalence of symptoms and signs indicative of temporomandibular disorders in children and adolescents. A cross-sectional epidemiological investigation covering two decades. Kohler, A. Anastassaki; Helkimo, A. Nydell; Magnusson, T.; Hugoson, A. Report Dec 1, 2009 7346
During computing tasks symptomatic female office workers demonstrate a trend towards higher cervical postural muscle load than asymptomatic office workers: an experimental study. Szeto, Grace P.Y.; Straker, Leon M.; O'Sullivan, Peter B. Report Dec 1, 2009 4278
Cincinnati Orthopaedic Disability Index in canines. Valentin, Stephanie Dec 1, 2009 739
Applicazioni cliniche della whole body vibration: revisione della letteratura. Mattarelli, Claudia; Terramanti, Andrea; Mazzotta, Francesca; Tafi, Ilaria; Gatti, Roberto Report Jul 1, 2009 9411
State of the science: diagnostic ultrasound. Toosi, Kevin K.; Laferrier, Justin Jan 1, 2009 1301
Mulligan's mobilisation with movement: a review of the tenets and prescription of MWMs. Hing, Wayne; Bigelow, Renee; Bremner, Toni Report Nov 1, 2008 13910
The future of functional outcome measures in musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice. McLean, Kendra Report Nov 1, 2008 1458
The musculoskeletal system: a vast array of disorders can thwart the functioning of your cat's bones and muscles. Here's what you should know. Ewing, Tom Nov 1, 2008 1207
How to diagnose, treat four common conditions. Brunk, Doug Oct 15, 2008 1017
Communication between medical practitioners and dancers. Lai, Ruanne Y.J.; Krasnow, Donna; Thomas, Martin Clinical report Apr 1, 2008 5244
Objectively assessing balance deficits after TBI: role of computerized posturography. Pickett, Treven C.; Radfar-Baublitz, Laleh S.; McDonald, Scott D.; Walker, William C.; Cifu, David X Report Dec 1, 2007 3988
Patient specific functional scale. Sterling, Michele Report Mar 1, 2007 328
Nodulo-cystic eruption with musculoskeletal pain. Grunwald, Marcelo H.; Amichai, Boaz Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2007 564
Focus on high-yield tests for running injuries. Finn, Robert Feb 1, 2007 617
Give OTC orthotic soles a test run before going custom. Finn, Robert Feb 1, 2007 657
Orthopaedic manifestations of Gaucher disease. Lutsky, Kevin F.; Tejwani, Nirmal C. Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2007 4466
Microfracture puts 44% of high-impact athletes back in game. Tucker, Miriam E. Sep 15, 2006 452
Access to health care services for the disabled elderly. Taylor, Donald H., Jr.; Hoenig, Helen Jun 1, 2006 6135
Total disk replacement may rival spinal fusion. Zoler, Mitchel L. Jan 15, 2006 837
Topical may be oral agent OA alternative. Walsh, Nancy Jan 15, 2006 348
Outcomes of meniscal repair: minimum of 2-year follow-up. Tuckman, David V.; Bravman, Jonathan T.; Lee, Susan S.; Rosen, Jeffrey E.; Sherman, Orrin H. Jan 1, 2006 3904
Treatment of dens fracture in adults: a report of thirty-two cases. Moon, Myung-Sang; Moon, Jeong-Lim; Sun, Doo-Hoon; Moon, Young-Wan Jan 1, 2006 2702
The effect of interference screw diameter on soft tissue graft fixation. Namkoong, Suk; Heywood, Christian S.; Bravman, Jonathan T.; Ieyasa, Kazuho; Kummer, Frederick J.; Me Jan 1, 2006 2143
Loose bodies in a sublabral recess: diagnosis and treatment. Kaplan, Kevin; Sahajpal, Deenesh T.; Jazrawi, Laith Jan 1, 2006 2140
Balloon kyphoplasty may aid vertebral fractures. Jancin, Bruce Nov 1, 2005 549
Rehabilitating a pulled hamstring. Nagler, Willibald Nov 1, 2005 779
Musculoskeletal ultrasound showing promise: ultrasound for rheumatology gained acceptance first in Europe, and is meeting some resistance in U.S. Walsh, Nancy Nov 1, 2005 1141
New cutoff value identifies more vitamin D deficiency. Tucker, Miriam E. Sep 1, 2005 384
Suboptimal vitamin D levels seen in women treated for osteoporosis. Tucker, Miriam E. Sep 1, 2005 347
Be conservative with neck pain, experts urge: no history of trauma, suspicion of neoplasm or infection? Wait a while before taking images. Kilgore, Christine Jun 1, 2005 602
Musculoskeletal symptoms improve after gastric bypass. Wendling, Patrice Mar 1, 2005 488
Is it boosting your readiness? Reece, Beth Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 271
Fibromyalgia diagnosis is not as strict in children. Bates, Betsy Dec 1, 2004 491
Less severe frontal sinus fractures typical today: injuries now are not as high velocity as they were because of improved automobile restraint systems. Sullivan, Michele G. Dec 1, 2004 407
Musculoskeletal pain syndromes in teens cause sleep problems. Mulcahy, Nicholas Nov 1, 2004 496
Using yoga to ease OA pain. Bates, Betsy Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 264
Physical Therapy Reviews: "Occupational Musculoskeletal Disorders in Dancers.". Bronner, S.; Ojofeitimi, S.; Spriggs, J. Reprint Apr 1, 2004 141
Vestibular contribution to combined arm and trunk motion. Knox, Joanna Jul 1, 2003 774
Acupuncture can curb musculoskeletal pain. (Training, Liability, Issues). MacReady, Norra Mar 1, 2003 587
Managing musculoskeletal complaints with rehabilitation therapy: Summary of the Philadelphia Panel evidence-based clinical practice guidelines on musculoskeletal rehabilitation interventions. (Special Article). Harris, Geoffrey R.; Susman, Jeffrey L. Dec 1, 2002 3107
Clinical homeopathy for musculoskeletal disorders. Kratz, Allen M. Sep 1, 2002 1492
FPs Lack Confidence on Musculoskeletal Issues. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 523

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