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Multimodal intervention improves core symptoms in preschool children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Qin, Yan Report Nov 1, 2021 5738
Treatment of Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders with Bipolar Disorder. Altinbas, Kursat Oct 1, 2021 5844
"I understand what joy is now": Trials of MDMA-assisted therapy have shown astounding results. One participant tells his story. Jee, Charlotte Interview Sep 1, 2021 1604
ADHD in preschool kids: Adrenergic agonists may be better. Garcia, Jennifer Jun 1, 2021 493
New digital ADHD intervention tools are emerging. Lubell, Jennifer Jun 1, 2021 1816
Raising Boys with ADHD: Secrets for Parenting Successful, Happy Sons, 2nd Edition. May 1, 2021 161
Nonstimulant OK'd for ADHD in patients aged 6 and up. Brooks, Megan May 1, 2021 292
Sexual dysfunction in patients with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A pilot study. Abdel-Hamid, Mona; Basilowski, Miriam; Schonfeld, Barbara; Bartels, Claudia; Anderson-Schmidt, Heike Apr 1, 2021 5488
American BriVision conducts site monitoring visit for Phase II Part I trial. Apr 6, 2020 228
Social anxiety common with inattentive ADHD, psychiatric comorbidities. Feb 1, 2020 345
Pediatricians take on more mental health care. Rette, David C. Feb 1, 2020 1067
Seeing snakes that aren't there. Shoemaker, Erica; Nader, Farid Dec 1, 2019 2975
Evidence for Use of Cannabinoids to Treat Mental Disorders Lacking; Evidence inadequate for cannabinoid use to relieve depression, anxiety, ADHD, Tourette, PTSD, psychosis. Oct 29, 2019 266
Raising a Child With ADHD Can Test a Parent. Report Oct 8, 2019 442
Advanced Nutrient Therapy For ADHD, Mood, and Behavioral Disorders. Loken, Jason Oct 1, 2019 2305
Pediatric Group Issues Updated ADHD Guidelines. Gordon, Serena Report Sep 30, 2019 620
More U.S. Kids Being Diagnosed With Autism, ADHD. Norton, Amy Sep 26, 2019 595
Methylphenidate Tx Tied to Brain Changes in Boys With ADHD; White matter changes seen after four months of MPH versus placebo in boys, but not men, with ADHD. Aug 13, 2019 256
Stimulant treatment prevents serious outcomes in ADHD patients. Jul 23, 2019 435
Behavioral and Cognitive Impacts of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Review. Poissant, Helene; Mendrek, Adrianna; Talbot, Nadine; Khoury, Bassam; Nolan, Jennifer Apr 30, 2019 11118
NeuroSigma wins US FDA clearance for Monarch eTNS System to treat paediatric ADHD. Apr 24, 2019 274
Many determinants affect clinical course of ADHD. Brunk, Doug Mar 1, 2019 1312
Beware the Ides of August. Wilkoff, William G. Feb 1, 2019 535
Medicaid patients with sleep disorders, comorbid ADHD treated off label, data show. Borden, Therese Feb 1, 2019 825
Methylphenidate formulation helps students with ADHD. Kling, Jim Report Dec 1, 2018 695
Out of the office and into the field: Exploring neuropsychological correlates between search behavior and a traditional desktop task in children and adolescents with ADHD. Rosetti, Marcos Francisco; Ulloa, Rosa Elena; Palacios-Cruz, Lino; Hudson, Robyn; de la Pena, Franci Nov 1, 2018 4413
Effects of Mindful Parenting Training on Clinical Symptoms in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Parenting Stress: Randomized Controlled Trial. Behbahani, Mahdiyeh; Zargar, Fatemeh; Assarian, Fatemeh; Akbari, Hosein Report Nov 1, 2018 5148
Diagnoses, Treatment of Mental Health Conditions Up in College; Highest odds ratios seen for anxiety, panic attacks, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Oct 31, 2018 239
Similar changes in patients with ADHD and emotional instability. Sep 3, 2018 453
Methylphenidate deemed best first-line option for ADHD. Nogrady, Bianca Sep 1, 2018 560
Methylphenidate deemed best option for young ADHD patients. Nogrady, Bianca Sep 1, 2018 589
Easily Distracted? Struggle to Start and Finish Projects? It Could Be ADHD: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder isn't just an issue for kids. Many older adults struggle with it their whole lives, often without knowing what's wrong. Aug 1, 2018 1183
It's time to be proactive on stimulant use: Better surveillance and prevention could head off an epidemic. Knopf, Alison Jun 22, 2018 1887
Myasthenia Gravis Attack after Oral Risperidone Treatment: A Case Report. Ogutlu, Hakan; Karayagmurlu, Ali; Esin, Ibrahim Selcuk; Dursun, Onur Burak Report Jun 1, 2018 1450
Nutrient-Based Psychiatry: A Nutritional Prescription for ADHD, Volume 1. Blake, Richard R. Brief article May 1, 2018 212
Neuropsychological Profile Related with Executive Function of Chinese Preschoolers with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Neuropsychological Measures and Behavior Rating Scale of Executive Function-Preschool Version. Zhang, Hui-Feng; Shuai, Lan; Zhang, Jin-Song; Wang, Yu-Feng; Lu, Teng-Fei; Tan, Xin; Pan, Jing-Xue; Report Apr 3, 2018 6407
Global Perspectives on ADHD: Social Dimensions of Diagnosis and Treatment in 16 Countries. Brief article Mar 1, 2018 221
Video games can improve mobility in stroke patients: Study. Feb 17, 2018 384
Rapid weight loss, irritability, and nausea after restarting ADHD treatment. Belsky, Corinne Feb 1, 2018 2253
Keeping Punishment in Check Helps Kids. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 233
Nonpharmacologic strategies for helping children with ADHD. Mason, Elizabeth Jo; Joshi, Kaustubh G. Jan 1, 2018 696
HUNTERS AND FARMERS: Why ADHDers Can Thrive at Summer Camp. Wallace, Stephen Gray Jan 1, 2018 2553
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Nicotine Dependence in Adults. Bilgi, Bulent; Aksoy, Umut Mert; Onur, Ozge Sahmelikoglu; Maner, Ayse Fulya Report Dec 1, 2017 5603
Methylphenidate shows enduring sleep benefits in ADHD. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2017 438
Diagnosis and Management of autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Depression, Paediatric Anxiety Disorders, role of music therapy discussed by various speakers. Disease/Disorder overview Nov 30, 2017 1453
High Tech Ingenuity produces a breakthrough program to help with the symptoms of Autism, ADHD, Dementia, and Amnesia. Block, Mary Ann Oct 1, 2017 2916
Healing with homeopathy. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth Oct 1, 2017 2008
Oksitosin ve Dikkat Eksikligi Hiperaktivite Bozuklugu Iliskisi/Relationship Between Oxytocin and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Kalyoncu, Tugba; Ozbaran, Burcu; Kose, Sezen; Onay, Huseyin Report Sep 1, 2017 4368
Parenting Dependent Young Adults With ADHD. Rhodes, Sharyn S. Sep 1, 2017 2699
Effect of an Ecological Executive Skill Training Program for School-aged Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Qian, Ying; Chen, Min; Shuai, Lan; Cao, Qing-Jiu; Yang, Li; Wang, Yu-Feng Report Jul 5, 2017 5380
Once-daily treatment approved for teens, adults with ADHD. Laubach, Lori Jul 1, 2017 283
An Integrative Approach to ADHD. Goodman, Ira L. Jul 1, 2017 765
Affective Temperaments in Parents of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Yazici, Esra; Yurumez, Esra; Yazici, Ahmet Bulent; Gumus, Yusuf Yasin; Erol, Atila Report Jun 1, 2017 5104
A Cross-sectional Cohort Study of Prevalence, Co-Morbidities, and Correlates of Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder among Adult Patients Admitted to the Li Ka Shing Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Hong Kong. Chan, L.F. Report Jun 1, 2017 6511
Adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Why should we pay attention? Schoeman, Renata; Albertyn, Ruth; de Klerk, Manie Report Mar 1, 2017 4036
Adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: A database analysis of South African private health insurance. Schoeman, Renata; de Klerk, Manie Report Mar 1, 2017 4667
The investigation of symptoms and diagnoses of adult-attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in women with iron deficiency anemia. Demirci, Kadir; Yildirim Bas, Funda; Arslan, Bahriye; Salman, Zeliha; Akpinar, Abdullah; Demirdas, A Report Mar 1, 2017 5552
Adult ADHD: addressing a unique set of challenges. Fields, Scott A.; Johnson, William Michael; Hassig, Madison B. Report Feb 1, 2017 4131
Intervention strategies used in the treatment of children with oppositional defiant disorder, a review of literature/Estrategias de intervencion dirigidas a ninos con trastorno negativista desafiante, una revision de la literatura/ Estrategias de intervencao dirigidas a criancas com transtorno desafiador opositivo, uma revisao da literatura. Robayo, Angelica Monsalve; Caro, Luisa Fernanda Mora; Lopez, Laura Camila Ramirez; Hernandez, Valery Jan 1, 2017 8943
Neuropsychological Characteristics of Children with Mixed Autism and ADHD. Colombi, Costanza; Ghaziuddin, Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2017 3706
Group cognitive behavioral therapy for children and adolescents with ADHD. Coelho, Luzia Flavia; Barbosa, Deise Lima Fernandes; Rizzutti, Sueli; Bueno, Orlando Francisco Amode Jan 1, 2017 9381
Could Hallucinogens Induce Permanent Pupillary Changes in (Ab)users? A Case Report from New Zealand. Imam, Ahmed Al- Case study Jan 1, 2017 3332
A Randomized Trial of Comparing the Efficacy of Two Neurofeedback Protocols for Treatment of Clinical and Cognitive Symptoms of ADHD: Theta Suppression/Beta Enhancement and Theta Suppression/Alpha Enhancement. Mohagheghi, Arash; Amiri, Shahrokh; Bonab, Nafiseh Moghaddasi; Chalabianloo, Gholamreza; Noorazar, S Report Jan 1, 2017 4709
Adult ADHD: Questioning Diagnosis and Treatment in a Patient with Multiple Psychiatric Comorbidities. Chu, Robert Karoly; Rosic, Tea; Samaan, Zainab Jan 1, 2017 5973
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy.... Heartburn drugs and dementia.... Does exercise help ADHD? Column Dec 1, 2016 630
Talk/drug combo works best for ADHD in adults. Jancin, Bruce Nov 15, 2016 491
Brief educational "curbside consultation": impact on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder referrals in an integrated healthcare setting. Olufs, Erin L.; Valleley, Rachel J.; Hembree, Kristen C.; Evans, Joseph H. Report Sep 1, 2016 4866
Bringing attention to attention overcoming the challenges of treating ADHD in correctional settings. Murphy, Mark; Gonzalez, Edgar R. Sep 1, 2016 2336
Cognitive Function of Children and Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Difficulties: A Developmental Perspective. Huang, Fang; Sun, Li; Qian, Ying; Liu, Lu; Ma, Quan-Gang; Yang, Li; Cheng, Jia; Cao, Qing-Jiu; Su, Y Aug 20, 2016 5318
Using activity schedules to increase on-task behavior in children at risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Cirelli, Christe A.; Sidener, Tina M.; Reeve, Kenneth F.; Reeve, Sharon A. Report Aug 1, 2016 5908
ADHD--It's not just for kids: the disorder affects millions of adults, and may cause trouble concentrating, impulsivity, mind-wandering and other symptoms. Jul 1, 2016 729
S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM-e) in combination with B-vitamins and amino acids. Olivier, Rachel Report Jun 1, 2016 2486
Consider behavior therapy first for young children with ADHD. Chitnis, Deepak Jun 1, 2016 559
Neos Therapeutics announces US availability of Adzenys XR-ODT to treat ADHD. May 18, 2016 171
Neos Therapeutics announces US availability of Adzenys XR-ODT to treat ADHD. May 18, 2016 167
Costly adult ADHD shunned by medical aids. Bateman, Chris Report May 1, 2016 403
Asperger syndrome and ADHD. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth; Ullman, Robert Apr 1, 2016 2437
Extended-release, orally disintegrating mixed amphetamine salts for ADHD: patients taking the capsule form of extended-released mixed amphetamine salts can be switched to this new orally disintegrating formulation, which is bioequivalent. Henderson, Gina L. Report Mar 1, 2016 472
Executive functioning in subtypes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Bahcivan Saydam, Reyhan; Ayvasik, H. Belgin; Alyanak, Behiye Report Dec 1, 2015 6591
Children taking ADHD stimulants have poorer sleep. Haelle, Tara Report Dec 1, 2015 499
ADHD-stimulant vasculopathy often unrecognized by primary care docs. Otto, M. Alexander Report Dec 1, 2015 396
Natural Relief for Adult ADHD. Cowper, Mary Book review Nov 1, 2015 322
Development and applications of the SWAN rating scale for assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a literature review. Brites, C.; Salgado-Azoni, C.A.; Ferreira, T.L.; Lima, R.F.; Ciasca, S.M. Report Nov 1, 2015 5427
Parenting stress in families of children with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Miranda, Ana; Tarraga, Raul; Fernandez, M. Inmaculada; Colomer, Carla; Pastor, Gemma Report Oct 1, 2015 9014
Visual Alzheimer's disease ....... adult adhd ....... physical inactivity and anxiety. Column Sep 1, 2015 648
Focus on attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder: AD/HD that is not treated with therapeutic or medical interventions can have a large impact on the person experiencing the symptoms and the people they interact with. Woodworth, Jennifer Sep 1, 2015 1428
Homeopathic studies spark aggrieved letter. Schwarcz, Joe May 1, 2015 699
New role for drug in battle against deadly eating disorder. Collier, Geraldine A. Apr 6, 2015 838
Former drug user reveals how initative helped change her life. Mar 9, 2015 136
Labour NHS waiting times soar for ill kids; Number of youngsters not getting mental health help quickly goes up tenfold. Mar 1, 2015 652
Understanding ADHD. Goodman, David W. Report Mar 1, 2015 1576
Tycoon's boost for centre will benefit children. Feb 10, 2015 216
NHS MUST SPEED UP DIAGNOSIS, SAYS DOC; Families wait too long before they receive treatment. Disease/Disorder overview Oct 13, 2014 575
Unplug: it's good for the soul, and for business. Alexander, Jason Column Sep 19, 2014 708
Micronutrients for adults with ADHD. Sep 1, 2014 689
Knowledge and misperceptions towards diagnosis and management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among primary school and kindergarten female teachers in Al-Rusaifah district, Makkah city, Saudi Arabia. Munshi, Areej M. Ali Report Apr 1, 2014 6079
Paracetamol Use in Pregnancy May Lead to ADHD in Children. Feb 25, 2014 361
An update on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Vogel, W. Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2014 2123
To medicate or not. Girone, Joseph A. Jan 1, 2014 758
Atomoxetine linked to heifer driving for ADHD patients. Zoler, Mitchel L. Nov 1, 2013 387
Healing with homeopathy: the homeopathic treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other behavioral and learning problems. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth; Ullman, Robert Nov 1, 2013 3544
Neuroscience and education--an outsider's view: Part 2. Miller, Kim Oct 1, 2013 2517
Chinese medicine and ADD/ADHD: an integrative approach. Samuels, Noah Oct 1, 2013 1571
The effectiveness of an interpersonal cognitive problem-solving strategy on behavior and emotional problems in children with attention deficit hyperactivity/Kisilerarasi sorun cozme egitiminin dikkat eksikligi ve hiperaktivite bozuklugu olan cocuklar in davranissal ve emosyonel sorunlari uzerindeki etkisi. Ozcan, Celale Tangul; Oflaz, Fahriye; Turkbay, Tumer; Freeman Clevenger, Sharon M. Report Sep 1, 2013 6289
Racial/ethnic disparities in ADHD diagnosis. Morgan, Paul L.; Morano, Stephanie Sep 1, 2013 730
Alcobra Ltd enrols first PI-ADHD patient in comparative clinical study of MG01CI. Clinical report Aug 26, 2013 175
Alcobra Ltd enrols first PI-ADHD patient in comparative clinical study of MG01CI. Clinical report Aug 26, 2013 171
Twelve-year retrospective analysis of outpatients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in Shanghai. Jiang, Lingxiao; Li, Yan; Zhang, Xiyan; Jiang, Wenqing; Yang, Caohua; Hao, Nan; Hao, Lili; Li, Mengy Report Aug 1, 2013 5009
Students diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: collaborative strategies for school counselors. Shillingford-Butler, M. Ann; Theodore, Lea Essay Apr 1, 2013 6605
Short bouts of exercise could improve self control. Mar 7, 2013 413
Debunking common myths about ADD and ADHD. Mansbacher, Jordana Jan 1, 2013 860
Healing with homeopathy: Ritalin-Free Kids: homeopathy for ADHD. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth; Ullman, Robert Excerpt Dec 1, 2012 3803
Routine ECGs unnecessary with ADHD meds, expert says. Sullivan, Michele G. Dec 1, 2012 605
ADHD six years later. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 117
Exercise may help boost academic performance for kids with ADHD. Oct 17, 2012 444
Family dynamics in families with children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Chu, Kangkang; Li, Shasha; Chen, Yixin; Wang, Mingchun Report Oct 1, 2012 3835
Attention Challenges Simulation Helps Parents and Professionals Provide More Effective Treatment for Children with ADHD. Sep 25, 2012 424
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2012 7292
The costs of ADHD. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 109
Where do we go from here? Ezeani-Antwi, Rose; Vlasak, Erin Sep 1, 2012 1656
Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD. Book review Jul 1, 2012 113
Psychiatric comorbidity in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/Dikkat eksikligi hiperaktivite bozuklugu olan cocuk ve ergenlerde eslik eden psikiyatrik bozukluklar. Herguner, Sabri; Herguner, Arzu Report Jun 1, 2012 3728
WWC Review of the Report "Enhancing the Effectiveness of Special Education Programming for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Using a Daily Report Card". Report Jun 1, 2012 374
New guidelines for ADHD. Moore, Gina Feb 27, 2012 733
Most new ADHD patients don't need cardiac testing. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 15, 2012 695
Mood instability in ADHD. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2012 658
Appreciating life: being the father of a child with severe cerebral palsy. Appelbaum, Michelle Gellman; Smolowitz, Janice L. Report Feb 1, 2012 5304
Neuroimaging can target inattention in patients with ADHD: from the annual meeting of the radiological society of north America. Birk, Susan Jan 1, 2012 220
Developments in Neurofeedback: Should Health Educators Be Paying Attention? Cleary, Michael J. Author abstract Dec 1, 2011 289
AAP expands ages for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children. Nov 1, 2011 301
ADHD guideline expanded to teenagers, young children. Worcester, Sharon Disease/Disorder overview Nov 1, 2011 965
Recs for preschoolers add value. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 278
ADHD guideline expands to teens, preschoolers: update includes six strongly recommended actions for primary care clinicians. Worcester, Sharon Disease/Disorder overview Nov 1, 2011 1008
Get the facts about ADHD. Huckman, Ari Disease/Disorder overview Nov 1, 2011 1552
ADHD or CAE: what's the difference? Desai, Jay Nov 1, 2011 565
Post-earthquake psychological functioning in adults with attention-deficit /hyperactivity disorder: positive effects of micronutrients on resilience. Rucklidge, Julia J.; Blampied, Neville M. Report Oct 1, 2011 5005
Benign joint hypermobility syndrome in patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders: dikkat eksikligi/hiperaktivite bozuklugu olan hastalarda Benign eklem hipermobilite sendromu. Dogan, Sebnem Koldas; Taner, Yasemen; Evcik, Deniz Report Sep 1, 2011 3641
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2011 7297
Do stimulants for ADHD increase the risk of substance use disorders? For some patients, stimulants might protect against future SUDs. Jain, Shailesh; Jain, Rakesh; Islam, Jamal Report Aug 1, 2011 3256
Treatment issues and concerns. Davis, Deborah Winders; Williams, Gail Jul 1, 2011 2735
Experts discuss psychiatric effects of concussions: head injuries may worsen ADHD and lead to depression, Insomnia, other symptoms. Boschert, Sherry Jul 1, 2011 1423
Stimulants may help youth with ADHD, Anxiety. Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2011 166
Experts discuss psychiatric effects of concussions: head injuries may worsen ADHD and lead to depression, insomnia, and other symptoms. Boschert, Sherry Jul 1, 2011 1444
Q / What is the long-term educational outlook for youngsters with ADHD? Payne, Jaime; Kelsberg, Gary; Safranek, Sarah Jun 1, 2011 732
The legacy continues: doping our children. Kessinger, A. Jay Column Jun 1, 2011 666
Association between symptom profiles and iron and ferritine serum levels in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/Dikkat eksikligi ve hiperaktivite bozuklugu olan cocuklarda semptomlar ile serum demir ve ferritin seviyeleri arasindaki iliski. Karakurt, Melih Nuri; Karabekiroglu, M. Koray; Akbas, Seher; Bilgici, Birsen; Kilic, Mehtap; Senses, Report Jun 1, 2011 2707
Complementary and alternative treatments of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/Dikkat eksikligi hiperaktivite bozuklugunda tamamlayici ve alternatif tedaviler. Kilincaslan, Ayse; Tutkunkardas, Mustafa Deniz; Mukaddes, Nahit Motavalli Report Jun 1, 2011 8615
ADHD drug studied for first time in 5-year-olds. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Jun 1, 2011 878
Attention and preschoolers Part I: is it ADHD? Davis, Deborah Winders; Williams, Gail Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2011 1955
Do you want to ... hey, look over there! Strategies for working with children who have attention deficits. Thurber, Christopher May 1, 2011 2396
Drug-free solutions to learning disabilities. Budinger, Mary Report Apr 1, 2011 2685
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/Dikkat eksikligi hiperaktivite bozuklugu. Dogangun, Burak; Yavuz, Mesut Report Mar 1, 2011 2181
Addressing ADHD can help you regain your focus: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder affects adults as well as children, sometimes with debilitating effects. Feb 1, 2011 1111
Healing with homeopathy: treating psychic and spiritual children with homeopathic medicine. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth; Ullman, Robert Clinical report Feb 1, 2011 2379
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2010 7362
Nutritional considerations in the management of Attention deficit hyperactivity. Duca, Robert A., Jr. Report Dec 1, 2010 6560
Eye disorders often misdiagnosed as ADHD. Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2010 459
CBT benefits adults with ADHD who take medication. Splete, Heidi Sep 15, 2010 619
Mindful Practice case is ADHD. Sciales, John C. Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2010 265
Parenting practices in mothers of children with ADHD: role of stress and behavioral problems in children. Anjum, Naveed; Malik, Farah Report Jun 30, 2010 7842
Assessing self-control training in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Bloh, Christopher Report Jun 22, 2010 2925
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in offenders. Westmoreland, Patricia Jun 1, 2010 3119
ADHD interferes with your ability to regulate activity. Disease/Disorder overview Jun 1, 2010 845
A prospective observational study of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in Asia: baseline characteristics of symptom severity and treatment options in a paediatric population. Martenyi, F.; Zheng, Y.; Huang, Y.S.; Lee, Y.S.; Walton, R.; Harrison, G.; Treuer, T. Clinical report Jun 1, 2010 6789
Increasing on-task behaviors of high school students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: is it enough? Graham-Day, Kristall J.; Gardner, Ralph, III; Hsin, Yi-Wei Report May 1, 2010 5789
Warn older ADHD teens about addiction risks. Hurley, Dan Apr 1, 2010 988
Talk therapy key for ADHD plus substance use. Bates, Betsy Mar 15, 2010 752
The legacy continues. Kessinger, A. Jay, IV Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 738
Conduct disorder a red flag in ADHD patients. Bates, Betsy Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 696
Using choice to increase time on-task, task-completion, and accuracy for students with emotional/behavior disorders in a residential facility. Ramsey, Michelle L.; Jolivette, Kristine Feb 1, 2010 6746
Evidence-based school behavior assessment of externalizing behavior in young children. Bagner, Daniel M.; Boggs, Stephen R.; Eyberg Sheila M. Report Feb 1, 2010 6045
Brain health breakthrough for Neptune. Jan 1, 2010 376
Stevenson Jim: 'Food additives and children's behaviour: evidence-based policy at the margins of certainty'. Davies, Miranda Dec 22, 2009 177
The homeopathic treatment of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). Ullman, Dana Excerpt Dec 1, 2009 2792
Chronic administration of methylphenidate induces lipid peroxidation in the striatum of young rats/Uzun sureli metilfenidat verilmesi genc sicanlarin striatumunda lipid peroksidasyonunu indukler. Turkbay, Tumer; Topal, Turgut; Congologlu, Ayhan; Uysal, Bulent; Cayci, Tuncer; Korkmaz, Ahmet Report Dec 1, 2009 4955
The effects of varying quality and duration of reinforcement on mands to work, mands for break, and problem behavior. Peterson, Stephanie M.; Frieder, Jessica E.; Smith, Shilo L.; Quigley, Shawn P.; Van Norman, Renee K Report Nov 1, 2009 9133
Chronic stress and memory loss.......meditation for ADHD.......multiple system atrophy. Oct 1, 2009 601
Diagnosis and management of ADHD: a new way forward? Brimble, Mandy J. Report Oct 1, 2009 4384
ADHD symptom reduction in elementary students: a single-case effectiveness design. Schottelkorb, April A.; Ray, Dee C. Report Oct 1, 2009 7632
NIMH brain researchers: some children outgrow ADHD. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Clinical report Oct 1, 2009 895
Stimulants fend off comorbidities in boys with ADHD: treated patients less likely to repeat grade. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Oct 1, 2009 879
An ADHD checklist for teachers: in 2003, approximately 4.4 million children aged 4-17 years were reported to have a history of ADHD diagnosis; of these, 2.5 million (56%) were reported to be taking medication for the disorder. Herr, Stephen R. Sep 1, 2009 1909
Treatment of neurosensory disorders: improves Psychological well-being in children. Bohlander, Robert Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2009 1769
Asperger syndrome and the difficulties of diagnosing and treating related conditions. Harchik, Alan Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2009 2194
Targacept Inc. Brief article Jul 13, 2009 257
Teachers' preferences for interventions for ethnically diverse learners with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Wood, Jamie C.; Heiskell, Kelly D.; Delay, Dawn M.; Jongeling, Jody Ann S.; Perry, Darrick Clinical report Jun 22, 2009 6010
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and bipolar mood disorder in children and adolescents. Scribante, L. Jun 1, 2009 3076
Bipolar disorder and ADHD solving clinical challenges, improving patient care: Current Psychiatry and the American academy of clinical psychiatrists welcomed 314 psychiatric practitioners to Chicago for this 3-day conference. Attendees were able to earn up to 19.5 CME credits. Conference news May 1, 2009 560
Holistic treatment approaches to ADHD: nutrition, sleep,and exercise: in this 10-part series, EP explores attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Lavoie, Theresa Apr 1, 2009 944
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. Jacob, Rajesh; Chowdhury, A.N.; Ganesan, Jeyachandran Clinical report Apr 1, 2009 1374
Observational study: Matricaria chamomilla may improve symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Niederhofer, H. Report Apr 1, 2009 2063
ADHD and chamomile. Finney-Brown, Tessa Report Mar 22, 2009 435
Handling a dog by children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: calming or exciting? Somervill, John W.; Swanson, Ashley M.; Robertson, Renee L.; Arnett, Marissa A.; MacLin, Otto H. Report Mar 1, 2009 3736
Longitudinal functional analysis of problem behavior during an atypical neuroleptic medication cross-over evaluation for an adolescent with developmental disabilities. Moore, Timothy R.; Tervo, Raymond C.; McComas, Jennifer J.; Rivard, Patrick F.; Symons, Frank J. Feb 1, 2009 4542
Atomoxetine found safe for ADHD long term. Birk, Susan Jan 15, 2009 536
An exploratory clinical study of adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder from India. Sitholey, Prabhat; Agarwal, Vivek; Sharma, Swapnil Report Jan 1, 2009 4112
Advising families on AD/HD: a multimodal approach. Becker, Lise; Goobic, Kara; Thomas, Susy Jan 1, 2009 5157
Bipolar disorder and ADHD: solving clinical challenges, improving patient care. Conference notes Jan 1, 2009 1241
African American caretakers' views of ADHD and use of outpatient mental health care services for children. Mychailyszyn, Matthew P.; dosReis, Susan; Myers, Maryanne Report Dec 1, 2008 6564
New ADHD advice. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 158
Navigating your child's school system with or without an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 accommodations: in this 10-part series, EP explores Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Lavoie, Theresa Nov 1, 2008 965
St. John's Wort & ADHD. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 172
ADHD: not just a childhood disorder: a discussion of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment: in this 10-part series, EP explores Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Dodson, William Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2008 1683
Hints & tips: Jim Venables has some advice on combating the symptoms of office stress. Venables, Jim Oct 1, 2008 486
Prevalence of ADHD is up among teenagers. Kubetin, Audrey Clinical report Sep 15, 2008 585
The effectiveness of coaching for children and teens with AD/HD. Sleeper-Triplett, Jodi Sep 1, 2008 2778
ADHD in adults: matching therapies with patients' needs. Case study Sep 1, 2008 3459
Part 4: ADHD: misconceptions and the four rules of treatment. Kutscher, Martin L. Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 1533
Survey addresses pediatricians' role in identifying, treating mental illness. Brunk, Doug Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2008 705
ADHD and executive functions: lessons learned from research. Mahone, E. Mark; Silverman, Wayne Clinical report Aug 1, 2008 2967
How to help children with learning differences reach their full potential. Lavoie, Theresa Jul 1, 2008 961
Patch streamlines ADHD management. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 228
St. John's wort no help for ADHD. Jul 1, 2008 283
Cardiac screening for ADHD patients clarified. Mcnamara, Damian Report Jul 1, 2008 643
Policy on ADHD drugs and cardiac screening is clarified. McNamara, Damian Jun 15, 2008 518
Double jeopardy: how to treat kids with comorbid anxiety and ADHD; Medication and CBT usually are necessary for these highly impaired children. Manassis, Katharina Jun 1, 2008 2994
Strattera. McNamara, Damian Jun 1, 2008 704
Preliminary evidence differentiating ADHD using brain SPECT imaging in older patients patients. Amen, Daniel G.; Hanks, Chris; Prunella, Jill Report Jun 1, 2008 5259
ADHD and sudden deaths. Brief article May 1, 2008 167
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