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Older Diabetics May Be Getting Too Much Insulin. Gordon, Serena Sep 25, 2019 742
Many Older Patients With AML Not Receiving Active Treatment; No active treatment more likely with older age, lower household income, unmarried status, comorbidities. Sep 18, 2019 260
Hospitalised older cancer patients at risk of malnutrition: Study. Sep 9, 2019 358
Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus Disease in an Elderly Patient with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Treated with R-CHOP Therapy: A Case Report. Arslan, Baris; Gunduz, Hasan Murat; Unlu, Nurdan; Cavus, Gokhan; Menemenlioglu, Dilek Report Sep 1, 2019 2102
Peru : Promote healthy eating and differentiated services in geriatric patients at Santa Rosa Hospital. Aug 27, 2019 294
Exercise improves anxiety, mood in elderly cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Jul 4, 2019 473
Insulin Glargine and Acarbose in the treatment of elderly patients with diabetes. Jun 30, 2019 2833
NO REMORSE; cruel building society fraudster stole more than PS100,000 from accounts of cancer patients, the elderly and the bereaved. Jun 15, 2019 537
CHARACTERISTICS OF TREATMENT AND OUTCOME IN ELDERLY PATIENTS WITH BRAIN GLIOBLASTOMA: A RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS OF CASE SERIES. Dobran, Mauro; Nasi, Davide; Costanza, Martina Delia; Gladi, Maurizio; Iacoangeli, Maurizio; Rotim, Jun 1, 2019 4149
Identifying Acute Delirium on Acute Care Units. Jones, LaVerne; Taylor, Tracey Report May 1, 2019 2822
Multidisciplinary respiratory rehabilitation in combination with non-invasive positive pressure ventilation in the treatment of elderly patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Apr 30, 2019 3303
Children, elderly patients among those denied Israeli permit to get treatment outside Gaza. Apr 29, 2019 501
Triple threat: Elder-care industry faces pressure on many fronts. Chuprinski, Mariah Apr 10, 2019 993
Supporting aged-care nurses to learn palliative care skills. Mcintosh, Ros Report Apr 1, 2019 1506
Older patients need prompt treatment. Apr 1, 2019 369
Aged care: Survey results launched. Report Mar 1, 2019 429
Prevent Flu Viruses from Taking Hold and Reduce Recovery Time. Riser, Stephanie Feb 1, 2019 1995
Loving Animals Helping People: Therapy dogs, cats, and even horses foster health and healing. Jan 1, 2019 695
Goal-directed fluid therapy based on noninvasive cardiac output monitor reduces postoperative complications in elderly patients after gastrointestinal surgery: A randomized controlled trial. Dec 31, 2018 2699
Dialysis decision in elderly needs to factor in comorbidities. Dotinga, Randy Dec 1, 2018 468
Preventing Falls: Is No Toileting Alone the Answer? Cangany, Martha; Peters, Lisa; Gregg, Karen; Welsh, Tracy; Jimison, Barbara Report Nov 1, 2018 2265
Elderly patients with psoriasis can benefit from biologies with low rates of adverse events. Sullivan, Michele G. Oct 1, 2018 922
Elderly patient airlifted to Muscat. Sep 18, 2018 103
Surgery may not be best option for elderly breast cancer patients. Sep 18, 2018 1373
The care of older people with dementia in rural Australian hospitals--a case study. Shannon, Kay; Grealish, Laurie; Cruickshank, Mary Report Sep 1, 2018 5256
Hospital installs fake bus stop so elderly dementia patients can 'reconnect with old memories'; The bus stop was installed in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital's specialist dementia ward to offer patients some familiarity. Aug 25, 2018 479
ACUTE APPENDICITIS IN ELDERLY PATIENTS- CHALLENGES IN DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT. Salam, Sunilkumar Singh; Chinglensana, Laitonjam; Vanlalremsiama; Priyabarta, Yumnam; Sharma, Manoha Report Aug 6, 2018 4232
Elderly psoriasis patients have low event rate with biologics. Sullivan, Michele G. Aug 1, 2018 622
ASSESSMENT OF COLORECTAL CARCINOMA WITH EMPHASIS ON OUTCOME OF YOUNG AGED PATIENTS--A STUDY OF 62 CASES. Roy, Partha Pratim Sinha; Samaddar, Dwaipayan; Das, Gautam Report Jul 23, 2018 2901
Indefinite Azacitidine Treatment Until Progression May Provide Long-Term Disease Control in Elderly Patients with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia/Progresyona Kadar Devamli Azasitidin Tedavisi, Yasli Akut Miyeloid Losemililerde Uzun Sureli Hastalik Kontrolu Saglayabilir. Eser, Ali; Sezgin, Aslihan; Kara, Osman; Bozkurt, Suheyla Uyar Clinical report Jul 1, 2018 1844
Treatment trends and Medicare reimbursements for localized prostate cancer in elderly patients. Dell'Oglio, Paolo; Valiquette, Anne Sophie; Leyh-Bannurah, Sami-Ramzi; Tian, Zhe; Trudeau, Vincent; Report Jul 1, 2018 5165
Hip Joints: Is Preservation or Replacement the Best Option? Hip replacement is usually more successful for older patients with cartilage loss due to arthritis. May 1, 2018 762
Under the pump in aged care. Brief article May 1, 2018 165
Asymptomatic Bacteriuria vs. Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infection: Identification and Treatment Challenges in Geriatric Care. Avelluto, Giovanni D.; Bryman, Paul N. Report May 1, 2018 5028
Surgical outcomes of nephrectomy for elderly patients with renal cell carcinoma. Report Apr 30, 2018 4066
15,000 ELDERLY PATIENTS WAIT OVER 24HRS AT A&E; Pensioners 'deprived of basic rights'. Apr 23, 2018 297
Comparison of MDRD and CKD-EPI Formulas for Estimating Glomerular Filtration Rate in Elderly Preoperative Patients. Cepni, Ali Ihsan; Basat, Sema UCak; Pala, Emin Apr 1, 2018 4506
Percutaneous Kyphoplasty Application for T4 Vertebral Fracture Under Computerized Tomography. Cetin, Ercan; Kabatas, Serdar; Civelek, ErdinC; Cetin, Feyza Yenigun; Savrunlu, Eyup Can; Dogan, Seb Apr 1, 2018 2274
TREATMENT OF ELDERLY PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC HEPATITIS C: A RETROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDY. Papic, Neven; Budimir, Jelena; Kurelac, Ivan; Dusek, Davorka; Jugovic, Davor; Krajcar, Nina; Vince, Report Mar 1, 2018 6330
Cost Utility Analysis of a Home-Based Nurse Care Coordination Program. Marek, Karen Dorman; Stetzer, Frank; Adams, Scott J.; Kelly, Lesly Report Mar 1, 2018 3597
Poor priorities lead to missed care. Brief article Mar 1, 2018 247
Geriatric surgery in otolaryngology. Editorial Mar 1, 2018 1207
Clinical effects of single femoral nerve block in combination with general anesthesia on geriatric patients receiving total knee arthroplasty. Feb 28, 2018 4202
Ben Gurion University Research: Medical Cannabis Highly Effective in Elderly Patients. Feb 14, 2018 528
A Study of The Clinical Effect and Dropout Rate of Drugs Combined with Group Integrated Psychotherapy on Elderly Patients with Depression. Liu, Bo; Tan, Youguo; Cai, Duanfang; Liang, Yudiao; He, Ruini; Liu, Chengwen; Zhou, Yong; Teng, Cuih Report Feb 1, 2018 4547
Utilize guidelines, but customize BP treatment in older patients. Middleton, Jennifer L.; Chan, Miriam; Hansell, Maggie W.; Mann, Emily M.; Kirk, Julienne K. Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2018 1441
Validation of Activity Tracking Procedures in Elderly Patients after Operative Treatment of Proximal Femur Fractures. Schmal, Hagen; Holsgaard-Larsen, Anders; Izadpanah, Kaywan; Brand, Jan Christian; Madsen, Carsten Fl Jan 1, 2018 5448
Successful Use of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Treat a Perforated Duodenal Malignant Lymphoma in an Elderly Patient. Takagishi, Tomoko; Niimi, Yuta; Matsuki, Goshi; Nagano, Shinta; Hinami, Junsuke; Kajiwara, Masaaki; Jan 1, 2018 2909
Bowel Resection and Ileotransverse Anastomosis as Preferred Therapy for 15 Typhoid Ileal Perforations and Severe Peritoneal Contamination in a Very Elderly Patient. Kadia, Benjamin Momo; Aroke, Desmond; Abanda, Martin Hongieh; Njim, Tsi; Dimala, Christian Akem Jan 1, 2018 3680
Impact of Age on Outcomes in Hospitalized Patients with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. Iyer, Vivek N.; Brinjikji, Waleed; Apala, Dinesh; Pannu, Bibek S.; Kotecha, Aditya; Leise, Michael D Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 4651
Hip Fracture Nonunions: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Special Considerations in Elderly Patients. Babcock, Sharon; Kellam, James F. Report Jan 1, 2018 6548
Evidence of Negative Effects of Defect Size and Older Patient Age by Quantitative CT-Based 3D Image Analysis in Ultraporous Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Grafted Extremity Bone Defects at One Year. Damron, Timothy A.; Mann, Kenneth A. Report Jan 1, 2018 5142
Falls in Older Patients with Cancer Undergoing Surgery: Prevalence and Association with Geriatric Syndromes and Levels of Disability Assessed in Preoperative Evaluation. Fahimnia, Somayeh; Roudsari, Hadi Mirhedayati; Doucette, John; Shahrokni, Armin Report Jan 1, 2018 5333
Telemedicine and Geriatrics in France: Inventory of Experiments. Zulfiqar, A.A.; Hajjam, A.; Talha, S.; Hajjam, M.; Hajjam, J.; Erve, S.; Andres, E. Report Jan 1, 2018 8036
Investigation of Geriatric Patients with Abdominal Pain Admitted to Emergency Department. Cam, Pinar Henden; Baydin, Ahmet; Yuruker, Savas; Erenler, Ali Kemal; Senguldur, Erdinc Report Jan 1, 2018 5933
Smart Care Beds for Elderly Patients with Impaired Mobility. Hong, Youn-Sik Jan 1, 2018 6756
South African Nurse Filmed Verbally Abusing Elderly Patient. Nov 9, 2017 349
Calling for a commissioner. Ritchie, Lorraine Editorial Nov 1, 2017 842
Oral health vital for hospitalised elderly: Ensuring the elderly receive oral care while in hospital can play an important part in preventing functional decline. Oda, Keiko Nov 1, 2017 3076
Older diabetic patients at greater risk of cognitive issues after surgery. Oct 22, 2017 439
Treatment and Care of the Geriatric Veterinary Patient. Book review Oct 1, 2017 348
PRIDE STUDY BACKS LIBERAL USE OF ECT: Geriatric patients' HAM-D24 scores rise. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Oct 1, 2017 1298
Geriatrik Hastalarda Elektif ve Acil Laparoskopik Kolesistektominin Karsilastirilmasi/Comparison of Emergency and Elective Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Geriatric Patients. Akyuz, Cebrail; Sunamak, Oguzhan Clinical report Sep 1, 2017 2564
Improving the quality of life by adapting the therapy to the particularities and needs of the elderly patient. Camelia, Slicaru Adina; Iulian, Alexe Dan Report Jun 1, 2017 3027
Study shows older patients benefit from shoulder replacement surgery. Jun 1, 2017 219
Elderly cancer patient released from prison. May 6, 2017 430
Comparison of outcomes between off-pump versus on-pump coronary artery bypass surgery in elderly patients: a meta-analysis. Zhu, Z.G.; Xiong, W.; Ding, J.L.; Chen, J.; Li, Y.; Zhou, J.L.; Xu, J.J. Report Mar 1, 2017 6203
Efficacy, Safety, and Overall Quality of Life of Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Early Colorectal Cancer in Elderly Patients. Liu, Liang; Shen, Xingjie; Zhu, Jingyu Report Jan 1, 2017 4364
Pulmonary Complications after Surgery for Rectal Cancer in Elderly Patients: Evaluation of Laparoscopic versus Open Approach from a Multicenter Study on 477 Consecutive Cases. Milone, Marco; Elmore, Ugo; Vignali, Andrea; Mellano, Alfredo; Gennarelli, Nicola; Manigrasso, Miche Report Jan 1, 2017 4413
Incorporating Scoring Risk Models for Care Planning of the Elderly with Chronic Kidney Disease. Santos, Josefina; Fonseca, Isabel Report Jan 1, 2017 5194
Chiropractic management of a geriatric patient with idiopathic neuralgic amyotrophy: a case report. Gliedt, Jordan; Goehl, Justin M.; Smith, Derek P.; Daniels, Clinton J. Report Jan 1, 2017 4742
Painful Memories: Reliability of Pain Intensity Recall at 3 Months in Senior Patients. Daoust, Raoul; Sirois, Marie-Josee; Lee, Jacques S.; Perry, Jeffrey J.; Griffith, Lauren E.; Worster Report Jan 1, 2017 4921
Accidental Intrathecal Administration of Digoxin in an Elderly Male with End-Stage Renal Disease. Martin, Claudia; Park, Kitae Kevin; Liu, Antonio Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1299
Evaluation of Monocular Treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction with an Automated Thermodynamic System in Elderly Chinese Patients: A Contralateral Eye Study. Zhao, Yinying; Xie, Jialu; Li, Junhua; Fu, Yana; Lin, Xiaolei; Wang, Shangrong; Ma, Jiling; Zhao, Yu Report Jan 1, 2017 4682
Effects of Inhalation Aromatherapy on Symptoms of Sleep Disturbance in the Elderly with Dementia. Takeda, Ai; Watanuki, Emiko; Koyama, Sachiyo Report Jan 1, 2017 6159
Foot Reflexotherapy Induces Analgesia in Elderly Individuals with Low Back Pain: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Pilot Study. de Oliveira, Bruna Hoffmann; da Silva, Anna Quialheiro de Abreu; Ludtke, Daniela Dero; Madeira, Fern Report Jan 1, 2017 6097
Diagnostics of Thyroid Malignancy and Indications for Surgery in the Elderly and Younger Counterparts: Comparison of 3,749 Patients. Kaliszewski, Krzysztof; Diakowska, Dorota; Strutynska-Karpinska, Marta; Wojtczak, Beata; Aporowicz, Report Jan 1, 2017 6431
Nonpharmacological Interventions Targeted at Delirium Risk Factors, Delivered by Trained Volunteers (Medical and Psychology Students), Reduced Need for Antipsychotic Medications and the Length of Hospital Stay in Aged Patients Admitted to an Acute Internal Medicine Ward: Pilot Study. Gorski, Stanislaw; Piotrowicz, Karolina; Rewiuk, Krzysztof; Halicka, Monika; Kalwak, Weronika; Rybak Report Jan 1, 2017 5578
Current Therapeutic Options for Heart Failure in Elderly Patients. Guerra, F.; Brambatti, M.; Matassini, M.V.; Capucci, A. Report Jan 1, 2017 7734
Managing an Older Adult with Cancer: Considerations for Radiation Oncologists. Chang, Sanders; Goldstein, Nathan E.; Dharmarajan, Kavita V. Report Jan 1, 2017 10942
Acetabular Fractures in the Elderly: Midterm Outcomes of Column Stabilisation and Primary Arthroplasty. Ortega-Briones, A.; Smith, S.; Rickman, M. Report Jan 1, 2017 3327
Minimally Invasive TLIF Using Unilateral Approach and Single Cage at Single Level in Patients over 65. Lee, Hyeong-Jin; Kim, Jin-Sung; Ryu, Kyeong-Sik Report Jan 1, 2017 5657
Mortality and Cardiovascular Complications in Older Complex Chronic Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Clua-Espuny, J.L.; Gonzalez-Henares, M.A.; Queralt-Tomas, M.L.L.; Campo-Tamayo, W.; Muria-Subirats, Report Jan 1, 2017 4389
Relationship between Activities of Daily Living and Readmission within 90 Days in Hospitalized Elderly Patients with Heart Failure. Kitamura, Masahiro; Izawa, Kazuhiro P.; Taniue, Hiroki; Mimura, Yumi; Imamura, Keita; Nagashima, Hit Report Jan 1, 2017 4782
Compliance to home-based exercise therapy in elderly patients with knee osteoarthritis/Diz osteoartriti olan yasli hastalarin ev egzersiz tedavisine uyumu. Ay, Saime; Evcik, Deniz; Gokce-Kutsal, Yesim; Toraman, Fusun; Okumus, Muesser; Eyigor, Sibel; Sahin, Report Dec 1, 2016 3300
Prevalence and covariates of polypharmacy in elderly patients on discharge from a tertiary care hospital in Oman. Hashar, Amna Al-; Sinawi, Hamed Al; Mahrizi, Anwar Al; Hatrushi, Manal Al- Nov 1, 2016 2904
A number of gunmen, injured persons, elderly and patients get out of eastern neighborhoods in Aleppo. Oct 19, 2016 172
United States : Frailty in Older Surgery Patients May Be Under Recognized. Clinical report Oct 13, 2016 744
GLORIA: Comparing the effectiveness and safety of additional low-dose glucocorticoid in treatment strategies for elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Oct 10, 2016 491
Twisted nurse straddled and groped elderly dementia patients. Sep 16, 2016 402
United Kingdom : Occupational Therapists play a vital role in transforming lives of elderly patients. Jul 19, 2016 460
Resolution of a periodontoid rheumatoid pannus mass in an elderly patient treated with a rigid cervical collar: a case report and literature review. Oseni, A.; Kakavas, G.; Scholz, M.; Petridis, A. Clinical report Jul 1, 2016 1383
Knowledge of Guidelines of Drug Use in Geriatric Patients can Avoid High Misuse of Antibiotics in these Patients. Jun 30, 2016 2814
Aged care providers support compulsory registration. Brief article Jun 1, 2016 271
The role of advance care planning in end-of-life care for residents of aged care facilities. Waird, Allyson; Crisp, Elaine Report Jun 1, 2016 5065
Helping students process a simulated death experience: integration of an NLN ACE.S evolving case study and the ELNEC curriculum. Kopka, Judith A.; Aschenbrenner, Ann P.; Reynolds, Mary B. Case study May 1, 2016 1616
Is it a 'senior moment' or early dementia? Addressing memory concerns in older patients. Wilcox, James A.; Duffy, P. Reid Report May 1, 2016 3034
Changes in the Bispectral Index in Response to Loss of Consciousness and No Somatic Movement to Nociceptive Stimuli in Elderly Patients. Yang, Ning; Yue, Yun; Pan, Jonathan; Zuo, Ming-Zhang; Shi, Yu; Zhou, Shu-Zhen; Peng, Wen-Ping; Gao, Report Apr 1, 2016 4440
Age not only factor in treatment choices for older heart patients: recent research suggests that patients 80 and older do well with invasive procedures following a heart attack or unstable angina. Apr 1, 2016 360
Thalidomide-based Regimens for Elderly and/or Transplant Ineligible Patients with Multiple Myeloma: A Meta-analysis. Lyu, Wen-Wen; Zhao, Qing-Chun; Song, De-Hai; Zhang, Jin-Jie; Ding, Zhao-Xing; Li, Bao-Yuan; Wei, Chu Report Mar 1, 2016 3468
Ethical issues in communication with elderly patients. Esanu, Irina; Taranu, Tatiana; Chirita, Roxana; Paraschiv, Cringuta Report Mar 1, 2016 4093
Relationship between age and pre-end stage renal disease care in elderly patients treated with maintenance hemodialysis. Harford, Rubette; Clark, Mary Jo; Norris, Keith C.; Yan, Guofen Mar 1, 2016 5125
The Results Observation on Adjuvant Chemotherapy with Microwave Hyperthermia and Stereotactic Radiotherapy in Retreated Elderly Patients with Advanced (III/IV Stage) Lung Cancer. Yu, Xihao; Li, Xinping; Dong, Guiyun; Yu, Wenyan; Wang, Jianping; Xiong, Ying Mar 1, 2016 1351
Analysis of surgeries for Degenerative lumbar stenosis in elderly patients. Feb 29, 2016 2765
Surgery late in life: what to consider. Report Feb 1, 2016 853
Guard against TB. Feb 1, 2016 657
Considerations in the selection of antihyperglycemic therapy for older patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a focus on newer therapies. Freeman, Jeffrey Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 7465
Heart disease likely killer of older breast cancer patients. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2015 473
A comparative study between early-onset and late-onset epilepsy in elderly patients. Sarmah, Binod; Rajkhowa, Kamal; Devi, Lucy Clinical report Nov 19, 2015 2690
Inadequate care of elderly patient with dementia. Ward, Raewyn Anne Nov 1, 2015 983
Comparing aging in place to home health care: impact of nurse care coordination on utilization and costs. Popejoy, Lori L.; Stetzer, Frank; Hicks, Lanis; Rantz, Marilyn J.; Galambos, Colleen; Popescu, Mihai Report Nov 1, 2015 5889
Nurses: We've no clean bed linen for unit OAPs; Elderly patients left to 'lie in own fluids'. Oct 12, 2015 394
Cancer: when the cancer patient is elderly, how do you weigh the risks of surgery? Palisoul, Marguerite; Mutch, David G. Oct 1, 2015 1906
Health information exchange needs tuning. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 105
Older cancer patients fail to get therapies. Aug 24, 2015 338
Comparison of C[sub]50 for Propofol-remifentanil Target-controlled Infusion and Bispectral Index at Loss of Consciousness and Response to Painful Stimulus in Elderly and Young Patients. Yang, Ning; Zuo, Ming-Zhang; Yue, Yun; Wang, Yun; Shi, Yu; Zhang, Xue-Na Clinical report Aug 5, 2015 3940
Values of the Wells and Revised Geneva Scores Combined with D-dimer in Diagnosing Elderly Pulmonary Embolism Patients. Guo, Dan-Jie; Zhao, Can; Zou, Ya-Dan; Huang, Xu-Hang; Hu, Jing-Min; Guo, Lin Report Aug 1, 2015 3297
PRECIOUS: PREvention of Complications to Improve OUtcome in elderly patients with acute Stroke. Jul 7, 2015 470
Aged care: funding increase 'pathetic'. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 208
Respice, adspice, prospice. Georgescu, Catalina Arsenescu; Anghel, Larisa Jun 22, 2015 4244
MEI Pharma updates Phase II study of Pracinostat in combination with azacitidine in elderly patients with newly diagnosed AML. Jun 15, 2015 345
MEI Pharma updates Phase II study of Pracinostat in combination with azacitidine in elderly patients with newly diagnosed AML. Jun 15, 2015 341
Hoffa's disease in elderly patients. Terzi, Rabia; Ozer, Tulay Report Jun 1, 2015 1576
Efficacy of percutaneous cryoablation of renal cell carcinoma in older patients with medical comorbidities: outcome study in 70 patients. Lang, Erich K.; Zhang, Kan Karl; Nguyen, Quan; Myers, Leann; Allaf, Mahamed; Colon, Ivan Report May 1, 2015 4000
Pay a major issue for aged-care workers. May 1, 2015 744
Dispensing to older adults. Bates, Sally Apr 4, 2015 2512
Medicare plan launches addiction screening services: SCAN Health plan will reach seniors with risk factors. Miller, Julie Mar 22, 2015 404
Understanding urinary incontinence in adults. Testa, Angela Report Mar 1, 2015 3643
Erectile dysfunction in the older adult male. Mola, Joanna R. Report Mar 1, 2015 5626
Making dignity and respect real: the Aged Care Association's campaign for more funding for aged care rings somewhat hollow, given the refusal of some providers to pass on extra government funding to staff. Wait, David Mar 1, 2015 833
The information needs of older people who choose supportive care over dialysis: a case study approach. Moustakas, Jacqui; Bennett, Paul N.; Tranter, Shelley Clinical report Mar 1, 2015 4052
Older diabetes patients substantially overtreated. Moon, Mary Ann Feb 1, 2015 418
Sore throat and left ear pain: this elderly patient's unilateral pattern of symptoms was key to the diagnosis. Moss, David A.; Crawford, Paul Case study Feb 1, 2015 1203
RNs needed for safe effective aged care. Feb 1, 2015 501
An exploration of volition: caregiver perceptions of persons with dementia. Raber, Christine; Stone, Mikel Report Jan 1, 2015 8197
Changes of Hemoglobin and Hematocrit in Elderly Patients Receiving Lower Joint Arthroplasty without Allogeneic Blood Transfusion. Zhou, Qi; Zhou, Yiqin; Wu, Haishan; Wu, Yuli; Qian, Qirong; Zhao, Hui; Zhu, Yunli; Fu, Peiliang Clinical report Jan 1, 2015 2539
Prevalence, clinical correlates, and use of glucose-lowering drugs among older patients with type 2 diabetes living in long-term care facilities. Bo, Mario; Gallo, Stefano; Zanocchi, Mauro; Maina, Paola; Balcet, Luisa; Bonetto, Martina; Marchese, Report Jan 1, 2015 3452
Residents risk dying in pain: if society wants quality care for the elderly the staff skill mix in nursing homes must include an RN available at all times to assess the changing needs of residents, says Louise Stammers, registered nurse at Buckland Nursing Home, Springwood. Stammers, Louise Cover story Dec 1, 2014 264
Older adults' experiences of community integration following traumatic brain injury. Kent, James; Wright-St Clair, Valerie A.; Kersten, Paula Report Nov 1, 2014 5125
ACE care for elderly patients. Weaver, Marlese; Gavin, Judith Nov 1, 2014 1846
Geriatric patients: choose wisely: age-related physiologic changes, risk of adverse effects guide your prescribing. Hong, Irene S.; Bishop, Jeffrey R. Oct 1, 2014 4637
Sudden death in elderly patients from TMP-SMX. Sep 22, 2014 171
Antipsychotic drugs may lead to falls and fractures. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 151
Get systolic below 140 mm Hg in elderly CAD patients. Zoler, Mitchel L. Sep 1, 2014 1167
Tackling a taboo topic... Leipzig, Rosanne M. Aug 1, 2014 506
Celator Pharmaceuticals achieves 75% enrollment milestone in Phase 3 Study of CPX-351 in older patients with high-risk (secondary) acute myeloid leukemia. Clinical report Jun 5, 2014 219
Celator Pharmaceuticals achieves 75% enrollment milestone in Phase 3 Study of CPX-351 in older patients with high-risk (secondary) acute myeloid leukemia. Clinical report Jun 5, 2014 215
Older patients and caregivers differ in assessments of the quality of chronic illness care. Brief article May 1, 2014 193
A population-based care transition model for chronically ill elders. Hewner, Sharon Report May 1, 2014 5326
Q & A. May 1, 2014 691
Analysis of risk factors in elderly patients with purple urine bag syndrome: A retrospective analysis in a medical center in northern Taiwan. Peng, Tao-Chun; Wang, Chung-Ching; Chan, James; Huang, Shih-Ming; Kao, Tung-Wei; Chang, Yaw-Wen; Fan Clinical report May 1, 2014 2460
ECT electrode placement matters in older patients: right unilateral ECT had a 70.4% remission rate in patients aged 60 or older. Jancin, Bruce May 1, 2014 439
Asenapine may be beneficial in older bipolar patients. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report May 1, 2014 468
The feasibility of radical cystectomy in elderly patients: radikal sistektomi operasyonunun yasli hastalarda uygulanabilirligi. Gorgel, Sacit Nuri; Sefik, Ertgul; Baici, Ugur; Ozer, Kutan; Girgin, Cengiz; Dincel, Cetin Report Mar 1, 2014 4326
Re: The feasibility of radical cystectomy in elderly patients. Editorial Mar 1, 2014 1041
Use and validation of the balance outcome measure for elder rehabilitation in acute care. Kuys, Suzanne S.; Crouch, Tom; Dolecka, Urszula E.; Steele, Michael; Low Choy, Nancy L. Report Mar 1, 2014 4406
In situ malignant melanoma on nevus spilus in an elderly patient. Corradin, Maria Teresa; Giulioni, Erika; Fiorentino, Renzo; Santeufemia, Davide Adriano; Re, Giovann Clinical report Mar 1, 2014 1422
Caring for a patient with still's disease. Murray, Kaitlyn Feb 1, 2014 2533
NICE deny changes to evaluation will affect elderly. O'Hare, Ryan Brief article Jan 17, 2014 293
Individualized treatment needed for older patients with cardiovascular disease. Jan 1, 2014 173
Surgery extended survival by 1 year in elderly endometrial cancer patients. Sullivan, Michele G. Jan 1, 2014 388
Patients undergoing subacute physical rehabilitation following an acute hospital admission demonstrated improvement in cognitive functional task independence. McPhail, Steven M.; Varghese, Paul N.; Kuys, Suzanne S. Report Jan 1, 2014 5836
The simplified acute physiology score III is superior to the simplified acute physiology score II and acute physiology and chronic health evaluation II in predicting surgical and ICU mortality in the "oldest old". Haq, Aftab; Patil, Sachin; Parcells, Alexis Lanteri; Chamberlain, Ronald S. Report Jan 1, 2014 4445
An android-based heart monitoring system for the elderly and for patients with heart disease. Pierleoni, Paola; Pernini, Luca; Belli, Alberto; Palma, Lorenzo Report Jan 1, 2014 6667
Following up on clinical recommendations in transitions from hospital to nursing home. Caruso, Lisa B.; Thwin, Soe Soe; Brandeis, Gary H. Report Jan 1, 2014 3793
Redundant vasodilator pathways underlying radial artery flow-mediated dilation are preserved in healthy aging. Ballard, Kevin D.; Tschakovsky, Michael E.; Zaleski, Amanda L.; Polk, Donna M.; Thompson, Paul D.; K Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 5524
Changes in renal function in elderly patients following intravenous iodinated contrast administration: a retrospective study. Alsafi, Ali; Alsafi, Zaid; Lakhani, Amish; Strickland, Nicola H. Report Jan 1, 2014 2504
Exercise hemodynamics and quality of life after aortic valve replacement for aortic stenosis in the elderly using the Hancock II bioprosthesis. Long, Theodore; Lopez, Becky M.; Berberian, Christopher; Cunningham, Mark J.; Starnes, Vaughn A.; Co Report Jan 1, 2014 3257
Description, and pilot evaluation, of novel staff education to improve care of confused older inpatients. Horner, Barbara; Watson, Natasha; Hill, Anne-Marie; Etherton-Beer, Christopher Report Dec 1, 2013 4335
Never 'do nothing' at end of life. Hester, A. Maria Dec 1, 2013 457
Domiciliary eye care--the practitioner's perspective. Rashid, Khaled; Sheppard, Amy Nov 15, 2013 2428
Fulfilling her mother's wishes: an enrolled nurse describes her normal routines working with largely elderly patients in an orthopaedic ward at Wellington Hospital. Te Kahu, Anita Nov 1, 2013 1875
Direct purchase documents moh no. 2013-hro-cd-027, aquire hub oxygen for the elderly patients, the fray nursing rodrigo de la cruz. Oct 19, 2013 102
Alternative medicine applications for cognitive functioning in elderly populations. Hahn, John Oct 1, 2013 3113
Older patients may benefit from implantable cardiac devices: overall health, not simply age, should be the primary consideration in deciding if an implantable cardioverter defibrillator should be implanted. Oct 1, 2013 790
Unusual cause of hypokalaemia and paralysis in an elderly patient with bronchial asthma. Rachaiah, Jayasheelan; Rachaiah, Niranjan Clinical report Oct 1, 2013 1487
It was almost 11pm and there were no staff [...]; FAMILY FIND ELDERLY CANCER PATIENT SITTING SHIVERING IN HOSPITAL CORRIDOR. Sep 15, 2013 1041
Hip fracture in older patients: tips and tools to speed recovery. Close, Jeremy D.; Swartz, Kristine; Deu, Rajwinder Sep 1, 2013 4354
Leptospirosis in elderly patients. Gancheva, Galya Ivanova Report Sep 1, 2013 2922
Impact of the Christchurch earthquakes on clients receiving health care in their homes. Hendry, Christine; East, Sheree Report Aug 1, 2013 4609
Hospitalized, elderly, and delirious: what should you do for these patients? Delirium in older hospitalized patients is common and serious. Perform a careful workup and provide support and appropriate management of underlying disease. Toor, Ramanpreet; Liptzin, Benjamin; Fischel, Steven V. Clinical report Aug 1, 2013 3025
This month's instant poll. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 237
Understanding the hemodialysis patient with dementia. Hercz, Gavril Jul 1, 2013 1119
Challenges in planning long-term care menus: that meet dietary recommendations. Viveky, Navita; Billinsky, Jennifer; Thorpe, Lilian; Alcorn, Jane; Hadjistavropoulos, Thomas; Whitin Report Jun 22, 2013 2357
Caring for older people; As more of us live longer, with more and more long-term conditions, services for older people are becoming increasingly important. Newcastle Hospitals is committed to ensuring the care provided for elderly patients meets all of their needs, whether in one of its hospitals or in the community. Jun 13, 2013 105
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Nine Year Old Cancer Patient Beaten by Teacher, Dies. Nov 17, 2012 115
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Statins safe for older adults, but many not reaping their benefits: researchers find that too few people are taking the medications and many who are still aren't reaching their cholesterol goals. Nov 1, 2012 722
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St Paul's eye unit opens centre in south Liverpool; GARSTON Good news for elderly eye patients. Sep 18, 2012 397
Sleep apnea increases death from heart disease in elderly. Sep 8, 2012 425
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ELDERLY PATIENTS ARE LEFT WAITING 16 HRS FOR MEAL; OAPs treated worse than prisoners by 'bully' bosses. Jul 27, 2012 325
Nurse stole from handbags of elderly patients. Jul 7, 2012 234
Smart technologies for older people--a systematic literature review of smart technologies that promote health and wellbeing of older people living at home. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 279
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Oh dear me! When will the NHS learn? Elderly patients don't care what you call them, they just want to be treated with kindness and dignity. Mar 4, 2012 624
Aging well with MS: some studies suggest that lifestyle choices may have a greater impact than genetics on how well we age. How well we live, and therefore age, may be to a great extent in our control. Watson, Stephanie Feb 25, 2012 3091
Shortfall in pain relief for older adults in the ER. Feb 1, 2012 174
Advocate for elderly patients. Muss; Busby-Whitehead Feb 1, 2012 189
Relationships with residents are the key to quality care: more time to spend with residents is the wished-for priority of many aged care nurses, according to research conducted by the NSWNA. Feb 1, 2012 528
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ALIMTA reduces risk of disease progression in elderly patients with NSCLC. Sep 27, 2011 216
Nurse struck off for abusing elderly patient. Aug 25, 2011 493
Report highlights hospital's failings; Dignity of elderly patients was compromised. Jul 15, 2011 533
NEW SCHEME AIMS TO SAVE HOSPITAL pounds 20m; More elderly patients to be treated in the community. Jul 1, 2011 384
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UK hospital gives elderly patients tambourine to call nurses! Jun 22, 2011 328
Elderly patients bang tambourine to get attention. Jun 21, 2011 588
Aged-care cards rolling in. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 162
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NHS failing the needs of elderly patients, says ombudsman. Feb 15, 2011 241
Physio 'groped' elderly patients. Feb 2, 2011 417
Short-acting opioids up fracture risk in elderly. Jancin, Bruce Jan 1, 2011 575
Opioids deemed risky in elderly with arthritis. Moon, Mary Ann Report Jan 1, 2011 555
Short-acting opioids up fracture risk in elderly. Jancin, Bruce Report Jan 1, 2011 702
Revascularization is a viable option for older patients, too: research shows patients 80 and older have higher survival rates when heart attacks are treated with bypasses or percutaneous coronary interventions. Clinical report Dec 1, 2010 661
Nursing care of older patients in hospital: implications for clinical leadership. Milton-Wildey, Kathleen; O'Brien, Louise Dec 1, 2010 6639
Calistoga begins Phase II study of CAL-101 in elderly CLL patients. Oct 19, 2010 245
Learning how to cope with dementia. Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2010 737
Oncology for geriatric patients comes of age: more cancer therapies and greater diversity among the elderly complicate treatment decisions. Wachter, Kerri Sep 15, 2010 1583
Registration cancelled for assault on elderly patient: Kin-Marie Ainsworth, RN. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 203
Sleep in older adults with Alzheimer's disease. Song, Yeonsu; Dowling, Glenna A.; Wallhagen, Margaret I.; Lee, Kathryn A.; Strawbridge, William J. Report Aug 1, 2010 8079
Ban for nurse in room with naked elderly patient. Jul 25, 2010 436
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Topical NSAIDs safe in elderly osteoarthritis patients. Boschert, Sherry Jun 15, 2010 732
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Older colon cancer patients less likely to receive chemo. Jun 1, 2010 151
Retainer practices can reduce patient volume, improve care. Schneider, Mary Ellen Jun 1, 2010 1162
Regular exercise may ease Anxiety in older adults: many patients are treated with medication, but physical activity can help when it comes to managing symptoms. May 1, 2010 708
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Advance directives are effective in guiding care. Anderson, Jane Survey Apr 15, 2010 407
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TB prevalence more common among elderly, HIV patients. Mar 26, 2010 213
The Hospital Admission Risk Profile (HARP). Graf, Carla Mar 1, 2010 1064
Collaborative approach best for depressed, older cancer patients. Mar 1, 2010 133
The medical care that is not care. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Feb 19, 2010 1103
I suffered year from hell, says accused nurse; MAN FOUND NOT GUILTY OF BREAKING ELDERLY PATIENT'S ARM IN HOSPITAL. Feb 12, 2010 466
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HHS provides funding for chronic conditions. Brief article Jan 18, 2010 173
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