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Hypertension Accompanied by Hyperaldosteronism, Hyperkalemia, and Hyperchloremic Acidosis: A Case Report and Literature Review. Yang, Yunyun; Ou, Yang; Ren, Yan; Tian, Haoming; Chen, Tao Report Aug 31, 2020 3625
Severe Metabolic Acidosis and Pulmonary Edema: A Near-Drowning Case. Coban, Yasemin; Davutoglu, Mehmet Clinical report Mar 1, 2018 1950
The Comparison of the Effects of "Trometamol; Tris-Hydroxymethylaminomethane" and "Sodium Bicarbonate" Treatments on Mortality and Survival Time in Experimental Metabolic Acidosis Induced by Methanol Intoxication. Bolatkale, Mustafa; Ersoy, Gurkan; Yanturali, Sedat; Yilmaz, Osman; Can, Cagdas; Acara, Ahmet Cagdas Report Mar 1, 2018 4640
Lactate Gap: A Diagnostic Support in Severe Metabolic Acidosis of Unknown Origin. Hauvik, Linn E.; Varghese, Mercy; Nielsen, Erik W. Medical condition overview Jan 1, 2018 1942
Therapeutic Management of Ruminal Acidosis in Goats. Singh, K.P.; Singh, R.V.; Singh, Praneeta; Singh, S.K.; Singh, J.P. Report Jan 1, 2018 1246
High Grain Diet Triggers Inflammation in the Goat Uterus: A Comprehensive Regulation Diet Modulates the Immune Response. Bilal, Muhammad Shahid; Abaker, Juma Ahamed; Aabdin, Zain ul; Waheed, Usman; Xu, Tianle; Dai, Hongyu Report Feb 28, 2017 5310
A Term Newborn with Respiratory Distress, Acidosis, and Hypoglycemia. Peake, Roy W.A.; Kozakewich, Harry P.W. Clinical report Feb 1, 2017 993
Tacrolimus-Induced Type IV Renal Tubular Acidosis following Liver Transplantation. Schmoyer, Christopher; Mishra, Suraj; Fulco, Frank Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1516
A Rare Case of Transient Proximal Renal Tubular Acidosis in Pregnancy. Narcisse, Dennis; Agarwal, Manyoo; Kumar, Aneel Case study Jan 1, 2017 2428
Successful Resuscitation of a Patient with Life-Threatening Metabolic Acidosis by Hemodialysis: A Case of Ethylene Glycol Intoxication. Narita, Ikuyo; Shimada, Michiko; Nakamura, Norio; Murakami, Reiichi; Fujita, Takeshi; Fukuda, Wakako Case study Jan 1, 2017 1917
Postoperative Compensatory Ammonium Excretion Subsequent to Systemic Acidosis in Cardiac Patients. Roehrborn, Friederike; Dohle, Daniel-Sebastian; Waack, Indra N.; Tsagakis, Konstantinos; Jakob, Hein Report Jan 1, 2017 4873
Thoughts at large: Controversies in clinical nutrition and functional medicine: issue #2 chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis - part II. Moss, Jeffrey Dec 1, 2016 2333
Therapeutic management of ruminal acidosis and its electrocardiographic evaluation both pre and post treatment. Varshney, J.P.; Chaudhary, P.S.; Deshmukh, V.V. Report Jan 1, 2015 1588
The effect of intraoperative restricted normal saline during orthotopic liver transplantation on amount of administered sodium bicarbonate. Sahmeddini, Mohammad Ali; Janatmakan, Farahzad; Khosravi, Bagher; Ghaffaripour, Sina; Eghbal, Hossei Report May 1, 2014 3061
Sodium bicarbonate therapy in patients with metabolic acidosis. Adeva-Andany, Maria M.; Fernandez-Fernandez, Carlos; Mourino-Bayolo, David; Castro-Quintela, Elvira; Report Jan 1, 2014 11139
Distal renal tubular acidosis, hypokalemic paralysis, nephrocalcinosis, primary hypothyroidism, growth retardation, osteomalacia and osteoporosis leading to pathological fracture: a case report. Basak, Ramen C.; Sharkawi, Khairy Mostafa; Rahman, Mohammad Mizanur; Swar, Mayada Mohammad Case study Jul 1, 2011 3620
Severe hypercalcemia; as an unusual presenting feature of distal renal tubular acidosis/Distal renal tubuler asidozun nadir bir bulgusu; agir hiperkalsemi. Yuksel, Selcuk; Donmez, Osman; Durmaz, Oguzhan Clinical report Dec 1, 2010 1609
38 year old female recently admitted to ICU with sepsis. Malley, William Report Nov 1, 2010 1189
Effect of pump prime on acidosis, strong-ion-difference and unmeasured ions during cardiopulmonary bypass. Liskaser, F.; Story, D.A.; Hayhoe, M.; Poustie, S.J.; Bailey, M.J.; Bellomo, R. Report Sep 1, 2009 3268
Data on metabolic acidosis prompt alert on zonisamide. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2009 270
Case presentation--reversed anion gap metabolic acidosis. Levy, B.; Williams, P.; Richards, G.A. Case study Aug 1, 2007 97
Sodium bicarb use questioned. Silberner, Joanne May 18, 1985 462

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