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Zelira Therapeutics and Emyria team up for 'disruptive' autism spectrum disorder trial. Nov 11, 2020 157
Zelira Therapeutics and Emyria team up for 'disruptive' autism spectrum disorder trial. Nov 11, 2020 159
Multisensory Integration Often Overlooked for the Treatment of Brain Disorders. Block, Mary Ann Oct 1, 2020 2368
HORRIFYING Clinics selling unproven PS14k stem cell treatments for autistic kids; Brit families in turmoil over 'danger' therapy. EXCLUSIVE by Amy Sharpe Sep 6, 2020 971
One little step followed another and no one would listen to us and no one would speak to us and all the little steps took us into hell; INVESTIGATION Mother reveals how a minor row in the street three years ago is being used to detain son at highest-security hospital indefinitely. Craig McDonald Sep 6, 2020 1578
HORRIFYING; Clinics selling unproven PS14k stem cell treatments for autistic kids. EXCLUSIVE by Amy Sharpe Sep 6, 2020 971
AAN publishes new guideline on the treatment of sleep problems in children and teens with autism. Greb, Erik Mar 1, 2020 771
Estimation of Fasting Serum Levels of Glucose, Zinc, Copper, Zinc/Copper Ratio and Their Relation to the Measured Lipid Profile in Autistic Patients and Non-Autistic Controls in Jordan. Bazzaz, Abdulrahman Al-; A-Dahir, Kahtan; Almashhadani, Abdulsalam; Ani, Israa Al- Report Mar 1, 2020 3779
Assessing the Wellbeing of Individuals with Autism Using the interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health (ChYMH) and the interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health --Developmental Disabilities (ChYMH-DD) Tools. Redquest, Brianne K.; Stewart, Shannon L.; Bryden, Pamela J.; Fletcher, Paula C. Report Mar 1, 2020 7232
Zynerba hits enrollment target for Phase 2 autism study of CBD-based Zygel. Jan 14, 2020 376
New autism guidelines focus in early diagnosis, treatment. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 16, 2019 176
Updated Autism Guidelines Stress Earliest Screenings Possible. Dec 16, 2019 528
Autism Treatment: New Study Reveals Gluten-Free Diet Offers No Benefits For Autistic Children. Snow Digon Report Nov 18, 2019 365
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Oct 1, 2019 2460
More U.S. Kids Being Diagnosed With Autism, ADHD. Norton, Amy Sep 26, 2019 595
Special Needs Dentistry--A Team Approach to Treating Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Ruscio, Laura Sep 1, 2019 1160
Finch Therapeutics Raises USD 53m to Advance Microbiome-Based Therapies for Recurrent C. Difficile, Autism and other Disease Areas. Aug 26, 2019 625
Effects of Function-Based Crisis Intervention on the Severe Challenging Behavior of Students with Autism. Stevenson, Bradley S.; Wood, Charles L.; Iannello, Alana C. Clinical report Aug 1, 2019 7619
Rising to the challenge: Anna Shaw Children's Institute delivers a treehouse-inspired setting for children on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disorders. Silvis, Jennifer Kovacs Aug 1, 2019 1117
Bleach peddled as 'miracle' autism cure on youtube. Brief article Jun 2, 2019 101
Brain Changes in Autism: Specific Cell Types. May 20, 2019 1176
Speakers stress need for collective efforts to create awareness about autism spectrum disorder among children. Apr 4, 2019 160
Expert focus on therapies. Apr 3, 2019 206
Preparation and adaptation: making your practice ASD-friendly: This article outlines the steps that practitioners can take to make the consultation and environment suitable for patients with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Gow, Louise Apr 1, 2019 3657
Diagnosis and Treatment of a Symptomatic Posterior Cruciate Ganglion Cyst in a Child with Autism. Andreozzi, Valerio; Monaco, Edoardo; Conteduca, Fabio; Iorio, Raffaele; Mazza, Daniele; Drogo, Pierg Disease/Disorder overview Mar 31, 2019 2796
WE LIVE IN HOPE; ROMANIAN HOUND TO THE RESCUE; Cancer-hit mum and autistic daughter's lives are transformed by 'therapy dog'. Feb 12, 2019 430
5 ways to make your home more autism-friendly for the holidays. Dec 19, 2018 482
Autism spectrum disorders may increase depression risk. Sep 4, 2018 291
AUTISM SIGNS, SYMPTOMS & RENEWED HOPE: Early comprehensive behavioral Intervention lea by an experienced board-certified behavior analyst can transform the lives of families and children effected by autism. Cooper, Amy Sep 1, 2018 2096
Porkers are the ultimate in therapy for autism. Aug 23, 2018 278
Air Pollution and ASDs: A Deeper Dive into an Environmental Risk Factor. Konkel, Lindsey Jul 1, 2018 1406
Effective management of inmates on the autism spectrum: When low social competence looks like defiance. Goorley, Harmony; Belcher-Timme, Robin Report Jul 1, 2018 1525
AUTISM WITHOUT FEAR: Why the Ability to Travel Might Mean ... EVERYTHING. Carley, Michael John Jul 1, 2018 5172
Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Childhood Masturbation in a Case of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Report. Ayaydin, Hamza; Ulgar, Sermin Bilgen Jun 1, 2018 1512
Which autism therapies work for children? Apr 23, 2018 793
Behavioural therapy sheds new light on Autism. Apr 16, 2018 711
Children with autism need more care. Apr 7, 2018 326
Easter Seals' services complement those at school Services: Finding a service provider. DuPage, Advertiser Generated Content Submitted By Easter Seals; Valley, Fox Mar 21, 2018 511
Autism and Enablement: Occupational Therapy Approaches to Promote Independence for Adults with Autism. Book review Mar 1, 2018 213
Osteoporosis As A Consequence Of A Long-Term Selective Diet In An Autistic Adolescent. Childress, Jason; Harbrecht, Lawrence; Heaberlin, Aaron Report Mar 1, 2018 1995
Deciphering autism. Jan 16, 2018 1226
Mind-body therapies. Brief article Dec 22, 2017 220
The Restoration Model. Corbier, Jean-Ronel Dec 1, 2017 2899
Medical Marijuana Can Now Be Used To Treat Autism And Sleep Apnea. Dec 1, 2017 253
Diagnosis and Management of autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Depression, Paediatric Anxiety Disorders, role of music therapy discussed by various speakers. Disease/Disorder overview Nov 30, 2017 1453
MRI Scans Show 4 Brain Differences In Patients With Autism. Oct 24, 2017 615
High Tech Ingenuity produces a breakthrough program to help with the symptoms of Autism, ADHD, Dementia, and Amnesia. Block, Mary Ann Oct 1, 2017 2916
The views and knowledge of parents of children with autism spectrum disorder on a range of treatments. Wetherston, V.; Gangat, S.; Shange, N.; Wheeler, K.; Karrim, S.B. Sayed Report Oct 1, 2017 3915
Autistic children benefit from vitamin D3. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 175
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Jun 1, 2017 1921
Stem Cells: A New Hope For Autism. Apr 18, 2017 523
The power of play. Dickerson, Jeremiah Apr 1, 2017 1033
Interventions for autism we found useful with our grandchild. Rogers, Denis; Forrester, Gillian; Gonzalez, Claudia Apr 1, 2017 1839
Extraction Orthodontic Treatment in an Autistic Patient. Ozsoy, Omur Polat; Bingol, Sinem ince Case study Mar 1, 2017 1972
Poisons in our bodies and the importance of liver and kidney support in the treatment of autism and other chronic conditions. Getoff, David J. Report Mar 1, 2017 3179
Parent Training Occupational Therapy Program for Parents of Children with Autism in Korea. An, Sun-Joung L. Report Jan 1, 2017 6182
Initial Development of the Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Parental Self-Efficacy Scale: A Pilot Study. Blocher-Rubin, Aaron; Krabill, Paige Report Jan 1, 2017 9743
The autoimmune response and neuropsychiatric disorders. Shimasaki, Craig Nov 1, 2016 1114
Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation launches endowments to leading universities. Oct 1, 2016 701
Thinking differently about tantrums & autism: a cognitive approach. Bernstein, Robert J. Jun 1, 2016 2385
Antidepressant use during pregnancy and autism spectrum disorder. Tester, Jodie Report Jun 1, 2016 837
40 children with autism to be treated for free. Apr 13, 2016 657
Exercise and autism. McNealus, Kristin Apr 1, 2016 1170
Animal therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder. Gabriel, Katie R. Apr 1, 2016 1973
Data lacking to support universal autism screening. Mcknight, Whitney Mar 1, 2016 385
Asian children with autism and other disabilities in Asia and the U.S. Waldman, H. Barry; Wong, Allen; Perlman, Steven P.; Garey, Misha Feb 1, 2016 2409
Bill and Virginia Leffen Center for Autism: Joplin, Missouri. Brown, Julia Report Jan 1, 2016 921
N-acetylcysteine for autistic children. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 192
Use of omega-3 for improving behavioural outcomes in autism spectrum disorder in children: a review of the literature. Roux, Cherylle Report Sep 1, 2015 4186
Child psychiatry consult: CAM for treating ASD. Dickerson, Jeremiah Aug 1, 2015 1240
Animals ease social anxiety in autistic kids. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 274
Lurasidone improves function in patients with autism spectrum disorder. Jun 1, 2015 363
10 ways to reach out to the autism community. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Jun 1, 2015 813
Brotherly love. Ursitti, Amy Jun 1, 2015 1658
CVCH pediatrics approved for autism diagnosis and management. May 1, 2015 121
Going Blue For Autism Awareness. Apr 20, 2015 474
Seven tips to help parents this autism awareness month. Apr 1, 2015 310
Fullerton cares autism foundation: creating authentic autism awareness, acceptance and action in every corner of a Southern California community. Block Nerren, Jess Apr 1, 2015 2695
Autism: a new theory. Cannell, John J. Excerpt Apr 1, 2015 3476
Concerns about autism. Apr 1, 2015 474
Challenges and resources for military families touched by autism. Woodworth, Jennifer Apr 1, 2015 2233
Hearing Loss and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Information for New First Parents and Families. Alzahrani, Amsa N. Report Apr 1, 2015 265
The efficacy of the speech and language therapy in autism spectrum disorders/A eficacia da intervencao terapeutica fonoaudiologica nos disturbios do espectro do autismo. Tamanaha, Ana Carina; Chiari, Brasmia M.; Perissinoto, Jacy Mar 1, 2015 3562
Treatment may aid babies with autism: changing how parents interact with children shows promise. Sanders, Laura Oct 4, 2014 380
FCT documented case of curing Autism, thanks to cause-based approach to chronic diseases. Yurkovsky, Savely Oct 1, 2014 1676
Quack treatment a very real threat. Sep 1, 2014 463
Charting the Course for Treating Children with Autism. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 128
Autism Spectrum Disorder Patients All Set to Embark on a Culinary Arts Career. Aug 14, 2014 333
Center for Autism and Related Disorders Introduces Remote Clinical Services Nationwide to Offer Underserved Families Access to Care. Jul 3, 2014 712
Autism spectrum disorders: an intervention approach based on genomic analysis. Lao, Jose I. Report Jul 1, 2014 10098
Physical activity at children with autism. Oltean, Antoanela; Popa, Cristian; Georgescu, Adrian Report Jun 1, 2014 5091
Coronado commences TSO trial in pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorder. Apr 14, 2014 157
Coronado commences TSO trial in pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorder. Apr 14, 2014 153
St. Vincent's new autism program offers advanced treatment. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 187
The Anderson Center Clinic: Understanding behavior analysis intervention therapy "on the spectrum". Apr 1, 2014 1509
Genetic Advances in Autism leading the way to improved care. Rubeis, Silvia De; Buxbaum, Joseph D Apr 1, 2014 1667
How families can maximize insurance coverage for autism services. Agoratus, Lauren Apr 1, 2014 977
A new framework for systematic reviews: application to social skills interventions for preschoolers with autism. Goldstein, Howard; Lackey, Kimberly C.; Schneider, Naomi J.B. Report Mar 22, 2014 15653
Common diuretic could alleviate autism symptoms: drug that lowers chloride levels in brain cells staves off abnormal behavior in rodents. Sanders, Laura Mar 8, 2014 781
Outcomes of play-based home support for children with autism spectrum disorder. Sari, Oktay Taymaz Report Feb 1, 2014 6902
Neurobiological abnormalities in the first few years of life in individuals later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder: a review of recent data. Allely, C.S.; Gillberg, C.; Wilson, P. Report Jan 1, 2014 15330
Autism and Vitamin D. Cannell, John Report Jan 1, 2014 3044
Vitamin D and Autism. Jan 1, 2014 2480
Characteristics of children who lost the diagnosis of autism: a sample from Istanbul, Turkey. Mukaddes, Nahit Motavalli; Tutkunkardas, Mustafa Deniz; Sari, Oktay; Aydin, Aydan; Kozanoglu, Pinar Report Jan 1, 2014 7962
Tsc2 haploinsufficiency has limited effects on fetal brain cytokine levels during gestational immune activation. Ehninger, Dan Report Jan 1, 2014 3365
Computer vision tools for low-cost and noninvasive measurement of autism-related behaviors in infants. Hashemi, Jordan; Tepper, Mariano; Spina, Thiago Vallin; Esler, Amy; Morellas, Vassilios; Papanikolop Report Jan 1, 2014 7681
Ubiquinol improves symptoms in children with autism. Gvozdjakova, Anna; Kucharska, Jarmila; Ostatnlkova, Daniela; Babinska, Katarina; Nakladal, Dalibor; Report Jan 1, 2014 3470
Retrophin to take over US autism therapy developer Kyalin. Dec 12, 2013 185
Retrophin to take over US autism therapy developer Kyalin. Dec 12, 2013 173
Hormone may help autistic people. Belluck, Pam Dec 3, 2013 486
Occupational therapy can benefit kids with autism. Dec 2, 2013 319
An excerpt from raising autism surviving the early years: in an attempt to forestall the inevitable I turned to Dr. S. and asked "so, it's the reflux again, right? Guess it's time for round two of Prevacid." The fear of his prolonged silence coursed through my body--I could feel my large litany of tiny fears coalescing into an even greater terror. Mccafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Excerpt Dec 1, 2013 2180
Initial workups for autism spectrum disorders: an interview with Kurt N. Woeller, DO: autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States--more children are now diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) than with cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. The rate of ASD has increased from 1 in 100,000 births to 1 in 54 male births, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control in 2012. Interview Oct 1, 2013 5185
Optimizing Metabolism: dehydration: the forgotten comorbidity of brain diseases. Kohlstadt, Ingrid Column Oct 1, 2013 1191
The lived experience of parenting a child with autism in a rural area: making the invisible, visible. Hoogsteen, Lindsey; Woodgate, Roberta L. Report Sep 1, 2013 4858
Autism spectrum disorder: a review of the current understanding of pathophysiology and complementary therapies in children. Robson, Belinda Report Sep 1, 2013 8085
Use of complementary and alternative medicine in children with autism spectrum disorders: a multicenter study/Otizm spektrum bozuklugu olan cocuklarda tamamlayici ve alternatif tip uygulamalari: cok merkezli bir calisma. Bilgic, Ayhan; Congologlu, Ayhan; Herguner, Sabri; Turkoglu, Serhat; Bahali, Kayhan; Gurkan, Kagan; Report Sep 1, 2013 5651
A Student at UOB designs a Center for the Treatment of Autistic Children. Aug 20, 2013 374
Autism speaks analyzes military's new ABA policies. Aug 1, 2013 350
New therapy for autism being explored after RNA code gets cracked. Jul 13, 2013 331
IVF treatment puts kids at risk for intellectual disability. Jul 3, 2013 591
Healing with homeopathy: homeopathy for children with Asperger Syndrome. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth; Ullman, Robert Excerpt Jul 1, 2013 2553
The autism equation: we will not stop fighting for our families because we DO matter. Huhtanen, Shelly Jul 1, 2013 742
Advocacy continues for better TRICARE coverage of autism treatment: "our military families have waited too long for a permanent solution to the problems accessing behavioral health treatment under TRICARE," said rep. Larson after the house vote. "It's hard enough being on the battlefield away from home to have the extra burden of worrying about your kids' care". Remington, Rick Jul 1, 2013 1775
Survey protocols and diagnostic methods applicable in the autism speech therapy clinic: a literature review/Levantamento de protocolos e metodos diagnosticos do transtorno autista aplicaveis na clinica fonoaudiologica: uma revisao de literatura. Goncalves, Tabatta Martins; Pedruzzi, Cristiane Monteiro Jul 1, 2013 4947
Behavior linked to protein synthesis. Jun 1, 2013 300
Early detection, treatment of autism can help child achieve full potential: Expert. Disease/Disorder overview May 2, 2013 637
Autism - mitigating a global epidemic. Bateman, Chris May 1, 2013 2020
Autism; recognition, referral, diagnosis and management of adults on the autism spectrum. (CD-ROM included). Brief article Apr 1, 2013 124
Why isn't my child sleeping & what can I do? A primer for parents of children with autism. Accardo, Jennifer Apr 1, 2013 2029
Autism spectrum disorders & the clinical geneticist: an approach to the family: the geneticist does not make the diagnosis of an ASD. Rather, this specialist is part of the interdisciplinary team of professionals who are involved in the diagnosis and management of such individuals. Ideally, a referral is made to the geneticist after the diagnosis has been made. Marion, Robert W. Apr 1, 2013 2509
It all starts at home: Brandon's story. Lauermann, Susan G.; Putnam, Bob Cover story Apr 1, 2013 2324
The sensory supported swimming program for children with autism spectrum disorders: well-designed and implemented recreation programs can help children with autism to experience the many benefits of engaging in physical activity. Mische-Lawson, Lisa; Cox, Jane; Foster, Lauren Mar 1, 2013 1951
Genes responsible for autism disorders. Feb 2, 2013 304
Autism speaks' statement on study: study confirms "optimal outcomes". Feb 1, 2013 582
Autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell therapy for autism: an open label proof of concept study. Sharma, Alok; Gokulchandran, Nandini; Sane, Hemangi; Nagrajan, Anjana; Paranjape, Amruta; Kulkarni, Report Jan 1, 2013 9615
Autism patients benefit from 40-day stays in inpatient units. Boschert, Sherry Jan 1, 2013 592
New views into the science of educating children with autism: emerging developments in neuroscience are forming the basis of promising new treatments for children on the autism spectrum. Burns, Martha S. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 1845
Preparing parents to advocate for a child with autism: educators have a vital role to play in helping parents develop the skills to become effective advocates for children with autism. Foster, Anne; Rude, Debbie; Grannan, Caroline Dec 1, 2012 2331
Caring encounters: autism does present a difficult set of educational challenges for children, but it's not all about the disease, the author says. It's about the children. Gunn, Alyson Dec 1, 2012 1706
Center for Autism and Related Disorders to Host Free Autism Insurance Seminars to Help Parents Gain Access to Coverage. Nov 1, 2012 522
Socio-Psychological Aspects of Animal Therapy in Treating Children Suffering from Forms of Dysontogenesis. Nikolskaya, Anastasia V. Report Nov 1, 2012 252
The Central California Autism Center Turns to Skills[R] to Help Treat Children on the Autism Spectrum. Oct 10, 2012 748
A family cause: with an autistic son and grandson, Ed Asner shows his soft side as a fierce advocate for families dealing with the developmental disorder. Levitt, Shelley Oct 1, 2012 1680
New NICE clinical guidelines to focus on autism in adults. Sep 1, 2012 271
Spectrum disorder. Euchner, Jim Editorial Sep 1, 2012 1018
GRASP: shaping the future for adults on the autism spectrum: GRASP now boasts over 7,300 full members, with thousands more in chat groups and social media sites. Funding primarily comes from individual donors, but also from small foundations, annual benefits, and a contract GRASP has had with the New York City public schools since 2004. Azuma, Julie Aug 1, 2012 2261
A different approach: adventures in biomedical interventions. Facteau, Cindy Aug 1, 2012 2068
Intervention for food selectivity in a specialized school setting: teacher implemented prompting, reinforcement, and demand fading for an adolescent student with autism. Knox, Maria; Rue, Hanna C.; Wildenger, Leah; Lamb, Kara; Luiselli, James K. Case study Aug 1, 2012 3988
Autism eye health recognised. Brief article Jul 13, 2012 217
Autism speaks provides strategies to help parents with difficult behaviors. Jul 1, 2012 1007
Child ASD diagnosis trends. Correa, Frances Report Jul 1, 2012 224
Oxytocin improves brain function in autistic kids. May 21, 2012 343
A unique program for the hearing impaired: The program was created in 2010 in response to a marked increase in the percentage of students coming to the William center with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. May 1, 2012 1395
Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI): providing life-long care: DDI strongly emphasizes the importance of intervening as early as possible in a person's life, nurturing communication, and stimulating learning skills, as well as supporting ongoing interaction with typically developing peers. May 1, 2012 1214
When words hurt part one: it is natural to get defensive or upset when someone says something unkind. But by staying open to the conversation, you have the opportunity to teach others about how to be more supportive to you and your child. Petruccelli, Marisa L.; Lauermann, Susan G. May 1, 2012 724
A gathering at the Intrepid for Autism awareness: Karen Driscoll in her remarks said that military families recognize that they have volunteered for the responsibilities of military life, but added that the nation has an obligation to care for them. Speaks, Autism May 1, 2012 1457
L-carnitine for autism spectrum disorders. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 220
Theatre and therapy? The twain meet (via Twain). Loer, Jenni M. Apr 1, 2012 401
Parent to parent making the case for evidence-based practice: parents who have children with a new ASD diagnosis are faced with more information than they can possibly absorb, and a series of decisions to make as their children grow and develop. They must understand the world of ASD well enough to navigate it. Rue, Hanna C.; Ladew, Patricia Apr 1, 2012 2439
History of autism. Holaday, Bonnie Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2012 2951
UN Urges Equal Treatment for People with Autism. Mar 30, 2012 206
Homoeopathy. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 214
Using peer modeling and differential reinforcement in the treatment of food selectivity. Sira, Bipon K.; Fryling, Mitch J. Report Feb 1, 2012 3075
Utilizing antecedent manipulations and reinforcement in the treatment of food selectivity by texture. Najdowski, Adel C.; Tarbox, Jonathan; Wilke, Arthur E. Report Feb 1, 2012 3214
NDAR federation creates largest source of autism research data to date. Brief article Dec 12, 2011 108
Planning for Tiny Tim: a modern Christmas carol. Dale, Stephen W. Dec 1, 2011 1718
Excess of non-verbal cases of autism spectrum disorders presenting to orthodox clinical practice in Africa--a trend possibly resulting from late diagnosis and intervention. Bakare, Muideen O.; Munir, Kerim M. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2011 2278
Research supported by the autism speaks Autism Treatment Network: presented at the Society for Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics Annual Meeting. Oct 1, 2011 568
Educating Michigan's Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): An Initial Exploration of Programming."The ASD Michigan Project". Special Report. Ferreri, Summer; Bolt, Sara Report Sep 12, 2011 586
Anaesthesia and the autistic child. Bagshaw, Maria Report Sep 1, 2011 3717
Active duty helping parents become effective members of their child's IEP team. Feinberg, Adam; Ladew, Patricia Sep 1, 2011 2929
Autism Spectrum Disorder: parenting stress, family functioning and health-related quality of life. Johnson, Norah; Frenn, Marilyn; Feetham, Suzanne; Simpson, Pippa Report Sep 1, 2011 11167
Effective programs for treating autism spectrum disorder: Applied behavior analysis models. Hursh, Dan Book review Aug 1, 2011 598
Autism spectrum disorders in childhood: a clinical update. Reynolds, Kate E. Report Jul 1, 2011 2790
Dermagist Donates to Build Groundbreaking New Center for the Treatment of Autism. Jun 26, 2011 551
Genetic analysis reveals clues to autism's roots: diverse disorder has common molecular changes in brain. Sanders, Laura Jun 18, 2011 965
TriWest nurse offers tips for parents of children with autism: about 80 percent of the families Shelia Armstead helps have a loved one with autism. Lopatin, Shari Jun 1, 2011 387
Commentary on providing services to students with autism spectrum disorders. Cohen, Shirley Report Jun 1, 2011 2652
Autism Speaks funds 2-yr $770k trailblazer grant for study of gastrointestinal research in autism. Brief article May 1, 2011 197
A program description of a community-based intensive behavioral intervention program for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Leaf, Ronald B.; Taubman, Mitchell T.; McEachin, John J.; Leaf, Justin B.; Tsuji, Kathleen H. Report May 1, 2011 9646
How-to guide for autism. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Apr 1, 2011 1610
Involving your child or teen with ASD in integrated community activities. McKee, Rebecca Apr 1, 2011 579
Autism spectrum disorders: strategies toward a self determined life for your child. Burton-Hoyle, Sally Apr 1, 2011 1623
Roses for autism. Tomaino, Robert Apr 1, 2011 1346
Autism Awareness Month: TRICARE covers ABA therapy. Lopatin, Shari Apr 1, 2011 406
Autism demonstration proving positive. Mar 1, 2011 541
Autistic spectrum in West syndrome/ West sendromunda otistik bozukluk. Hancerli, Selda; Caliskan, Mine; Mukaddes, Nahit Motavalli; Tatli, Burak; Aydinli, Nur; Ozmen, Meral Report Mar 1, 2011 4164
The legacy continues. Kessinger, A. Jay, IV Mar 1, 2011 796
2011 Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 357
Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago, providing an opportunity for independence. Dec 1, 2010 1335
Family matters: enlisting the family to ensure successful early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Putnam, Robert; Ladew, Patricia Dec 1, 2010 2785
Diet and autism. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 153
Without speaking, youth enters adult work scene, copes with autism a day at a time. Murphy, Patti Oct 1, 2010 1299
Parent training programme for autism spectrum disorders: an evaluation. Roberts, Deborah; Pickering, Nia Report Oct 1, 2010 3889
Aripiprazole and neuroleptic malignant syndrome in an adolescent patient: a case report /Ergen hastada aripiprazole bagli noroleptik malign sendrom: bir olgu sunumu. Kamisli, Ozden; Ozcan, Ozlem; Kaplan, Yuksel; Ozcan, Cemal Case study Sep 1, 2010 1636
Food preferences in autism. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 222
Mission: ACT today! for military families. Marroquin, Laura Aug 1, 2010 1213
Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism 2010-2011. Book review Jul 1, 2010 102
Efficiency of forced choice preference assessment: comparing multiple presentation techniques. Davis, Cheryl J.; Brock, Michele D.; McNulty, Kristin; Rosswurm, Mary L.; Bruneau, Benjamin; Zane, T Report Jun 22, 2010 4629
Questions on verbal behavior and its application to individuals with autism: an interview with the experts. Bondy, Andrew; Esch, Barbara E.; Sundberg, Mark Jun 22, 2010 10776
Using paraprofessionals to teach social skills to children with autism spectrum disorders in the general education classroom. Mazurik-Charles, Rebecca; Stefanou, Candice Report Jun 1, 2010 4364
A one-stop shop for autism services: Hope Network's Center for Autism provides patients with a calming space and a wealth of specialized services. Barba, Lindsay Jun 1, 2010 1181
Autism's earliest symptoms not evident in children under six months. Sagall, Richard J. May 1, 2010 955
Parent-implemented procedural modification of escape extinction in the treatment of food selectivity in a young child with autism. Tarbox, Jonathan; Schiff, Averil; Najdowski, Adel C. Report May 1, 2010 4539
Cockapoos in the classroom: providing unique learning opportunities for children with autism. Stone, Brenda H. Report May 1, 2010 1459
Helping your child build strength: looking outside the box. Huhtanen, Shelly Report May 1, 2010 964
Now, iPhone app that helps autistic kids communicate. Apr 16, 2010 294
The thyroid-autism connection. Kellman, Raphael Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2010 1909
Preparing adolescents with autism for successful futures. Frea, William D. Apr 1, 2010 2893
A quantitative analysis of language interventions for children with autism. Kane, Meghan; Connell, James E.; Pellecchia, Melanie Report Mar 22, 2010 6452
Pfeiffer Treatment Center announces study findings that may help in gastrointestinal disease therapy for children with autism. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 178
Bringing on the info overload. Weinberger, David Feb 1, 2010 823
Searching for the causes of autism. Kaufmann, Walter E.; Silverman, Wayne Column Feb 1, 2010 2027
Effects of multiple exemplar instruction on transformation of stimulus function across written and vocal spelling responses by students with autism. Eby, Carly M.; Greer, R. Douglas; Tullo, Lisa D.; Baker, Katherine A.; Pauly, Rebecca Report Jan 12, 2010 5667
Using DRO, behavioral momentum, and self-regulation to reduce scripting by an adolescent with autism. Silla-Zaleski, Vanessa Ann; Vesloski, Mary J. Report Jan 12, 2010 3633
The experiences of "autism mothers" who become behavior analysts: a qualitative study. Barbera, Mary Lynch Report Jan 5, 2010 9115
Additional treatment option is welcome. Robb, Adelaide Jan 1, 2010 454
About 1% of 8-year-olds have autism disorders. Splete, Heidi Report Jan 1, 2010 340
The search for autism's missing piece: autism research slowly turns its focus to environmental toxicity. Belli, Brita Jan 1, 2010 4396
Introduction for the special issue on functional assessment and treatment development. LaRue, Robert H. Report Jan 1, 2010 1238
A quantitative synthesis of developmental disability research: the impact of functional assessment methodology on treatment effectiveness. Delfs, Caitlin H.; Campbell, Jonathan M. Report Jan 1, 2010 7524
Effective behavioral intervention for adults on the autism spectrum: best practices in functional assessment and treatment development. Manente, Christopher J.; Maraventano, James C.; LaRue, Robert H.; Delmolino, Lara; Sloan, Donna Report Jan 1, 2010 6886
An evaluation of prompt schedules and mand preference during functional communication training. Falcomata, Terry S.; Ringdahl, Joel E.; Christensen, Tory J.; Boelter, Eric W. Report Jan 1, 2010 3057
Setting the standard for autism treatments: National Autism Center releases groundbreaking report. Wilczynski, Susan M.; Pollack, Eileen G. Dec 1, 2009 1734
Perspective: treatment option is welcome. Robb, Adelaide S. Dec 1, 2009 456
Dispatches from the front lines of autism and Lyme disease. Budinger, Mary Report Oct 1, 2009 4059
B vitamins may benefit autistic children. Kiefer, Dale Brief article Sep 1, 2009 161
Summary of Advances in Autism Spectrum Disorder Research: Calendar Year 2008. Report Aug 28, 2009 280
CBT and Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Comprehensive Literature Review. Kincade, Sharon R.; McBride, Dawn Lorraine Report Aug 27, 2009 459
Treatment of neurosensory disorders: improves Psychological well-being in children. Bohlander, Robert Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2009 1769
Current policies impacting people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Long, Leslie Jul 1, 2009 1738
Representations of autism: implications for community healthcare practice. Brownlow, Charlotte; O'Dell, Lindsay Report Jul 1, 2009 3706
Supporting families of children with autism spectrum disorders: questions parents ask and what nurses need to know. Elder, Jennifer Harrison; D'Alessandro, Tina Report Jul 1, 2009 4805
Screen all kids for autism ... and get paid for it. Jancin, Bruce Jun 15, 2009 564
The legacy continues. Kessinger, Jay Report Jun 1, 2009 659
Autism--an environmental health issue after all? Berg, Rebecca Jun 1, 2009 3247
Easter Seals study will strengthen efforts to help families living with autism. Apr 1, 2009 1770
Filling in the gaps: Medicaid waivers add to the continuum of resources for people with autism. Reinke, Thomas Apr 1, 2009 1503
Grants for autism program. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 151
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