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Cardy wins first Norman & Marion Bright Memorial Award: presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in Canada to the furtherance of chemical technology, this year's award is given to Catherine A. Cardy, MCIC.

Catherine Cardy, cCT, MCIC

Imperial Oil

Catherine Cardy, BSc., cCT, MCIC, graduated from Mohawk College in 1974 with a technician diploma in chemical engineering. Her first position was as a biochemistry technologist in McMaster University's biochemistry department. After four years she continued this path with a similar position at the University of Western Ontario for five years. During this time she co-authored five papers in the area of hormone research.

In 1983, Cardy started a career with Imperial Oil in their research analytical laboratory, performing various tests for both routine and new product developments. This role expanded to include quality control coordinator in 1988. From 1991 to 1994, she was the service level coordinator, which focuses on customer service. This role prioritizes the needs of both manufacturing and research customers, and ensures the analytical laboratory is providing top capability to meet all the customer requirements. During this time she led the analytical laboratory to their first ISO registration in December 1994. In 1993, she received her BSc. from the University of Waterloo in chemistry and in 1994 accepted a new position with Imperial Oil as lab supervisor for the manufacturing quality assurance laboratory.

In 1997, Cardy moved into the quality leader role for the basic chemicals manufacturing business unit. In this role, quality and safety were the primary focus. In 1999, her role expanded to include business practices/quality leader, and it ensures the manufacturing business unit remains focused on safety/quality and business controls.

In 2000, she become the improve leader for the intermediates manufacturing. In this role, she supervises developmental and applications engineers, quality and business controls support, plus technology improvements for manufacturing. Cardy continues to represent the chemicals department as the quality leader and is currently working with the key business contacts to transition to the new ISO 9000:2000 standard.

Cardy became involved in The Chemical Institute of Canada in the late 1980s at the Sarnia Local Section. Her primary role was as the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT) representative, ensuring the needs of technologists in the area where met.

In 1995, Cardy became a board member of the CSCT at the national level; in 1996, the vice-president, and in 1998, the president. This role continues to focus on the needs of both the student in technology and the graduated technologist. She organized a the 25th CSCT Anniversary symposium in London, ON in 1998, where college students in the area had the opportunity to listen to the papers presented by career technologists. The success of this symposium led to the current annual student symposiums sponsored by CSCT. Cardy continues to be present at each one as a judge. In 2000, the first National Workshop for the CSCT in Toronto, ON was planned and continues each year, meeting the CSCT's objective to support the development the technology professional.

For National Chemistry Week, Cardy participates in the mall poster sessions and has visited local primary grades to demonstrate, with simple experiments, the fun in science. Cardy has been awarded the title of 'Science Lady' by the local Cubs.

In 2001, Cardy participated in her first lead assessment for CTAB at SAIT in Calgary, AB to ensure the chemical technology standards required of the graduates are imbedded in the programs. Cathy has also been nominated as part of the CSCT board to sit on the CTAB (Canadian Technology Accreditation Board) to represent technology programs.

In 2002, Cardy received the Norman and Marion Bright Award for her continued support of chemical technology.
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Comment:Cardy wins first Norman & Marion Bright Memorial Award: presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in Canada to the furtherance of chemical technology, this year's award is given to Catherine A. Cardy, MCIC.
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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