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Covid-19 treatment hope for 3p diabetes pill that also fights breast cancer and heart disease; Metformin, already dispensed by the NHS, has been found to helpful in reducing the risks of coronavirus deaths in several different studies. By, Anthony Blair & Brett Gibbons Jul 1, 2020 370
Political appointments mar performance of NICVD: Haleem. Jun 25, 2020 643
Dr Asim meets Khursheed Shah. Jun 15, 2020 197
Amarin says VASCEPA shows significant cardiovascular risk reduction. Jun 15, 2020 555
Women less likely to be given statins. The Washington Post Jun 15, 2020 255
Women less likely to be given statins. Linda Searing Special To The Washington Post Jun 15, 2020 264
Weight-loss pill 'possible' as scientists develop drug that stops mice piling on pounds; In experiments mice given the drug didn't put on weight -even after gorging on foods high in fat and sugar. Scientists believe the same will happen in humans -and clinical trials are already being planned. By, Mark Waghorn & Shivali Best Jun 10, 2020 625
Nigerians in the face of COVID-19 and cardiovascular diseases. Jun 6, 2020 1162
TOPIC: How To Follow A Healthful Diet. Jun 4, 2020 1149
Amarin to increase Vascepa promotion and education initiatives. Jun 1, 2020 220
Celiac Disease Can Have Serious Consequences: A substantial number of people are diagnosed with the condition in older age. Jun 1, 2020 895
Acute Esophageal Necrosis in a Septic Patient with a History of Cardiovascular Disease. Coles, Michael; Madray, Victoria; Uy, Pearl May 31, 2020 1215
Clinical tools for cardiorespiratory assessment and rehabilitation: A primary care perspective. Kalra, Arnav; Kantroo, Viny Report May 31, 2020 2397
Cardiovigilance in COVID 19. Kishor, Kamal; Marwah, Rishabh; Anantharaj, Avinash Report May 31, 2020 1992
Comparison of Phytochemical Profile, Mineral Content, and In Vitro Antioxidant Activities of Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius Leaf Extracts from Different Populations. Biswas, Ashok; Dey, Susmita; Li, Defang; Liu, Yi; Zhang, Jiangjiang; Huang, Siqi; Pan, Gen; Deng, Yo May 31, 2020 9931
Cumulative Effect of Cardiovascular Risk Factors on Regulation of AMPK/SIRT1-PGC-1[alpha]-SIRT3 Pathway in the Human Erectile Tissue. Pereira, Andressa S.; Gouveia, Alexandra M.; Tomada, Nuno; Rodrigues, Adriana R.; Neves, Delminda May 31, 2020 6996
The Role of Antioxidants in Ameliorating Cyclophosphamide-Induced Cardiotoxicity. Ayza, Muluken Altaye; Zewdie, Kaleab Alemayehu; Tesfaye, Bekalu Amare; Wondafrash, Dawit Zewdu; Berh May 31, 2020 8314
Melatonin Attenuates Calcium Deposition from Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells by Activating Mitochondrial Fusion and Mitophagy via an AMPK/OPA1 Signaling Pathway. Chen, Wei Ren; Zhou, Yu Jie; Yang, Jia Qi; Liu, Fang; Wu, Xue Ping; Sha, Yuan May 31, 2020 5189
Paternal Resistance Training Induced Modifications in the Left Ventricle Proteome Independent of Offspring Diet. de Sousa Neto, Ivo Vieira; Tibana, Ramires Alsamir; Prestes, Jonato; de Oliveira da Silva, Leonardo May 31, 2020 11087
The Role of Oxidative Stress in Cardiac Disease: From Physiological Response to Injury Factor. D'Oria, Rossella; Schipani, Rossella; Leonardini, Anna; Natalicchio, Annalisa; Perrini, Sebastio; Ci May 31, 2020 25590
Novel Approaches for Diagnosing and Management of Cardiovascular Disorders Mediated by Oxidative Stress. Doroszko, Adrian; Radziwon-Balicka, Aneta; Skomro, Robert May 31, 2020 2356
Identification of Susceptibility Modules and Genes for Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetic Patients Using WGCNA Analysis. Liang, Weiwei; Sun, Fangfang; Zhao, Yiming; Shan, Lizhen; Lou, Hanyu May 31, 2020 4634
Cancer and Heart Disease Death Rates, Among Men and Women Aged 45-64 Years--United States, 1999-2018. Curtin, Sally C. May 29, 2020 187
Support for those with heart issues; LETTERS. May 25, 2020 233
Support for those with heart issues; LETTERS. May 23, 2020 233
Heart attack prevention efforts lag for people with stroke. May 19, 2020 407
Tackle Covid-19 as part of triple crisis. May 18, 2020 752
Proper Nutrition - the cornerstone for your health. May 18, 2020 546
Mohammed bin Rashid initiative helps 7.5 million people worldwide. Gulf News May 14, 2020 1632
Stable heart patients can fast during Ramadan, says expert. May 10, 2020 513
How to keep healthy and active at home during coronavirus lockdown; Long periods of inactivity contributed to 70,000 deaths in the UK in 2016 due to obesity, cardiovascular disease, increased blood pressure and diabetes. Here are some tips to keep active. By, Punteha van Terheyden May 9, 2020 593
NICVD under strain from Covid-19. May 3, 2020 889
SEVERE COVID-19: Which organ systems does it attack? Otto, M. Alexander May 1, 2020 1061
Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease. Gaby, Alan R. May 1, 2020 257
Molecular Fire Prevention: Understanding Accelerators of Inflammation in Atherosclerosis and How to Avoid Them. Smith, Fraser May 1, 2020 3409
Therapeutic Application of Carnitine Derivatives in Integrative Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases. Mikolai, Jeremy Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2020 1917
Role of the eNOS Uncoupling and the Nitric Oxide Metabolic Pathway in the Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases. Luczak, Anna; Madej, Marta; Kasprzyk, Agata; Doroszko, Adrian Apr 30, 2020 12563
Mitochondrial ROS-Modulated mtDNA: A Potential Target for Cardiac Aging. Quan, Yue; Xin, Yanguo; Tian, Geer; Zhou, Junteng; Liu, Xiaojing Apr 30, 2020 8498
Annexin [V.sup.+] Microvesicles in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: A Prospective Cohort Study. Bratseth, Vibeke; Margeirsdottir, Hanna D.; Chiva-Blanch, Gemma; Heier, Martin; Solheim, Svein; Arne Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 6124
Pathophysiological and Genetic Aspects of Vascular Calcification. Guzman, Luis Fernando Escobar; Guzman, Cristian Andres Escobar; Lopes, Neuza Helena Moreira Report Apr 30, 2020 8484
Endocan: A Biomarker for Hepatosteatosis in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome. Erman, Hande; Beydogan, Engin; Cetin, Seher Irem; Boyuk, Banu Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 4914
Gum Arabic (Acacia Senegal) Augmented Total Antioxidant Capacity and Reduced C-Reactive Protein among Haemodialysis Patients in Phase II Trial. Ali, Nour Elkhair; Kaddam, Lamis AbdelGadir; Alkarib, Suad Yousif; Kaballo, Babikir Gabir; Khalid, S Apr 30, 2020 4716
Risk Factors Associated with Cardiac Autonomic Modulation in Obese Individuals. Oliveira, Camila; Silveira, Erika Aparecida; Rosa, Lorena; Santos, Annelisa; Rodrigues, Ana Paula; M Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 6138
Lipidomics Profile Changes of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Zhang, Wen; Gong, Lili; Yang, Song; Lv, Yali; Han, Feifei; Liu, He; Liu, Lihong Apr 30, 2020 3876
Participants' Perspectives of a Primary Exercise-Based Prevention Program for Cardiac Patients: A Prepost Intervention Qualitative Case Study. Lesage-Moussavou-Nzamba, Melissa; Houle, Julie; Trudeau, Francois Case study Apr 30, 2020 9145
Atherosclerotic Risk Factors in Children with Celiac Disease. Rybak, Anna; Wierzbicka, Aldona; Socha, Piotr; Stolarczyk, Anna; Cukrowska, Bozena; Obrycki, Lukasz; Report Apr 30, 2020 6112
Work-related stress may up risk for peripheral artery disease. Apr 29, 2020 362
Work-related stress may up risk for peripheral artery disease. Apr 29, 2020 312
The Good Egg? Zanteson, Lori Apr 28, 2020 871
Quit smoking, taking alcohol to help beat virus - CAS Aman. Apr 24, 2020 243
Coronavirus: What Heart Patients Need To Know? Apr 16, 2020 764
At the heart of Covid-19: A red flag for cardiovascular diseases. Apr 15, 2020 748
Not just lungs, studies say coronavirus may also affect the heart. Apr 13, 2020 480
Cisterns analyst; cancer and heart disease from loo visits. MARK WAGHORN Apr 7, 2020 253
Cisterns analyst; Smart toilet uses sensors, tech to test for cancer and heart disease from loo visits. MARK WAGHORN Apr 7, 2020 248
Bayer continues cardiovascular disease awareness campaign in UAE. Apr 6, 2020 260
Blueberry Intake May Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk. Apr 1, 2020 164
Primordial cardiovascular prevention draws closer. Jancin, Bruce Apr 1, 2020 931
How to manage cardiac emergencies in the pandemic. Beck, Debra L. Apr 1, 2020 869
Cardio-obstetrics team development: Highlights from ACC. Worcester, Sharon Apr 1, 2020 541
CVH in pregnant women: Ample room for improvement. Hong, Charles; Reece, E. Albert Apr 1, 2020 841
Cardiac Ameliorative Effect of Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity in Rat Model. Mabrouki, Lamia; Rjeibi, Ilhem; Taleb, Jihen; Zourgui, Lazhar Mar 31, 2020 7956
PPAR[gamma] and Its Agonists in Chronic Kidney Disease. Ma, Yuhua; Shi, Manman; Wang, Yuxin; Liu, Jian Mar 31, 2020 8157
Monocyte/Lymphocyte Ratio and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients. Wen, Yueqiang; Zhan, Xiaojiang; Wang, Niansong; Peng, FenFen; Feng, Xiaoran; Wu, Xianfeng Mar 31, 2020 5846
Impact of the Glycemic Control and Duration of Type 2 Diabetes on Vitamin D Level and Cardiovascular Disease Risk. Alaidarous, Thuraya A.; Alkahtani, Noura M.; Aljuraiban, Ghadeer S.; Abulmeaty, Mahmoud M.A. Mar 31, 2020 6902
Antiatherosclerosis Properties of Total Saponins of Garlic in Rats. Miao, Qing; Wang, Ruihai; Bai, Dong; Xue, Xin; Xu, Jing; Sun, Xiaoxin; Liu, Limei Mar 31, 2020 3857
Dementia risk from air pollution. Mar 31, 2020 188
Amarin highlights VASCEPA-related data presented at ACC.20/WCC. Mar 31, 2020 835
The Emerging Discipline of Cardio-Oncology; What, why and how? Naqvi, Syed Arsalan Ahmed; Zaidia, Syed Danish Hasan; Haider, Mohammad Zeeshan Report Mar 31, 2020 784
Heart Health and Menopause: Menopause heightens heart risks, particularly when it comes early. Mar 31, 2020 590
With Diabetes, Keep an Eye on Your Vision: Stay on guard against diabetic. Mar 24, 2020 755
Change greeting style, avoid crowds to prevent spread of COVID-19: HMC cardiologist. Mar 24, 2020 554
Can garlic prevent Covid-19? The facts and myths. Mar 23, 2020 1918
Using aspirin for primary prevention: The benefits and risks. Mar 21, 2020 599
Kowa Randomizes 10,000 Subjects. Mar 16, 2020 344
Eat more plant-based foods for better heart health. Mar 12, 2020 268
Mission to boost Healthy Hearts hailed a success; Representatives from borough recognised for their work. LISA O'BRIEN Mar 9, 2020 245
Non-communicable diseases mortality at 46 per cent. Mar 8, 2020 487
Coronavirus no need to worry. Mar 6, 2020 943
Flu Can Make Diabetes, Heart Disease Worse -Expert. Mar 5, 2020 411
Tea Consumption Tied to Longer, Healthier Lives: Effects were most robust for green tea and for long-term drinkers. Mar 1, 2020 615
The Role of Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in Preventive Medicine: A Perspective from Portugal Primary Health-Care Cardiovascular Risk Assessment. Santos, Paulo Mar 1, 2020 4343
An Optimization Study of Estimating Blood Pressure Models Based on Pulse Arrival Time for Continuous Monitoring. Shao, Jiang; Shi, Ping; Hu, Sijung; Liu, Yang; Yu, Hongliu Report Mar 1, 2020 7698
Effect of Acute Myocardial Infarction on a Disintegrin and Metalloprotease with Thrombospondin Motif 13 and Von Willebrand Factor and Their Relationship with Markers of Inflammation. Masri, Abeer A. Al-; Habib, Syed Shahid; Hersi, Ahmad; Zamil, Hana Al Mar 1, 2020 3390
A Simple and Rapid LC-MS/MS Method for Quantification of Total Daidzein, Genistein, and Equol in Human Urine. Saha, Shikha; Kroon, Paul A. Mar 1, 2020 6269
Resveratrol Prevents Right Ventricle Remodeling and Dysfunction in Monocrotaline-Induced Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension with a Limited Improvement in the Lung Vasculature. Vazquez-Garza, Eduardo; Bernal-Ramirez, Judith; Jerjes-Sanchez, Carlos; Lozano, Omar; Acuna-Morin, E Mar 1, 2020 9311
Farrerol Directly Targets GSK-3[beta] to Activate Nrf2-ARE Pathway and Protect EA.hy926 Cells against Oxidative Stress-Induced Injuries. Yan, Chaoqun; Zhang, Xiaoyan; Miao, Junqiu; Yuan, Hongxia; Liu, Enli; Liang, Taigang; Li, Qingshan Mar 1, 2020 9993
CARBS, FATS, OR PROTEINS? Powell, Alvin Interview Mar 1, 2020 1178
EXERCISE: How much is needed for maximum heart benefit? Jancin, Bruce Mar 1, 2020 1562
Current Diagnosis, Treatment and Clinical Challenges in the Management of Lipodystrophy Syndromes in Children and Young People. Ozen, Samim; Akinci, Baris; Oral, Elif A. Mar 1, 2020 9728
Conceptualization of Heterogeneity of Chronic Diseases and Atherosclerosis as a Pathway to Precision Medicine: Endophenotype, Endotype, and Residual Cardiovascular Risk. Genkel, Vadim V.; Shaposhnik, Igor I. Mar 1, 2020 7700
Lipoprotein(a) the Insurgent: A New Insight into the Structure, Function, Metabolism, Pathogenicity, and Medications Affecting Lipoprotein(a) Molecule. Jawi, Motasim M.; Frohlich, Jiri; Chan, Sammy Y. Mar 1, 2020 22890
Morphological and Functional Characteristics of Animal Models of Myocardial Fibrosis Induced by Pressure Overload. Ding, Yuejia; Wang, Yuan; Jia, Qiujin; Wang, Xiaoling; Lu, Yanmin; Zhang, Ao; Lv, Shichao; Zhang, Ju Mar 1, 2020 12433
Evaluation of subclinical myocardial dysfunction using speckle tracking echocardiography in patients with radiographic and non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis. Emren, Sadik Volkan; Gercik, Onay; Ozdemir, Emre; Solmaz, Dilek; Eren, Nihan; Simsek, Ersin Cagri; T Mar 1, 2020 4990
COMPARISON OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE (CVD) RISK BETWEEN SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHROMATOSIS (SLE) PATIENTS AND NORMAL CONTROL GROUP. Bashir Ahmed, Uzma Rashid, Shazia Zammurrad, Tania Sultana, Alam Zeb, Muhammad Sufyan Khan and Wajah Feb 29, 2020 3434
TMC Iloilo launches 'Finest in Heart Care'. Feb 28, 2020 635
It's Time to Learn More About Your Cholesterol Ratio: Cholesterol ratio is the ratio of your total cholesterol to your HDL ("good, cholesterol level... But what does it mean? Smith, Kristen N. Feb 28, 2020 774
Drinks with added sugar bad for heart: Study. Feb 27, 2020 452
Plasma Lipid Profile and Cardiac Risk Markers in Diabetic Nephropathy. Rammaiah, Nagendra Subba; Deverbhavi, Praveenkumar; Thirumala, Kashinath Rattihalli Feb 24, 2020 2449
Elimination of trans fats in Kenya. Feb 20, 2020 812
How to incorporate more heart-healthy foods into your diet. metro llc Feb 19, 2020 504
Are you too young to have a heart problem? Feb 18, 2020 653
How meat, poultry, and fish affect cardiovascular, death risk. Feb 16, 2020 261
Surprising ways exercise benefits your heart Exercise. Feb 12, 2020 422
Incorporate more heart-healthy foods into your diet. Feb 12, 2020 473
The 10 foods that could prevent cancer; The country is facing a health crisis. From heart disease to high cholesterol, millions are developing life-shortening conditions - often triggered by lifestyle choices. Our brilliant new series will help you reduce risk and make vital changes - before it's too late. This week, Pat Hagan explains how to reduce your risk of cancer. Pat Hagan Recipe Feb 10, 2020 1349
A Journey to Safe Motherhood in Pregnancy with Severe Cardiac Dysfunction--A Maternal Near Miss. Bhatia, Ruby; Mor, Sunita; Manzoor, Sajaad; Aggarwal, Gaurav; Vashishat, Neha Feb 10, 2020 1142
Why cardiovascular, death risks impact meat, poultry and fish. Feb 7, 2020 974
Heart Failure Deaths Increasing In Seniors: Addressing your cardiovascular risk factors is vital to help you avoid or manage the condition. Feb 1, 2020 1479
The heart of the matter. Silva, Brenda Feb 1, 2020 533
New Diabetes Drugs a Boon for Patients with Heart Failure: SGLT2 inhibitors go above and beyond lowering blood sugar to prevent heart failure-related deaths and hospitalizations. Feb 1, 2020 712
How to Tell Whether Bariatric Surgery Might Benefit You: New app helps individuals with diabetes understand how weight-loss surgery could improve their health. Feb 1, 2020 700
Cardiovascular Risk Altered with Changing Metabolic Syndrome Status. Feb 1, 2020 158
Cost-effectiveness of Screening Program for Chronic Q Fever, the Netherlands. de Boer, Pieter T.; de Lange, Marit M.A.; Wielders, Cornelia C.H.; Dijkstra, Frederika; van Roeden, Feb 1, 2020 6653
Screen for cardiovascular risks tied to marijuana use. Smith, Jennifer Feb 1, 2020 595
High-sensitivity cardiac tropinin levels linked to poor CV outcomes. Feb 1, 2020 423
Screen for cardiovascular risks tied to marijuana. Smith, Jennifer Feb 1, 2020 601
WCM-Q study sheds new light on causes of common diseases. Jan 30, 2020 455
Research to unravel gene-disease link progresses at WCM-Q. Jan 29, 2020 491
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Market Is Expected To Exhibit a Strong 4.96% CAGR By 2023. Jan 27, 2020 882
Study reveals ill effects of marijuana for heart patients. ANI Jan 25, 2020 651
Dietary practices emerge major risk factors for CVD/Diabetes. Jan 23, 2020 600
Abdominal Obesity Linked to Recurrent Atherosclerotic CVD; Risk for recurrent atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease increased after myocardial infarction. Jan 23, 2020 244
Air pollution causes respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, cancer - MoveGreen. Jan 21, 2020 127
Women blood vessels age faster than men's: Study. ANI Jan 18, 2020 509
Novo Nordisk receives FDA approval for Ozempic for CV risk reduction in people with type 2 diabetes and established CVD. Jan 17, 2020 393
Novo Nordisk receives FDA approval for Ozempic for CV risk reduction in people with type 2 diabetes and established CVD. Jan 17, 2020 388
Study Finds Women Age Faster Than Men In This Aspect. Darwin Malicdem Jan 17, 2020 365
Novo Nordisk receives FDA approval for Ozempic for CV risk reduction in people with type 2 diabetes and established CVD. Jan 17, 2020 392
Shift in dietary practices needed to fight 'epidemic' of cardiovascular diseases in Pakistan. Jan 15, 2020 322
Shift in dietary practices needed to fight 'epidemic' of cardiovascular diseases. Jan 15, 2020 366
Cardiol Therapeutics' Exclusive Manufacturing Partner Receives Three-Year Renewal and Amendment of its Cannabis Act License from Health Canada. Jan 15, 2020 1397
Periodontal disease and its impact on general health in Latin America. Section V: Treatment of periodontitis. Fischer, Ricardo Guimaraes; Lira, Ronaldo, Jr.; Retamal-Valdes, Belen; de Figueiredo, Luciene Cristi Jan 15, 2020 5919
Burnout syndrome linked to cardiac disease: Study. ANI Jan 14, 2020 465
Shift in dietary practices needed to fight 'epidemic' of cardiovascular diseases. Jan 14, 2020 652
Shift in dietary practices needed to fight 'epidemic' of cardiovascular diseases in Pakistan - Press Release issued by Aga Khan University. Jan 14, 2020 701
IDTechEx Report Discusses Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease. Report Jan 13, 2020 808
Study reveals 5 risk factors to avoid for leading longer, healthier life. ANI Jan 12, 2020 529
Scientists say drinking tea three times a week could save your life; Who knew a brew could lead to a longer and happier life? Madeleine Clark Jan 12, 2020 706
Drinking tea could lead to longer life, new study reveals. Jan 11, 2020 416
Govt hospitals badly need fire safety equipment. Jan 11, 2020 448
Tea drinkers tend to have a longer and healthier life! ANI Jan 11, 2020 665
Eliminating 5 Unhealthy Habits Can Increase Life Expectancy by 10 Years. Jan 10, 2020 366
Drinking green tea 'linked to a longer , healthier life'. Jan 10, 2020 472
Drinking tea could extend your lifespan by more than a year -if done properly; Researchers have revealed that drinking tea at least three times a week can extend your lifespan by more than a year. By, Shivali Best Jan 9, 2020 493
AHA News: Statins May Do Double Duty on Heart Disease and Cancer. Jan 6, 2020 717
Human Genetics Market Report 2020, Industry Analysis, Size, Growth, Competitive Landscape, Top Companies, Regional Revenue. Report Jan 6, 2020 1042
'Vegan diet helps prevent diabetes' RESEARCH. Jan 3, 2020 251
AJK PM lays foundation of first cardiac hospital. Jan 2, 2020 149
AJK PM lays foundation of first cardiac hospital. Jan 2, 2020 149
APO(a)-LRX Found to Reduce Lipoprotein(a) Levels; Dose-dependent reduction found in patients with elevated lipoprotein(a) levels, cardiovascular disease. Jan 2, 2020 275
Vegan diet slashes risk of life-threatening diseases. Jan 2, 2020 558
Low Dose Aspirin therapy is indicated in all patients of atherosclerotic diseases and for primary prevention in high risk patients-. Dr. Fawad Farooq Jan 2, 2020 960
Targeting Triglycerides: Trimming these fats in the blood may offer added cardiac risk reduction beyond LDL lowering, new evidence suggests. Jan 1, 2020 979
Impairment in heart functions and prognostic role of N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation. Akpinar, Evrim Eylem; Ates, Can; Akpinar, Serdar; Hosgun, Derya Jan 1, 2020 4195
Vitamin K2: A Clinically Proven Cardio-Protective Powerhouse: Known for bone-support benefits, vitamin K2 as MK-7 has also been recognized as vital for heart health. Vik, Hogne Jan 1, 2020 1647
Myocardial Ischemic Induced Non-Sustained Ventricular Tachycardia in an Older Adult with Pneumonia. Dzikowicz, Dillon J.; Carey, Mary G. Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 2394
Liver Stiffness, Not Fat Liver Content, Predicts the Length of QTc Interval in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease. Bellan, Mattia; Rigamonti, Cristina; Giacomini, Greta Maria; Makmur, Giulio; Marconi, Cecilia; Nicos Jan 1, 2020 5101
Leukocyte Traits and Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter Air Pollution in the Women's Health Initiative and Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study. Gondalia, Rahul; Holliday, Katelyn M.; Baldassari, Antoine; Justice, Anne E.; Steward, James D.; Lia Jan 1, 2020 13666
Hourly Exposure to Ultrafine Particle Metrics and the Onset of Myocardial Infarction in Augsburg, Germany. Chen, Kai; Schneider, Alexandra; Cyrys, Josef; Wolf, Kathrin; Meisinger, Christa; Heier, Margit; Kuc Jan 1, 2020 10752
WILL Precision Medicine LEAD TO A HEALTHIER POPULATION? The dominance of genomics in biomedical research today is driven by scientific theory and opportunity, but it is pushing science dangerously far from proven pathways to widespread health benefits. Cooper, Richard; Paneth, Nigel Jan 1, 2020 6633
CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: In women with GDM, risk rises post partum. Kilgore, Christine Jan 1, 2020 1582
ENGAGE AF-TIMI: Insulin linked to greater risk for CV death, stroke, bleeding. Brunk, Doug Jan 1, 2020 1094
End 'therapeutic nihilism' in care of older diabetic patients. Brunk, Doug Jan 1, 2020 1573
Do women with diabetes need more CVD risk reduction? Tucker, Miriam E. Jan 1, 2020 1471
Red Meat and Longevity? Mangels, Reed Jan 1, 2020 244
Melatonin Ameliorates Mi-Induced Cardiac Remodeling and Apoptosis through a JNK/p53-Dependent Mechanism in Diabetes Mellitus. Lu, Linhe; Ma, Jipeng; Sun, Mingming; Wang, Xiaowu; Gao, Erhe; Lu, Lintao; Ren, Jun; Yang, Lifang; Y Jan 1, 2020 7400
Urine-Derived Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Disease. Huang, Ping; Li, Yibin; Nasser, M.I.; Guo, Huiming; Huang, Huanlei; Zhao, Mingyi; Zhu, Ping Jan 1, 2020 6114
Elevated GTP Cyclohydrolase I Pathway in Endothelial Progenitor Cells of Overweight Premenopausal Women. Wu, Shaohong; He, Hao; Liu, Ge-Xiu; Li, Xiao-Peng; Yao, Shun; Su, Huan-Xing; Li, Xiang; Ren, Zi; Zen Jan 1, 2020 7260
Vascular Events and Carotid Atherosclerosis: A 5-Year Prospective Cohort Study in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and a Contemporary Cardiovascular Prevention Treatment. Vouillarmet, Julien; Marsot, Charlotte; Maucort-Boulch, Delphine; Riche, Benjamin; Helfre, Marjorie; Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 5897
A Review of Computer-Aided Heart Sound Detection Techniques. Li, Suyi; Li, Feng; Tang, Shijie; Xiong, Wenji Jan 1, 2020 6310
Erratic Behavioral Attitude Leads to Noncommunicable Diseases: A Cross-Sectional Study. Habib, Arif; Alam, Mohammad Mahtab; Hussain, Izhar; Nasir, Nazim; Almuthebi, Musa Report Jan 1, 2020 5897
Oscillometrically Measured Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity Reveals Asymptomatic Carotid Atherosclerosis in a Middle-Aged, Apparently Healthy Population. Bocskei, Renata Marietta; Benczur, Bela; Muller, Veronika; Bikov, Andras; Szekely, Andrea; Kahan, Th Jan 1, 2020 4935
Patient-Specific Coronary Artery 3D Printing Based on Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography and Coronary Angiography. Huang, Chenxi; Lan, Yisha; Chen, Sirui; Liu, Qing; Luo, Xin; Xu, Gaowei; Zhou, Wen; Lin, Fan; Peng, Jan 1, 2020 4788
Regression Methods for Analyzing Risk Factors Causing Cardiovascular Disease in Muzaffarabad AJandK, Pakistan. Tahira Kanwal, Summaira Manzoor, Maryam Firdos, Iram Hassan and Sofia Aslam Dec 31, 2019 4211
Comparison of asymmetric dimethylarginine levels between pre-and post-menopausal women - a cross-sectional study from Rawalpindi. Saddaf Ayub, Amena Rahim, Muhammad Afzal, Saira Jahan, Aisha Hasan and Abeerah Zainub Dec 31, 2019 2829
A case-control study of frequency of occurrence of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with psoriasis. Vishalakshi S. Pandit, Aparna Palit and Arun C. Inamadar Report Dec 31, 2019 1955
High BMI may increase chances of survival for some cancer patients: Study. ANI Report Dec 27, 2019 314
How Does Season Of Birth Affect Mortality Risk? Seema Prasad Dec 24, 2019 436
Low Education Link to CVD Risk Partly Due to Income, Job Strain; Correlations with risk for CVD, CVD mortality reduced after adjustment for income, job strain. Dec 20, 2019 265
Vitamin D Could Help Prevent Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease. Seema Prasad Dec 20, 2019 421
Being Born in Spring, Summer May Increase CVD Mortality Risk; No significant associations seen between birth month, birth season, and overall mortality. Clinical report Dec 19, 2019 345
Sugar not to blame for high risk of heart disease in those at high risk for diabetes. Dec 18, 2019 570
Preclinical CRO Market 2019- Global Briefing on Growing At A CAGR of 8.14% to Reach USD 5,234.7 million by 2024 / Market Size, Share, Trends and Country Level Analysis by Top Leader. Dec 18, 2019 747
Matinas BioPharma says Vascepa label expansion is 'ideal for the [Omega 3] class to kick off'. Dec 18, 2019 163
FDA approves Amarin fish-oil-derived drug to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Dec 16, 2019 771
Syed Nasir Hussain Shah inaugurates 12th Chest Pain Unit of National Institute of cardiovascular diseases - Press Note issued by Information and Archives Department. Dec 15, 2019 747
Syed Nasir Hussain Shah inaugurates 12th Chest Pain Unit of National Institute of cardiovascular diseases - Press Note issued by Information and Archives Department. Dec 15, 2019 747
NICVD's units in containers becoming a success story. Dec 14, 2019 681
IHC grants bail to Zardari on medical grounds To be shifted to Karachi today. Dec 12, 2019 298
Zardari to be shifted to Karachi for medical treatment tomorrow. Dec 11, 2019 710
More Exercise Can Save Women From Heart Disease, Cancer, More. Darwin Malicdem Dec 10, 2019 404
Digital Therapeutics Market Overview 2019 By Products, Services, Technological Advancements, Demand Penetration, Growth Factors and Trends Analysis Till 2023. Dec 10, 2019 849
Contrast Media Market Sales Analysis, Growth Estimation, Emerging Trends, Size Projection, Share Analysis and Segmentation By 2025. Dec 9, 2019 1579
Pharmacist-Led Interventions Cut Cardiovascular Risk Factors; Interventions associated with drops in blood pressure, cholesterol, HbA1c. Dec 6, 2019 207
Reminder: Resverlogix to Hold Conference Call and Webcast on December 6th, 2019. Dec 5, 2019 817
Gatehouse Bio partners with AstraZeneca to accelerate new drug discovery in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Dec 5, 2019 175
Gatehouse Bio partners with AstraZeneca to accelerate new drug discovery in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Dec 5, 2019 171
IHC orders PIMS to form medical board to determine Zardari's ailment. Dec 5, 2019 626
IHC orders PIMS to form medical board for examining Zardari's health. Dec 4, 2019 633
IHC orders PIMS to form medical board to determine Zardari's ailment. Dec 4, 2019 650
Chronic Disease Management Market Size to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% By 2025, Industry Size, Trends, Growth Analysis, Top Company Profiles, Regional Revenue. Company overview Dec 4, 2019 1045
Non-HDL Cholesterol Levels Linked to Long-Term ASCVD Risk; Fifty percent reduction in non-HDLC concentration linked to reduced risk for CVD event by age 75 years. Dec 4, 2019 272
Young people should check cholesterol to avoid later problems. Dec 4, 2019 388
Qatar focuses on research to tackle diabetes risk factors. Dec 3, 2019 369
Some Cities' Smog Can Ruin Your Vacation. Dec 3, 2019 402
T1DM May Up Progression of CAC During Menopausal Transition; Findings seen for progression of coronary artery calcium independent of other cardiovascular risk factors. Dec 3, 2019 237
Literature Review & Commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 2611
Women's Health Advisor: Key: Subject (month, page number). Dec 1, 2019 787
Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Tied to Higher Heart Risk: Men on anti-androgen treatment should consult a preventive cardiologist. Dec 1, 2019 434
Why is it important to get a flu shot if you have heart disease? When is it too late to get it? Dec 1, 2019 254
CVD risk in black patients 18-fold higher than in white. Otto, M. Alexander Dec 1, 2019 514
Red Flag for Arterial Damage? Early Evidence of a Potential Connection with Ozone. Barrett, Julia R. Dec 1, 2019 1317
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General practitioners may help in preventing cardiovascular disease: Study. ANI Clinical report Nov 28, 2019 388
Cancer patients more likely to die of heart problems, stroke: Study. Nov 27, 2019 541
Cancer patients more likely to die of heart problems, stroke: Study. Nov 27, 2019 485
Elevated Risk for CVD Mortality Observed in U.S. Cancer Patients; Risk highest in the year after diagnosis but remains elevated compared with general population. Nov 25, 2019 260
Cancer patients more likely to die of heart problems, stroke: Study. ANI Nov 25, 2019 604
Heart disease risk to cancer patients. JANE KIRBY Nov 25, 2019 208
UAE: Friends shocked as Indian expat in UAE, 24, dies of heart attack. Sajila Saseendran, Senior Reporter Nov 25, 2019 484
'Flu symptoms' could be serious heart condition, charity warns. Nov 23, 2019 378
Is Ancestral Diet Still Healthy Today? Darwin Malicdem Nov 22, 2019 616
Lingering flu can mask serious heart conditions. Nov 20, 2019 174
Lingering flu can mask serious heart conditions. Nov 20, 2019 174
Heart Attack Early Warning Signs To Watch Out For. Darwin Malicdem Nov 19, 2019 548
Researchers find no connection between statins and cognitive health. ANI Nov 19, 2019 497
How flu symptoms could actually be serious heart condition; Experts have warned people to be alert. Rebecca Koncienzcy Nov 19, 2019 312
AHA News: Erectile Dysfunction May Up the Odds for Irregular Heartbeat. Nov 19, 2019 519
HbA1c Variability Linked to Cardiovascular Disease Risk; Risks increased for all-cause mortality, cardiovascular events, microvascular complications. Nov 19, 2019 268
Omega-3 protects heart against diseases without elevating prostate cancer risk, finds study. ANI Nov 18, 2019 553
Researchers discover possible new treatment strategy against progeria. ANI Nov 18, 2019 496
New registry on chronic diseases in Abu Dhabi. Staff Report Nov 17, 2019 284
Cardiovascular issues may be connected to early menopause: Study. ANI Report Nov 16, 2019 442
Ultromics gains FDA clearance for AI-powered EchoGo to help in the earlier detection of cardiovascular disease. Nov 15, 2019 200
Ultromics gains FDA clearance for AI-powered EchoGo to help in the earlier detection of cardiovascular disease. Nov 15, 2019 196
Air pollution leading to 10-15 per cent spike in patients with cardiac disease, says doctor. ANI Nov 15, 2019 348
When your heart slows down. Nov 14, 2019 773
Novel therapeutic approach to cardiovascular disease from SENS Research Foundation flagship research program graduates from laboratory to the biotech world. Nov 14, 2019 1420
Novartis announces new strategy to provide innovative medicines to more patients in sub-Saharan Africa. Nov 13, 2019 1355
Cancer Risk May Rise After Heart Attack. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 13, 2019 596
One-Third of Heart Patients Skip Their Flu Shot. Nov 13, 2019 355
Air pollution exposure giving rise to cardiovascular disease, says Delhi doctor. ANI Nov 12, 2019 306
Simple blood test could better predict both kidney disease and cardiovascular risk. Nov 12, 2019 687
AHA: About One in Three With ASCVD Not Receiving Flu Shot; Vaccine coverage significantly lower among non-Hispanic blacks, those with lower education, income. Nov 12, 2019 263
[pounds sterling]2.50 blood test can predict your kidney and heart health, say Scottish scientists. Nov 12, 2019 586
Roxadustat Phase III programme pooled analyses showed positive efficacy and no increased cardiovascular risk in patients with anaemia from chronic kidney disease. Nov 11, 2019 807
Early menopause may raise the risk of cardiovascular issues: Study. ANI Nov 11, 2019 438
Think Vaping Is Heathier for Your Heart Than Smoking? Think Again. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 11, 2019 685
High Birth Number May Harm Cardiovascular Health in Women; Association also seen between more births, less ideal body mass. Nov 8, 2019 259
Study Finds Problems With Vitamin D, Omega 3 Supplements. Darwin Malicdem Nov 8, 2019 392
Poorer Neighborhood Walkability May Increase Cardiovascular Risk; People in less walkable areas up to 33 percent more likely to have a high 10-year cardiovascular risk. Nov 7, 2019 215
Insomnia symptoms linked to cardiovascular diseases. ANI Nov 7, 2019 563
Latest modular OT made functional at NICVD. Nov 7, 2019 158
Struggling With Sleeplessness? Insomnia Can Lead To Heart Attack Or Stroke. Ilin Mathew Nov 7, 2019 470
Global Wireless ECG Devices Market Growth, Trends & Forecasts (2019-2024). Nov 6, 2019 1151
Latest modular OT made functional at NICVD. Nov 6, 2019 159
Court extends physical remand of Khursheed Shah for five days. Nov 5, 2019 205
Court extends physical remand of Khursheed Shah for five days. Nov 5, 2019 195
Weight-Loss Surgery Protects Heart Patients From Future Trouble. Nov 5, 2019 448
Court extends physical remand of Khursheed Shah for five days. Nov 5, 2019 210
Court extends physical remand of Khursheed Shah in NAB case. Nov 4, 2019 224
Vifor Pharma announces commercial partnership with Janssen for new diabetic kidney disease treatment. Nov 4, 2019 329
Vifor Pharma announces commercial partnership with Janssen for new diabetic kidney disease treatment. Nov 4, 2019 325
Risks Mount for Lonely Hearts After Cardiac Surgery. Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Reporter Nov 4, 2019 672
Coronary Calcium Score May ID CV Risk in Rheumatoid Arthritis; More active inflammation, high ApoB/ApoA1 ratio, and homocysteine tied to coronary calcium risk. Nov 4, 2019 291
Should You Still Take Statins After Age 75? The jury is still out on whether these cholesterol-lowering drugs benefit older seniors who don't have a history of cardiovascular disease and/or stroke. Nov 1, 2019 792
NUTRITION & FITNESS. Bales, Connie W. Nov 1, 2019 423
$47.46 Million Extracellular Matrix Market - Global Analysis and Forecasts to 2027. Nov 1, 2019 900
Dangerous Triglyceride Levels Tamed with High-Dose Fish Oil. Nov 1, 2019 178
Breast Cancer Patients with Abdominal Fat at Increased Heart Risk. Nov 1, 2019 123
Don't Rely on Supplements and Vitamins to Benefit Your Heart: You can get everything you need from a healthy diet. Nov 1, 2019 777
Are Eggs Healthy or Harmful? Nov 1, 2019 723

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