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Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology: Essentials of Respiratory Care, 6th Edition (online access included).


Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology: Essentials of Respiratory Care, 6th Edition (online access included)

Terry Des Jardins



682 pages



This textbook focuses on cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology and the essential information needed for respiratory care, for students without previous knowledge of the topic. This edition includes clinical connections that link chapter concepts and real-world applications in the clinical setting; new and redrawn full-color illustrations; revised chapters to reflect the most recent best practices, including more on the mechanisms of pulmonary ventilation, the components of blood, and the control of ventilation; revised and new discussions of the anatomy of the respiratory system; new sections on predicted normal values, the rapid shallow breathing index, and how carbon dioxide is transported from the tissues to the lungs; and updated content on lung volumes and capacities, the diffusion of pulmonary gases, the medullary respiratory centers, sleep stages, and oxygen diffusion capacity at high altitudes. Online access is provided. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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