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Cardinal releases new 2400 series MNP modems.

Cardinal Releases New 2400 Series MNP Modems

Cardinal Technologies, Inc. has released its 2400 Series MNP internal and external modems. The modems, which operate at a data rate of 2400 bps, feature industry standard MNP Class 1-5 data compression and error correction protocols. They are CCITT and Bell compatible, and support the full Hayes AT command set.

"The Cardinal 2400 Series MNP Class 5 Modems provide high reliability and increased performance to PC users," says Robert A. Norman, Cardinal vice president of marketing and sales. "And because it has the capability for 4800 bps data throughput, you get double the speed as compared with conventional 2400 bps modems."

By incorporating MNP Class 1-5, a 2400 Series modem can go beyond the 2400 baud rate to provide an actual data throughput capability of up to 4800 bps.

Combined, the MNP protocols developed by Microcom Corporation make it possible to create a highly efficient error-correcting communication link that far outclasses other data-communication enhancement schemes. MNP Class 1-4 error correction analyzes blocks of data for transmission errors and then determines data block size for maximum throughput capacity and efficiency. MNP Class 5 data compression maximizes throughput by using an adaptive algorithm that compresses transmitted data in real-time. The receiving modem used the same algorithmic process to decompress the data.

Other capabilities of the Cardinal 2400 Series modems include auto dialing and answering, and a configuration view which allows users to view the current and stored user configurations and telephone numbers.

Both Cardinal 2400 Series modems provide full CCITT V. 22bis/V.22/V.21 and Bell 103/212A compatibility, allowing U.S. and worldwide data mode communication at 2400, 1200, 600 or 300 bps. The modems are Hayes-compatible, supporting the complete industry standard AT command set, to allow their operation from any popular communications application.

The 2400 MNP external modem provides eight front panel status indicator LEDs and is connected via a standard 25-pin RS232C connector. The 2450 internal modem is a compact card compatible with IBM PCs, XTs, ATs, and compatibles, as well as PS/2 models 25 and 30. The 2450 internal modem can be assigned to COM ports 1, 2, 3 or 4 and includes communications software. Additionally, both models support asynchronous data formats. The 2400 MNP external modem supports synchronous communications as well.

The Cardinal 2400 Series MNP Class 5 Modems are marketed through the company's network of dealers and distributors. Retail price is $299.00 for the 2400 external modem and $279.00 for the 2450 internal modem.

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Date:Sep 1, 1990
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