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Cardinal defends marriage.

On February 15, Cardinal of Toronto, Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic, "with the support of the Ontario bishops", issued a statement "on marriage", setting out the age-old beliefs of Christian society in the fundamental importance of marriage, "a vitally important institution for society."

The statement specifically referred to current attempts to stretch the traditional definition of marriage to include same-sex relationships: "They are not marriage. They are simply something else."

The Ontario Conference represents 13 Latin-rite and 2 Eastern-rite dioceses. Together with other faith groups, the Catholic Civil Rights League and the Archdiocese of Vancouver, it is "intervening" in the Ontario and British Columbia court cases launched by homosexuals.

Nota Bene

Mr. Hawkes' Metropolitan Community Church is also involved in legal action against Toronto City Council, challenging its summer 2000 decision to refuse marriage licences to eight other homosexual couples.

Canadians should be aware that all current homosexual court cases, that is, those launched in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, are being funded by themselves as taxpayers, through the Federal Court Challenges Program (FCCP).

Prime Minister Mulroney shut this program down, but as soon as the Liberals under Jean Chretien returned to power in 1993, they restored it. By financing these outrageous sex cases, the Liberals allow the Courts to impose changes while pleading innocence themselves. The homosexual/lesbian cases of the feminist-oriented FCCP are being orchestrated by Egale (Equality for Gays and Lesbian Everywhere). It screens and selects participants and cases. Egale, in turn, is again heavily subsidized by the Federal Government.
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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