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Cardinal Point Establishes US - Canada Cross-Border Wealth Management Firm.

~ Combined Presence in Both the US and Canada Will Provide an Integrated Solution to Managing Cross-Border Wealth Issues

SAN JOSE, Calif. & TORONTO -- Cardinal Point Wealth Management, LLC and Cardinal Point Wealth Management, Inc. announced today the formation of an independent, cross-border wealth management firm that will provide a holistic and integrated approach to managing the financial and investment planning issues of US and Canadian citizens with assets in both the US and Canada or those transitioning wealth between the two countries.

"With the opening of our offices in both Canada and the US, we will be able to provide a seamless and integrated approach to helping investors manage their wealth on both sides of the border," said James Sheldon, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Cardinal Point.

The demand for financial advice and guidance for individuals who have assets on both sides of the border or are transitioning between the US and Canada is expected to grow dramatically. Canada's recent economic growth and strength are attracting many US-based companies and investors to pursue opportunities in Canada, creating complex cross-border financial and investment planning issues as US citizens are relocating to work in Canada.

Additionally, due to the strength of the Canadian dollar, many Canadians are investing in US real estate for vacation properties, second homes and retirement residences. According to a recent study completed by the National Association of Realtors, Canadians were the top foreign purchasers of property in the US in 2009 at 23%. This trend of migrating from the colder northern climates to the US Sunbelt is also expected to increase. As the massive baby boomer demographic enters retirement age, it creates an intricate set of wealth management issues that will need to be addressed due to citizenship, legal and regulatory requirements between the two countries.

"The need for integrated cross-border financial planning and investment management advice and guidance has never been greater, and we are seeing strong growth in the demand for the holistic Cardinal Point solution," noted Jeff Sheldon, President and co-founder of Cardinal Point. "As a result, we are expanding our operations and are planning to open an office in Southeast Florida later this year. The addition of cross-border solutions will complement and expand our established business of working with high net-worth investors in their respective countries who do not require cross-border expertise."

A key and unique aspect of the Cardinal Point cross-border wealth management platform is the ability for financial advisors in both the US and Canada to partner with Cardinal Point to provide a complementary solution to the financial and investment planning needs that they are unable to address because of the legal and compliance restrictions of their home country.

"We're making a broad commitment to the US and Canadian wealth management industries to open up our platform and partner with financial advisors, as well as accountants and attorneys to help them provide a complete solution. This partnership allows them to retain their relationships with their clients who are transitioning from one country to the other," said James Sheldon. "Additionally, we are partnering with advisors who have clients with assets on both sides of the border, allowing them to offer a more holistic service model.

"This will be an asset retention strategy for these advisors who would otherwise lose the relationship as the client leaves their country, and we are very excited to be able to partner with some of the best firms in both the US and Canada."

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About the Cardinal Point Wealth Management Group of Companies

Cardinal Point is an independent, fee only, wealth management firm dedicated to providing personalized investment oversight, wealth planning, and cross-border solutions to families, individuals, and related institutions. We combine innovative investment skill and knowledge with conservative financial beliefs that recognize the importance of a patient, prudent approach. Cardinal Point is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients with a primary focus on capital preservation, risk management and the guidance toward long-term investment returns through varying economic and market cycles. Because we specialize in the investment oversight of client assets in both the United States and Canada, we have the ability to advance the goals of our clients through customized cross-border wealth and financial planning services.

Important Disclosures

The Cardinal Point Group of Companies comprises two legally and separately registered firms organized under the laws of its jurisdiction. Each is owned by its partners, shareholders, or similar individuals. Each firm enters into client engagements independently. Cardinal Point Wealth Management, LLC is a U.S.-based, State of California registered investment advisor. Cardinal Point Wealth Management, Inc. is a Canadian-based fee-only financial consulting firm specializing in financial planning, portfolio analysis, investment management consulting and on-going financial monitoring. We do not recommend or sell financial products of any kind. We charge our clients an annual fee based on the size of their portfolio. We collect no fees, commissions, bonuses, gratuities, or any other remuneration, whether financial or otherwise, except what we receive from our clients. We believe that this is the only way for us to remain completely unbiased. We are free from conflict of interest, and we work solely for our clients.

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