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Cardinal Health Canada Appreciation through Education Program.

CACCN is an active participant in the Cardinal Health Canada "Appreciation through Education Program".

Who is eligible to participate in this program?

Canadian Hospitals that carry the Cardinal/Alaris infusion pump and order infusion lines may be eligible to participate in the Appreciation through Education Program.

How does this program work?

A Cardinal Health Account Manager is assigned for each hospital. The Account Manager will provide your hospital with specific information regarding the program and how your hospital can participate.

When hospitals purchase infusion lines between February 2009 and April 2009 through Cardinal Health, they will be given credits under the program.

How does CACCN receive the credits?

At the end of July 2009, Cardinal Health will tally the number of products purchased by each hospital and will notify the hospital of the total number of accrued credits available for use by their nursing staff. The hospital will then determine if they wish to allot their accrued credits to CACCN.

When can credits be used?

Credits may be claimed between August 15, 2009, and August 15, 2010, inclusive.

Who will benefit from this program?

This program will benefit nurses, CACCN members and nonmembers alike, at hospital facilities across Canada, that order Cardinal/Alaris infusion products.

How do you know if your hospital qualifies for credits?

Any hospital that registers at appreciation and purchases Cardinal Health-manufactured IV Sets and Accessories between February 1, 2009, and April 30, 2009, is qualified to receive credits. Customers should contact their Cardinal Health/Alaris products sales rep with any questions.

How are the credits calculated?

One (1) Cardinal Health Appreciation through Education Credit = One Dollar ($1.00).

Redeeming Your Credits?

You may redeem your Cardinal Health Appreciation through Education Credits between August 15, 2009, and August 15, 2010, for the following:
CACCN Membership
                           One Year     Two Year

Dollar Value (incl. GST)   $75.00       $140.00
Credits Required           75           140

Dynamics: The Official Journal of the Canadian Association
of Critical Care Nurses Institutional Subscriptions
(Canadian Addresses)

                           4 Issues     8 Issues

Dollar Value (incl. GST)   $105.00      $184.00
Credits Required           105          184

CACCN Dynamics of Critical Care Conference--September 27-29,
2009, Fredericton, NB Full or Partial Payment as per
hospital's discretion

                           Member       Non-Member   Member
                           3 Days       3 Days       2 Days

Dollar Value               $440.00      $530.00      $335.00
Credits Required           440          530          335

                           Non-Member   Member       Non-Member
                           2 Days       1 Day        1 Day

Dollar Value               $475.00      $190.00      $260.00
Credits Required           475          190          260

CACCN Chapter Education Events/Workshops--Various Dates / Venues

Approximate dollar value   Variable depending on chapter event.
$200.00 or less            Contact your chapter for event pricing

CACCN--Standards for Critical Care Practice 2009 (will be
available by end of September 2009)

Dollar Value (incl. GST)   $ TBD Standards are currently being
                           revised. They will be printed and
                           released tentatively in September 2009

Credits Required           $ TBD

CACCN Dynamics of Critical Care Conference-September 19-21,
2010, Edmonton, AB Full or Partial Payment as per hospital's

Rates to be set in May 2010 for opening of registration,
July 2010
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Date:Mar 22, 2009
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