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Cardigans get shorty; It was the summer of the shrug as cropped cardis came back into style. The look is here to stay, but is really just a case of unravelling the bolero?

IN the 70s, they were called boleros. But now the cropped cardigan has a new name - the shrug.

Designers have become adept at thinking up innovative buzzwords to describe an old look.

Shrugs first appeared in the high street in the summer months. Worn with little summery dresses and tops, they were quick to catch on.

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and our very own Lulu became firm fans of the new fashion - but most style pundits literally shrugged it off as a fad.

Stylist Katie Simmons says: "Most of us thought it would be a passing fashion - a rather senseless piece of fabric that the public would soon lose interest in after the summer."

Not so, it seems. As winter creeps in, there are even more shrugs around for day, night, office wear, or glamorous parties.

They come fur-trimmed, feather-trimmed, lacy, woolly and, of course, in the ever-popular Lycra.

Worn with a sexy little dress, they complete the sexy evening look look while, during the day, the new fur-trimmed versions look exceptionally smart.

For the more conservative woman who doesn't dare to bare, shrugs are a trendy alternative to a jacket - while for really daring types, a bra worn under one will certainly get you lots of attention.

"Shrugs really are for the young and trendy," says Katie Simmons.

"You have to have a model girl figure to get away with wearing one because, if you're the least bit big and busty, it stops at exactly the place you don't want to draw attention to."

The other immediate problem with the shrug is deciding exactly what to wear with it.

It's perfect with skimpy dresses but if you want to wear it with trousers what kind of top should you opt for?

Certainly nothing too bulky. The look is streamlined so a heavy top wouldn't suit. Ideally, a Lycra vest or boob tube would be the answer.

Manufacturers, spurred by the surprising summer success of the shrug, are now selling shrugs with matching tops to help solve this fashion dilemma.

So, after the initial reaction that the shrug was just an updated bolero that wouldn't last, it's fast becoming an essential in this winter's wardrobe.

It won't keep you warm through the dark nights - but it will keep you looking great.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Black, Fiona
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 17, 1999
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