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I wept as I danced with family whose son had died..but given me life; Heart op patient's joy and tears. LUCY THORNTON Jul 2, 2022 686
Over 1,650 people screened at CGH medical camp. Jul 1, 2022 159
Heart transplant patient weeps as he dances with donor's sister at bittersweet wedding; Scott Rutherford was 15 when he received the heart from John Carter who died of a tumour, and 14 years later shared a 'special moment' with his donor's family on the dance floor. By, Antony Thrower Jul 1, 2022 675
Nuwellis announces first patient enrolled in REVERSE-HF study. Clinical report Jun 29, 2022 203
Bayer's Kerendia recives new grade A recommendations from ADA. Jun 28, 2022 187
Doctors conduct first pacemaker installation surgery in Zanzibar. Jun 23, 2022 276
Sandeman Hospital administration repairs angiography machine after one year. Jun 22, 2022 303
Sandeman Hospital Quetta Administration Repairs Angiography Machine After One Year. Jun 21, 2022 304
Sandeman Hospital Quetta Administration repairs angiography machine after one year. Jun 21, 2022 305
Heart Disease Patients Face Stark Choices Across Nigeria. Jun 19, 2022 2243
Kids getting hooked the biggest worry as Thailand legalises weed. Jun 19, 2022 278
Govt reminded of plight of families displaced by anti-encroachment drive. Jun 18, 2022 325
Application of Semistructured Interview Based on Doctor-Patient Perspective in Constructing a Palliative Care Regimen for Patients with Advanced Heart Failure. Zhou, Ting; Cai, HaiQin; Xu, ChunHui Report Jun 18, 2022 4368
Serum Cortisol, 25 (OH)D, and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Jin, Yuxi; Wei, Dandan; Liu, Pengling; Chen, Fei; Li, Rongrong; Zhang, Jinyu; Zhang, Ruyi Jun 18, 2022 6725
New LDL-Lowering Agent Reverses Coronary Artery Disease. Jun 17, 2022 187
How Changing Physical Activity Levels Affect the Heart. Jun 17, 2022 237
Should People with Heart Failure Steer Clear of Salt? They may feel better eating less salt, but there's no proof that a very-low-salt diet will help them live longer. Jun 17, 2022 710
Vericiguat Modulates Osteoclast Differentiation and Bone Resorption via a Balance between VASP and NF-? B Pathways. Sun, Kaiqiang; Kong, Fanqi; Lin, Feng; Li, Fudong; Sun, Jingchuan; Ren, Changzhen; Zheng, Bing Jun 16, 2022 8960
Cardiac myotropes as a novel inotropic treatment for patients of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. Jun 16, 2022 514
Radiological Cardiothoracic Ratio as a Potential Marker of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Assessed by Echocardiography. Truszkiewicz, Krystian; Macek, Piotr; Poreba, Malgorzata; Poreba, Rafal; Gac, Pawel Jun 15, 2022 5826
Geordie Hospital to return with six new episodes -highlighting the 'warmth and charm' of our NHS heroes; Geordie Hospital to return with six new episodes -highlighting the 'warmth and charm' of our NHS heroes. By, Sam Volpe Jun 15, 2022 384
BioCardia announces US patent on imaging system for targeting cardiac therapies. Jun 15, 2022 167
Intramural Esophageal Hematoma Mimicking Acute Coronary Syndrome: Complication of Warfarin Use in a Mechanical Heart Valve Patient. Alirezaei, Toktam; Irilouzadian, Rana; Pirsalehi, Ali; Nekooghadam, Sayyed Mojtaba Jun 15, 2022 2089
Woman gives birth to 'mermaid'. Jun 14, 2022 238
Where is common sense in health care system? Jun 13, 2022 761
Dad terrified he'll die before daughter's wedding as he 'can't get a GP appointment'; Paul Reddington, 56, who has been diagnosed with ischaemic heart disease, says he cannot book an appointment at his GP surgery in Solihull because they are too busy -slamming the situation as a "bl***y shambles". By, Josh Sandiford & Matthew Dresch Jun 13, 2022 732
Serum IMA and LP-PLA2 Levels in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease and Their Correlation with the Degree of Myocardial Ischaemia and Their Diagnostic Value. Zhang, Likui; Li, Zipeng; Li, Ning Jun 11, 2022 4524
Dexmedetomidine Alleviates Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury through Mitochondrial and ER Oxidative Stress Pathways. Li, Min; Deng, Shiwu; Peng, Yiqian; Li, Hong Report Jun 11, 2022 3483
Clinic leads way for patient care. SAM VOLPE Health reporter Jun 8, 2022 431
Patient died from heart attack after carer 'altercation'. ROBERT SUTCLIFFE Jun 8, 2022 657
scPharmaceuticals announces abstracts accepted for AAHFN meeting. Jun 7, 2022 236
How a UK-first clinic in Gateshead sees pharmacists transform care for heart failure and diabetes patients; Pharmacists in Gateshead have created an innovative new clinic to better treat patients who have both heart failure and diabetes. By, Sam Volpe Jun 7, 2022 546
miR-211-5p Alleviates the Myocardial Ischemia Injury Induced by Ischemic Reperfusion Treatment via Targeting FBXW7. Liu, Yonghui; Meng, Jiatian; Di, Hongqin; Zheng, Liheng; Meng, Zili Report Jun 3, 2022 3993
Unmarried people have higher risk of death with heart failure, shows study. Jun 2, 2022 471
Short and long-term effects of the COVID pandemic on cardiovascular patients. Neath, Sean-Xavier Jun 1, 2022 1604
Dexmedetomidine Reduces Incidences of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Adult Patients: A Meta-Analysis. Zhong, Qiaonan; Kumar, Ashish; Deshmukh, Abhishek; Bennett, Courtney Clinical report Jun 1, 2022 5829
Comparison of Ischemia-modified Albumin and Exercise Stress Test in Stable Angina Pectoris. Ozmen, Murat; Karakelleoglu, Cule; Ardahanli, Isa Jun 1, 2022 4485
The Correlation Between Education Levels and Lifestyles of Patients Admitted Cardiology Clinics: A Subgroup Analysis of Medlife-TR Study. Kis, Mehmet; Oz, Ahmet; Bekar, Lutfu; Tanik, Veysel Ozan; Karabulut, Dilay; Yenercag, Mustafa; Yildi Report Jun 1, 2022 4156
Our Anesthesia Experience in Catheterization and Angiography Procedures in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory in Pediatric Patients with Congenital Heart Disease: Single Center 360 Cases/Konjenital Kalp Hastaligi Olan Pediyatrik Olgularda Kardiyak Kateterizasyon Laboratuvarinda Kateterizasyon ve Anjiyografi Islemlerinde Anestezi Deneyimlerimiz: Tek Merkez 360 Olgu. Ozcanoglu, Hatice Dilek; Ozcan, Funda Gumus Jun 1, 2022 4851
Development of a protocol for conducting a randomized control trial on effects of artificial intelligence on nutritional status of children post cardiac surgery. Zahid, Maryam; Sughra, Ume Report May 31, 2022 1858
Lexicon resubmits NDA for Sotagliflozin for treatment of heart failure. Disease/Disorder overview May 31, 2022 177
Call to follow healthy diet to avoid heart diseases. May 30, 2022 381
Effects of Different Anesthetics on Perioperative Organ Protection and Postoperative Cognitive Function in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Valve Replacement with Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Mei, Shenglan; Jia, Yifan; Zhou, Jinjian; Zhan, Ling; Liu, Jin; Ming, Hao; Liu, Huagang May 29, 2022 4319
Effects of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Cardiac Function and Quality of Life in Patients with Ischemic Nonobstructive Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes Mellitus. Wen, Yuan; Zhang, Xiaoli; Lan, Weiqun; Zhao, Shimin; Qi, Qiuhuan; Yang, Li Report May 29, 2022 3545
Troponin I Cutoff for Non-ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction in Sepsis. Tsai, Meng-Ko; Lai, Chao-Hung; Hung, Chia-Lien; Wu, Keng-Yi May 27, 2022 5536
KIHD angiography department shut down. May 26, 2022 305
Tories levy high taxes with so little in return; OPINION. May 24, 2022 362
Stop taking diclofenac without prescription, drug safety board warns. May 21, 2022 570
Popular painkiller linked to heart attack and stroke, PPB warns. May 20, 2022 222
Popular painkiller linked to heart attack and stroke, PPB warns. May 20, 2022 197
Study on the Relationship between Different Body Mass Indexes and Puncture Pain and Image Quality in Patients Undergoing Coronary Angiography with Intravenous Indwelling Needle. Ding, Jiani; Chen, Xiaoyu Report May 19, 2022 4062
Clinical Effect of Nicorandil Combined with Aspirin in the Treatment of Myocardial Ischemia. Li, Yue; Zhao, Chen; Xiong, Chengxin; Gao, Yuping Report May 18, 2022 3755
New heart scan service for patients. May 18, 2022 311
Clinical Observation of MRI Scanning Combined with Clinical Nursing for Surgical Breast Cancer Patients. Zhang, Huan; Yin, Yanan; Tao, Wenjing; Liu, Ling May 17, 2022 4766
Efficacy of Telemedicine Utilization for Cardiac Outpatients' Care during the Pandemic of COVID-19: A Large Center Experience in the Wave of the Pandemic. Alhejily, Wesam A. Clinical report May 17, 2022 5234
scPharmaceuticals announces FDA acceptance of FUROSCIX NDA. May 16, 2022 178
Efficacy of Dialectical Comprehensive Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Patients with Chronic Stable Heart Failure: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Yang, Lixiang; Chen, Yuanyuan; Lou, Fei; Zhao, Xiaoxia; Zhou, Jia May 12, 2022 7225
CDA chairman for upgrading Capital hospital's emergency. May 11, 2022 320
Prevalence and association of mycoplasma infection in the development of coronary artery disease/Prevalencia e associacao de infeccao por micoplasma no desenvolvimento de doenca arterial coronariana. Yang, J.; Zhao, H.; Yuan, H.; Zhu, F.; Zhou, W. May 8, 2022 4337
Doctor co-invented lifesaving device. From Daily Herald wire reports May 8, 2022 743
Boost for heart patient tracker business. May 5, 2022 278
Oryzon Genomics starts preclinical collaboration on Kabuki Syndrome. May 3, 2022 160
World & nation in 60 seconds. May 2, 2022 569
Daxor announces new data on BVA-100 blood tests. May 2, 2022 320
Esperion announces publication of CLEAR Harmony OLE study data. Clinical report May 2, 2022 268
Echocardiographie features of infective endocarditis in South Africa: A prospective cohort study. Pecoraro, A.J.K.; Herbst, P.; Joubert, L.; Pienaar, C.; Taljaard, J.; Prozesky, H.; Janson, J.; Doub Report May 1, 2022 5700
Short Communication - Changes in Serum Endothelin, Brain Natriuretic Peptide and high Sensitive C-Reactive Protein Levels in Patients with Coronary heart Disease. Tan, Zheng; Li, Li; Song, Yuxin; Tian, Meirong; Jia, Fan Report Apr 30, 2022 1548
Frequency of Thyroid Dysfunction in Heart Failure Patients with Reduced Ejection Fraction. Muhammad Amir Misbah Ul Qamar, Shahid Abbas, Andaleeb Khan, Ejaz Ali, Kamil Rehman Butt and Ayesha R Apr 30, 2022 1778
Estimation of Blood Glucose Levels And Hemodynamic Changes During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Comparison of Dexmedetomidine and Nalbuphine. Fakher-e-Fayaz, Naila Asad, Hana Khurshid, Zulqarnain Butt, Nazir Awan and Aisha Saeed Apr 30, 2022 2875
Point Prevalence of Delirium and Its Subtypes in the Patients Admitted with Acute Coronary Syndrome in Cardiac ICU and Its Impact on Mortality. Lalarukh Taimoor, Komal Baloch, Urwah Ikhlaq, Jawed Abubaker, Imran Ansari, Nawal Salah Ud Din and M Apr 30, 2022 3409
Neovasc announces publication on Neovasc Reducer in European Heart Journal. Apr 28, 2022 186
Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels in Coronary Artery Disease Patients: Opportunities for Improvement. Martin, Gary J.; Teklu, Meron; Mandieka, Edwin; Feinglass, Joe Apr 27, 2022 5326
Associations between Circulating VEGFR2[sup.hi]-Neutrophils and Carotid Plaque Burden in Patients Aged 40-64 without Established Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease. Genkel, Vadim; Dolgushin, Ilya; Baturina, Irina; Savochkina, Albina; Nikushkina, Karina; Minasova, A Apr 26, 2022 4937
Effect of PCSK9 Inhibitor on Blood Lipid Levels in Patients with High and Very-High CVD Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhang, Yue; Suo, Yanrong; Yang, Lin; Zhang, Xiaolu; Yu, Qun; Zeng, Miao; Zhang, Wenlan Report Apr 26, 2022 7837
Police Launch Campaign Against Arms, Aerial Firing. Apr 26, 2022 201
New cardiac arrest research prompts treatment rethink; DM1ST FRIDAY 22.04.2022 DAILY MIRROR 35 Dr Miriam Stoppard. Dr Miriam Stoppard Apr 22, 2022 428
New cardiac arrest research prompts treatment rethink; DMUULS 32 DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 22.04.2022 Dr Miriam Stoppard. MiriamStoppard Apr 22, 2022 426
Advice for Everyone Who Takes Medications (That's All of Us!): For your own safety, you'd be wise to buy your prescription and nonprescription medications from the same pharmacy. Apr 21, 2022 647
Windtree Therapeutics announces results from Phase 2 SEISMiC study. Apr 20, 2022 164
CareDx announces over 25 presentations, posters at ISHLT meeting. Apr 20, 2022 216
Heart attack cure discovered thanks to new tech -which works like Covid vaccine; Researchers from King's College London have found a way to stimulate the creation of healthy heart cells -which can then be delivered to the muscle using the same technology used with the Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines. By, Lauren Davidson & Ryan Fahey Apr 17, 2022 512
Harking Back. Apr 15, 2022 461
Major bleeding reduced in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery: Study. Apr 15, 2022 299
Major bleeding reduced in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery: Study. Apr 15, 2022 299
Mum of cancer patient who befriended Kate Middleton hits out at 'shameful' Boris Johnson; Young Mila Sneddon, featured in a touching picture in Kate Middleton's lockdown photographic project and came to symbolise isolation during the pandemic after being separated from her dad while she fought cancer. By, Jennifer Newton Apr 13, 2022 525
The Effect of Long-Term External Counterpulsation Combined with Exercise Therapy on the Establishment of Collateral Circulation in Patients with Coronary Artery Occlusive Disease. Du, Feng; Zhang, Wei; Mao, Hua; Guo, Yanli; Guo, Meiqin; Lu, Yuming; Chen, Min Report Apr 13, 2022 4652
One-Year Clinical Outcome in Middle Eastern Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: The Jordan Atrial Fibrillation (JoFib) Study. Hammoudeh, Ayman; Khader, Yousef; Tabbalat, Ramzi; Badaineh, Yahya; Kadri, Nazih; Shawer, Haneen; Al Report Apr 13, 2022 5926
Application of Vagus Nerve Branch Preservation in Thoracoscopic Surgery for Early-Stage Lung Cancer. Liu, Xiangzheng; Chen, Zhimao; Zhang, Shijie Report Apr 11, 2022 4535
Project Fire Buddies will pair firefighters with ill children. Steve Zalusky Apr 11, 2022 415
Donors have no trust in Govt. or health ministry to give essential medicines: GMOA. Apr 11, 2022 208
Low-sodium diet for a healthy heart. Apr 9, 2022 304
Effectiveness of Mobile Health Augmented Cardiac Rehabilitation (MCard) on health-related quality of life among post-acute coronary syndrome patients: A randomized controlled trial. Aliya Hisam, Zia Ul Haq, Sohail Aziz, Patrick Doherty and Jill Pell Apr 8, 2022 3072
Prospective randomized study comparing outcome of myocardial protection with Del-Nido Cardioplegia versus Saint Thomas Cardioplegia in adult cardiac surgical patients. Muhammad Farhan Ali Rizvi, Syed Muhammad Arslan Yousuf, Attaullah Younas and Mirza Ahmad Raza Baig Clinical report Apr 8, 2022 2546
Pathogenic characteristics of pulmonary infection in hospitalized patients with chronic heart failure and diagnostic value of sTREM-1, sCD163, and sTWEAK. Fang Zheng Apr 8, 2022 3158
Triglyceride to High-Density Lipoprotein Ratio can predict coronary artery calcification. Beilei Wang, Jinsheng Hua and Likun Ma Apr 8, 2022 3783
Modifiable Risk Factors associated with Post-Operative Bleeding and transfusion requirements in Cardiac Surgery. Bahauddin Khan, Mujahid Ul Islam, Imtiaz Ahmad and Mujeeb Ur Rehman Apr 8, 2022 3619
Sindh govt renames NICVD as SICVD. Apr 6, 2022 202
Daxor announces new data from Duke Heart on BVA-100 test. Apr 6, 2022 157
Experts hammer out guidelines on oxygen therapy for newborns. Our Correspondent Apr 5, 2022 236
Thousands benefit from AI-enabled heart monitor; device worn at home by patients. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO Reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Apr 5, 2022 337
Toll-Like Receptors/TNF-? Pathway Crosstalk and Impact on Different Sites of Recurrent Myocardial Infarction in Elderly Patients. Li, Xia; Guo, Dianxuan; Chen, Ying; Hu, Youdong Report Apr 5, 2022 8445
AI device cuts waiting times for heart patients to 'matter of days'; New technology tested on patients in Liverpool has provided dramatic results. By, Jonathan Humphries Apr 4, 2022 706
Cytokinetics announces METEORIC-HF results, GALACTIC-HF additional data. Financial report Apr 3, 2022 645
Could Peritoneal Dialysis be an Option for the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure? Genek, Dilek Gibyeli; Alp, Alper; Huddam, Bulent Apr 1, 2022 5828
Brain derived neurotrophic factor, oxidative stress status and vitamin D levels in patients with autism spectrum disorder. Zaki, Moushira; Bassyouni, Hala T. El-; Hamed, Khaled; Moustafa, Rehab Selim Ismail; Youness, Emart Apr 1, 2022 3094
Predictive Factors Associated with the Need for Simultaneous Carpal Tunnel and Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow Releases. Spencer, Corey; Runge, William; Hurt, John; Dawes, Alexander; Toston, Roy; R.Wagner, Eric; Gottschal Report Apr 1, 2022 5531
The Study of Associations of ECG Changes in Lead aVR and Lead V6 with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). Singh, Davinder; Rijhwani, Puneet; Singh, Sanjay; Sharma, Rajeev; Pahadia, Manish; Kaur, Gurjinder; Report Apr 1, 2022 3046
Effectiveness of implementation of standard clinical pathway through healthcare professionals among acute myocardial infarction patients undergoing angiography/angioplasty in a public tertiary care hospital, Karachi. Bashir, Shahzad; Masih, Sarfraz; Barolia, Rubina; Lashari, Muhammad Nawaz; Amin, Iram Report Mar 31, 2022 2618
Philips announces additions to portfolio of cardiology solutions. Mar 31, 2022 177
My dad could have died during 10-hour wait at hospital... family's anger after heart patient's blood tests lost. HELENA VESTY @MENNEWSDESK Mar 29, 2022 541
Amarin r3eeives reimbursement for VAZKEPA in Sweden. Mar 28, 2022 283
Stalicla Completes Successful Phase 1b Trials for the First Precision Medicine in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Mar 25, 2022 316
Gas woes. Mar 25, 2022 194
Gas Woes. Mar 24, 2022 194
Sofapaka threaten to boycott rescheduled Ulinzi clash. Mar 24, 2022 763
Shortness of breath could signal heart attack with worst survival rate. Mar 22, 2022 395
Automatic Arrhythmia Detection Based on the Probabilistic Neural Network with FPGA Implementation. Srivastava, Rohini; Kumar, Basant; Alenezi, Fayadh; Alhudhaif, Adi; Althubiti, Sara A.; Polat, Kemal Report Mar 22, 2022 4936
Association between Paramedic Workforce and Survival Rate in Prehospital Advanced Life Support in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients. Han, Kichan; Jo, You Hwan; Jin Kim, Yu; Park, Seung Min; Keon Lee, Dong; Kim, Dong Won; Ja Lee, Kui Mar 17, 2022 4305
The Clinical Effects of Intravascular Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients with Chronic Total Occlusion: A Meta-Analysis. Zhong, Zhaoshuang; Zhao, Long; Chen, Kaiming; Xia, Shuyue Clinical report Mar 17, 2022 4577
BPEF comprehensive scheme of financial aid Bushra. Mar 16, 2022 309
Machhapuchchre Bank constructs Critical Care Unit for National Heart Center. Mar 16, 2022 200
Can telemedicine applications be regarded as a priority way to treat cardiac patients? CM Guest Columnist Mar 16, 2022 1781
Nawaloka Hospitals elevates cardiovascular diagnostics with 'Philips Azurion 7 C20' machine. Mar 15, 2022 502
Windtree Therapeutics completes enrollment of Phase 2 study of Istaroxime. Clinical report Mar 15, 2022 152
Comparison between the Waist-Hip Ratio and BMI in Assessing the Severity of Coronary Artery Disease. Baligar, Basavaraj Devendrappa; Narayanaswamy, Ganesh Ramapura; Hasabi, Ishwar Siddappa; Hiregoudar, Report Mar 11, 2022 4459
Serum CTRP9 Reflects Coronary Collateralization in Nondiabetic Patients with Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease. Gao, Ang; Liu, Jinxing; Liu, Yan; Hu, Chengping; Zhu, Yong; Zhou, Yujie; Han, Hongya Report Mar 10, 2022 6634
Record-breaking heart op patient feeling 'incredibly lucky' 50 years on. Mar 10, 2022 387
First pig heart transplant patient dies after two months. Mar 10, 2022 679
World's first pig heart transplant patient dies two months after historic operation; Dave Bennett died on Tuesday afternoon at the University of Maryland Medical Centre in Baltimore but no obvious cause of death has been identified. By, Christopher Bucktin Obituary Mar 9, 2022 524
Research suggests heart defects boost risks for hospitalisation in COVID-19 patients. Clinical report Mar 8, 2022 223
Research suggests heart defects boost risks for hospitalisation in COVID-19 patients. Clinical report Mar 8, 2022 222
Clinical outcomes of simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty. A tertiary-center experience. Bawazir, Abdullah O.; Filimban, Hossein A.; Halabi, Nawaf; Bafageeh, Salman W.; Halabi, Rayan; Albuk Report Mar 1, 2022 2368
The Latest on Who Should Take Daily Aspirin and Who Should Not. Mar 1, 2022 952
Insomnia May Trigger Heart Failure. Mar 1, 2022 152
Adding the Human Touch to Sophisticated Heart Care: Palliative care physicians help patients cope with serious heart disease and its treatments while they fight to get better. Mar 1, 2022 967
New Medications Show Promise for Hard-to-Treat Heart Failure: Patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction as well as cardiac amyloidosis have had few options until now. Mar 1, 2022 909
The Relationship Between N-Terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide Level and Left Ventricular Metabolic Index in Patients with Heart Failure with Mildly Reduced Ejection Fraction. Kis, Mehmet; Senoz, Oktay; Guzel, Tuncay Mar 1, 2022 4144
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: A Rare Presentation of Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis. Cakar, Arman; Atmaca, Murat Mert; Kotan, Dilcan; Durmus, Hacer; Deymeer, Feza; Oflazer, Piraye; Parm Clinical report Mar 1, 2022 1468
Assessment of cardiac autonomic parameters in patients with uncomplicated familial Mediterranean fever. Candemir, Mustafa; Sezenoz, Burak; Candemir, Burcu; Nurkoc, Serdar Gokhan Mar 1, 2022 6140
Nigerian Government Strategises To End Medical Tourism. Mar 1, 2022 659
Tp-e Interval, Tp-e/QT and Tp-e/QTc Ratios in Female Patients with Small Heart Syndrome/Kucuk Kalp Sendromlu Kadin Hastalarda Tp-e Araligi, Tp-e/QT ve Tp-e/ QTc Oranlari. Ibisoglu, Ersin; Boyraz, Bedrettin Mar 1, 2022 3305
The Role of MPV-to-Lymphocyte Ratio and MPV-to-Platelet Ratio in Predicting Mortality in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction/Akut Miyokard Enfarktuslu Hastalarda Mortaliteyi Ongormede MPV-Lenfosit Orani ve MPV-Trombosit Oraninin Rolu. Karahan, Serkan; Katkat, Fahrettin; Varol, Sinan; Yildirim, Mehmet Rifat; Ince, Orhan; Sahin, Irfan; Mar 1, 2022 3476
De Winter Wave with ST Segment Elevation Equivalent with Speech Disorder; A Case Report. Erdem, Ahmet Burak; Turner, Miray Clinical report Mar 1, 2022 1443
Premature Myocardial Infarction: A Rising Threat. Kayikcioglu, Meral; Ozkan, Hasan Selcuk; Yagmur, Burcu Report Mar 1, 2022 11508
A Rare Case of Oral Myiasis Caused by Phormia regina (Meigen) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in an Intubated Patient/Entube Hastada Phormia regina (Meigen) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) Nedenli Nadir Bir Oral Miyazis Olgusu. Altintop, Tugce Unalan; Koc, Nafiye; Cetik, Sila; Nalbantoglu, Serpil; Akyon, Yakut; Erguven, Sibel Mar 1, 2022 2082
Clinical manifestations, associated diseases, diagnosis, and treatment of human infections caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae: a systematic review. Rostamian, Mosayeb; Rahmati, Donya; Akya, Alisha Report Mar 1, 2022 5185
Anatomical Evaluation of The Major Vessels with Ultrasound in Children Undergoing Cardiac Surgery/Kardiyak Cerrahi Geciren Cocuklarda Major Damarlarin Ultrason ile Anatomik Olarak Degerlendirilmesi. Salik, Fikret; Bicak, Mustafa; Erkul, Aylin; Bicak, Esra Aktiz; Akelma, Hakan; Kaya, Sedat; Doyurgan Report Mar 1, 2022 6225
Decreasing 30-Day Heart Failure Readmission through Self-Care Education. Anzio, Nicole; Miller, Susan; Saul, Lauren; Tuite, Patricia; Ren, Dianxu Report Mar 1, 2022 2910
Management of Arrhythmias in COVID-19. Sener, Yusuf Ziya; Canpolat, Ugur; Yorgun, Hikmet; Aytemir, Kudret Mar 1, 2022 3355
Administering Home Milrinone: Evaluating Safety and Efficacy. Payne, Jarae R. Report Mar 1, 2022 5674
Evaluation of Prognostic Impact of Left Atrial Longitudinal Strain on Patients with Cardiac Amyloidosis/ Sol Atriyal Uzunlamasina Deformasyon Degerinin Kardiyak Amiloidoz Hastalarinda Prognoz Uzerine Etkisinin Degerlendirilmesi. Tan, Turkan Seda; Korkmaz, Kubra; Tekin, Cemre Gul; Nazman, Huseyin; Dincer, Irem Mar 1, 2022 3501
Significance of the Right Ventricle Strain Value for Prediction of Heart Failure Development in Patients with Diastolic Dysfunction/Diyastolik Disfonksiyonu Olan Hastalarda Kalp Yetmezligi Gelisimini Ongormede Sag Ventrikul Deformasyon Degerinin Onemi. Tan, Turkan Seda; Dincer, Irem Clinical report Mar 1, 2022 4342
Lipomatous Hypertrophy of the Interatrial Septum in a Patient with Chronic Dyspnea and Episodes of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation: A Case Report. Papaetis, Georgios S.; Antreou, Antreas D.; Karvounaris, Stylianos A. Report Mar 1, 2022 1857
AWARENESS OF PERSONAL ORAL HEALTH AND ORAL HYGIENE PRACTICES AMONG PATIENTS WITH CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE. Sajida Parveen, Sajal Awan, Aleena Khan, Aneela Shabbir, Muhammad Shabbir and Unber Shafique Feb 28, 2022 2913
SHORT COMMUNICATION - CARDIAC REHABILITATION AS A DEDICATED CLINICAL SERVICE: RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS AND REMAINING CHALLENGES. Maryam Zahid, Usman Iqbal, Aleena Khan, Hafsa Khlil, Naheed Kausar, Sehrish Mumtaz, Mawara Hassan an Feb 28, 2022 1773
Assessment of Fluid Responsiveness With End Tidal Carbon Dioxide Using A Simplified LegRaising Maneuver in Non-Cardiac Patients Admitted in Medical Intensive Care Unit. Zubia Hassan, Imran Fazal, Nadeem Ashraf, Arshad Hayat, Kaswar Sajjad and Asad Zaman Feb 28, 2022 2144
Effect of Tirofiban Injection on vascular endothelial function, cardiac function and inflammatory cytokines in patients with acute myocardial infarction after emergency Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Shi-xin Kang, Xiao-min Meng and Jing Li Feb 28, 2022 3103
Effects of enteral nutrition on heart function, inflammatory markers and immune function in elderly patients with chronic heart failure. Dan Zhang, Hongli Li, Xiang Tian and Sujuan Zhang Feb 28, 2022 3479
Patients getting state of the art cardiac care free of cost near their homes. Feb 28, 2022 665
Mamora commends FMC Jabi on successful heart surgeries. Feb 28, 2022 471
Heart patients want express passports for treatment abroad. Feb 27, 2022 282
Herceptin-Mediated Cardiotoxicity: Assessment by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. Jiang, Jin; Liu, Boyang; Hothi, Sandeep S Feb 27, 2022 11732
Comparison of Point-of-Care and Highly Sensitive Laboratory Troponin Testing in Patients Suspicious of Acute Myocardial Infarction and Its Efficacy in Clinical Outcome. Mohammadzadeh, Sahand; Matani, Nasim; Soleimani, Neda; Bazrafshan drissi, Hamed Feb 24, 2022 8520
Buzdar approves action against accused for implanting expired stents. Feb 24, 2022 214
Surgeon's design for HeartStamp wins prize. Feb 24, 2022 326
Surgeon invents prize-winning robotic device which could repair hearts without a major operation; Dr Chris Roche's device may one day insert patches matching a patient's own cells onto damaged heart muscle. By, Richard Youle Feb 24, 2022 416
Dying people could see lives flash before them say scientists after accidental find; Team accidentally recorded what happens to the human brain when we die and discovered it appears to remain active and coordinated even after death. By, Alana Calvert & Elaine Blackburne Feb 23, 2022 409
Dying people could see lives flash before them say scientists after accidental find; Team accidentally recorded what happens to the human brain when we die and discovered it appears to remain active and coordinated even after death. By, Alana Calvert & Elaine Blackburne Feb 23, 2022 409
First recording of a dying brain suggests we may see our lives flash before our eyes; The study's organiser, Dr Ajmal Zemmar, is a neurosurgeon at the University of Louisville. By, Alana Calvert & Robert Rowlands Feb 23, 2022 396
Dying people could see lives flash before them say scientists after accidental find; Team accidentally recorded what happens to the human brain when we die and discovered it appears to remain active and coordinated even after death. By, Alana Calvert & Elaine Blackburne Feb 23, 2022 409
Royal Hospital succeeds in treatment of rare tumour. By: Times News Service Feb 22, 2022 181
Simple blood test can show patient's fatal heart attack risk in next three years; A test checking for levels of a key protein which is a marker for inflammation indicated who was more likely to die in the next three years, a study by Imperial College London found. By, Martin Bagot Feb 22, 2022 203
Royal Hospital successfully treats heart tumour in patient. Feb 22, 2022 182
Royal Hospital succeeds in treatment of rare tumour. Feb 22, 2022 171
Valvular Cardiomyopathy: The Value of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Tsampasian, Vasiliki; Hothi, Sandeep S.; Ravindrarajah, Thuwarahan; Swift, Andrew J.; Garg, Pankaj; Feb 22, 2022 5870
Patterns and Determinants of Change in Cortisol Levels and Thyroid Function as a Function of Cardiac Risk in Children Undergoing Cardiac Surgery. Al-Sofyani, Khouloud Abdulrahman; Uddin, Mohammed Shahab; Qulisy, Ebtehal Ahmed; Al-Radi, Osman Osam Clinical report Feb 22, 2022 7328
Heart patient seeks help. Feb 18, 2022 189
40pc of Baitul Mal budget spent on health sector: MD. Feb 17, 2022 318
miR-197 Participates in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Cardiomyocyte Injury by Modulating SIRT1. Liu, Miaomiao; Zhang, Ying; Cao, Xiantong; Shi, Tao; Yan, Yang Feb 17, 2022 5535
The Effect of Enhanced Multislice Spiral Computed Tomography Scan in Nursing. Wang, Yan; Qian, Binyan; Peng, Jidong Feb 16, 2022 3362
Awake Water Supports Korle-Bu Cardio With GHau150,000. Feb 14, 2022 323
Sabah health director: Viral message claiming teenager died due to Covid-19 booster dose fake. Feb 14, 2022 268
NICVD rejects all allegations related to stopage of free medical facilities. Feb 11, 2022 215
NICVD denies stopping any kind of treatment provided free. Feb 11, 2022 191
Research on the Damage of Adrenal Pheochromocytoma to Patients' Cardiovascular Vessels and Its Correlation with Hypertension. Wang, Xiaohui; Zhao, Qiuping; Sang, Haiqiang; Dong, Jiajia; Bai, Minfu Feb 11, 2022 5605
NICVD rejects all allegations related to stopage of free medical facilities. Feb 11, 2022 214
NICVD rejects all allegations related to stopage of free medical facilities. Feb 11, 2022 216
AJK capital to be equipped with latest Keith Lab, Cardiac Surgery Hospital soon: Secretary Health. Feb 11, 2022 285
In bid to survive, NICVD stops offering free elective procedures. Feb 10, 2022 645
Man stranded after yob attacks force bus cancellations; The 61-year-old man was stranded in the wind and rain for an hour and a half. By, Oliver Clay Feb 10, 2022 784
Rs2bn for treatment of destitute patients. Feb 7, 2022 270
Covid's effect on the heart revealed in University of Bristol study; The study sheds new light on how Covid affects the heart and could lead to a new treatment. By, Steven Smith Feb 3, 2022 638
Covid's effect on the heart revealed in University of Bristol study; The study sheds new light on how Covid affects the heart and could lead to a new treatment. By, Steven Smith Feb 3, 2022 638
Covid's effect on the heart revealed in University of Bristol study; The study sheds new light on how Covid affects the heart and could lead to a new treatment. By, Steven Smith Feb 3, 2022 638
Covid's effect on the heart revealed in University of Bristol study; The study sheds new light on how Covid affects the heart and could lead to a new treatment. By, Steven Smith Feb 3, 2022 638
Leptospirosis--Clinical and Echocardiographic Study. Sunisha, Vinod L.; Ajith, S.N.; Regi, David S. Report Feb 1, 2022 3712
The Evaluation of Preoperative [.sup.18]F-FDG PET/CT in Patients with Endometrial Cancer and the Correlation Between PET Parameters and Postoperative Pathology Results/Endometrium Kanserli Hastalarda Preoperatif [.sup.18]F-FDG PET/BT'nin Degerlendirilmesi ve PET Parametreleri ile Postoperatif Patoloji Sonuclari Arasindaki Korelasyon. Topuz, Ozge Vural; Aksu, Aysegul; Erinc, Sadife Ruya; Tokgozoglu, Nedim; Tamam, Muge Oner Report Feb 1, 2022 4328
Correlation of Coronary Calcium Scores with Growth Differentiation Factor-15 Levels in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Hacioglu, Yalcin; Kilickaya, Pelin; Rakici, Ibrahim Taskin; Karatas, Savas; Piskinpasa, Mehmet Emin; Feb 1, 2022 3865
Doctors not legally mandated to check quality of equipment, drugs: PSIC. Feb 1, 2022 552
Effectiveness and Adverse Effects of Risperidone in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Naturalistic Clinical Setting at a University Hospital in Oman. Al-Huseini, Salim; Al-Barhoumi, Ali; Al-Balushi, Miad; Al-Hosni, Amira; Al-Mahrouqi, Tamadhir; Al-Ma Clinical report Jan 31, 2022 5465
Is liraglutide the solution for weight loss in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome? Shaikh, Taha Gul; Ahmed, Syed Hassan; Waseem, Summaiyya Letter to the editor Jan 31, 2022 539
Association of Non HDL-Cholesterol and other lipid parameters in patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Syeda Sabahat Haider, Muhammad Shahid, Khalid Razaq, Shama Iqbal, Muhammad Tariq Ghafoor and Nabila Jan 31, 2022 2646
Effect of Statins on Serum level of hs-CRP and CRP in Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Kandelouei, Tahmineh; Abbasifard, Mitra; Imani, Danyal; Aslani, Saeed; Razi, Bahman; Fasihi, Mahdieh Clinical report Jan 28, 2022 10328
Covid-19 vaccine not 'direct cause' of heart condition that led to woman's death, say two Singapore hospitals that treated her. Jan 28, 2022 499
Include heart rehab in PhilHealth benefits, gov't urged. Jan 28, 2022 345
Expired stents scam: FIA finds 'glaring irregularities, grave negligence' in PIC. Jan 28, 2022 448
Cantonment hospital starts treatment of heart patients. Disease/Disorder overview Jan 27, 2022 247
UAE authorises new ECG app with 95% accurate, instant results. Jan 27, 2022 267
India responsible for air pollution in Lahore. Jan 27, 2022 229
Heart treatment gets a new lease of life at Banphaeo General Hospital. Jan 25, 2022 422
Serial Changes in Exercise Capacity, NT-proBNP, and Adiponectin in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome before and after Phase II Rehabilitation as well as at the 12-Month Follow-Up. Jin, Hong; Liu, Yuefei; Schweikert, Bernd; Hahman, Harry; Wang, Lei; Imhof, Armin; Muche, Rainer Jan 24, 2022 5930
Raziuddin Shaikh passes away at 89. Obituary Jan 23, 2022 207
RIC faces influx of non-cardiac patients. Jan 17, 2022 469
Hematological Inflammatory Markers in Patients with Clinically Confirmed Familial Hypercholesterolemia. Vaseghi, Golnaz; Heshmat-Ghahdarijani, Kiyan; Taheri, Marzieh; Ghasempoor, Ghazal; Hajian, Shabnam; Report Jan 17, 2022 4526
Patient given pig heart 'isn't worthy' after stabbing man and leaving him paralysed; David Bennett Sr was given the groundbreaking transplant last week but it has since emerged that he is a convicted criminal following an attack in 1988 -his victim's sister says he morally wasn't worthy of the donation. By, Graeme Murray Jan 16, 2022 536
Doc: UK patient will get pig heart in 5yrs; Hope after breakthrough in US. EXCLUSIVE BY MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jan 15, 2022 285
British patient will receive pig heart in just five years' time, doctor insists; Prof Christopher McGregor says animal-to-human transplant could eradicate NHS organ donation waiting lists within a decade. The doctor would be the second person in the world to carry out such an operation. By, Martin Bagot Jan 14, 2022 1068
Pig heart transplant saves patient's bacon. Jan 13, 2022 151
Pig heart transplant saves patient's bacon. Jan 13, 2022 158
Pig heart transplant saves patient's bacon. Jan 13, 2022 151
Pig heart transplant saves patient's bacon. Jan 13, 2022 159
Pig heart transplant saves patient's bacon. Jan 13, 2022 158
Diplomat lauds Pakistan-US scientist on first pig-to-human heart transplant. Jan 13, 2022 334
NHS patients 'could be given pig heart transplants' after first successful op; US medics have made history by transplanting the heart from a genetically engineered pig into terminally ill human patient David Bennett, who is doing well four days later. By, Ella Pickover & Ryan Merrifield Jan 12, 2022 709
Author joy as pig's heart op becomes reality. Jan 12, 2022 173
Pig heart op has saved my bacon; Joy after world's first animal transplant. JULIE STEENHUYSEN Jan 12, 2022 382
Pig's heart given to transplant patient; Pioneering op gives new hope to people in organ donor wait. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Jan 11, 2022 448
Surgeons transplant pig heart into human. CARLA K. JOHNSON AP Medical Writer Jan 11, 2022 185
U.S. surgeons transplant pig's heart into human, in world's first. Jan 11, 2022 244
Heart attack patient's 999 call ordeal. JONATHON HILL Reporter Jan 10, 2022 1117
PIC to set up satellite centres for cardiac surgeries. Jan 10, 2022 639
Foundation stone laid for specialized cancer unit at Khulna Medical College Hospital. Jan 9, 2022 320
Heart attack and stroke patients told 'get a lift' as million isolate; Patients with life-threatening illnesses are reportedly being told to get themselves to hospital. By, Neil Shaw Jan 5, 2022 376
Heart attack patients told 'get lift' to hospital as Covid 'tsunami' pushes NHS to brink; More than a dozen hospitals have declared critical incidents due to rising admissions and staff shortages. Ambulance bosses have asked potential heart attack victims to get a taxi or a lift to A&E. By, Paul Byrne & Martin Bagot Jan 4, 2022 617
'Patients will pay the price for Boris Johnson's decision to live with Omicron'; Patients in north east England were told to take a taxi or get a lift to hospital as the NHS struggles to cope with rising admissions and staff shortages caused by Covid-19. By, Voice of the Mirror Jan 4, 2022 349
Correlation Analysis of Acute Coronary Syndrome with Serum IL-18, MMP-9, hs-CRP, and Plasma FIB. Yang, Yuexia; Li, Guoming; Zhang, Ruiqin Report Jan 4, 2022 5778
COPD and comorbidities in the Republic of Moldova. Corlateanu, Alexandru; Covantsev, Serghei; Scutaru, Eugenia; Rusu, Doina; Botnaru, Victor; Corlatean Clinical report Jan 1, 2022 5165
Israel 'leads the way' with 4th COVID jabs for vulnerable. Jan 1, 2022 342
Comparison of Nursing Home-acquired Pneumonia and Community-acquired Pneumonia and Evaluation of Factors Predicting Mortality. Yencilek, Halil Ilker; Sener, Alp; Ozhasenekler, Ayhan; Ergin, Mehmet; Gunaydin, Gul Pamukcu; Gokhan Report Jan 1, 2022 5431
Tracheal Intubation with Different Doses of Propofol--Haemodynamic Changes. Sudhir, N.; Satheedevi, P.; Sunilkumar, T.S.; Joseph, Elizabeth Report Jan 1, 2022 4663
Lower the Likelihood of Rehospitalization: After a heart attack or heart procedure, there are four things you can do to help avoid another hospital stay. Jan 1, 2022 686
Congestive Heart Failure: Diagnosis and Management in Primary Health Care. Altukhays, Ibrahim Abdulrahman; Alosaimi, Salman Hejab; Alotaibi, Meshari Assaf; Aamzami, Amirh Ayma Report Jan 1, 2022 2490
CT dose management for neurologic events in patients with cardiac devices: Radiation exposure variation in patients with cardiac devices. Coban, Gokcen; Parlak, Safak; Onur, Mehmet Ruhi; Erarslan, Egemen Cifci; Erarslan, Cenk; Canpolat, U Report Jan 1, 2022 4130
Role of Ankle-Brachial Index Measured with Simple Automated Blood Pressure Devices in Predicting the Postoperative Kidney Functions in Non-Cardiac Patients with Low Renal Risk. Sumnu, Abdullah; Islamoglu, Zeki; Karadag, Serhat; Uzun, Sami; Cebeci, Egemen; Yigit, Namik; Hut, Ad Jan 1, 2022 5851
Inextricable Relationship Between Vital Signs and Clinical Deterioration. Bartzak, Patricia J. Jan 1, 2022 1504
Changes of Serum Ficolin-3 and C5b-9 in Patients with Heart Failure. Hongli Li, Fangfang Zhang, Dan Zhang and Xiang Tian Dec 31, 2021 1873
Frequency of Renal Dysfunction and its effects on outcomes after open heart surgery. Taimur Asif Ali, Khuzaima Tariq, Areej Salim and Saulat Fatimi Dec 31, 2021 2364
Clinical presentation, diagnostic features on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and outcome of patients with cardiac amyloidosis presenting to a tertiary care setting. Sultan, Fateh Ali Tipoo; Khan, Muhammad Taha Report Dec 31, 2021 1892
Sibutramine and its cardiovascular effects: A deadly combination. Muhammad Khuzzaim Shakeel Khan Dec 31, 2021 455
PIC performs 5,000 angioplasty, angiography procedures in first year. Dec 30, 2021 201
More than 7.5m KP families receive free treatment under Sehat Card Plus. Dec 28, 2021 278
Outcomes of Early versus Late Endotracheal Intubation in Patients with Initial Non-Shockable Rhythm Cardiopulmonary Arrest in the Emergency Department. Daorattanachai, Kiattichai; Srivilaithon, Winchana; Phakawan, Vitchapon; Imsuwan, Intanon Dec 28, 2021 3862
PIC committee recommends action against five doctors in expired stent scam. Dec 27, 2021 230
Calli's Christmas gifts for heart unit patients; PS1,700 raised to buy presents for youngsters. ELIF GULMEN Reporter Dec 24, 2021 385
Revision Surgery for Symptomatic Adjacent Segment Disc Degeneration after Initial Anterior Cervical Fusion: Is ROI-C Better than Plate-Cage Construct? Niu, Junjie; Song, Dawei; Liu, Yijie; Wang, Heng; Huang, Cheng; Yu, Hao; Deng, Zicheng Report Dec 21, 2021 4834
Experience with Tetanus in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Sudan: A Retrospective Review. Dafallah, Mumen Abdalazim; Ragab, Esraa Ahmed; Mohamed Ahmed Elawad, Omer Ali Clinical report Dec 21, 2021 3306
Sergio Aguero's cardiologist details hidden heart issues that forced early retirement; The Premier League legend has had to quit playing after just five matches in a Barcelona shirt, after suffering a heart scare during a La Liga match against Alaves on October 30. By, Gerard Couzens Dec 16, 2021 732
Ambulance service left 'troubled' by effects of delays. SAM VOLPE Reporter Dec 14, 2021 895
'Highest' ever ambulance handover times causing 'harm to patients' DELAYS LEAVE PEOPLE WAITING HOURS FOR HELP. SAM VOLPE Reporter Dec 14, 2021 714
Cardiovascular Effects of Intravenous Oxytocin in Elective Caesarean Section--A Study from Alappuzha, Kerala. Kuriakose, Biby Mary; Nadarajan, Veena Report Dec 13, 2021 3507
Supervised Machine Learning-Based Cardiovascular Disease Analysis and Prediction. Hossen, M. D. Amzad; Tazin, Tahia; Khan, Sumiaya; Alam, Evan; Sojib, Hossain Ahmed; Monirujjaman Kha Dec 10, 2021 4400
Ambulance service 'worried and troubled' by delays as record numbers call 999; Bosses at North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust said they are doing everything they can to improve things as "unprecedented pressures" lead to long delays for sick patients in the region. By, Sam Volpe Dec 9, 2021 1190
New heart implant cuts stroke risk: Cleveland Clinic. Dec 8, 2021 757
Screening for FMR1 CGG Repeat Expansion in Thai Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Hnoonual, Areerat; Jankittunpaiboon, Charunee; Limprasert, Pornprot Report Dec 8, 2021 9696
Cardiac Transthyretin Amyloidosis: Hidden in Plain Sight. Logothetis, Constantine N.; Fernandez, Joel; Laber, Damian A. Dec 7, 2021 2594
Meta-Analysis of Catheter Ablation versus Medical Therapy for Heart Failure Complicated with Atrial Fibrillation. Zhu, Xi; Wu, Yingbiao; Ning, Zhongping Clinical report Dec 6, 2021 5150
Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of Low-Carbohydrate Diets with Low-Fat Diets for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials. Li, Shunhua; Ding, Lu; Xiao, Xinhua Dec 6, 2021 7162
PTI heavily investing in health sector: Farrukh Habib. Dec 5, 2021 271
PTI heavily investing in health sector: Farrukh Habib. Dec 5, 2021 271
PTI heavily investing in health sector: Farrukh Habib. Dec 5, 2021 271
Brave woman shares final request with family before losing battle with cystic fibrosis; Kayley Keri, 20, was born with the genetic disease and died just before her 21st birthday in December 2015 -her family are getting ready to mark the anniversary of the Liverpool woman's death. By, Tom Duffy & Alahna Kindred Dec 4, 2021 558
The Relationship Between Hypothermia Duration and Amount of Bleeding After Open Heart Surgery. Acikgoz, Gizem; Ibrahimoglu, Ozlem Dec 1, 2021 4879
A methodology for identifying high-need, high-cost patient personas for international comparisons. Figueroa, Jose F.; Horneffer, Kathryn E.; Riley, Kristen; Abiona, Olukorede; Arvin, Mina; Atsma, Fem Dec 1, 2021 8783
Differences in health outcomes for high-need high-cost patients across high-income countries. Papanicolas, Irene; Riley, Kristen; Abiona, Olukorede; Arvin, Mina; Atsma, Femke; Bemal-Delgado, Enr Report Dec 1, 2021 6893
Within and across country variations in treatment of patients with heart failure and diabetes. Or, Zeynep; Shatrov, Kosta; Penneau, Anne; Wodchis, Walter; Abiona, Olukorede; Blankart, Carl Rudolf Report Dec 1, 2021 8332
Graded Exercise Stress Test Scenarios and Incidences for Exercise Physiologists: Is There Scope for Training and Assessment via Virtual Reality Technology? Walsh, Andrew; Mills, Brennen; Hansen, Sara; Hopper, Luke; Singh, Favil Dec 1, 2021 6307
The PR Interval Predicted Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome Who Underwent Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: 3 Years Follow-up Results/Primer Perkütan Koroner Girisim Uygulanan Akut Koroner Sendrom Hastalarinda PR Mesafesi Majör Istenmeyen Olaylari Öngörmüstür: 3 Yillik Takip Sonuçlari. Yilmaz, Ahmet Seyda; Çinier, Göksel; Kahraman, Fatih; Çetin, Mustafa; Çirakoglu, Ömer Faruk Report Dec 1, 2021 6402
Restenosis Rates After Carotid Endarterectomy with Primary Closure Under Regional Anesthesia: Results of a Single Center Study with 553 Patients. Erdinc, Ibrahim; Yilmaz, Fulya; Bas, Koray Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 2627
Carotid Artery Stenting Using the Double Embolic Protection Technique. Bastug, Serdal Dec 1, 2021 3046
Association Between Bifurcation Angle and Coronary No-reflow Following Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients/Primer Perkutan Koroner Girisim Sonrasi Hastalarda Bifurkasyon Acisi ile Koroner No-reflow Arasindaki Iliski. Tasbulak, Omer; Duran, Mustafa; Sahin, Ahmet Anil; Demir, Ali Riza; Gulmez, Recep; Erturk, Mehmet; K Dec 1, 2021 5226
Investigation of the Effect of Protamine-heparin Dose Ratio Adjustment on Intraoperative Graft Patency and Postoperative Bleeding/Protamin-heparin Doz Oraninin Degistirilmesinin Intraoperatif Greft Acikligi ve Postoperatif Kanama Uzerine Etkisinin Incelenmesi. Borulu, Ferhat Dec 1, 2021 4619
Nephrectomy and Tumor Thrombectomy with Concurrent Coronary Artery Bypass Graft for an HMB-45-Negative Giant Classical Renal Angiomyolipoma with Venous Extension. Lockhart, Kathleen; Shugg, Nathan; ,Singh, Taranpreet; Tiu, Albert Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 1504
Cardiac Disease of Raptors. Oster, Seth C.; Pariaut, Romain Report Dec 1, 2021 5052
Sirenomelia with major cardiac anomalies. Saggers, R.T.; Charlton, R.; Nongena, P.; Velaphi, S.C. Report Dec 1, 2021 1552
CONGENITAL LONG QT SYNDROME: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW/SINDROM DUGOG QT INTERVALA: SUSTAVNI PREGLED. Galic, Edvard; Beslic, Petar; Kilic, Paula; Planinic, Zrinka; Pasalic, Ante; Galic, Iva; Cubela, Vla Report Dec 1, 2021 5930
Serum NT-Pro-BNP versus Noninvasive Bedside Inotropic Index in Paediatric Shock: A Contest of Myocardial Performance in Response to Fluid Loading. Pudjiadi, Antonius Hocky; Rahayu, Tuty; Wijaya, Stephanie; Alatas, Fatima Safira Nov 30, 2021 4614
Mexiletine and False Positive Urine Drug Screen for Amphetamine: A Case Review. Sohal, Sumit; Sous, Mina; Pethe, Gauri; Padmanabhan, Shanmugha V.; Akbari, Rajesh; Dadkhah, Shahriar Nov 30, 2021 1582
Frequency and impact of slow flow/ no flow in primary percutaneous coronary intervention. Shah, Ghazanfer Ali; Malik, Tooba; Farooqi, Sadaf; Ahmed, Salman; Abid, Khadijah Report Nov 30, 2021 2935
Ambulance volunteer's car stolen leaving him out of action; WORKER'S UNIFORM AND VITAL LIFE- SAVING EQUIPMENT ALSO TAKEN. JOSH SANDIFORD Nov 29, 2021 352
Heart Patient Seeks Financial Support For Treatment Overseas. Nov 18, 2021 260
Medics urged to conduct research on heart ailments. Nov 17, 2021 233
Moderna Posts Positive Data from Phase 2 Study of mRNA VEGF-A Therapeutic in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery. Nov 16, 2021 692
Abbott reveals new data from IDE study to assess Aveir leadless pacemaker in patients with certain abnormal heart rhythms. Nov 15, 2021 247
Abbott reveals new data from IDE study to assess Aveir leadless pacemaker in patients with certain abnormal heart rhythms. Nov 15, 2021 246

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