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Cardboard tubes cut to size for stowing wine.

The sturdy cardboard tube that forms a core for a roll of carpeting can have a second life. You can use it, as shown here, to create an inexpensive rack for home wine storage.

A glued-together cardboard rack is not strong enough to be used without other support, so select a location where tubes can be reinforced by shelving or walls. For long-term storage, choose a spot in your house where the wine will remain at a fairly constant temperature, preferably between 55[deg. and 65[deg.].

Calculate tubing lengths equal to your longest wine bottle--or an inch or two shorter if you want the bottles' necks to protrude. Telephone carpet shops to check tube supply: some shops give them away, and others chrage a dollar or two per tube. Outside diameters may vary since some tubes are thicker than others, but all inside diameters should be at least 3-1/2 inches.

Saw tubes into equal lengths, then smooth edges with a rasp and sandpaper. Arrange tubes to fit your space, putting thicker ones near the base. Number or otherwise mark them for placement, especially if you have tubes of different diameters. Disassemble rack; then, starting at the bottom row, use white glue to adhere the edges of the tubes where they touch. Allow at least 12 hours for glue to dry before inserting the wine bottles.
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Date:Apr 1, 1984
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