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United States : Share your truth: It will be okay. Nov 7, 2019 654
No Benefit Seen for SLNB in BCS for DCIS in Older Women; Long-term outcomes similar with, without sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast-conserving surgery. Oct 31, 2019 237
Delay of Surgery for DCIS Ups Risk for Invasive Breast Cancer; Each month delay increases risk for invasive cancer by 1 percent. Oct 25, 2019 226
Don't Delay Surgery for Very Early-Stage Breast Cancer, Study Suggests. Oct 24, 2019 366
Air Pollution, Clustering of Particulate Matter Components, and Breast Cancer in the Sister Study: A U.S.-Wide Cohort. White, Alexandra J.; Keller, Joshua P.; Zhao, Shanshan; Carroll, Rachel; Kaufman, Joel D.; Sandler, Oct 1, 2019 10835
AI Program May Aid in Pathologic Evaluation of Breast Biopsies; Computer-based automated approach promising for differentiating ductal carcinoma in situ from atypia. Aug 16, 2019 323
AI shows promise in cancer detection; TECHNOLOGY. Aug 10, 2019 142
Bravo to Erik Peper's Article on Medical Self-Defense. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2019 860
PreludeDx passes New York State CLEP's clearance for DCISionRT DCIS Test. May 23, 2019 218
PreludeDx passes New York State CLEP's clearance for DCISionRT DCIS Test. May 23, 2019 214
SONOELASTOGRAPHIC FEATURES OF HIGH-RISK BREAST LESIONS AND DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN SITU--A PILOT STUDY. Crnogorac, Maja; Ivanac, Gordana; Tomasovic-Loncaric, Cedna; Zic, Rado; Kelava, Tomislav; Brkljacic, Report Mar 1, 2019 5157
Characterization of Molecular Subtypes of Paget Disease of the Breast Using Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization. Wachter, David L.; Wachter, Peter W.; Fasching, Peter A.; Beckmann, Matthias W.; Hack, Carolin C.; R Report Feb 1, 2019 3533
Not All Ductal Carcinomas In Situ Are Created IDLE (Indolent Lesions of Epithelial Origin). Alexander, Melissa; Beyda, Jessica; Nayak, Anupma; Jaffer, Shabnam Report Jan 1, 2019 4501
Ayushmann's wife Tahira reveals cancer fight. Sep 23, 2018 373
Feasibility of the Less Is More Approach in Treating Low-Risk Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Diagnosed on Core Needle Biopsy: Ten-Year Review of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Upgraded to Invasion at Surgery. Podoll, Mirna B.; Reisenbichler, Emily S.; Roland, Lania; Bruner, Andrew; Mizuguchi, Sarah; Sanders, Report Sep 1, 2018 5580
Lumpectomy + Radiation May Cut Breast Cancer Mortality in DCIS; Lumpectomy, radiotherapy tied to reduction in breast cancer mortality versus lumpectomy, mastectomy. Aug 20, 2018 264
Polypropylene Suture Guided Microdochectomy for Pathologic Nipple Discharge. Gur, Emine Ozlem; Karaisli, Serkan; Gur, Akif Serhat; Haciyanli, Mehmet Report Aug 1, 2018 858
Case Report: Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Within A Granulomatous Mastitis. ozsen, Mine; Tolunay, Sahsine; Gokgoz, M. Sehsuvar Case study Jul 1, 2018 1560
Ask Dr Miriam. Jun 22, 2018 160
Ask Dr Miriam. Jun 22, 2018 161
Nipple-Invasive Primary Carcinomas: Clinical, Imaging, and Pathologic Features of Breast Carcinomas Originating in the Nipple. Sanders, Mary Ann; Brock, Jane E.; Harrison, Beth T.; Wieczorek, Tad J.; Hong, Xuefei; Guidi, Anthon Report May 1, 2018 6955
Breast Specimen Processing and Reporting With an Emphasis on Margin Evaluation: A College of American Pathologists Survey of 866 Laboratories. Guidi, Anthony J.; Tworek, Joseph A.; Mais, Daniel D.; Souers, Rhona J.; Blond, Barbara J.; Brown, R Report Apr 1, 2018 10342
Hospital sorry after woman's false cancer diagnosis hell. Feb 21, 2018 172
Patients Often Mispredict Well-Being After Mastectomy; Patients underestimate future well-being after mastectomy, overestimate after reconstruction. Clinical report Feb 15, 2018 248
Harry Connick Jr. Opens Up About Wife's Secret Battle Against Cancer. Oct 26, 2017 384
Mayo Clinic to Launch Phase 2 Clinical Study of HER2-Targeted Vaccine in Early Breast Cancer. Clinical report Mar 15, 2017 316
Breast ductal carcinoma in situ in an unscreened population: presentation, diagnosis and management at a single tertiary centre. Mutebi, M.; Simonds, H.; Cairncross, L.; Panieri, E. Report Mar 1, 2017 4098
Ductal Breast Carcinoma In Situ: Mammographic Features and Its Relation to Prognosis and Tumour Biology in a Population Based Cohort. Zhou, Wenjing; Sollie, Thomas; Tot, Tibor; Blomqvist, Carl; Abdsaleh, Shahin; Liljegren, Goran; Warn Report Jan 1, 2017 6184
Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Breast Cancer: Clinicopathological Significance of Bcl-2 Positive Solid Papillary Carcinoma. Okubo, Yoichiro; Okubo, Takuji; Okubo, Yoshimi; Ishiwatari, Takao Case study Jan 1, 2017 2634
Endocrine Therapy Initiation among Older Women with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. Anderson, Chelsea; Winn, Aaron N.; Dusetzina, Stacie B.; Nichols, Hazel B. Report Jan 1, 2017 3907
Endocrine Mucin-Producing Sweat Gland Carcinoma, a Histological Challenge. Brett, Mary Anne; Salama, Samih; Gohla, Gabriella; Alowami, Salem Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2343
Papillary Lesions of the Breast: A Practical Approach to Diagnosis. Jorns, Julie M. Oct 1, 2016 3545
Atypical Apocrine Adenosis: Diagnostic Challenges and Pitfalls. Asirvatham, Jaya Ruth; Falcone, Maria Monica Garcia; Kleer, Celina G. Oct 1, 2016 4044
Estrogen Receptor and Cytokeratin 5 Are Reliable Markers to Separate Usual Ductal Hyperplasia From Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia and Low-Grade Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. Martinez, Anthony P.; Cohen, Cynthia; Hanley, Krisztina Z.; Li, Xiaoxian Jul 1, 2016 2897
Research boost in detection of breast tumours; Scientists could predict patients most at risk of full-blown cancer. Apr 7, 2016 431
Prediction hope for breast cancer. Apr 6, 2016 199
Research and reporting: why understanding how science works is important for all reporters, not just science journalists. Raeburn, Paul Mar 22, 2016 2552
Atossa Genetics begins enrollment under Phase 2 clinical trial of intraductal fulvestrant administration in women with ductal carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) or breast cancer. Mar 3, 2016 263
Atossa Genetics begins enrollment under Phase 2 clinical trial of intraductal fulvestrant administration in women with ductal carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) or breast cancer. Mar 3, 2016 259
United States : Does Radiation Therapy Improve Survival for Women with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS)? Yes...and...No. Feb 2, 2016 639
Dual-Energy CT for Evaluation of Intra-and Extracapsular Silicone Implant Rupture. Glazebrook, Katrina N.; Leng, Shuai; Jacobson, Steven R.; McCollough, Cynthia M. Case study Jan 1, 2016 2386
Advocating Nonsurgical Management of Patients With Small, Incidental Radial Scars at the Time of Needle Core Biopsy: A Study of 77 Cases. Matrai, Cathleen; DAlfonso, Timothy M.; Pharmer, Lindsay; Drotman, Michele B.; Simmons, Rache M.; Sh Sep 1, 2015 4145
The Society of Surgical Oncology-American Society for Radiation Oncology Consensus Guideline on Margins for Breast-Conserving Surgery With Whole-Breast Irradiation in Stages I and II Invasive Breast Cancer: Perspectives for Pathologists. Schnitt, Stuart J.; Moran, Meena S.; Houssami, Nehmat; Morrow, Monica May 1, 2015 3190
Lobular Neoplasia: Morphology and Management. Jorns, Julie; Sabel, Michael S.; Pang, Judy C. Oct 1, 2014 3674
Genomic Health's Oncotype DX DCIS Score can predict risk of local recurrence in ductal carcinoma in situ. Jun 12, 2014 231
Ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast: can biomarkers improve current management? Bartlett, John M.S.; Nofech-Moses, Sharon; Rakovitch, Eileen Report Jan 1, 2014 7296
Sentinel lymph node biopsy should be included with the initial surgery for high-risk ductal carcinoma-in-situ. Tan, Ern Yu; Lo, Z.W. Joseph; Ang, Chuan Han; Teo, Christine; Seah, Melanie D.W.; Chen, Juliana J.C. Report Jan 1, 2014 5238
Ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast: current concepts and future directions. Siziopikou, Kalliopi P. Report Apr 1, 2013 5108
Paget disease of the breast with invasion from nipple skin into the dermis. Sanders, Mary; Lester, Susan Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2013 275
Paget disease of the breast with invasion from nipple skin into the dermis: an unusual type of skin invasion not associated with an adverse outcome. Sanders, Mary Ann; Dominici, Laura; Denison, Christine; Golshan, Mehra; Wiecorek, Tad; Lester, Susan Report Jan 1, 2013 3612
Ductal carcinoma of the breast metastasizing to the rectum. Rajan, S.S.; Saeed, M.; Mestrah, M. Case study May 1, 2012 1397
Extramammary Paget's disease: presenting in an unusual site. Shome, Kaushik; Samanta, Asit Baran; Halder, Saswati; Seth, Joly; Mandal, B.K.; Sarkar, Prodip Report Sep 30, 2011 1477
Multifocal infiltrating ductal carcinoma and high-grade DCIS. Poe, Greg Case study Mar 1, 2011 1045
Metastatic ductal carcinoma of the prostate: a rare variant responding to a common treatment. Kumar, Aalok; Mukherjee, Som Dave Case study Apr 1, 2010 2620
DCIS more likely to recur in younger women. Boschert, Sherry Report Nov 1, 2009 576
Apocrine ductal carcinoma in situ involving a sclerosing lesion with adenosis: report of a case. Visscher, Daniel W. Report Nov 1, 2009 2164
NIH to Hold Press Telebriefing on September 24 following State-of-the-Science Conference on Ductal carcinoma in situ. Conference news Sep 15, 2009 181
Examination of specimens from patients with ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast using large-format histology sections. Tot, Tibor; Ibarra, Julio A. Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2009 745
Coronal serial sequential sampling of breast specimen in the assessment of the extent of ductal carcinoma in situ. Mai, Kien T.; Stinson, William A.; Burns, Bruce F. Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2009 1183
NCCN offers updated breast cancer guidelines: genetic counseling is now advised for women with DCIS and a high risk for hereditary breast cancer. McNamara, Damian Jun 1, 2009 1110
College of American Pathologists protocol for the reporting of ductal carcinoma in situ. Lester, Susan C.; Connolly, James L.; Amin, Mahul B. Report Jan 1, 2009 1729
Comparative analysis of size estimation by mapping and counting number of blocks with ductal carcinoma in situ in breast excision specimens. Dadmanesh, Farnaz; Fan, Xuemo; Dastane, Aditi; Amin, Mahul B.; Bose, Shikha Clinical report Jan 1, 2009 3085
Measuring extent of ductal carcinoma in situ in breast excision specimens: a comparison of 4 methods. Grin, Andrea; Horne, Garnet; Ennis, Marguerite; O'Malley, Frances P. Report Jan 1, 2009 4938
Unusual mammography findings in patients with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of the breast. Ismail, F.; Holl, J.; Lockhat, Z.; Akande, H.J. Case study Dec 1, 2008 1498
Histo-pathological correlation of BI-RADS 4 lesions on mammography with emphasis on microcalcification patterns. Ismail, F.; Holl, J.; Lockhat, Z.; Akande, H.J. Report Dec 1, 2008 2617
CPD questionnaire. Dec 1, 2008 1045
Multifocal invasive ductal carcinoma and ductal carcinoma in situ. Margolies, Laurie Aug 1, 2008 788
Surgery sans radiation deemed an option in DCIS. Lowry, Fran May 1, 2008 481
DCIS patients can forgo radiation after surgery. Lowry, Fran May 1, 2008 511
MRI doubles the sensitivity for high-grade DCIS. Lovinger, Sarah Pressman Jul 1, 2007 339
Ductal carcinoma in situ patients misinterpret risk: longitudinal study data show that women with the condition perceive their risk to be 'substantial.'. Mahoney, Diana Oct 15, 2005 449
DCIS patients tend to overestimate their risk. Mahoney, Diana Oct 1, 2005 423
No radiation leads to unacceptable recurrence in DCIS: wide excision alone. Jancin, Bruce Mar 1, 2004 373
Axillary staging unnecessary for ductal carcinoma in situ: National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Worcester, Sharon May 15, 2003 340
Lab reports on estrogen receptors may have 50% false-negative rate. (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ). Mar 1, 2003 396
Lab reports on estrogen receptors in breast ca often wrong. (50% False-Negative Rate). Mar 1, 2003 386
Mammography processor quality assurance. (Directed Reading). Monda, Linda A. Sep 1, 2002 13064
Predicting invasion in the excision specimen from breast core needle biopsy specimens with only ductal carcinoma in situ. Renshaw, Andrew A. Jan 1, 2002 1906
Bilateral Paget disease of the nipple associated with lobular carcinoma in situ: application of immunohistochemistry to a rare finding. Sahoo, Sunati; Green, Ileana; Rosen, Paul P. Jan 1, 2002 1518

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