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Carbonized wood and materials formed therefrom. (Patents).

A method of carbonizing cellulose-containing plants is disclosed. Wood is used as a precursor material which is carbonized under controlled temperature and atmosphere conditions to produce a porous carbon product having substantially the same cellular structure as the precursor wood. The porous carbonized wood may be used for various applications such as filters, or may be further processed to form carbon-polymer or carbon-carbon composites. The carbonized wood may also be converted to a ceramic such as silicon carbide. Additional processing may be used to form ceramic-metal or ceramic-ceramic composites.

ISSUE DATE: 04/18/00. INVENTOR(S): Nagle; Dennis C., Ellicott City, MD, et al. NUMBER OF CLAIMS: 59. PATENT NUMBER: 6051096.
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Title Annotation:method of carbonizing cellulose-containing plants patented
Publication:Forest Products Journal
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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