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Carbon capture plant breaks ground.

The first large-scale project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to demonstrate integrated carbon capture and storage moved into the construction phase in August. The project, being built at an ethanol plant in Decatur, Ill., is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy.

The project is designed to sequester approximately 2,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide per day in a saline aquifer in a sandstone formation at a depth of about 7,000 feet. Researchers estimate that the sandstone formation could store billions of tons of C[O.sub.2] and has the overall potential to sequester all of the more than 250 million tons of C[O.sub.2] produced each year by industry in the Illinois Basin region.

If successful, this project could point the way toward more widespread application of saline formations to store carbon emissions. In the United States alone, those formations have the potential to sequester as much as 3 trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide. Current annual greenhouse gas emissions are estimated at 30 billion metric tons.

The Illinois-ICCS project includes the demonstration of a C[O.sub.2] compression and dehydration facility as a precursor to storage and monitoring, verification, and accounting of the stored C[O.sub.2].

The injected C[O.sub.2] will come from the byproduct of processing corn into ethanol at a biofuels plant operated by Archer Daniels Midland. The C[O.sub.2] from the fermentation vessels will be dehydrated and compressed to about 2,500 psi in order to be delivered to the wellhead as a supercritical fluid. That fluid will travel nearly a mile through an 8-inch pipe to the injection point.

The project is receiving $141.4 million in federal funding and another $66.5 million private sector cost-sharing.

It is expected to begin capturing and storing C[O.sub.2] in 2013.

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