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Carbon capture and sequestration; integrating technology, monitoring, and regulation.


Carbon capture and sequestration; integrating technology, monitoring, and regulation.

Ed. by Elizabeth J. Wilson and David Gerard.

Blackwell Publishing


269 pages




Carbon capture and sequestration basically consists of capturing carbon dioxide emitted from power plants or other industrial sources, transporting to a sequestration site, and then injecting and storing it in either subterranean or subseabed geological formations. This technology, suggest Wilson (energy and environmental policy and law, U. of Minnesota) and Gerard (engineering and public policy, Carnegie Mellon U.) is both technologically feasible and commercially viable and has the potential to allow humanity to continue to use fossil fuels while simultaneously diminishing carbon emissions that are responsible for global climate change. In this volume they present 11 chapters that first describe the technological challenges of carbon capture and sequestration and then place them in the larger societal context of legal, regulatory, and societal acceptance factors. Technical issues addressed include modeling and simulation of physico-chemical processes of CO2 storage; monitoring, risk assessment and management; and potential impacts of leakage and seepage. Public policy issues explored include cost calculation, US regulatory issues, public perception, and siting issues.

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