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Caracal shot after attacking man.

Byline: Nasouh Nazzal

Ras Al Khaimah A wild caracal, which attacked and injured a man after it shook itself free of a trap, has been shot dead in a mountainous area of Ras Al Khaimah.

People of Wadi Qada'a area say the animal, an ecologically vulnerable member of the cat family and known locally as aeAl Hamra' or aeAl Washaq', has attacked and killed livestock of the tribes several times.

Walid Al Hibsi, an Emirati who sustained moderate injuries in his arms and legs from the animal attack, said the tribespeople have suffered heavy loss of livestock as a result of the attacks of Al Hamra.


The tribespeople had never seen the stealthy animal attacking their livestock, but they identified the attacker from the definitive manner of attack. Al Hibsi said the tribespeople are familiar with this animal's behaviour.

Al Hibsi and his friends laid a trap for the animal on top of a mountain, and an Al Hamra was caught in it a couple of days.

When they checked the trap, they found the animal's leg was stuck in it, Al Hibsi said.

The group wanted to catch the animal alive, but when they got close, the animal managed to shake itself free and attacked him, Al Hibsi said.

His brother shot the animal dead with a rifle.

Al Hibsi, 30, said because the caracal in the area target livestock, the residents there used to kill them.

Al Hibsi claimed he and his friends have killed tens of such animals in the past few years after complaints of attacks on livestock.

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Feb 14, 2010
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