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Car technology opened my eyes.

AFTER fourteen years my old faithful finally gave up the ghost, the garage said that it was a waste of money trying to fix it, and her indoors has been bending my shell for yonks about getting a new set of wheels.

In the past forty five years of driving we have had only four motors, all hammered to oblivion on the school run, holidays and countless trips to work, all of which has taken its toll.

From a Hillman husky, a Skoda, an eight-seater Japanese bus and finally, one of Detroit's finest, scrap value, PS100.

The new passion wagon is a millennium jump into the world of quantum physics, buttons and knobs, digital readouts, bleeps and whistles, automatic, everything electric and unless you have an understanding of theoretical nuclear fission, forget it! I had to get number two son, the petrol head, to explain it to this superannuated, senile delinquent. Peering tentatively under the bonnet, I could not recognise any components, it is all computer controlled, even the spark plugs. It is called, I am reliable informed, engine management.

The boss is chuffed to bits, climate controlled comfy seats, reclining ashtrays and all mod cons, but a bit put out as it has a cylinder missing and the engine is smaller than the Skoda we had some forty years ago. This three cylinder machine has a booster thingy fitted, which I am told, uses the exhaust smoke and gives it a bit of a kick.

We went for a spin, aiming this machine was a real eye opener, fourteen years of technology showed. I dread to think what cars will be like in another fourteen years, positronic brain controlled, electric powered, super lightweight, and for all I know, able to fly!

Whatever the future brings, today's offerings opened the eyes of this cynical old driver. Oh and I forgot to mention, because it doesn't cough up any appreciable smoke, my road tax is only thirty clams, result!

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 18, 2017
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