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Capturing elusive data ensures reliable results.

Modern electronics systems, whether found in industrial, medical, automotive or other I applications, are continually evolving to include additional functionality, to cram more components into a smaller space, and to provide better reliability for fast access to the most accurate data.

Acquiring Elusive Data

Luxemburg-based QED S.A., which develops customer-specific solutions in die fields of measurement, regulation and control technology for testing laboratories and production lines, was finding that many standard measurement systems failed to perform the necessary testing required by several industry standards.

It has since developed an automotive testing method, using Elsys Instruments' high speed, high resolution transient recorders with die unique Event Controlled Recording (ECR) mode, which allows targeted acquisition of cyclic or sporadically arising events, to gather the required test data. QED's contribution to a bay of test equipment consisting of vibration tables and environmental chambers is a 20-channel transient recorder system with 40 to 100 MS/s sampling rate per channel at 14-bits vertical resolution and software.

Depicted is an 8-channel configuration, of an Elsys Instruments' transient recorder system. All Elsys products have embedded PCI digitizers as their core, are UN controlled, have single ended and differential inputs, sampling rates up to 240 MS/sec at 14- and 16-bit resolution and extensive smart trigger modes, including the ECR method (below) of acquiring data. Clock synchronization up to 1024 channels is foreseen. Apart from housing PCI digitizer hardware, the instrument enclosure features server capabilities and hard drive, running in a Windows or Linux environment.

ECR operates in three distinct modes:

* ECR Multi-Channel

* ECR Single-Channel

*ECR Dual-Mode

For more information contact: CentraTEQ Ltd, Tel 0121 706 2319 or email James Flanagan,

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Date:Feb 1, 2013
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