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Capsule filling solution for nutraceuticals.

Demand for nutraceutical products is still growing, driven by consumer desire for a healthier lifestyle through the use of functional foods and vitamins. Many of these are taken as supplements in medicinal dosage forms, such as a capsule, tablet or powder in a prescribed dose. A leading pharmaceutical supplier, Isopak Ltd, now offers equipment to the nutraceutical sector to ensure the accurate filling of capsules.

The combined nutraceuticals market is expected to grow at an average rate of around 4% during the next 4 years, and companies will be seeking manufacturers who can meet their equipment requirements at a cost-effective price to help bring their products to market. To meet these expectations, Isopak, a leading supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, now has a top quality and economical system available for nutraceuticals that can precisely weigh medicinal dosage forms of food, as well as vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS), in capsule form. Functional foods and VMS products are coming under increasing scrutiny from the European Union legislators, particularly concerning the requirements for nutraceutical companies to provide scientific proof regarding any health claims made for functional foods and the effectiveness of VMS products. VMS dosage levels are also subject to EU regulations, so precise filling of these products in capsules is critical, and Isopak can supply world-renowned systems for microdosing very small quantities of powder, both accurately and at a range of speeds--including high speeds.

During the years, ensuring the correct dosage of micro-amounts of powders into capsules has been a difficult and imprecise science for the pharmaceutical industry, particularly as the material weighs significantly less than the capsule shell. Italian manufacturer MG2 has been addressing these issues for the pharmaceutical sector since 1966. Now, having chosen Isopak as its sole agent for the distribution of its dosing systems in the UK and Ireland, the British nutraceuticals industry can also benefit from MG2's renowned microdosing technology. MG2's range of precision-built capsule fillers can be used to accurately fill capsules with a variety of products in tablet or powder form--and the economically priced AlternA70 is ideal for production in the VMS sectors.


Cost and Quality

This latest machine is manufactured in China then shipped to MG2's facility in Italy for quality control checking and the fitting of critical mechanical items made in Europe, while all the electrical and control systems are manufactured and fitted in the MG2 factory in Bologna--thus combining low cost build with the assurance of European-made systems and quality controls. The machine is also tested that finished on customers' products before delivery to the user's site.

AlternA70 is a neat, compact low cost intermittent motion machine and uses a new powder dosing concept from MG2. It is particularly useful for products being tested at clinical trials, when claims for nutraceuticals to be cancer-preventive or beneficial for good health need to be proven. It can be fitted with units to dose powder, pellet or tablets into capsules at a rate of nine per cycle, with an impressive total output of up to 70,000 capsules per hour. The unit is supplied with a vacuum cleaner, vacuum pump, product recovery vessel, touchscreen operator console and PLC for machine control functions and the possibility of production data recording.

In the past, companies--and, in particular, the nutraceuticals sector--have spurned high-quality machines, either because of financial restraints, or because they were not able to consider buying equipment because of fears that their products were not suited to the powder metering and dosage systems available. Nutraceuticals companies now have access to a European supplier with unprecedented experience in handling difficult and differing products, combined with its reputation as a leading manufacturer of top quality capsule filling machines in the world. Meeting demand and adhering to the increasing amount of EU regulations are issues that both the functional foods and VMS sectors will have to address, and equipment such as the AlternA70 could provides the solution that helps companies to bring their products safely to market.


Managing director of Isopak, Robin Davies, said: "In the past, UK companies in the nutraceuticals sector may have turned to low cost economies to meet their machine requirements because of the lack of cost-effective high-quality alternatives on the market. This is no longer the case. The nutraceuticals sector is continuing to grow, so more and more companies are looking for capsule filling solutions that are specific to their application. Affordable machines are now available for nutraceuticals, and the AlternA70 is among the few capsule fillers that can accurately process natural substances." Isopak is firmly established as a leading UK supplier of equipment to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and converting industries. The nutraceuticals sector can also take advantage of Isopak's growing reputation for its ability to supply an extensive range of quality products.

Background Information

Isopak Ltd is firmly established as a leading UK supplier of equipment to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and converting industries. Isopak's growing reputation is built on its ability to supply an extensive range of quality products for these sectors. The company is the sole UK distributor of equipment ranges from Italian manufacturers, Dott Bonapace and MG2, who supply high quality machines that are suitable for a variety of different applications. Machines offered include tablet presses, blistering units, capsule processing and packing and filling.

Isopak is also a distributor of Rotomac machines in the UK. Rotomac, also an Italian-based company, is renowned throughout the world for the provision of competitively priced machinery of the highest quality. The range includes rewinders, complete packaging lines, aluminium container lines and dies, and is successfully used in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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Robin Davies

Managing Director

Isopak Limited

Orion House, Barn Hill

Stamford PE9 2AE, UK.

Tel. +44 1780 410 093
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