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Capricorn; December 23-January 20.


Transformer planet Pluto continues his laser-like scrutiny of your sign, subtly reshaping your outlook, aims and perhaps your very self. It's often gradual, like the way a kaleidoscope picture begins as one image and colour blend.

A few twists later and the same components assume an entirely different shape, rather akin to the caterpillar's transition to butterfly. In short, your life is changing and you already know that. What you may not know is that by the end of this year the shape feels and fits better.

There may be some stripping away of accrued clutter, as right from the start of 2011 there's an eclipse in your sign, so there may be a serious fresh start plan and with Jupiter cushioning you through 2011, there will be more support and a better chance of getting home improvement plans underway and family life on track. From February to April, some wishes will come true, although one adventurous plan may take until August to go ahead. Oh, and October's events will put a real spring in your step.

CAPRICORN LOVE From June 4, Jupiter takes up residence in your horoscope house of love and everything there expands. There may be new additions to the family or grand romance between June 2011 and March 2012.

Not that you have to wait for June for reasons to smile. January opens with magic in the air, perhaps a special wish being granted, and there is an air of personal happiness through February as Venus swishes across your sign, and Late April/early May has a celebratory feel. From June, romance will blossom whether it's love or friendships. Saturn has your status under review, so solo Capricorns may not be so for long. October may bring a special announcement.

CAPRICORN CAREER We may be living through tough times yet few are as well equipped to make it through a recession as Capricorn. Indeed it's often the Capricorn who spots a niche in the market through such times and flourishes. You folk are designed to weather well and your naturally careful ways mean you always have something in reserve. Those traits are going to serve you well in the workplace, as are your communication skills or skill you have with your hands.

Over 2011 your resourcefulness will be noted and rewarded. Expect to be increasingly in demand from June. Saturn's transit of your career sector brings an assessment or appraisal of all you've done in the past and for some will spell a planned retirement, while for others this will be a year of high achievement. Some people get to the top of the tree but the keyword is "harvest" when you're rewarded for your efforts. What you began, maybe 14 years ago, could now bear fruit.

June's eclipses suggest workplace changes could be on the cards and there are signs of a financial boost. October 13 could be a key date for promotion news. Reshuffles and reorganisations could lead many Capricorns towards positions of greater strength as the year ends.

It's not possible to marry into the Royal Family and have the kind of chart that suggests life's a skoosh because it's a life of service and unusual demands but it is good to note that this duty-conscious Capricorn has her Mercury in cool Aquarius, well aligned to Mars as that gives her the ability to analyse, understand and detach her personal self from her public persona. Capricorns honour the deal and therefore don't enter lightly into commitments. Capricorn women are often well-suited to marriages with prominent and successful partners. They rarely approve of emotionalflamboyanceandkeep their private world private.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 2, 2011
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