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Cap code fundamentals stay the same. (Readers' letters: the issues that matter, from the people involved).

from Claire Forbes, head of communications, the Advertising Standards Authority

SIR; re: `Rules tighten on direct mail' The Grocer, March 8, p6)

The penultimate paragraph of the article, on the launch of the new edition of the Committee of Advertising Practice code claimed the code "makes no mention of misleading claims in advertising material".

In fact, the fundamental tenet of the CAP code, which marked its 40th anniversary last year, has always been that advertisements should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.

This requirement remains in the latest edition, as does the requirement that advertisers hold documentary evidence to prove all claims prior to publication of their advertisements.

In addition to this basic requirement, the new edition of the Code has expanded the rules on making comparisons within advertisements and the section on price claims not only has clearer guidelines, but advertisers are also advised to consult the CAP help notes on lowest price claims and price promises and on retailers' price comparisons.

Finally, advertisers needing further guidance on the code's requirements can always seek guidance from the Committee of Advertising Practice copy advice team.
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Author:Forbes, Claire
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Apr 5, 2003
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