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Canvas top for a garden gazebo.

Canvas top for a garden gazebo

This pyramid-roofed gazebo sits at oneend of a small canyon garden. Santa Monica landscape architects Pamela Burton and Katherine Spitz designed the structure to provide a shaded spot for outdoor seating.

At the gazebo's base, they bolted fourturned wood columns to metal L-brackets set in the corners of a concrete slab. For further stability, L-brackets connect the back columns to the retaining wall.

For the roof, an awning maker stretchedsailcloth over an arc-welded frame of aluminum pipe. The vanvas wraps tautly around aluminum struts fastened to the horizontal pipes with sheet metal screws. Bolts through L-brackets bent into a V secure the frame to the columns.

Photo: Glowing with sunlight diffused through its taut umbrella cap, airy garden pavilion defines seating area near retaining wall wedged into steep Los Angeles canyon

Photo: Light aluminum frame seems to float abovemassive column. Hidden V-shaped bracket actually links center pipe with post
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Date:May 1, 1987
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