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Canon wins Anvil Award of Excellence for Canon PhotoMarathon.

Canon PhotoMarathon wins Anvil Award of Excellence. Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. (CMPI) bagged an Anvil Award of Excellence for Canon PhotoMarathon, the country's biggest on-the-spot photo contest. This award is Canon PhotoMarathon's third consecutive Anvil in three years. It is also the first Excellence award, the last two being Awards of Merit. "This award is a testament to Canon's commitment to building client relationships that go beyond after sales service and social media engagement," said Alan Chng, CMPI president and CEO. "We will continue to provide Canon users an avenue to learn more about photography and be a part of an ever-growing creative community." The 49th Anvil Awards was hosted by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP). The Anvil recognizes excellence in public relations.

Known for nurturing client relationships, Canon Marketing Philippines, Inc. (CMPI) won the Anvil Award of Excellence for its largest on-the-spot photo contest, Canon PhotoMarathon, at the 49th Anvil Awards. This excellence award is third consecutive Anvil given to Canon PhotoMarathon.

"Our main thrust is to continue delighting our customers not only through our products but also through the services we offer," said Vinchy Sanchez, Imaging Communications Products assistant director. Hosted by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), the Anvil Awards recognizes excellence and quality in public relations in the Philippines. The Anvil is awarded by a distinguished multi-sectoral jury to outstanding public relations programs and tools designed and implemented during the previous year.

The board of judges, led by Archbishop Socrates Villegas, judiciously pored over some 500 entries. Awards were given only to 107 programs.

For the past two years, Canon PhotoMarathon has been recognized with two Anvils of Merit. This year's Award of Excellence is a testament to Canon's commitment to delight its customers.

"If there's something we do that our customers appreciate, it's the effort we put into forming a large creative community of Canon users. Through our programs and events, every Canon user is eager to help out a fellow Canon user. Meanwhile, our Canon Crusaders of Light, which consist of the industry's best photographers, also offer their own photography tips and tricks during our events. Everyone helps each other," said Alan Chng, CMPI president and CEO.

Canon is known for building client relationships that go beyond aftersales service and social media engagement.


The Canon team and its Anvil Award

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Date:Mar 12, 2014
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