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Canoe con artist back at scene; SCAM.


CANOE conman John Darwin has broken silence on his outrageous insurance scam

The 60-year-old returned to the spot where he faked his own death in a canoe to reflect on a EUR775,000 sting that secured his place in notoriety alongside wife Anne.

And he spoke of the moment nine years ago when he paddled out to his "death" from the shoreline overlooked by the huge house his family lived in.

Speaking for the first time since being freed from prison, he claimed crippling debt had left him so desperate, the thought of suicide had crossed his mind.

Darwin said: "As I was paddling out, I thought shall I do it for blooming real."

"My boys had grown and moved away from home.

"I always felt I'd tell them at some stage. But I had not considered when. Then, when it came to it, it was impossible. It stayed that way for years."


FAKED John Darwin
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 28, 2011
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