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Canning supplies. (Welcome to: kitchen tools & accessories).


Eating seasonal produce is the most nourishing and flavorful diet you can follow. Trouble is, three months of root-vegetable casserole gets old fast. That's why canning fresh fruits and vegetables in their prime and storing them for enjoyment in the less abundant seasons makes so much sense. It's a smart and delicious way to eat, but many people believe they don't have the time to can. For this reason, consumer education is essential. Today's food strainers and sauce makers make canning fresh fruits and vegetables quick and easy. Demonstrating the ease with which tomatoes, apples, pumpkin, and more can be turned into sauces, pie fillings, and purees is the core of a successful canning supplies sales strategy.


From Omar's Lebanese to Giant Belgiums, heirloom tomatoes are all the rage. These flavor-packed beauties are coveted all summer long, but come late fall, customers have to do without. Show your customers how they can enjoy their favorite heirloom tomatoes year-round with a two-pronged Canning Supplies Promotion. In late summer, host a weeklong Heirloom Tomato Event that will prominently feature your canning supplies. Create a farmers' market feel by placing baskets brimming with heirloom tomatoes on a cart or a demo table. Invite a gardening expert to share heirloom tomato gardening tips with curious customers. At your display's center, assemble all of your canning supplies from food strainers to canning jars to paraffin wax. Show customers how easy it is to create luscious sauces, simple soups, and killer salsas using a food strainer/sauce maker. The demonstration can include tips on canning and storing these easy-to-make delicacies. An important part of your Food Strainer Demonstration will be educating customers about how easy it is to use these implements. Today's upscale food strainers remove seeds and skin from fruits and vegetables and create gorgeous sauces in minutes. This demonstration will also give you an opportunity to showcase different food strainer screen accessories. A larger screen is perfect for the creation of salsas and chunkier tomato sauces, while a smaller screen is well suited to producing smoother tomato purees. If you are demonstrating a food strainer without a motor, invite customers to turn the handle so they can see firsthand how easy it is to operate today's high-end food strainers.

Revisit your heirloom promotion in the thick of winter when customers are longing for the bounty of tasty summer produce. Host a second weeklong promotion during which you demonstrate how to make hearty heirloom tomato sauces, warming soups, and satisfying ratatouilles from the heirloom tomatoes that you canned during your summer promotion. While the focus of this promotion will be on winter recipes that feature canned heirloom tomatoes, you'll want to stock your demo station with all of your canning supplies as a reminder that canning season is not far off.


Canning supplies make unique, thoughtful gifts for weddings and baby showers. Be sure to include your upscale food strainer/sauce makers in all your registry promotions. New parents concerned with feeding their little one the most nutritious diet possible will love the convenience of a food strainer for making fresh, homemade baby food. A simple demonstration on how t9 make homemade applesauce for junior is one sure way to increase sales in this category. Demonstrate that par-cooked apples are placed into the extra-wide hopper whole--no need to core or peel them. The apples are then quickly and easily pureed with a hand-turned or motorized food strainer. This demo also provides you with an opportunity to show that some food strainer/ sauce makers have both clamp and suction options for easy use with all types of kitchen counters. Remember to merchandise pre-wrapped food strainers in pretty baby-themed gift wrap.


You've shown your customers how easy it is to puree and can fresh fruits and vegetables with the help of a food strainer--now show them how easy it is to clean up. At the height of the summer produce season, host a demonstration on how to make 10-vegetable Summer Soup and Five-berry Summer Pie. Puree your 10 vegetables with ease as your customers watch. Do the same with your five berries. Pass out recipe cards with instructions for making the soup and the pie. Then, show customers how easily the food strainer is disassembled, rinsed with warm water and soap, and dried. Your customers don't want to spend hours in the kitchen on a balmy summer night. With a food strainer/sauce maker, they don't even have to take the time to peel a vegetable. When your customers see how easy it is to create healthful, delicious meals with a food strainer, they'll realize that today's innovative canning supplies are among the most modern of kitchen conveniences.


Include food strainers and other canning supplies in your registry promotions.

Demonstrate the ease with which homemade baby food can be made with a food strainer/sauce maker.

Spotlight strain-free cleanup with a demonstration on how to use and care for a food strainer/sauce maker.

Host an Heirloom Tomato Event in the summer and the winter. Demonstrate the ease with which tomatoes can be pureed and canned using a high-quality food strainer. Later in the year, demo winter-warming recipes using the canned tomatoes.
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