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Canning meat requires pressure.

COUNTRYSIDE: In response to Leo Muller's question about canning meat: Oven canning, like open kettle or steam canning, is unsafe. Not using safe canning methods is like playing Russian roulette; one might get away with it for years, but it only takes one mistake to kill.

The bacteria that cause botulism are still alive at temperatures under 240 [degrees] F. The only way to raise the temperature of the contents of a jar of meat or vegetables that high is to pressure can. Another potential hazard of oven canning is that the jars may burst, blowing out the oven door and injuring anyone who might be nearby.

Step-by-step instructions for canning meat and vegetables safely can be found in the Ball Blue Book, as well as other cookbooks, such as Stocking Up, published by Rodale. Do not use older cookbooks with out-of-date methods. For low-cost pamphlets about canning, or answers to specific questions, call your local extension office. Food Safety Advisors (Master Food Preservers) will be happy to help you. -- Bonnie Stichart, Stevens County Food Safety Advisor, Opportunity Farm, 1096-C Middle Basin Rd., Colville, WA 99114,
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Author:Stichart, Bonnie
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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