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Cane gun revolver.

Q: Mr. James: Have you ever seen a cane gun like the one in my picture? It conceals a six-shot .22 revolver with a central dagger. I acquired it some time ago. Is it of any value? Is it rare?


North Carolina

A: Canes, being gentlemen's accessories during the 19th and early 20th centuries, were excellent vehicles for concealing assorted weaponry--everything from knives and swords to firearms. Many excellent and powerful air-gun canes began appearing in Britain and on the Continent during the 1700s, and so did single- and multiple-shot muzzle loading and cartridge gun mechanisms. Your pepperbox/dagger cane is virtually identical to one by the French maker Dumonthier, though there were also variations made by F. Dumoulin & Cie and a couple of others. They date from the latter 1900s, though they were sold well into the 20th century. Value depends greatly on quality and embellishments. I have not seen a picture of your actual cane, only one similar to it from the catalog photo you sent, so I'm leery of placing a value on it. They are quite collectible and can bring good money.

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Author:K., C.
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:May 20, 2016
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