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Candle Corporation Acquires PowerQ Software Corporation

New Products Help Candle Provide Solutions for Application Professionals
 Using MQSeries for Message-Based Applications

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Candle Corporation, on the heels of announcing its intent to supply customers with Solutions for Networked Applications(TM), today delivered a key element of that promise with the acquisition of PowerQ Software. Based in Norcross, Georgia, PowerQ is a leading developer of application test and development solutions for MQSeries, IBM's messaging middleware.

Candle's acquisition of PowerQ includes PQEdit, the first available product from the PowerQ Series productivity solutions for MQSeries application programmers. PQEdit is a full-featured application testing tool that allows users to easily and quickly populate and edit MQSeries messages.

The addition of tools for a company's application staff brought about by this acquisition extends Candle's MQSeries offerings beyond its management tools for use by a company's production and operations staff.

"The latest acquisition of PowerQ now means that Candle can provide application developers with the edit and test functions they need for MQ message-based applications," noted Steve Craggs, vice president of Candle's Solutions for Networked Applications Group. "The acquisition contributes to Candle's commitment to offering customers total solutions for creating and managing MQSeries-based applications," he added.

Bill Emerson, PowerQ's president and chief technologist, joins Candle Corporation's research and development (R&D) organization and will head up Candle's new application development laboratory to be based in Norcross, Georgia. The new Candle facility will extend the company's existing R&D function and will join Candle's worldwide R&D network for building MQSeries application development tools and utilities.

"Our partnership with Candle provides the necessary resources for continuing to develop MQSeries application utilities that help our customers' businesses," said Emerson. "It also enables an expanded base of MQSeries customers to benefit from our current and future offerings."

Candle's Solutions for Networked Businesses(TM)

In September, Candle announced that it would concentrate all of its efforts towards providing customers with Solutions for Networked Businesses(TM). As customers implement new applications, they need to connect this information with existing corporate data and share it between departments, companies, suppliers and customers. To help these customers design and deploy the networked systems and applications that run their businesses, Candle has broadened its business focus beyond availability management to include providing Solutions for Networked Applications(TM).

Candle's new initiative, Solutions for Networked Applications(TM), offers both traditional systems management tools (performance, configuration, etc.), as well as solutions for application professionals.

Solutions for Networked Applications also includes design solutions available through the Candle Design Network, middleware solutions (MQSeries from IBM, Falcon External Gateway from Level 8), and security tools (MQ/Secure.)

"With the addition of the PowerQ products and the unequaled expertise of the PowerQ team, Candle can now address some of the most important requirements of applications organizations. The PowerQ products will maximize our customers' ability to deploy reliable MQSeries applications in a timely manner," said Andy Mullins, vice president, solutions management, Candle Corporation.

About PQEdit

PQEdit allows application programmers and MQSeries administrators involved in testing applications and managing dead letter queues to quickly create and populate test message queues with familiar GUI commands such as CUT, COPY, PASTE, FIND, and REPLACE.

"PQEdit is the only tool on the market that takes the pain out of editing message queues for MQSeries programmers and administrators, while significantly enhancing their productivity," said Dave Powell, solutions director for MQSeries at Candle Corporation. "PQEdit gives new MQSeries users an essential building block for their MQSeries applications and gets them up and running smoothly, while enabling more thorough regression testing of applications."

Other PQEdit features include:

* GUI interface and spreadsheet-like display facilitate quick browsing and easy viewing of message data

* A powerful filter command that allows users to retrieve subsets of messages based on user-defined criteria

* Manages dead letter queues interactively by allowing authorized users to display and edit messages in the dead letter queue; messages can be deleted, re-routed to another queue, UNLOADed to a file, and corrected before forwarding

* Viewing message data in either hex or alphanumeric characters expediting the process of debugging MQSeries applications

About PowerQ Software

PowerQ develops and markets the PowerQ Series of enhancement solutions for MQSeries application programmers. The PowerQ Series offers strategic solutions that enable the most productive use of MQSeries. The company was co-founded in 1996 by Bill Emerson, an MQSeries industry leader actively contributing to MQSeries industry and user group conferences. For more information on PowerQ Software, visit the company's home page on the World Wide Web at

About Candle Corporation

Candle Corporation of Santa Monica, California, is a leading independent developer and supplier of Solutions for Networked Applications(TM) and Availability Management. The company offers customers software and services to help them design, develop, test and deploy applications that run their businesses. Candle also offers advanced systems management tools including the Candle Command Center(TM) to help customers manage the performance and availability of their systems and applications.

Candle, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has developed a complete line of products over the last two decades for enterprise availability management, including automation, status management, application integration, and database management. The company began shipping its Candle Command Center solutions in 1995, enabling the integrated management of distributed and mainframe systems to support customers as they develop and deploy complex client/server and distributed applications, spanning the computing enterprise.

NOTE: Products mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information on Candle Corporation, visit the company's home page on the World Wide Web at, or call us at 800-843-3970.
 Candle Solutions for Networked Applications(TM)
 Review of Candle Activities in MQSeries and Messaging
 Date Solutions for Solutions for
 Applications Staff Operations Staff
 Dec 95 Candle Command Center (CCC)
 monitoring for MQ MVS
 Feb 96 Aurora Acquisition
 May 96 Application Design Services CCC Monitor: 3270 Support
 MQ Series Reseller
 Aug 96 Level 8 Investment CCC Monitoring of:
 * MQ/Secure acquisition * MQ/AIX
 * MS Falcon-MQ Gateway reseller * MQ/OS2

Sept 96 Candle 20th Anniversary:
 * Solutions for Networked
 * Solutions for Networked
 Steve Craggs, VP of Solutions
 for Networked Applications(TM)
 Candle Design Network
 * Candle UK Services Staff
 * AMSYS acquisition
 (MQSeries services firm.
 Notes Connect(TM) Package
 Oct 96 PowerQ Acquisition
 Candle Solutions for Networked Applications(TM)
 Review of Candle Activities in MQSeries and Messaging
 Solutions for
 Applications Staff
 Application Design Candle Design Network(TM)
 * Candle UK Design Center
 * AMSYS Acquisition -- Boston-
 based MQ Services Company
 Application Enabling software MQ Series Reseller
 (middleware) MS Falcon-MQ Gateway reseller
 Security MQ/Secure acquisition
 Application Testing PowerQ Software acquisition
 (announced today)
 Solutions for
 Operations Staff
 Monitoring Solutions Candle Command Center (CCC)
 monitoring for
 * MQ/OS2
 Aurora Acquisition (MQMON)
 Configuration Solutions CCC Configuration for MQ Series
 Integrated Solutions
 Lotus Notes Notes Connect(TM)

Candle continues to fill out its Solutions for Networked MQSeries and Message Based applications with its aggressive series of product introductions and acquisitions. The latest acquisition was that of PowerQ Software.

SOURCE Candle Corporation
 -0- 11/04/96

/CONTACT: Philip Little of Candle Corporation, 310-582-4725 or; or Richard Cline or Lauri Burrier of Miller/Shandwick Technologies, 310-822-4669 or or; or Marybeth Matthews of PowerQ Software Corporation, 770-662-0076 or

CO: Candle Corp.; PowerQ Software Corp. ST: California IN: CPR SU: TNM

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