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Cancer survivors less likely to eat healthfully.

A recent study reveals that cancer survivors are slightly less likely than others to adhere to national dietary guidelines. The study (Cancer; online Oct. 13, 2015) involved more than 1,500 cancer survivors, and nearly 3,100 people who had never been diagnosed with cancer. Participants recalled what they ate over the previous 24 hours, and cancer survivors scored only about 47 out of 100 on adherence to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, with consumption of vegetables and whole grains especially poor. They also exceeded recommended levels of saturated fat and salt. If you're a cancer survivor, you likely want to put your illness behind you and resume a more normal life. While you do this, make the most of your health by maximizing your nutrition.

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Publication:Focus on Healthy Aging
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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