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Realizing the need for colorectal cancer screening in Pakistan. Muhammad, Syed Zaki; Fatima, Noor Letter to the editor Jul 11, 2020 665
Temporary hospital to start screening cancer patients. Jul 2, 2020 373
Cervical testing to resume next month says HSE. Jun 25, 2020 249
Cancer screening plea after young mum dies. mark smith Health correspondent Obituary Jun 25, 2020 460
More than 2,000 bowel cancers undetected - expert PS11m spent on tracing app before U-turn. Jun 20, 2020 365
MORE than 2,000 bowel an extra 850 cases have '2,000 bowel cancers will be undetected'. Jun 19, 2020 154
Cancer screening set to resume again in Wales. Jun 17, 2020 434
Cancer screening programmes are about to resume in Wales; Screening was put on hold so the Welsh NHS could focus on the coronavirus pandemic. By, Mark Smith Jun 17, 2020 758
Cancer screenings to resume this month after suspension. mark smith Health correspondent Jun 17, 2020 625
Welsh cancer care is on road to recovery. Jun 17, 2020 381
We're taking steps to get screening back on track. Dr Anya Heywood Jun 15, 2020 412
Labour leader says non-Covid illnesses the 'next scandal'. EXCLUSIVE BY FERGHAL BLANEY Political Correspondent Jun 15, 2020 564
Women to be offered DIY smear testing kits; Bid to fight cervical cancer. Jun 9, 2020 387
Effect of culturally tailored education on attendance at mammography and the Papanicolaou test. Brevik, Thea Beate; Laake, Petter; Bjorkly, Stal Report Jun 1, 2020 7628
Cancer services expecting patient influx. Jun 1, 2020 452
ASCCP guidelines for managing abnormal cervical cancer tests: What's new? They've traded in algorithms for risk, and there will soon be a new app to streamline navigation of the guidelines: Q&A with Warner K. Huh, MD. Interview Jun 1, 2020 1382
Screening delays are a risk to BAME patients. Jun 1, 2020 419
A New Computer-Aided Diagnosis System with Modified Genetic Feature Selection for BI-RADS Classification of Breast Masses in Mammograms. Boumaraf, Said; Liu, Xiabi; Ferkous, Chokri; Ma, Xiaohong May 31, 2020 10399
Construction of ceRNA Coexpression Network and Screening of Molecular Targets in Colorectal Cancer. Hui, Zhao; Zhanwei, Wang; Xi, Yang; Jin, Liu; Jing, Zhuang; Shuwen, Han May 31, 2020 4134
Thynk Health supports ACR's new COVID-19 data elements. May 28, 2020 168
Call for restart of cancer screening tests in Wales. MARK SMITH Health correspondent May 25, 2020 715
NHS screening for cancer must resume. May 25, 2020 363
Small Cap Wrap - Oncimmune ; ClearStar ;NQ Minerals; Feedback. May 22, 2020 1467
AnPac Bio reports FY19 revenue RMB10.8M vs. RMB10.3M last year. Financial report May 18, 2020 300
VolitionRx's Nu.Q cancer-screening blood tests could replace colonoscopies, biopsies. May 16, 2020 1329
Co-Diagnostics' detection ofAainfectious disease has led it to join the coronavirus fight with flagship test. May 16, 2020 1130
Scientists develop 'game changing' test that can detect prostate cancer; A 15-minute MRI scan means patients do not have to be given an invasive rectal examination, according to researchers. By, Caitlin Doherty PA & Brett Gibbons May 14, 2020 273
Early scan for cancer saves lives. LOUIE SMITH May 11, 2020 182
Cancer screens cut deaths 41%; Tests crucial to spot killer early. LOUIE SMITH May 11, 2020 176
Cancer screens cut deaths 41%; Tests crucial to spot killer early. LOUIE SMITH May 11, 2020 180
Breast cancer screening can cut deaths by 40 per cent and save millions of lives; A new study has found a 41 per cent reduction in deaths from cancers if women are screened, compared to those who aren't. By, Louie Smith Report May 11, 2020 327
Co-Diagnostics' detection ofAainfectious disease has led it to join the coronavirus fight with flagship test. May 7, 2020 932
Heavy smokers miss cancer screenings. Barna, Mark May 1, 2020 191
Effectiveness of NIV fecal immunochemical test for colorectal cancer screening. Bai, Shi; Fan, Shu-Ling May 1, 2020 1060
Electronic Medical Record Inaccuracies: Multicenter Analysis of Challenges with Modified Lung Cancer Screening Criteria. Wilshire, Candice L.; Fuller, Carson C.; Gilbert, Christopher R.; Handy, John R.; Costas, Kimberly E Apr 30, 2020 3806
IMCA Induces Ferroptosis Mediated by SLC7A11 through the AMPK/mTOR Pathway in Colorectal Cancer. Zhang, Lei; Liu, Wen; Liu, Fangyan; Wang, Qun; Song, Mengjiao; Yu, Qi; Tang, Kun; Teng, Tieshan; Wu, Apr 30, 2020 6812
Educational effect on knowledge, attitude and practice among registered nurses regarding cervical cancer, its prevention and screening in Karachi, Pakistan. Hafeez, Rubina; Perveen, Fouzia; Zafar, Shehla Naeem; Hafeez, Alyna Report Apr 30, 2020 2972
Histopathological Spectrum of Breast Lesions --A Study Done in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Padmom, Letha; Sapru, Kiran; Beena, Devi Clinical report Apr 27, 2020 3041
A&E numbers down by one million as coronavirus sweeps UK killing 20,000; Visits to A&Es across the UK this month have been a staggering 50 per cent lower than the 2.1million attendances in England in April last year. By, Libby McBride Apr 25, 2020 486
Are You Too Old for Prostate Cancer Screening? Apr 23, 2020 974
Family planning clinics still essential during MCO, groups tell Putrajaya. Apr 14, 2020 1080
Cancer tests put on hold. SHARON LIPTROTT Apr 3, 2020 300
Don't be distanced from sense of decency. DARREN MCGARVEY LOKI THE SCOTTISH RAPPER twitter@lokiscottishrap STRUGGLE Universal Credit Apr 2, 2020 210
Cervical cancer screening recommendations ... Etingin, Orli R. Apr 1, 2020 343
Screening for cancers halted. Apr 1, 2020 226
Awareness of hemodialysis patients regarding symptoms of cancer at king Abdul-Aziz specialized hospital, Taif city. Alhomayani, Faisal Khaled H.; Althumali, AbdulazizHameed M.; Abed A., Alghuraybi Abdullah; Alhamyani Report Apr 1, 2020 8869
Survey: Patients accept AI in skin cancer screening. Splete, Heidi Apr 1, 2020 648
Investigating the Link between Lynch Syndrome and Breast Cancer. Sheehan, Megan; Heald, Brandie; Yanda, Courtney; Kelly, Erinn Downs; Grobmyer, Stephen; Eng, Charis; Apr 1, 2020 2392
Intention to Screen for Cervical Cancer in Debre Berhan Town, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior. Getahun, Tomas; Kaba, Mirgissa; Derseh, Behailu Tariku Mar 31, 2020 6006
Factors Associated with Cervical Cancer Screening Uptake: Implications for the Health of Women in Jordan. Al-amro, Suzanne Q.; Gharaibeh, Muntaha K.; Oweis, Arwa I. Mar 31, 2020 6687
Analysis of Risk Factors of Gastric Low-Grade Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Asymptomatic Subjects Undergoing Physical Examination. Liu, Yingling; Cai, Yuli; Chen, Si; Gou, Yawen; Wang, Qiaomin; Zhang, Mingli; Wang, Yetao; Hong, Hai Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 5616
Prevalence of Geriatric Syndromes in Elderly Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy. Limpawattana, Panita; Phimson, Kusuma; Sookprasert, Aumkhae; Sirithanaphol, Wichien; Chindaprasirt, Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 3282
Hundreds of cancer patients could die - warning. Mar 31, 2020 282
Hard choices made in these tough times; The Voice of the North. Mar 31, 2020 229
Scotland aims for 3,000 daily Covid-19 tests; ? Cancer screening stops to free resources. TOM PETERKIN POLITICAL EDITOR Mar 31, 2020 750
SEC to be turned into field hospital. Mar 31, 2020 221
Cancer patients could die. Mar 31, 2020 282
Baseline PSA Predicts Long-Term Prostate Cancer Risk. Mar 24, 2020 258
Covid-19 testing for NHS staff starts as cases rise but cancer screening halted; BATTLE LINES DRAWN IN WALES' FIGHT TO COMBAT CORONAVIRUS. KELLY WILLIAMS, SARAH HODGSON and STEVE BAGNALL Daily Post Chief Reporter Obituary Mar 21, 2020 1056
Worries as screening for breast cancer falls below 70%. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Mar 16, 2020 562
Vital Signs: Colorectal Cancer Screening Test Use--United States, 2018. Joseph, Djenaba A.; King, Jessica B.; Dowling, Nicole F.; Thomas, Cheryll C.; Richardson, Lisa C. Mar 13, 2020 5053
HSHS St. Francis Foundation Farm Family event planned for March 18. submitted by becky bishop Mar 11, 2020 440
Angeles City gives free pap smear, breast exam for women. Mar 10, 2020 225
PHCC's 'Screen For Life' earns high satisfaction rates from users. Mar 9, 2020 372
I'd been so busy with my work, my wedding, my future.. until I got a call from the doctor. Today I'm recovering after having my womb removed but I know it was the call that saved my life; MARKETING BOSS ON MISSION TO RAISE AWARENESSOF SMEAR TESTS AND HER HOPES OF BECOMING A MUM; Cancer patient so grateful for reminder of screening. Jenny Morrison Mar 8, 2020 1314
PHCC launches drive to raise bowel cancer screening awareness. Mar 2, 2020 597
PHCC in new campaign for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Mar 2, 2020 485
Kims Barwa conducts breast cancer awareness campaign. Mar 1, 2020 263
PHCC revises bowel cancer screening quality assurance guidelines to 2 years. Mar 1, 2020 246
Cervical Cancer Screening Acceptance among Women in Dabat District, Northwest Ethiopia, 2017: An Institution-Based Cross-Sectional Study. Eshete, Meried; Atta, Mohammedbirhan Abdulwuhab; Yeshita, Hedija Yenus Report Mar 1, 2020 4886
Negative Predictive Value of Human Papillomavirus Testing: Implications for Anal Cancer Screening in People Living with HIV/AIDS. Wang, Yiying; Wang, Yan; Gaisa, Michael M.; Sigel, Keith; Zheng, Wenxin; Liu, Yuxin; Wang, Yue Mar 1, 2020 4617
Epidemiological and Economic Evaluation of a Pilot Prostate Cancer Screening Program. Smailova, Dariga S.; Fabbro, Elisa; Ibrayev, Serik E.; Brusati, Luca; Semenova, Yuliya M.; Samarova, Mar 1, 2020 6839
CD26-Related Serum Biomarkers: sCD26 Protein, DPP4 Activity, and Anti-CD26 Isotype Levels in a Colorectal Cancer-Screening Context. De Chiara, Loretta; de la Cadena, Maria Paez; Rodriguez-Berrocal, Javier; Alvarez-Pardinas, Ma. Carm Mar 1, 2020 6446
Screening and Identification of Key Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer: A Study Based on TCGA and GEO Data. Xu, Yingkun; Wu, Guangzhen; Li, Jianyi; Li, Jiatong; Ruan, Ningke; Ma, Liye; Han, Xiaoyang; Wei, Yan Mar 1, 2020 6847
Fine-Grained Lung Cancer Classification from PET and CT Images Based on Multidimensional Attention Mechanism. Qin, RuoXi; Wang, Zhenzhen; Jiang, LingYun; Qiao, Kai; Hai, Jinjin; Chen, Jian; Xu, Junling; Shi, Da Report Mar 1, 2020 5730
Our Colonoscopic Screening Results According to Risk Groups in Colorectal Cancers (Pilot Study)/Kolorektal Kanserlerde Risk Gruplarina Gore Kolonoskopik Tarama Sonuclarimiz (Pilot Calisma). Sen, Ozan; Kuzu, Ayhan Mar 1, 2020 3303
Screening for Lung Cancer--10 States, 2017. Richards, Thomas B.; Soman, Ashwini; Thomas, Cheryll C.; VanFrank, Brenna; Henley, S. Jane; Gallaway Feb 28, 2020 5047
Kwara Govt To Renovate 193 Healthcare Centres. Feb 27, 2020 282
More than ever taking life-saving cancer test; Uptake in bowel screening kit. EXPRESS REPORTER Feb 26, 2020 462
Seed that will change how breast cancer is treated; MEDICS: IT'S A GAME CHANGER. JAMES CAIN Local democracy reporter @jimmymcain Feb 25, 2020 470
'More people need to be aware of this vital cancer screening test'. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Feb 24, 2020 508
Screening fears make breast cancer detection difficult. Ismail Sebugwaawo Feb 22, 2020 485
PHCC to expand cancer screening with fourth suite. Feb 19, 2020 626
PHCC to expand 'Screen for Life' Programme. Feb 18, 2020 494
Israeli Screening Breakthrough Paves Way to Inhibit Cancer Growth. Feb 17, 2020 523
Screening, diagnosis and genetic study of breast cancer patients in Pakistan. Ayesha Isani Majeed, Asmat Ullah, Muniba Jadoon, Wasim Ahmad and Sheikh Riazuddin Feb 14, 2020 2979
Screening Results of Non-communicable Diseases in Adults and Elderly People Living in the Rural Area: A Cross-sectional Descriptive Study. Tuzcu, Ayla; Muslu, Leyla Report Feb 13, 2020 5394
Oncimmune Half-Year Loss Widens As Business "Reshaping" Ups Expenses. Feb 12, 2020 264
Awareness campaign causes rise in Nyeri breast cancer screening. Feb 6, 2020 653
Fahad Bin Jassim Kidney Centre dialysis patients undergo breast cancer screening. Feb 6, 2020 362
Fahad Bin Jassim Kidney Centre dialysis patients undergo breast cancer screening. Feb 6, 2020 381
Cancer awareness day emphasizes early detection to control deaths. Disease/Disorder overview Feb 5, 2020 647
NGO Sensitises Community On Dangers Of Cancer. Feb 4, 2020 568
World Cancer Day: Ogun Provides Free Cancer Screening To Residents. Feb 4, 2020 476
Cancer screening suite to open at Muaither Health Center this year. Feb 4, 2020 580
Cancer vaccination, screening. Feb 4, 2020 176
Liam Neeson's film gets special screening for cancer charity. Staff Report Feb 4, 2020 312
DHA reinforces the importance of cancer screening. Kamakshi Gupta, Dubai Health Authority Feb 3, 2020 569
Take up the test - it might save your life; Free screening for bowel cancer is being ignored by tens of thousands across the region. DAYNA FARRINGTON Feb 3, 2020 360
A Comparative Study of Bronchial Washing and Brushing, with Bronchial Biopsy. Jayakrishnan C.; Kamala, V.V. Feb 3, 2020 3521
The contribution of Latin American research to HPV epidemiology and natural history knowledge. Sichero, L.; Picconi, M.A.; Villa, L.L. Feb 1, 2020 8475
Should supplemental MRI be used in otherwise average-risk women with extremely dense breasts? Pearlman, Mark D. Feb 1, 2020 2106
Colorectal Cancer Prevention Can Be As Easy As Having a Screening Test: Screening tests may be unpleasant, but they're a piece of cake compared to dealing with advanced-stage cancer. Feb 1, 2020 771
The Westin Doha, QCS raise awareness of cervical cancer. Jan 30, 2020 339
What happens when your breasts get checked out... Breast screening reduces the number of deaths from breast cancer by about 1,300 a year across the UK. Here, Mark Smith outlines exactly what happens both during and after the tests are carried out... Mark Smith Jan 29, 2020 896
Pink Caravan breast cancer awareness ride dates announced. Staff Report Jan 28, 2020 450
What happens when your breasts get checked out... Breast screening reduces the number of deaths from breast cancer by about 1,300 a year across the UK. Here, Mark Smith outlines exactly what happens both during and after the tests are carried out... Mark Smith Jan 27, 2020 894
Targeted screening can prevent prostate cancer death. Jan 26, 2020 394
Screening fears blamed as cervical cancer rates among young women soar. Jan 22, 2020 390
Fears over rates of cancer screenings. Jan 22, 2020 302
Women urged to screen for cervical cancer. Jan 21, 2020 393
Screening fights cervical cancer. Jan 20, 2020 166
53,000 women missed breast cancer screening; New figures show only two thirds took up invite for checks. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Jan 20, 2020 263
Tens of thousands missing cancer test. Jan 20, 2020 184
Screening fights cervical cancer. Jan 20, 2020 166
NHS hoping to wipe out cervical cancer; Better screening and jabs key. AMY-CLARE MARTIN Jan 20, 2020 409
Cervical cancer could be wiped out -saving hundreds of lives each year; Doctors believe vaccines and screening could see the disease completely disappear. By, Amy-Clare Martin Jan 20, 2020 581
Over 25,000 undergo screening for bowel, breast cancers in 2019. Jan 20, 2020 481
Notification Laws May Not Increase Knowledge of Dense Breast Risks; Women with lower education may be less likely to gain awareness of breast density due to the laws. Jan 14, 2020 275
Cervical Health Awareness Month. Kamakshi Gupta, DHA Jan 12, 2020 520
Cyprus breast cancer screening rates among worst in EU. fm Jan 9, 2020 419
Imaging Innovations for Breast Cancer Diagnosis 2019 - Advances in Digital Technologies Enabling Early & Accurate Disease Diagnosis in FemTech Industry. Jan 8, 2020 613
Many Girls, Young Women Getting Unnecessary Pelvic Exams. Jan 6, 2020 686
More Education Needed on Breast Density and Screening Choices; Women largely do not know breast density ups risk for breast cancer even in U.S. states with notification. Jan 6, 2020 276
Study finds Google system could improve breast cancer detection. Jan 2, 2020 653
Google System Can Improve Breast Cancer Detection, Study Finds. Jan 2, 2020 691
New study finds Google Health AI system can spot breast cancer from mammograms better than experts. Jan 1, 2020 574
What to Expect from Prostate Cancer Screening: Discussion about the pros and cons and judicious use of tests are keys to effective screening, Cleveland Clinic experts say. Jan 1, 2020 1336
The Prognostication of Colorectal Polyps: A massive study found that colorectal adenomas can predict cancer risk. Jan 1, 2020 455
ACP Weighs in on Colorectal Cancer Screening. Jan 1, 2020 115
PSA cancer screening: A case for shared decision-making: Whether to screen for prostate cancer using PSA testing is a difficult decision for many men. Here's the information you need to help them make an educated choice. Dasarathy, Jaividhya Jan 1, 2020 3745
New Insights into the Screening, Prompt Diagnosis, Management, and Prognosis of Breast Cancer. Domeyer, Philippe-Richard J.; Sergentanis, Theodoros N. Jan 1, 2020 820
COVERING THE COVER. Keklikkiran, Caglayan Jan 1, 2020 1242
'Screen for Life' initiative reaffirms support for early screening referrals. Dec 31, 2019 373
Physicians promote awareness of early screening for breast cancer. Dec 31, 2019 429
Pathological discrepancy between colposcopic directed cervical biopsy and conisation results: A five years experience of a single center in Turkey. Huseyin Aydogmus, Serhat Sen and Serpil Aydogmus Dec 31, 2019 1872
Using a Chip to Find Better Cancer Drugs. Dec 28, 2019 458
Scientists explore women's knowledge about breast density, cancer risk. ANI Dec 28, 2019 471
Bowel cancer screening avoidance; HEALTH. Dec 28, 2019 140
Risk-Based Approach Could Help Target Prostate Cancer Screening; Risk-based screening yields less overdiagnosis, more cost-effective than age-based screening. Dec 27, 2019 254
NGO To Provide Free Medical Service For 5000 People In Ondo. Dec 26, 2019 456
Study explores women's knowledge about breast density and cancer risk. ANI Dec 24, 2019 510
Aspirin May No Longer Have Effect in Primary CVD Prevention; Also no significant decrease seen in cancer death in studies from 2005 onward. Dec 23, 2019 297
Colposcopy Market 2019 Global Analysis, Growth, Trends, Size, Share, Opportunities, Regional Outlook With Industry Forecast To 2023. Industry overview Dec 23, 2019 849
Western Mail letters: Monday, December 23, 2019; Your letters to the national newspaper of Wales. Dec 23, 2019 1311
Targeted prostate tests could save one in six. Dec 21, 2019 122
Global North America Colorectal Cancer Screening Market to 2024: Guaiac Fecal Occult Blood Test (gFOBT) is Expected to Be the Fastest-Growing Segment,. Dec 20, 2019 572
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 19, 2019 279
Colorectal checks to extend. Dec 19, 2019 250
QCS celebrates National Day with school children. Dec 17, 2019 253
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 17, 2019 289
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 17, 2019 287
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 17, 2019 286
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 17, 2019 291
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 17, 2019 286
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 17, 2019 283
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 16, 2019 286
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 16, 2019 286
Medics told not to reveal cancer screen probe details. LIZ FARSACI Dec 16, 2019 190
DIY test could boost amount of cervical cancer screenings. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Dec 16, 2019 389
Dr Miriam Stoppard: DIY test could boost amount of cervical cancer screenings; It's always an option for the NHS to fast-track the introduction of self-sample tests for cervical cancer -Let's hope, for the sake of women, it does. By, Miriam Stoppard Dec 15, 2019 394
How to minimise the chances of cancer. Dr Kendra Guilford / Special to Gulf News Dec 14, 2019 1048
Middle East And Africa 3D Cell Culture Market 2019-2027. Dec 12, 2019 749
Biomerica seeing their colorectal cancer screening test as a game changer. Dec 11, 2019 136
Kisii residents get free screening for cancer, chronic diseases. Dec 9, 2019 454
Screening for breast cancer bolstered under Gesy. Evie Andreou Dec 8, 2019 940
Healthy Lifestyle, Regular Screening May Keep Cancer at Bay. Dec 6, 2019 367
Free colorectal cancer screening. submitted by shelby co. health dept. Dec 4, 2019 146
Free cancer screening offered. Submitted by Melanie Clark Dec 4, 2019 144
RSNA: Biennial Mammo Returns More Advanced-Stage Cancers; Annual mammography screening, used by most patients, yields smaller and less advanced cancers. Dec 3, 2019 212
Global Breast Imaging Market Study 2019-2024 - Leading Players are Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, GE Healthcare, Hologic, General Medical Merate, and Koninklijke Philips. Dec 2, 2019 1075
AHA News: Could Mammograms Screen for Heart Disease? Dec 2, 2019 753
Alcohol Impacts Breast Health: Many women are unaware of alcohol's link to breast cancer. Dec 1, 2019 648
Colorectal cancer screening recommended for ages 50-75. Sullivan, Michele G. Dec 1, 2019 996
Cost should also be a consideration in screening decisions. Pignone Dec 1, 2019 314
Histologic Evaluation of Malignant Polyps and Low-Stage Colorectal Carcinoma. Hagen, Catherine E.; Farooq, Ayesha Dec 1, 2019 3393
Knowledge, Perceived Risk and Utilization of Prostate Cancer Screening Services among Men in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Bugoye, Fidelis Charles; Leyna, Germana Henry; Moen, Kare; Mmbaga, Elia John Dec 1, 2019 4448
Circulating MicroRNAs as Prognostic Molecular Biomarkers in Human Head and Neck Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Lamichhane, Shree Ram; Thachil, Thanuja; Gee, Harriet; Milic, Natalie Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 7935
Exploring the Role of Breast Density on Cancer Prognosis among Women Attending Population-Based Screening Programmes. Domingo, Laia; Sala, Maria; Louro, Javier; Bare, Marisa; Barata, Teresa; Ferrer, Joana; Carmona-Garc Dec 1, 2019 5988
System Delay in Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Gaza Strip, Palestine. Shiekh, Samira S. Abo Al-; Alajerami, Yasser S.; Etewa, Bothyna B.; Elsous, Aymen M. Dec 1, 2019 4500
Breast cancer screening centre to be completed soon: minister. Nov 28, 2019 339
KP Govt to set up hospital for free screening of breast, cervical cancer: Minister. Nov 27, 2019 204
First breast cancer screening centre to start soon. Nov 27, 2019 183
Does MRI Screening Benefit Women With Extremely Dense Breasts? Serena Gordon, HealthDay Reporter Nov 27, 2019 568
Study Supports PSA Screening for Male BRCA2 Carriers; Further follow-up needed to assess benefit of PSA screening in male BRCA1 mutation carriers. Nov 27, 2019 264
Mammography screening every two years yields more advanced-stage cancers. ANI Nov 26, 2019 499
Enugu Govt To Establish Cancer Screening Centres In 3 Zones. Nov 26, 2019 224
Cancer care cash boost; SCREENING GETS SLICE OF PS220M FUND. ANNE-MARIE SENIOR @Examiner Nov 26, 2019 409
Death rate from breast cancer far higher in Pakistan: Pims official. Nov 23, 2019 351
Tree of Light appeal is under way in town; 1,000 sponsored lights will help to give good causes a festive boost. ROB SMITH Nov 22, 2019 302
Free colorectal cancer screening. Submitted by Melanie Clark Nov 20, 2019 144
Cancer Yield Similar for Dense Breast Ultrasound After DM, DBT; Detection rates for additional cancers similar after digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis. Nov 20, 2019 308
Adopt new strategies in cancer fight, urges Ida Odinga. Nov 20, 2019 291
Women and screening; INTERESTING NUMBERS. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Nov 19, 2019 138
Cervical Cancer Screening Remains Low in Women Ages 45 to 65 Years; Screening rates are insufficient to reduce cervical cancer incidence. Nov 19, 2019 242
Cash boost for cancer screening in Wigan. Nov 15, 2019 568
Colon cancer. Nov 14, 2019 700
Free Colorectal screening. submitted by shelby co. health dept. Nov 13, 2019 146
K'taka: KSRTC organises cancer screening programme for women employees. ANI Nov 12, 2019 158
Embu to hold free cancer screening in 94 dispensaries. Nov 11, 2019 360
lives. So just do it Screening saves. JudyMurray Nov 10, 2019 244
Self-Testing for Cervical Cancer Increases Screening Rates. Nov 8, 2019 393
Complimentary breast cancer screening at Naseem Al Rabeeh. Nov 7, 2019 245
Breast Cancer Campaign in Najran to Raise Awareness of 50,422 Women on Importance of Early Screening for Breast Cancer. Nov 7, 2019 122
70% of cancer patients in Nyeri have breast cancer - DG Karugu. Nov 6, 2019 644
Qatar Foundation hosts community walk to raise breast cancer awareness. Nov 6, 2019 615
They told me I had nothing to worry about ... it was cancer; woman encourages people to take up offer of bowel screening. LOTTIE GIBBONS ECHO Reporter @lottgibbons Nov 6, 2019 978
Innovations in Ophthalmic, Rehabilitation, Cardiovascular and Cancer Screening Devices, 2019 Report. Report Nov 6, 2019 565
Global HPV Testing & PAP Test Market Analysis Report, 2019-2024 - Key Players are Abbott Laboratories, Qiagen, Becton, Dickinson & Company, and Roche. Report Nov 6, 2019 1065
GAME CHANGER; Simple home check spots cervical cancer; Hopes more women will now take up tests. MARTIN BAGOT Health and Science Editor Nov 5, 2019 504
Qatar Foundation raises breast cancer awareness. Nov 5, 2019 418
game changer; >>>>Simple home check spots cervical cancer >>>>Hopes more women will now take up tests. MARTIN BAGOT Nov 5, 2019 712
game changer; Simple home check spots cervical cancer; Hopes more women will now take up tests. MARTIN BAGOT Health and Science Editor Nov 5, 2019 517
CRC Screening Recommended for Average-Risk Adults Age 50 to 75; CRC screening test should be selected based on discussion of benefits, harms, costs with patients. Nov 4, 2019 256
1,000 men turn out for prostate screening. Nov 2, 2019 249
1,000 men turn out for prostate screening. Nov 2, 2019 247
Nigeria's First Ladies Create Cancer Awareness With New Movie, 'Diamonds In The Sky'. Nov 1, 2019 518
Hospital gets cancer screening machine. Nov 1, 2019 270
Hospital's new scanner to improve cancer diagnoses. LISA O'BRIEN Nov 1, 2019 465
Implementing Pharmacogenomics. Nov 1, 2019 707
USPSTF recommendations on risk assessment, genetic counseling, and genetic testing for BRCA-related cancer. Style, Alyssa; Skolnik, Neil Nov 1, 2019 1024
NYA, Breast Care organise screening for the youth. Oct 31, 2019 291
Optiscan Imaging updates on the development of a new clinical system for oral cancer screening and surgery, ongoing clinical trials and new China distributor. Oct 31, 2019 164
NHS funds boost will help more beat cancer; NORTH EAST HOSPITALS TO BENEFIT. Oct 31, 2019 362
Yorkshire NHS Trusts get funding for cancer testing and detection technology. Oct 30, 2019 451
78 NHS trusts to receive new cancer screening machines. Oct 30, 2019 906
Oregon Health & Science University Department of Family Medicine and OCHIN partnership wins USD7.2m NIH grant to implement cancer prevention strategies through new centre of excellence. Oct 30, 2019 253
Oregon Health & Science University Department of Family Medicine and OCHIN partnership wins USD7.2m NIH grant to implement cancer prevention strategies through new centre of excellence. Oct 30, 2019 249
Huge NHS cancer boost as Government announce cash injection to catch - and kill - cruel disease; Cancer detection technology will be boosted at hospitals around the North East. Ian Johnson Oct 30, 2019 423
Cancer Screening Rates Lower Among Women With Diabetes; Rates for breast, cervical, colorectal cancer screening lower compared with women without diabetes. Oct 29, 2019 231
Le Mirage joins 'Screen for Life' drive against breast cancer. Oct 28, 2019 429
Mandera conducts free cancer screening. Oct 28, 2019 211
Infiniti of Arabian Automobiles Collaborates with Pink Caravan through Its "Drive to Survive" Campaign. Oct 27, 2019 169
Experts partaking in 'Pink Walk' stress early detection of breast cancer. Oct 26, 2019 351
Breast cancer awareness walk held at PIMS. Oct 24, 2019 218
Q&A with Cook County Health Breast Cancer Physicians. Hedlin, Kate Oct 24, 2019 629
Hologic objects to USA Today article about 3D mammograms. Oct 24, 2019 162
Breast cancer awareness walk held at PIMS. Oct 24, 2019 180
Breast cancer screening hits 'worrying' level. STEPHEN BARK Oct 23, 2019 502
'You've had four years': 'Ticky box' exercise over breast cancer services move slammed; Health chiefs were slammed four years after breast cancer screening 'temporarily' moved to Stockton from Middlesbrough - and never came back. James Cain Oct 23, 2019 477
VolitionRx's Nu.Q cancer-screening blood tests could replace colonoscopies, biopsies. Oct 23, 2019 1244
Personal Colorectal Cancer Risk Should Drive Screening; Panel issues weak recommendations for options in adults aged 50 to 79 years with no prior screening. Oct 22, 2019 230
Bowel screening starts in Whanganui. Oct 22, 2019 405
Life-Gained Selection Maximizes Lung Cancer Screening Benefits; Selection based on gains in life expectancy can increase total life expectancy from CT screening. Oct 21, 2019 268
MP wants cancer awareness to stop witchdoctors. Oct 21, 2019 305
Canadian Metabolomic Technologies Secures $4.2M Series A Financing Round. Oct 21, 2019 525
Slim Chaker early breast cancer screening campaign set in motion. Oct 19, 2019 111
Oncimmune welcomes NHS review of cancer screening programmes. Oct 18, 2019 299
Proactive snapshot: Feedback, Shefa Gems, discoverIE Group. Oct 18, 2019 610
Early Signs Of Colon Cancer That Warn You Of Condition. Seema Prasad Oct 18, 2019 464
PHCC campaign to promote early screening of breast, bowel cancer. Oct 17, 2019 516
Leaflets highlight tests for prostate cancer; STAR BRIEFING. Oct 17, 2019 107
Breast screening call. Oct 15, 2019 180
MSP wants NHS Lanarkshire to do more to ensure women get screened. Oct 15, 2019 262
Breast screening uptake worry; The Voice of the North. Oct 14, 2019 103
Call for women to attend breast cancer screening; Health: Fears as uptake of tests down since 2011. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Oct 14, 2019 360
Exact Sciences, Mayo Clinic initiate Voyage study on impact of Cologuard. Oct 14, 2019 190
Bangladeshi doctors to screen Kitui's poor. Oct 11, 2019 286
Women in Nyeri County Benefit from Breast Cancer Screening Campaign. Oct 10, 2019 753
Fears over fall in breast cancer screening. KATRINE BUSSEY Oct 9, 2019 210
Latest technology means better care for breast cancer patients. Jacky Runice Oct 9, 2019 542
Breast cancer screening rates in Scotland fall. Oct 8, 2019 804
Rising cancers in children worry specialists. Oct 7, 2019 501
Breast cancer gene test could save hundreds. Oct 6, 2019 101
Older people invited to tea; CELEBRATION. Oct 3, 2019 110
Free celebration day on for older people; E&S BRIEFING. Oct 3, 2019 173
Free celebration day on for [...]; E&S BRIEFING. Oct 3, 2019 173
US embassy goes pink to promote cancer screening in October. Oct 3, 2019 719
US embassy goes pink to promote cancer screening. Oct 3, 2019 450
Breast Cancer Mortality Rate Continues to Decline in the U.S. Pace of decline slowed from 1.9 percent during 1998 to 2011 to 1.3 percent during 2011 to 2017. Oct 2, 2019 264
Cash to help out cancer screening; STAR BRIEFING. Oct 2, 2019 186
Men's timely cancer warning; Marathon runner advises over-50s to take up screening offer. CHRIS MACLENNAN Oct 1, 2019 546
Human Papillomavirus Infection and Cervical Cancer: Epidemiology, Screening, and Vaccination--Review of Current Perspectives. Chan, Chee Kai; Aimagambetova, Gulzhanat; Ukybassova, Talshyn; Kongrtay, Kuralay; Azizan, Azliyati Oct 1, 2019 9385
Bethesda 2014 Implementation and Human Papillomavirus Primary Screening: Practices of Laboratories Participating in the College of American Pathologists PAP Education Program. Davey, Diane Davis; Souers, Rhona J.; Goodrich, Kelly; Mody, Dina R.; Tabbara, Sana O.; Booth, Chris Oct 1, 2019 6103
Allergan to fully compensate patients with breast implant-caused cancer. Sep 30, 2019 516
Coop Bank leads other partners for nationwide free cancer screening. Sep 30, 2019 381
Over 2,000 Malindi patients treated at Sh4 million medical camp. Sep 30, 2019 418
New blood test can identify multiple types of cancer. ANI Sep 29, 2019 552
Researchers discover new blood test which can detect multiple types of cancer. ANI Sep 28, 2019 560
President urges upgraded screening facilities for breast cancer's early detection. Sep 27, 2019 301
Dr Arif Alvi for launching breast cancer awareness programme. Sep 27, 2019 259
Anpac Bio wins US CLIA Lab certification for commercial laboratory in San Jose. Sep 27, 2019 240
Prime Minister pledges funding for cancer screening overhaul. Sep 27, 2019 619
Anpac Bio wins US CLIA Lab certification for commercial laboratory in San Jose. Sep 27, 2019 236
Many Poor, Minority Seniors Get Cancer Diagnosis in the ER. Sep 26, 2019 373
'Screen For Life' to launch 'Put Yourself First' campaign. Sep 24, 2019 333
Cologuard wins FDA approval for Cologuard colorectal cancer screening test in younger individuals ages 45 to 49. Sep 24, 2019 296
Cologuard wins FDA approval for Cologuard colorectal cancer screening test in younger individuals ages 45 to 49. Sep 24, 2019 292
Study claims that bowel cancer screening reduces deaths. ANI Report Sep 22, 2019 379
Colorectal Cancer Diagnostics Market to Create New Opportunities Till 2022. Sep 21, 2019 803
Monitoring Your Colon Health: Colonoscopy remains the best choice for colorectal cancer screening, but it isn't the only option. Sep 21, 2019 1539
Colorectal Cancer Diagnostics Market to Create New Opportunities Till 2022. Sep 20, 2019 816
Starehe School alumni hold free medical camp. Sep 18, 2019 146
Screening for Breast Cancer in Men Has Increased Over Time; Risk higher for older age, Ashkenazi descent, genetic mutations, and personal, first-degree family hx. Sep 17, 2019 263
Cancer is not devastating if discovered early - Chris Kirubi. Sep 17, 2019 436
In-vitro Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests Market Global Key Players, Scope, Industry Vertical, Size, Analysis and Forecast 2018-2025. Sep 16, 2019 1252
Where Women's Health Clinics Close, Cervical Cancer Outcomes Worsen. Report Sep 16, 2019 644
Lung Cancer Screening Can Detect Other Smoking Ills. Report Sep 12, 2019 439

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