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Cancer cells with a magnetic personality.

Using "designer antibodies" produced in the laboratory and microscopic ma scientists at the University of Florida in Gainesville have literally pulled can marrow of children with advanced neuroblastoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. bone marrow is then returned to the patient to replenish blood cells killed duri

Small samples of bone marrow are first treated with the special antibodie themselves to the cancer cells but not to healthy cells. Microscopic magnetic be another laboratory-produced antibody are then placed in the bone marrow, where t lock together, thus attaching the magnetic beads to the cancer cells. Passing th a magnetic chamber separates the cancer cells, and the purified marrow is return who in essence becomes his own marrow donor.

"This purging technique allows us to administer more intensive and highly radiation therapy necessary to kill the cancer cells without having to find a ma donor," says Dr. John Graham-Pole of the Shands Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant University of Florida. Thus far, the Florida physicians report an enormous succe 145 children they've treated for neuroblastoma since 1984, 40 percent show no si three years after treatment. Neuroblastoma has been associated with a 90 percent The university researchers are also testing the purging method on children diagn lymphoblastic leukemia, one of the more common forms of childhood cancer, and pl researching its possibilities with other forms of bone and muscle cancer. Duke U researchers are also studying the technique as a possible treatment for breast c
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Title Annotation:research at the University of Florida
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Nov 1, 1989
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