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Cancer Biomarker Testing in the Everyday Practice of Pathology.

The Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital hosted the Cancer Biomarker Conference (CBC) on March 22, 2014, at the Houston Methodist Research Institute in association with the departments Houston Methodist Diagnostic Laboratories. The CBC was inspired by the work of the Cancer Biomarker Reporting Committee (CBRC) of the College of American Pathologists (CAP), which cosponsored the conference.

In organizing this conference, our goal was to offer a utilitarian program that addressed practical issues in cancer biomarker testing for pathologists and other physicians involved in everyday care of cancer patients. In contrast to methodology, we focused on how to provide a cancer biomarker service; test selection, interpretation, reporting and reimbursement issues for biomarker testing; tissue management; and biomarker test selection and interpretation for specific solid cancers.

The faculty was composed of members of the CBRC and other prominent experts from other CAP committees. In addition, future visions were provided by Dr Gene Herbek, President of the CAP; Dr Ed Uthman, President of the Texas Society of Pathologists (TSP); and Dr Peter Yu, President of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The articles in this second part of a 2-part special section are derived from lectures at the CBC as well as contributions from other members of the CBRC.

Other cosponsors of the CBC included the TSP, the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), the American Society for Investigative Pathology, the Chinese American Pathologists Association, the Florida Society of Pathologists, the Oklahoma State Association of Pathologists, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Department of Translational Molecular Pathology, the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, the University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, the University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and Baylor Scott & White Healthcare--Central. Specific individuals whom we would like to recognize include:

Primary Sponsors:

Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine, Houston Methodist Hospital, James Musser, MD, PhD, Chair

Houston Methodist Research Institute

CAP Cancer Biomarker Reporting Committee:

Patrick Fitzgibbons, MD, Chair

Alexander Lazar, MD, PhD

Eric Duncavage, MD

April Fritz, RHIT

Angela Bartley, MD

Stanley Hamilton, MD

Marian Birkeland, PhD (Liaison--National Comprehensive Cancer Network, NCCN)

M. Elizabeth H. Hammond, MD

Philip Cagle, MD

Todd Kelley, MD

Deborah Dillon, MD (Liaison--AMP)

Peter Yu, MD (Liaison--ASCO)

Peggy Adamo, RHIT (Liaison--National Cancer Institute--Surveillance,

Epidemiology, and End Results Program, NCI-SEER)

Michael Cohen, MD

Sandra Jones (Liaison--Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-National

Program of Cancer Registries, CDC-NPCR)

Mary Jane King, CTR (Liaison--North American Association of Central Cancer

Registries, NAACCR)

Jerri Linn Phillips, MA (Liaison--American College of Surgeons-National Cancer

Data Base, AcoS-NCDB)

Karen Pollitt (Liaison--American Joint Committee on Cancer, AJCC)

Lynette Scholl, MD

Mollie Cullere, MS (Liaison--HL7 Clinical Genomics Work Group, HL7-CGWG)

James Dvorak, MT(ASCP)

Jaleh Mirza, MD

Special Speakers:

Gene Herbek, MD (CAP President)

Ed Uthman, MD (TSP President)

Peter Yu, MD (ASCO President)

Cancer Biomarker Testing in the Everyday Practice--Cagle et al 583

Guest Panelists:

Timothy Allen, MD, JD

Jennifer Hunt, MD

Raouf Nakhleh, MD

Karim Sirgi, MD

Elisabeth Wagar, MD

VIP Attendees:

Susan Baer, MD

Garth Beinart, MD

Eric Bernicker, MD

David Booker, MD

Brian Butler, MD

Jenny Chang, MD

J. Richard Cheney, JD

George English, MD

Richard Friedberg, MD

Patrick Godbey, MD

Richard Gomez, MD

Richard Hausner, MD

James Hernandez, MD

Kirk Heyne, MD

William Hickey, MD, PhD

Swami Iyer, MD

Bharati Jhaveri, MD

Joseph Khoury, MD

George Kwass, MD

Rodolfo Laucirica, MD

Daniel Lehane, MD

Garrett Lynch, MD

Mary Majumder, JD, PhD

Bob McGonnagle

Charles Millikan, DMin

Thomas Molina, MD, PhD

David Novis, MD

Juan Olano, MD

Kevin O'Reilly

Tejal Patel, MD

Alexandria T. Phan, MD

Bryce Portier, MD, PhD

H. Alejander Preti, MD

Angel Rodriguez, MD

Michael Prystowsky, MD, PhD

Stanley Robboy, MD

James Robb, MD

Joseph Saad, MD

Stephen Sarewitz, MD

Monisha Singh, MD

Mark Sobel, MD, PhD

V. O. Speights Jr, DO

Michael Talbert, MD

Hidehiro Takei, MD

Bin Teh, MD

Paul Valenstein, MD

Emily Volk, MD

Thomas Wheeler, MD

Bruce Williams, MD

Ignacio Wistuba, MD

Bekra Yorke, MD

Philip T. Cagle, MD; Kari Stein, BS; Jackie Oommen, BS; Michelle Shemon, BA; William Kyle, BA, MBA

Accepted for publication January 21, 2015.

From the Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine (Dr Cagle, Ms Oommen, and Mr Kyle), the Office of Continuing Medical Education (Ms Stein), and the Office of Communications & External Relations, Institute for Academic Medicine (Ms Shemon), Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas.

The authors have no relevant financial interest in the products or companies described in this article.

doi: 10.5858/arpa.2015-0025-ED

Reprints: Philip T. Cagle, MD, Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine, Houston Methodist Hospital, 6565 Fannin St, Main Bldg, Room 227, Houston, TX 77030 (email: pcagle@
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Title Annotation:Special Section--Cancer Biomarker Update, Part II
Author:Cagle, Philip T.; Stein, Kari; Oommen, Jackie; Shemon, Michelle; Kyle, William
Publication:Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Date:May 1, 2015
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