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Canadians Are Poised To Double Their Online Spending For Retail Goods from $8 Billion This Year to $16 Billion by 2009 - Canada B2C E-Commerce.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Canada B2C E-Commerce to their offering.

There are signs that Canada's slow-to-develop retail e-commerce market is finally gaining momentum. Not only are more Canadians buying online, in a wider array of categories, a number of large retail chains and smaller, specialized retailers have launched online stores in Canada over the past year.

eMarketer's Canada B2C E-Commerce report analyzes the forces that are -- finally -- opening up the Canadian online retail market.

Statistics Canada found that 57% of Internet users like to window shop online, while a quarter less are willing to buy online. But Canadians are relatively comfortable buying services such as event tickets and travel reservations online, and comScore reported that experienced online shoppers up North are now venturing into expensive product categories.

In fact, Canadians are poised to double their online spending for retail goods from $8 billion this year to $16 billion by 2009.

Key questions the "Canada B2C E-Commerce" report answers:

* What is the current state of Canada's retail e-commerce market?

* How large is the market currently?

* What is the potential size of the market?

* What critical factors are driving Canadian e-commerce?

* What factors are still holding development back?

And many others...

The Canada B2C E-Commerce report aggregates the latest data from leading marketing and communications researchers with eMarketer numbers, projections and analysis to provide the information you need to make the right business decision -- right when you need to.

Content Outline:

Executive Summary

Canada B2C E-Commerce*, 2005-2009 (billions and % increase** vs. prior year)

* Issues & Questions

* The eMarketer View

* Key eMarketer Numbers: Canada B2C E-Commerce

* Canada Online

Top 12 Countries Worldwide, Ranked by Gross Domestic Product*, 2005 (billions)

Retail Sales* in Canada, 2002-2005 (billions and % increase** vs. prior year)

Internet Users and Broadband Households in Select Countries Worldwide, 2006 (millions and % penetration)

Top 15 Countries Worldwide, Ranked by Monthly Internet Usage, March 2006 (average hours per unique visitor)

Regular Online Activities of Broadband Users in Select Countries Worldwide, 2006 (% of respondents)

Select Online Activities of Adult At-Home Internet Users in Canada, 2005 (% of respondents)

* B2C E-Commerce Market Data

B2C E-Commerce: Canada, 2005-2009

* Online Shoppers

Canada Online Shopping and Buying Definitions, 2006

Online Shoppers in Canada, 2005-2009 (millions and % of Internet users)

Visit Metrics for Adults in Canada Who Visit Retail Web Sites, by Gender, Q3 2006 (% composition)

* Online Buyers

Online Buyers in Canada, 2005-2009 (millions and % of Internet users)

Number of Online Purchases Made in the Past Six Months by Online Buyers in Canada vs. the US, April 2006 (% of respondents)

Gross Household Income of Online vs. Offline Buyers in Canada, April 2006 (% of respondents)

Online Buyers As a Percent of Online Shoppers in Canada, 2005-2009

* Online Sales

Canada B2C E-Commerce*, 2005-2009 (billions and % increase** vs. prior year)

Canada B2C E-Commerce*, 2001-2005 (billions)

* Canada B2C E-Commerce

Planned Online Holiday Spending* in Canada, 2002-2005 (billions and % change**)

Average Annual Amount Spent Online* by Online Buyers in Canada Ages 18+, 2005-2009 (% increase** vs. prior year)

-Online Retailers

B2C E-Commerce Spending and Purchases by Online Buyers in Canada, Domestic vs. Foreign, 2005 (millions and % of total)

Foreign Market that Generates the Most Online Sales according to US Internet Retailers, September 2006 (% of respondents)

Preferred Online Shopping Web Sites according to Online Buyers in Canada, 2004 (% of respondents)

Retailers in Canada that Have a Web Site and Sell Online*, 2001-2005 (% of total retailers)

Top 15 Favorite Internet Retailers among Online Buyers in Canada, 2005 (% of respondents)

Top 15 Retail E-Commerce Sites in Canada, Ranked by Unique Visitors, Q3 2006 (thousands)

* Online Consumers

* Categories Shopped

Product Categories Ordered* Online by Internet Users in Canada, 2005 (% of respondents)

Product Categories Purchased Online in the Past Six Months by Online Buyers in Canada vs. the US, April 2006 (% of respondents)

Online Purchases Made by Internet Users in Select Countries Worldwide, April-May 2005 (% of respondents)

Growth in Select Retail Web Site Categories in Canada, Ranked by Change in Unique Visitors, Q3 2005 & Q3 2006 (thousands and % change vs. prior year)

* Consumer Barriers to Online Buying

Effect of Internet Security Concerns on Online Holiday Shopping Plans this Year Compared to Last Year among Internet Users in the US, the UK, Germany and Canada, November 2005 (% of respondents)

Leading Barriers to Online Shopping according to Offline Buyers in Canada, April 2006 (% of respondents)

Reasons that Internet Users in Canada Do Not Plan to Shop Online during the Holiday Season, November 2005 (% of respondents)

* Multi-Channel Shopping

Product Categories Window-Shopped* Online by Internet Users in Canada, 2005 (% of respondents)

Consumers in Canada Whose Offline Shopping in Select Retail Categories Is Influenced by the Internet, April 2006 (% of respondents)

Catalog Recipients in Canada Who Made a Subsequent Online Purchase, by Shopper Type, April 2006 (% of respondents)

Comparison of Online Buyers in Canada and the US Who Bought Online then Picked Up in Store or Returned at Store, April 2006 (% of respondents)

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