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Canadian plan panned by U.S.

A proposal by Canadian provinces to relax restrictions on U.S. beer sold in Canada has been criticized by U. S. brewers and the U.S. Trade Representative as taking too long to implement.

Stroh senior vice president Chris Sortwell told the Wall Street Journal, "We were stunned that there will be so little effort undertaken to try and resolve the situation. "

A U. S.T.R. spokesperson agreed, noting the proposal was "unacceptable" because the proposed changes are spread out over a three-year period. If the current restrictions aren't lifted, the U.S. has threatened to impose duties on Canadian beer as of April 10.

Canadian trade minister Michael Wilson explained that the long transition period was necessary to allow Canadian brewers to adjust for increased competition from American brands.

Under the new proposal, imported beer can be sold in industry-operated outlets. Additionally, the plan permits foreign brewers to market their own brands in Canada, and drops the markup pricing on import beers.
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Title Annotation:relaxation of restrictions on US beer sold in Canada
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 6, 1992
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