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Canadian catering market segment worth $1.4-billion to distributors.

Canadian Catering Market Segment Worth $1.4-Billion to Distributors

The Canadian foodservice (catering) market is worth some C$ 1.463 billion at the distributor level, according to figures released at that country's fall frozen food convention in Quebec City. The total was based on estimates of the size of the Ontario market (representing 40% of the national universe), which was pegged at $585.2 million by Jane Graham, president of Toronto-based Food Service Market Insight Inc.

And chilled and frozen items represent close to 60% of total dollar sales through distributors with each segment driving market growth, according to Ms. Graham. Here's how she broke out leading categories in the dominating Ontario market.

. Meat: $142 million, with strong sales increases as distributors take on full lines of products and move from direct shipping to full service distribution.

. Fish/Shellfish: $131 million, but reflecting flat sales due to the ocean pollution-related seafood quality scare earlier last year. However, signs of recovery are in sight.

. Poultry: $77 million, with strong volume increases in pure chicken products while the processed chicken segment shows flat sales.

. Cheese: $60 million, trending particularly strong in mozzarella product lines.

. Baked Goods: $44 million, including doughs which are enjoying significant volume rises

. Potato Products: $40 million, a mature market with some growth registered in speciality ranges.

. Vegetables: $36 million, experiencing expansion in battered snacks as well as in the large onion ring market.

. Prepared Goods: $15 million, including entrees and a variety of ethnic items.

. Produce: $15 million, trending toward "one stop shopping" with many distributors now carrying full lines.

. Fruit Juices: $12.7 million, mostly in frozen concentrates with new portion pack introductions catching on.

. Refrigerated Salads: $10 million, but growth is slowing.

. Meat Pies: $2.5 million, and continuing to chalk up strong advances.
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Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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