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Canadian brewer has Ontario's 1st bottled draft beer.

Canadian brewer has Ontario's 1st bottled draft beer

Algonquin Brewing Co. Ltd., of Toronto, announced it has launched Formosa Springs Cold-Filtered Draft beer, making it the first Ontario brewery to introduce draft beer in a bottle.

"We feel the introduction of bottled draft beer in Ontario will prove to be very successful," said Drew Knox, vice president of marketing and sales, Algonquin. "The cold-filtered draft beer segment has grown dramatically in the U.S. markets. We are very excited to be the first Ontario brewery to introduce bottled draft and we feel very strongly that this segment of the market will grow."

"We are thrilled with the results achieved by Jack Massey, our brewmaster," said Evan Hayter, Algonquin's president. "He managed to match the original recipe and replicate the original flavor, which many people thought could not be done."

Beginning last week, Formosa Springs beer will be sold in 281 Brewers Retail stores in southern Ontario and nearly LCBO stores in rural areas. It will be sold in 12- and 24-packs. Formosa Springs rounds out Algonquin's product line of Algonquin Reserve Ale, Light and Country Lager.

PHOTO : ONTARIO'S FIRST cold-filtered beer, Formosa Springs Draft, produced by the Algonquin Brewing Co., was launched in the province November 5.
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Title Annotation:Algonquin Brewing Co. Ltd.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 12, 1990
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