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Articles from Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ) (June 27, 2019)

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A systematic management algorithm for perioperative complications after robotic assisted partial nephrectomy. Ryan, James; MacCraith, Eoin; Davis, Niall F.; McLornan, Liza 3946
Assessing gender trends in Canadian urology. Stringer, Leandra; Morris, Heather; Gan, Ailsa May Li; Sener, Alp 3193
Associations between sexual satisfaction and function and the severity of lower urinary tract symptoms among men in a rural sub-Saharan African community. Macnab, Andrew J.; Stothers, Lynn; Berkowitz, Jonathan; Elliott, Stacy; Bajunirwe, Francis Survey 5879
Better defining the optimal management of penile urethral strictures: A retrospective comparison of single-stage vs. two-stage urethroplasty. Hoy, Nathan Y.; Chapman, David W.; Rourke, Keith F. 3442
Case--Recurrent incarcerated inguinal bladder hernia with small bowel obstruction. McLellan, Jeff; Mir, Zuhaib M.; Di Lena, Michael; Nanji, Sulaiman; Beiko, Darren 1364
Characterization and outcomes of urethroplasty for hypospadias-associated urethral strictures in adults. Saavedra, Alvaro A.; Rourke, Keith F. 4704
Cost-effectiveness of docetaxel in high-volume hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer. Beca, Jaclyn; Majeed, Habeeb; Chan, Kelvin K.W.; Hotte, Sebastian J.; Loblaw, Andrew; Hoch, Jeffrey 5356
CUA Best-Practice Report: Pediatric hemorrhagic cystitis. Hannick, Jessica H.; Koyle, Martin A. 7872
Effect of preoperative urethral dilatation on preventing urethral stricture after holmium laser enucleation of the prostate: A randomized controlled study. Park, Jong Kwan; Kim, Ji Yong; You, Jae Hyung; Choi, Bo Ram; Kam, Sung Chul; Kim, Myung Ki; Jeong, Y Clinical report 2571
How far are they coming from? Otis-Chapados, Samuel; Coderre, Karolane; Bolduc, Stephane; Moore, Katherine 2548
Images--A case of total laparoscopic resection of a giant solitary fibrous tumour of the seminal vesicle: A rare tumour that causes frequent micturition and abdominal pain. Wang, Qi; Yu, De Xin; Xie, Dongdong; Bi, Liang Kuan 1407
Images--pT3a clear-cell renal cell carcinoma in a renal allograft managed effectively with open partial nephrectomy. Singh, Jas; Wong, Rachel; Bansal, Rahul K. 1210
Is delayed graft function associated with ureteral stenosis in the kidney transplant recipient? A case-control study. Cayetano-Alcaraz, Axel; Rodriguez-Alvarez, Juan Sebastian; Vilatoba-Chapa, Mario; Alberu-Gomez, Jose 3382
Management algorithms for metastatic prostate cancer. Malone, Shawn; Shayegan, Bobby; Basappa, Naveen S.; Chi, Kim; Conter, Henry J.; Hamilton, Robert J.; 8597
Medical and surgical interventions for the treatment of urinary stones in children: A Cochrane Review. Barreto, Lenka; Jung, Jae Hung; Abdelrahim, Ameera; Ahmed, Munir; Dawkins, Guy P.C.; Kazmierski, Mar Report 4992
The AFMC electives diversification policy: Potential drawbacks and benefits for medical students applying to urology. Nguyen, David-Dan; Lee, Jason Y.; Couture, Felix; Richard, Patrick O.; Fahmy, Nader; Perrotte, Paul; 2149
The futility of continued surveillance of epididymal cysts--A study of the prevalence and clinico-demographics in pre- vs. post-pubertal boys. O'Kelly, Fardod; McAlpine, Kristen; Abdeen, Nishard; Keays, Melise A.; Guerra, Luis A.; Leonard, Mic Report 4502
The impact of a muscle pump activator on incisional wound healing compared to standard stockings and compression devices in kidney and kidney-pancreas transplant recipients: A randomized controlled trial. Aquil, Shahid; Sharma, Hemant; Alharbi, Bijad; Pacoli, Katharine; Luke, Patrick P.; Sener, Alp 5911
The My-T study: Patient satisfaction and preference comparing topical and nasal testosterone therapies. Lee, Jay; Brock, Gerald; Barkin, Jack; Bryson, Nathan; Gronski, Matthew A.; Ormsby, Ross 4766
Upfront cytoreductive nephrectomy vs. upfront systemic therapy in metastatic kidney cancer. Kapoor, Anil; Wong, Emily C.L.; Fang, Wayne; Wong, Nathan C. 2866

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