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Canadian Scientists Produce Blood from Human Skin.

Canadian Scientists have managed to produce blood from human Skin.

According the information of Mc Master University that, the Canadian scientist developed new healthy human blood cell from human skin. Doctors, who developed the blood cells, said that, they would manage to cure many illnesses with these blood cells.

Mc Master University Stem Cell and Cancer Investigation Institute Science Director Mike Bhatia held a press conference about the new scientific revolution, in his press speech he said that, they managed to produce healthy blood cells by using of the human skin.

"From now on we know that how this system is working and we can produce the blood from skin again," Bhatia added.

"With this bold, which we gave from this success, we would look forward that how kind of cell we can produce. In the first hand, we washed the skin which, we took from a leukemia patient, with protein and blood maker cells and with this way we produced blood cell. The source of the cells is the patient skin that means patient tissues will never refuse the newly-produced blood because the source is the patient," Bhatia noted.

According the doctors with this incredible success curing of anemia, leukemia, and some cancers will be easier.

Meanwhile, the clinic experiment will start in 2010. This medical success broadcasted in the Nature magazine. Amazing project has been financed by the Canadian Health Investigation Institutes, Canadian Cancer Community, Stem Cell Network and Ontario Investigation and Discovery Directory.

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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Nov 8, 2010
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