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Canadian Ministers Debate Federal Auto Emissions Regulations.

The Canadian Press (CP) recently reported that the Canadian Environment Department and the Natural Resources Department are debating whether the country should adopt vehicular emissions standards similar to the new California law requiring automakers to reduce exhaust from cars and light trucks by 25 percent and from large trucks and sport utility vehicles by 18 percent.

According to CP, environment minister Stephane Dion supports the federal regulation, which would help Canada achieve its 25 percent auto emissions reduction target by 2010 under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol.

CP said natural resources minister John Efford is hoping to avoid establishing federal regulations and instead obtain a voluntary emissions reduction agreement from the auto industry.

(CP: 10/5)
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Title Annotation:Stephane Dion, John Efford
Publication:Mobile Emissions Today
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Date:Oct 7, 2004
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