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Articles from Canadian Journal of Public Health (January 1, 2016)

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A collaboration between cousins: The Canadian Journal of Public Health and the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics/Une collaboration entre cousins : La Revue canadienne de sante publique et la Societe Canadienne d'epidemiologie et de biostatistiques. Dodds, Linda; Franco, Eduardo Editorial 1897
A methodology to leverage cross-sectional accelerometry to capture weather's influence in active living research. Katapally, Tarun R.; Rainham, Daniel; Muhajarine, Nazeem Report 5515
An examination of the roles played by early adolescent children in interactions with their local food environment. Engler-Stringer, Rachel; Schaefer, Joelle; Ridalls, Tracy Report 4792
Canadian brain cancer survival rates by tumour type and region: 1992-2008. Yuan, Yan; Shi, Qian; Li, Maoji; Nagamuthu, Chenthila; Andres, Ellie; Davis, Faith G. Report 5314
Challenges in assessing food environments in northern and remote communities in Canada. Skinner, Kelly; Burnett, Kristin; Williams, Patricia; Martin, Debbie; Stothart, Christopher; LeBlanc Report 2732
Contact investigation outcomes of Canadian-born adults with tuberculosis in indigenous and non-indigenous populations in Alberta. Eisenbeis, Lisa; Gao, Zhiwei; Heffernan, Courtney; Yacoub, Wadieh; Long, Richard; Verma, Geetika Report 4858
Data-driven approach of CUSUM algorithm in temporal aberrant event detection using interactive web applications. Li, Ye; Whelan, Michael; Hobbs, Leigh; Fan, Wen Qi; Fung, Cecilia; Wong, Kenny; Marchand-Austin, Ale Report 4486
Designing exposure registries for improved tracking of occupational exposure and disease. Arrandale, Victoria H.; Bornstein, Stephen; King, Andrew; Takaro, Timothy K.; Demers, Paul A. Report 5547
Dietary patterns and the risk of female breast cancer among participants of the Canadian national enhanced cancer surveillance system. Van Ryswyk, Keith; Villeneuve, Paul J.; Johnson, Kenneth C. Report 5908
Epidemiology today: mitigating threats to an ecosystem. Kreiger, Nancy Essay 4398
Exploring experiences of the food environment among immigrants living in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario. Rodriguez, Paulina I.; Dean, Jennifer; Kirkpatrick, Sharon; Berbary, Lisbeth; Scott, Steffanie Report 5584
Identifying rural food deserts: methodological considerations for food environment interventions. Lebel, Alexandre; Noreau, David; Tremblay, Lucie; Oberle, Celine; Girard-Gadreau, Maurie; Duguay, Ma Report 4938
If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck ... : energy "shots" should be regulated as energy drinks in Canada. Hammond, David; Reid, Jessica L. Essay 1321
Immigrant status and having a regular medical doctor among Canadian adults. Degelman, Michelle L.; Herman, Katya M. Report 5047
Implicating municipalities in addressing household food insecurity in Canada: a pan-Canadian analysis of news print media coverage. Collins, Patricia A.; Gaucher, Megan; Power, Elaine M.; Little, Margaret H. Report 5104
Policy options for healthier retail food environments in city-regions. Mah, Catherine L.; Cook, Brian; Rideout, Karen; Minaker, Leia M. Essay 3239
Prevalence of unexplained Anaemia in Inuit men and Inuit post-menopausal women in Northern Labrador: International Polar Year Inuit Health Survey. Jamieson, Jennifer A.; Weiler, Hope A.; Kuhnlein, Harriet V.; Egeland, Grace M. Report 6216
Quality of administrative health databases in Canada: a scoping review. Hinds, Aynslie; Lix, Lisa M.; Smith, Mark; Quan, Hude; Sanmartin, Claudia Report 5179
Relative and absolute availability of fast-food restaurants in relation to the development of diabetes: a population-based cohort study. Polsky, Jane Y.; Moineddin, Rahim; Glazier, Richard H.; Dunn, James R.; Booth, Gillian L. Report 5779
Report of an equity-focused health impact assessment of a proposed universal parenting program in Manitoba. Cohen, Benita E.; Ateah, Christine A.; Chartier, Mariette J.; DeCoteau, Marcia Anderson; Harris, Eli Report 5922
Retail food environments in Canada: maximizing the impact of research, policy and practice. Minaker, Leia M. Essay 2449
Retail food environments research in Canada: a scoping review. Minaker, Leia M.; Shuh, Alanna; Olstad, Dana L.; Engler-Stringer, Rachel; Black, Jennifer L.; Mah, C Report 10328
Retail food environments research: promising future with more work to be done. Fuller, Daniel; Engler-Stringer, Rachel; Muhajarine, Nazeem Essay 2072
Self-reporting and social desirability: the implications for e-cigarette data collection. Bennett, Katie P.; Blake, Lauren N. Letter to the editor 1081
Spatial variability of gastroschisis in Canada, 2006-2011: an exploratory analysis. Bassil, Kate L.; Yang, Junmin; Arbour, Laura; Moineddin, Rahim; Brindle, Mary E.; Hazell, Emily; Ska Report 3738
Suicidal ideation in a community-based sample of elementary school children: a multilevel and spatial analysis. Feng, Cindy Xin; Waldner, Cheryl; Cushon, Jennifer; Davy, Kimberly; Neudorf, Cory Report 5049
The food environment and diet quality of urban-dwelling older women and men: assessing the moderating role of diet knowledge. Mercille, Genevieve; Richard, Lucie; Gauvin, Lise; Kestens, Yan; Shatenstein, Bryna; Daniel, Mark; P Report 7258
The reallocation challenge: containing Canadian medical care spending to invest in the social determinants of health. Smith, Neale; Mitton, Craig; Kershaw, Paul Report 2085
The relationship between violence and engagement in drug dealing and sex work among street-involved youth. Hayashi, Kanna; Daly-Grafstein, Ben; Dong, Huiru; Wood, Evan; Kerr, Thomas; DeBeck, Kora Report 5969
Trajectories of objectively measured sedentary time among secondary students in Manitoba, Canada in the context of a province-wide physical education policy: a longitudinal analysis. Zuo, Fei; Comte, Melisa; So, Jannice; Rosella, Laura; McGavock, Jonathan; Hobin, Erin Report 5817
Using expert opinion to quantify unmeasured confounding bias parameters. Navadeh, Soodabeh; Mirzazadeh, Ali; McFarland, Willi; Woolf-King, Sarah; Mansournia, Mohammad Ali Report 3049
Using GPS and activity tracking to reveal the influence of adolescents' food environment exposure on junk food purchasing. Sadler, Richard C.; Clark, Andrew F.; Wilk, Piotr; O'Connor, Colleen; Gilliland, Jason A. Report 5993
Walkable home neighbourhood food environment and children's overweight and obesity: proximity, density or price? Le, Ha; Engler-Stringer, Rachel; Muhajarine, Nazeem Report 5296
What leads to homeless shelter re-entry? An exploration of the psychosocial, health, contextual and demographic factors. Duchesne, Annie T.; Rothwell, David W. Report 5666
What predictors matter: risk factors for late adolescent outcomes. Wall-Wieler, Elizabeth; Roos, Leslie L.; Chateau, Dan G.; Rosella, Laura C. Report 6100
What role for environmental public health practitioners in promoting healthy built environments? Rideout, Karen; Kosatsky, Tom; Lee, Karen K. Report 3271

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