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Articles from Canadian Journal of History (March 22, 2012)

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"For Their Own Good": Civilian Evacuations in Germany and France, 1939-1945. Barkin, Kenneth Book review 860
A Commonwealth of the People: Popular Politics and England's Long Social Revolution, 1066-1649. Smith, David Chan Book review 987
A Flock Divided: Race, Religion, and Politics in Mexico, 1749-1857. Eastman, Scott Book review 926
A Swindler's Progress: Nobles and Convicts in the Age of Liberty. Jenkins, Ellen J. Book review 887
Administering the Colonizer: Manchuria's Russians under Chinese Rule, 1918-29. Gao, Jie Book review 1019
Battle for the Castle: The Myth of Czechoslovakia in Europe, 1914-1948. Healy, Maureen Book review 991
Beyond Totalitarianism: Stalinism and Nazism Compared. Neilson, Keith Book review 1290
Books received but not reviewed January-December 2011. 3222
Confederate Minds: The Struggle for Intellectual Independence in the Civil War South. McCook, Matt Book review 1061
Confluence: The Nature of Technology and the Remaking of the Rhone. Ford, Caroline Book review 1085
Crafting the Quantum: Arnold Sommerfeld and the Practice of Theory, 1890-1926. de Syon, Guillaume Book review 816
Cultured States: Youth, Gender, and Modern Style in 1960s Dar Es Salaam. Rich, Jeremy Book review 892
Dropping the Torch: Jimmy Carter, the Olympic Boycott, and the Cold War. Bloodworth, Jeff Book review 799
Entre monde atlantique et Jeune Republique: Charles Mame et la librairie francaise a New York au debut du 19eme siecle. Villerbu, Tangi Report 14599
Exclusionary Empire: English Liberty Overseas, 1600-1900. McGaughy, J. Kent Book review 1010
Fichte's Social and Political Philosophy: Property and Virtue. Oosten, Wouter-Jan Book review 970
French Historians 1900-2000: New Historical Writing in Twentieth-Century France. Christofferson, Michael Book review 1232
Hitler's First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment, and the First World War. Blood, Philip W. Book review 1011
Holy Bones, Holy Dust: How Relics Shaped the History of Medieval Europe. Trembinski, Donna Book review 877
In/Visible Sight: The Mixed-Descent Families of Southern New Zealand. O'Malley, Vincent Book review 946
Johnny: A Spy's Life. Linderman, Aaron Book review 1008
King Stephen. Marvin, Laurence W. Book review 1007
La redemption par l'Histoire: le cas de Pierre Matthieu (1563-1621). De Waele, Michel; Lafrance, Felix Author abstract 15242
Making a World After Empire: The Bandung Moment and its Political Afterlives. Calkins, Laura M. Book review 738
Marianne or Germania? Nationalizing Women in Alsace, 1870-1946. Rhoades, Michelle Book review 866
Nietzsche's Anti-Darwinism. Cumo, Christopher Book review 830
Reconcilier les Francais. Henri IV et la fin des troubles de religion (1589-1598). Frisch, Andrea Book review 920
Reforming the North: The Kingdoms and Churches of Scandinavia, 1520-1545. Thomson, Erik Book review 919
Revelation Restored: The Apocalypse in Later Seventeenth-Century England. De Krey, Gary S. Book review 976
Sacred people, sacred spaces: evidence of parish respect and contempt toward the pre-reformation clergy. Butler, Sara M. Report 13239
Sport and the Military: The British Armed Forces 1880-1960. Ward, Paul Book review 957
Stalin's Genocides. Lalande, J.-Guy Book review 1075
The American Civil War and British intervention: the threat of Anglo-American conflict. Carroll, Francis M. Report 15115
The Atlantic World: Europeans, Africans, Indians and Their Shared History, 1400-1900. Desbarats, Catherine Book review 1049
The Cambridge Companion to Baseball. Greenham, Craig Book review 900
The Capital and the Colonies: London and the Atlantic Economy 1660-1700. Davids, Karel Book review 834
The Chamberlain Litany: Letters within a Governing Family from Empire to Appeasement. Baker, Vaughan B. Book review 837
The Chronicles of John Cannon, Excise Officer and Writing Master: Part One, 1684-1733 (Somerset, Oxfordshire, Berkshire). Burns, William E. Book review 1169
The Civil War of 1812: American Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies. Fryer, Darcy R. Book review 960
The Cold War in East Asia 1945-1991. Wallace, Robert Daniel Book review 1372
The East India Company's London Workers: Management of the Warehouse Labourers, 1800-1858. Dove, Michael F. Book review 976
The Emergence of Britain's Global Naval Supremacy: The War of 1739-1748. Moore, Steve Book review 1017
The Hungry World: America's Cold War Battle Against Poverty in Asia. McLaughlin, Sean J. Book review 1188
The Lands Between: Conflict in the East European Borderlands, 1870-1992. Lombardi, Ben Book review 1012
The Making of Modern Medicine: Turning Points in the Treatment of Disease. Higgins, James E. Book review 875
The Making of the Irish Protestant Ascendancy: The Life of William Conolly, 1662-1729. Sonnelitter, Karen E. Book review 838
The Power of Place, the Problem of Time: Aboriginal Identity and Historical Consciousness in the Cauldron of Colonialism. Neylan, Susan Book review 949
The Rule of Women in Early Modern Europe. Corley, Christopher R. Book review 939
The Science of History in Victorian Britain. Kent, Christopher Book review 1033
The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. Hinde, John R. Book review 1042
Torchbearers of Democracy: African American Soldiers in the World War I Era. Barnhill, John H. Book review 1047
War Veterans in Zimbabwe's Revolution: Challenging Neo-colonialism & Settler & International Capital. Whitaker, Blake H. Book review 927
War, Massacre, and Recovery in Central Italy 1943-1948. Gooch, John Book review 920
Why Nations Fight: Past and Future Motives for War. Kavalski, Emilian R. Book review 917
Why the West Rules for Now: The Patterns of History and What They Reveal about the Future. Manai, Adel Book review 774
Worth and Repute: Valuing Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Essays in Honour of Barbara Todd. Dialeti, Androniki Book review 1223

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